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Best Pickleball Shoes 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Your shoes play an important role in your performance when you are playing any outdoor game.

As things like good paddles, comfortable gloves, and top-quality balls are necessary to play Pickleball you also need the Best Pickleball Shoes for taking your game to next level.

As to get the best performance during playing game there are best shoes required.

We have checked more than 17 pairs of shoes and have finalized the top 10 best Pickleball Shoes for Men & Women from some of the top brands.

So let take a start.

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Here i have listed the most and most reliable choices for the Best Pickleball Shoes 2022. You would overview once.

Each brand exceeds the other by bringing the new advancements in their product. Each product is available for men and women at a pocket-friendly price.

Quick Comparison of Best Pickleball Shoes

ASICS’ Gel Rocket 7Rubber XPer Mesh
K-Swiss Women’s ShoesAcosta RubberPer Mesh
Adidas Barricade ShoesRubber XPlan
ASICS (GEL-Dedicate 4)Rubber XPerforated
GEL-Rocket 7 (Men’s)Gel RubberMesh

1.ASICS’ Gel Rocket 7 (Women’s)

ASICS is a very well-known brand for ladies which was introduced in 1949 by Mr. Kehachiro in Japan.

Firstly, he began his athletic footwear company for just basketballs shoes but as time passed many other things about sports also highlighted by him.


This company got great experience and skills to produce special gripper shoes with gum rubber. in 1997Mr. Kehachiro changed the company’s name to ASICS which is short of Latin phrase Anima Sana in Corpore Sano.

Basically, it is in meaning that a sound mind in a sound body.

Most players look for durable and flexible shoes which have great grips with the ground. Gel Rocket 7s version of shoes by this company stands among all these qualities and holding many advancements of present.

These smooth shoes allow multi-angle mobility and its trusstic system of lighter weight allows to wear it for a long time without any obstacle.


A high-quality trademark is used for the manufacturing of ASICS Shoes which gives proper stability to the player.  Best sweat reducer cushion is used to give moisturize free touch.

Gel Rocket 7 shoes provide strong gripes because the outsole is designed very well and pure rubber is used for its manufacturing.

It’s sole especially is approved by American Podiatric seal. Many varieties of fun and colors are given to these shoes.No matter you are a beginner or playing at a professional platform, these shoes are highly recommended you.

I also have given some fancy advancements by these shoes in the below-given bullets.

  • Fully synthetic, Rubber sole used beneath.
  • Maximum cushioned inside, Imported.
  • Lite weight, soft to wear, breathable mesh.
  • Size not comes in the size that exactly shown.

Why Should You Buy It?

ASICS Women’s Shoes are the very best choice to play Pickleball game. Better performance, better, and maximum durability can be got by these shoes..

2. K-Swiss Women’s Shoes

If you are looking for more durable, Plush and cushioned pickleball shoes then the K-Swiss might be ended your search.

My own team enjoyed the full cushioned experience of these shoes and many of them also appreciated the comfort by them. 


These shoes are designed in the way that any wearing person can get a maximum grip with the ground. Once you want to wear the Kswiss shoes then your foot automatically slips in after putting lightly. Its high-quality cushion gives the feeling of gel. There are two layers of soles used in these shoes.

Upper soles absorb high shocks of jumps and deliver it very softly as one may not feel it. Breathable mesh is used so that one can get moisturize free feeling.

There are multiple colors in which K-Swiss are available in the market but most used colors are blue, black and pink. Another sole of these shoes is made with high-quality silicon and rubber.


After using these materials the K-Swiss gave a specifically capable grip design so that the chances to slip may be reduced. In its advancements, the K-Swiss also gave the 182 PCS mid support chassis for more stability of the playing person.

Many times the shoe bracelets ports destroy after some uses due to binding them tightly.When this problem reaches to the K-Swiss, it changed the bracelets holes to the iron-coated hooks.

These hooks are attached with strong strips and then with the half body of shoes. K-Swiss is also providing appreciative benefits which I have given in the coming bullets.

  •  Durable, Soft and wisely cushioned.
  • Toe guard, Shock absorber midsole.
  • Breathable mesh,  Multicolor Available.
  • 100% synthetic, 7.0 Aosta rubber sole.
  • Weight is a bit more than the other shoes

Why Should You Buy It?

K-Swiss Hepercourt Shoes are very popular in the Pickleball series. Mostly plays recommend these shoes for best performance.

3. Adidas Barricade Shoes

Adidas earned a great name in sports line and is producing about everything for the sports.

This brand is producing shoes for football, tennis, badminton, Pickleball and many other games.


Now the version which is about to discuss on the current review is Adidas Men’s Barricade shoes. These shoes are highly cushioned and mid trusstic supported.

If you are really want to attack the best shots and are a very aggressive player then these shoes are highly recommended to you. You may be thinking what is special in these shoes? Let me tell you.

On the first, I would say about the gripping system by the high-quality soles of these shoes.

