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Best Arrow Squaring Tools 2022 Reviews & Buyers Guide

Squaring the ends of arrows offer an apt fitment to broadheads and nocks.

Assuming properly squared arrows by manufacturers or local pro shop’s saws is a mistake that many archers do but they don’t even want.

The arrow squaring tool helps in molding both ends of arrows and offers conservative inserts for broadheads.

Today, I’ve brought 5 Best Arrow Squaring tools that are easy to use and cost-effective to buy. Beside it, I also have detailed their accurate reviews and the reasons for which you would buy them.

Top Picks for Best Arrow Squaring Tools

These are the best Arrow Squaring Tools that suit entry-level to proficient all archers. You can order it now!

How to Square Arrows?

Quick Comparison of Best Arrow Squaring Tools

Lumenok Fletched Arrow Squaring ToolsShaft Squaring ToolSand Disk
G5 Outdoors Arrow Squaring Device Shaft Squaring ToolSand Disk
XZH Archery Inspector Arrow Spinner Spin TesterAluminum Surface
DarkForest Arrow Inspector Spin Tester Tool Spin TesterNo

1. Lumenok Fletched Arrow Squaring Tools – Best Overall

Get the precise arrow ends with the Lumenok Squaring Tool. Every archer would square their shafts before making inserts.

its incredible design not just keeps squaring the shafts but also cares about the different profiles and raw material. 

We hope the Lumenok fletched squaring tool will be perfect for your arrows and crossbow bolts.

Design & Construction

Lumenok squaring tool is designed for leveling both ends of arrow shafts after cutting. 

It is made with the state-of-art aluminum material and includes 80 to 120 grit sandpaper. Archers can mold aluminum, wooden, plastic, and carbon all types of shafts easily. 

You can easily mount it on tables using screws. Furthermore, the sand disk is replaceable that you can change when needed.

Brand & Affordability

Lumenok is the world’s #1 brand in manufacturing archery gear. Fletched Arrow squaring is a unique tool for leveling shaft ends. 

It is a perfect choice for Archery Pro shops and regular users and available at a reasonable price. The package includes a squaring tool, aluminum screws, and spare Sandisk for under 40$.

  • Capable of precise fletching and non-fletched all arrows.
  • An improved version includes screws to mount on the table.
  • Best Arrow Squaring tool under 40$, replaceable sand disks.
  • It can’t be as a spine tester.

Why Should You Buy It?

Lumenok Fletched arrow squaring tool is no doubt a remarkable gadget for molding and inserting broadheads in shafts but it can’t be used for spin testing.

Its frame is made using compact aluminum that lasts long. Furthermore, you can buy it for both regular users and pro shops.

2.G5 Outdoors Arrow Squaring Device – Best for Money

After cutting the arrows, it is very important to level shaft ends for reserving accuracy. 

G5 Outdoors introduced an exclusive device for quickly squaring the arrows. It is purely made using high-definition aluminum and lasts long. 

We have described all characteristics below and buyers would read.

Design & Construction

 G5 arrow squaring tool is a 2-in-1 device for cutting and molding aluminum as well as carbon arrows. It is designed with an ergonomic handle which is pretty good to grip while bushing. 

Alloy metal grinding surface offers 100% compatibility for all material. it’ll square the insert itself so, you must need to remove the insert for use.

Brand & Affordability

G5 Outdoors is a well-honored archery company that has been producing durable outdoor products for over 6 decades. 

Arrow squaring tool is an aluminum crafted device that is available at a cost-effective price. It can be frequently used for aluminum, carbon, wooden, and plastic shafts.

  • Made with durable material, easy to use for beginners.
  • Best for all types of arrow shafts, they need less maintenance.
  • Light-weight tool and includes an ergonomic handle.  
  • it doesn’t cut the shafts.

Why Should You Buy It?

G5 arrow squaring tool is a perfect choice for molding both ends of shafts. It works with itself inserts and is compatible with all types of material.

Furthermore, it also has a built-in ergonomic handle, so you don’t need to mount it anywhere.

3. XZH Archery Inspector Arrow Spinner – Best Arrow Shaft Roller

If you are looking for an arrow straightness detector tool then the XZH inspector is a perfect choice. 

It is a prominent device that has 2-in-1 cutting and spinning both functions. Archers can check arrow performance before using the tool. 

We hope the XZH archery tool will be more beneficial in improving your archery experience, so you should buy it.

Design & Construction

XZH tool is specially designed to ensure smooth and accurate flights of arrows.

Archers can check insert square, broadhead balance, and shaft straightness easily for repairing. It is light-weight and manufactured in a super sleek design.

Brand & Affordability

XZH archery is the world’s famous brand in producing archery gear and has been working with a team of experienced engineers. The 

Inspector spinner tool is specially designed for analyzing arrows from each part and available at a very affordable price. 

You can buy it with 2 supporting plates and cradling pieces for under 25$.

  • Made using durable plastic, best for repairing arrows.
  • Includes 2 supporting plates in the package, arrow multiple purposes.
  • Best Arrow Squaring tool under 20$.
  • There is nothing bad reported about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

XZH inspector arrow spinner is a most demanded gadget for leveling and repairing arrows. it is made with durable plastic and lasts long. 

The tool is compatible with all sizes of arrows and bolts. Furthermore, its price is very reasonable, you can buy the inspector arrow tool for under 25$.

4. DarkForest Arrow Inspector Spin Tester Tool – Best for beginners

If you are worried about the inaccurate arrow flight and want to straight it then the DarkForest Inspector Spin tester is a perfect device that is specially designed for the purpose. 

it is available in overall 11” size and compatible with all sizes of bolts as well arrows. 

We hope you have archery experience with the Dark Forest’s tool but read the given characteristics before buying it.

Design & Construction

Arrow inspector spin tester is an easy to assemble tool manufactured to test arrows. 

A high-quality aluminum base offers stability while spinning the arrows. It includes a 3D printing holder and a metal ball bearing. You can easily mount it on a DIY.

Brand & Affordability

DarkForest is a big outdoor store that needs no compliments. It is famous for the quality products and its affordability. 

The Inspector arrow spinning tool is one of the most demanded products specially designed for leveling the arrows.

  • Aluminum base, 3D printing holders.
  • Best Arrow Inspector tool under 60$.
  • There is nothing bad reported about it.

Why Should You Buy It?

DarkForest Arrow Inspector tool is made for leveling the arrow shafts and available at a very cost-effective price. It has a 3D printing holder which is beneficial for archers.

The Final Verdict 

We have designated 5 Best Arrow Squaring Tools here. All these products are reliable and 100% tested to perform in uncertain conditions. Furthermore, prices are very affordable, you can order now!

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