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Best Jigsaws 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Jigsaw is counted in one of those high powerful machines which are used to cut irregular curves such as stenciled or complicated designs in a variety of materials like wood, particleboard, metal, plastic even in the ceramic tiles.

Weather, if you are woodworker or Iron-worker, use of this machine is an ordinary thing but while buying these saws the workers often create mistakes which they encounter latterly.

Most people face many hurdles while buying the Jigsaw. Let me explain how? Whenever they go to buy this tool, the market presents hundreds of options for them.

Each Jigsaw seems better than the other but in the actual situation comes worse. To determine which Jigsaw is best, you must have to experience all of them one by one which is impossible. So here, a matter is held and confusion has come to face.

To help you in guiding the right choice while buying the best and suitable Jigsaw I have presented the reviews of Best Jigsaw 2022 after great work and experience. All the products are offered by a reliable brand with maximum satisfaction.

Top Picks For Best Jigsaws

We have listed the most reliable choices of Best Jigsaws of 2022 below. Buyers would visit first. 

Before knowing anything else about the Jigsaw let me explain to you a bit about the shape and method of working of this beneficial tool.

it is more convenient tool that has imitation shape to the iron press with a powerful motor that is used to run the reciprocating blade. 

The machine is holding one side of blade while the other side is open to cut. The user finds a trigger button under the handle along with variable speed dial.

Latest Jigsaws of 2022 is now coming with laser guide and adjustable orbital action switch which allows moving the footplate.

You should keep a few things while buying the best Jigsaw. Look for a movable durable footplate, try to buy it with variable speed dial, accurate plate balance along with blade having various TPI.

Every choice from given Best Jigsaw offers features exceeding one and each other but the top pick of this moth is Makita Handle Jigsaw. You will see most of the products by this brand.

I think it’s fair to explain it’s most of the products due to the enhanced performance and affordability. So, without making a while let us start about our first product.

Quick Comparison of Best Jigsaws

Makita Jigsaw (JV0600K)
Bosch Power Jigsaw JS470E
DEWALT Jig Saw (DCS331M1)
SKIL 4495-02 Smart Jigsaw
Bosch JS470EB Corded Jigsaw
TACKLIFE 6.7 Amp Jigsaw
Ryobi One+ P523 JigsawCord-lessCarbide

1. Makita Jigsaw (JV0600K)

For the simple and precise working, the best representation by the more reputed brand Makita is its powerful Jigsaw with the 6.0-amp motor.

Workers can install three orbital settings for the easy bevel cuttings.

Using the Variable speed dial, you can lead it from the 500 to 3100 SPM. It is a more convenient tool with more beneficial and useful features that makes the work more and precise.

Furthermore, this review will lead you through the accurate customer’s reviews besides it with the proper construction and uses.

A more impressive thing about the Makita JV0600K is its adjustable orbital settings that are quickly installable with the effortless push.

This function allows the jigsaw to be work in different positions with the adjustable base. To change the setting, the users find a metal lever near the base.

The brand mostly focused on the construction of base area that is constructed with a more modified way that offers smart cutting experience with sharpening the tool-less blade as well as blade guide.

It also offers laser guide for accurate cutting on the precise lines. The tool-less blade needs low changes and goes long-lasting.

Most of the body of Makita JV0600K is made using durable that offers long holes for better ventilation. Ergonomic handle offers produce more easiness for the workers and allow them to use in deep areas. It includes all the controls near the handle for quick accessing.

The straight well-balanced foot base of the Makita JV0600K offers more precise performance with the blade and laser guide.

To remove the blade quickly, it includes a lever as well as for the orbital direction. The foot is easier to adjust for the fast bevel cutting in the stenciled designs.

Makita is a highly-known brand that was more reputed after months of holding. All the reputation credits to the high-quality material and improved performance of the tools.

All the wood appliances available at affordable prices. The Makita JV0600K is raging for under 80$.

  • Powerful corded experience, 6.5-amp motor.
  • Comfortable handling, quick-access controls.
  • Extra powerful performance, tool-less blade.
  • Engineered just for simple and straight cuttings.

Why Should You Buy It?

Makita JV0600K is a powerful jigsaw with a more comfortable design. It is holding many useful features that the workers need such as multiple bevel cuttings, orbital action, blade guide, lockable trigger and many more. For the basic cuttings it is the best choice.


PORTER-CABLE is a sturdy jigsaw highly made for the smart cuttings in the toughest designs.

It offers a powerful cutting experience with the 6-amp AC motor and also provides an SPM controller with these 7 different switches.

