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Indoor VS Outdoor Pickleballs – What’s Difference?

Pickleball is being played on an extensive level and one of the greatest things about this game is you can play in both outdoor and indoor courts.

However, players are often forced to play in indoor courts when the outside environment gets too hot and windy but they cannot play with the same pickleball in both environments.

Here we will designate the types of Pickleballs and you will also go through the different attributes of the same balls in the indoor and outdoor courts.

Types of Pickleball Balls

Mainly, there are two different types of pickleball balls labeled Indoor Pickleball and Outdoor Pickleball which you surely face during the game.

As I described earlier, players cannot play with the same ball in both (indoor & outdoor) seasons if they want to enjoy the same accuracy and delivery.

Why does it happen? Here I have clearly described the difference among both balls so, for picking the right ball you should get the whole overview by staying on this page.

Indoor Pickleballs

These balls have larger holes at its entire surface as compared to outdoor pickleballs and by using these models, one can get an easy control on them because these are too much softer.

On the other side, it is not good for finding the faults in indoor pickleballs because these provide more drag than outdoor pickleballs.

Indoor pickleballs provide a little more consistency in their behavior and therefore we can get good spins by using this one model.

You will surely feel comfortable after playing with indoor models due to its slightly smaller and lighter weight.

The big advantage of using these balls is that they would not crack easily like outdoor pickleballs. when an indoor ball gets run out then you will notice soft spots on its surface.

As indoor pickleballs are lighter in their behavior by which you may face hurdles because these balls may be highly affected by wind blow.

Due to its lightweight, you need quite less force to hit them and that is why most of the players keep them on their first priority.


  • Consistent bounce, good spins
  • Too much lighter, easy control
  • Requires less force to hit


  • Highly affected by wind blow


Overall, allows good spins and easy control to its users, so choosing indoor pickleball will be the best choice for beginners to take their game to the next level.

Outdoor Pickleballs

Outdoor pickleballs have 40 drilled holes on its entire surface and are usually made of smooth plastic that makes it a bit harder as compared to indoor models.

You can hit the ball easily in any direction and the ball will surely move to its opponent straightly, according to your given path without any wind distraction.

These balls are very difficult to control because their constructions have been done by using the hard-plastic materials. So, therefore opponents lose their shots due to the hard bounce.

As these outdoor pickleballs are generally made of smooth plastic materials, therefore these cannot stay longer with its user.

The behavior of outdoor pickleball normally depends on the playing style, temperature, and the surface where you play.

In this way, you can easily observe the spins of the ball after hitting it to a great extent just by looking at how it moves. Moreover, these balls produce too much noise after contact.


  • Gives you the fix direction
  • Provides powerful shots
  • Entirely Weather Resisted


  • No more durable and harder


The best thing about the outdoor pickleball is that it allows you to get good spins as well as powerful shots without being affected by the wind.

But you may feel sad because here you face hurdles in having good control over it due to its heaviest weight.

Overall, this is also the best option to have these balls for the outdoor environment. 

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