Adidas used pure rubber and silicone for the manufacturing outsole. The design drawn on the outsole is so good in the way a player can immediately control the sprint.

The highly heated gun system is used to attach it with the out mesh or leather. Another sole is taking place inside of shoes.

This sole absorbs the high shocks and prevent the player’s foot from injuries. Many aggressive players are really appreciating this quality by Adidas.


High-quality cushion system prevents moisturize and saves the foot from hard stumbles. The best bracelet system is used to adjust shoe tension as you want.

Many shoes degrade because of carrying heavy weight. There is a mid support trusstic system used which brings down the weight of sole and allows to play by wearing shoes for a long time.

About 3 pounds weight and size with the dimension 13 x 9 x 5 these shoes are holding. Many other advancements you may find in the common bullets.

  • Comfortable, light weighted, easy to wear.
  • Durable, flexible, available on pocket friend price.
  • High-quality bracelet system, easy to clean out.
  • Less cushioned then one’s expectation.

Why Should You Buy It?

Finally, I would say that Adidas is the best choice to play comfortably even tennis ball or Pickleball. These high-quality shoes are offering the very latest advancements of present.

4. ASICS (GEL-Dedicate 4)

You may be thinking why ASICS is again? This company is producing shoes with different shapes and versions.

Now the current version about which we are going to discuss is named as Gel-Dedicate 4.


Pure leather is used for the manufacturing of these shoes. Blending style and excellent performance of these shoes won many hearts.

Many advanced features are provided are held by the Gel Dedicate 4. ASICS is a very well-known brand and is loved by all the indoor game’s players. High-quality cushion and the trusstic system allows players to play comfortably.

The more advantageous thing about the ASICS shoes, these are holding two rubber soles. The pure rubber sole is used below the shoes for capable gripes.

The other soft sole is taking place inside the shoes which allows maximum comfort the player. GEL-Dedicate 4 shoes are holding both features which are mostly asked by people, Midfoot trusstic system and cushion system.


Midfoot trusstic system is of great importance in body balancing and stability. the high-quality cushion is used inside the shoes so that a body can get soft and moisturize free touch.

ASICS gave multiple attractive colors to the Gel-Dedicate 4 shoes. Mostly the more selling colors in market and Amazon are white, silver and mint.

Let come to the mesh used outside the shoes, a very soft, breathable and strong mesh is used for the by the ASICS on these shoes and designed so good that one may get maximum moisturizing free internal.

These are just common advancements by the GEL Dedicated 4. You may be confused before choosing anyone choice. Let meet the other features so that you may be led to your right decision.

  • Imported, 100% synthetic, Rubber sole, trusstic system.
  • High-quality gel cushion system, very soft touch.
  • Available in different shapes and attractive colors.
  • Shoe-bracelet system is not too good.

Why Should You Buy It?

Shoes by ASICS are a really good choice if you are playing person. Maximum comfort, stability, and balance you can get by these shoes. Many other choices are also taking place if you want to buy.

5.GEL-Rocket 7 (Men’s)

Men Rocket S7 shoe is the best version of the shoe by ASICS brand for men.

These shoes are specially designed for playing volleyball first but as the time passed all the indoor gamer started it to buy push the push.


ASICS is a very old company made in 1949 by Mr. kehachiro in Japan. This brand is producing shoes and many other things about sports.

First, just athletic volleyball shoes were got by it. As time passed this company got the modernity and about for every indoor game it started to produce shoes.

You may be thinking about what is special in the ASICS Gel-Rocket 7 shoes that every sportsman is suggesting and buying push the push. Let me tell you, firstly ASICS used durable and pure rubber for outsole.

So it may be maximum cable to grip the court floor. The well-cushioned and midfoot trusstic system does a great job and provides soft service around the game. Sometimes, the shoe degraded due to weak bracelet ports.


The ASICS specially made steel coated rings taking place inside the holes of bracelets of shoe and anyone can fully tight the shoe size as he wishes.

There are many colors in which these shoes are taken place in the market most marketing color is black, silver and white.The mesh used on the up top and back of the shoes is breathable and designed so good for maximum air passage.

About all the advance qualities and features are taking place in the GEL-Rocket 7 shoes. Most of them I have told you while others are given the bullets.

  • Durable sole, Soft to foot.
  • 100% synthetic, well-cushioned.
  • Very lite weighted, Imported.
  • EVA-midsole, synthetic overlayer.
  • Mostly mesh destroys after few uses.

Why Should You Buy It?

ASICS Gel s7 is a great choice to play but mostly mesh used on these shoes destroys. This also depends upon the customers how they use it? Many other choices also are available in the market.


Finally, it’s allover done and I have described the latest picks that which shoes are suitable for you to get high performance during playing. In the above posts mostly you have read ASICS more times than any other. ASICS is a trustable brand and I own experienced its Gel rocket-7 version. Sure you will also give good feedback.

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