Highly beneficial plastic made the body with the metal base is of great wisdom while representing the highly experienced craftmanship.

In this review, I am going to lead you throughout the accurate feedback of the users. Besides it, we will also read the construction and material used for the production of the PORTER-CABLE (PCE345).

PC orbital PORTER-CABLE Jigsaw is the latest representation of PORTER in which it is used premium quality material for construction.

The impressive design offers a 6 am powerful motor with it that is full covers with durable plastic body and has ventilators in it.

Speed dial with the 7 different options allows optimum cutting using it in different materials. This switch is designed in such a way that workers may access it while holding the hand handle easily.

Furthermore, it can also be set for the trigger press mode in which the triggers can be used for dual purpose speed control also along with start switch.

Basically, the speed dial works to change the gears of machine to power, less power, and less power. It is highly made using the latest technology for long use.

You also find some other useful features such as button lock system, bevel changer liver, and an adjustable blower.

PORTER-CABLE (PCE345) is not a portable jigsaw but you must have to provide it AC power continuously to use it. In the battery attached jigsaws the workers often find many issues such as unsteady performance and power-less experience but this jigsaw is out of it.

PORTER brand is more reputed due to quality products and affordability. It has been serving for many years with its special saw experience.

Moreover, each product is cheaper to buy. Not just, but your customers also get a payback claim warranty. PORTER-CABLE (PCE345) jigsaw is now ranging under 400$.

  • Powerful orbital jigsaw with 6-amp motor.
  • Offers more than 7 SPM speed switches.
  • Long-lasting and jigsaw, limited warranty.
  •  Not portable, cord can irritate while working.

Why Should You Buy It?

PORTER-CABLE (PCE345) is a powerful jig saw for both hard and smart cutting. It offers many useful features such as laser guider, balancing foot, metal lever and SPM switches that are more beneficial for the precise working.


If you are looking for a powerful Jigsaw for the smart or heavy cuttings in complicated designed BLACK+DECKER present its hotter model BDEJS600C with the smart select switch.

The curve control technology is used for its production which offers vibrating-free cutting experience.

Not just a powerful cord jigsaw but you also get 24PK blade set with it. In this review, I am going to the premium construction with accurate reviews of customers.

The first more impressive thing about the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C, high-end curve control technology is used for the production of the base. It offers 1 over 4 settings for smart cuttings in stenciled designs. Not just but the laser guide switch is of great wisdom that offers a clean cutting line.

In BDEJS600C smart Jigsaw 5-amp AC motor is used that works on carbon and offers variable speed up to 3000 SPM.

Its motor is carefully covered with the durable plastic body having ventilators to remove heat. Smooth movement of the routers offers vibration-free cutting experience.

Another about the BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C, it is not portable. It is true that using portable technology the workers mentally unsatisfied due to the battery backup or unstable speed.

Firstly, the workers charge the battery and then they come to able to use but the BDEJS600C is totally free of this fear.

High-end jig saw BDEJS600C is designed by the expertise of US for more comfort. The users find trigger under their fingers to start quick action.

Iron shaped body is highly attached with a movable base. Variable speed dial is attached on its left side to control the RPM and SPM quickly.

BLACK+DECKER is a more well-known brand that is more respected due to the quality and enhanced performance of its products.

All the products go along with the worker but you also get lifetime limited warranty with it. Customers also get discounts buying more than 1 product. BDEJS600C Jigsaw is available at a reasonable price.

  • Powerful motor with 2x enhanced Speed/M.
  • A large ergonomic plastic hand adds comfort.
  • 4 orbital adjustment, 45+ degree bevel cut.
  • In the bevel cutting the blade comes out of line.

Why Should You Buy It?

BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C is more convenient tool for the cutting of wood and all other metals. The brand offers a blade set with the machine which exceeds the expectation. Moreover, the straight and bevel cutting experience is good but not cordless. So, you may be got irritated while using the long sheets.

4. Bosch Power Jigsaw JS470E

To have an accurate cutting in the stenciled designs one of more popular saw in market is Bosch Power Jigsaw with its model JS470E by more reputed brand (Bosch). 

It is constructed using highly premium machines and material for maximum comfort while cutting straight or curved cuts.

High-quality tool-less changeable blade, soft variable dial for speed, a trigger locker button is the more liked feature that leads everyone to buy it.

In this review, I will take you throughout all the accurate details & feedbacks of customers for the Jigsaw JS470E.

You may be thinking, there are many options available in market but why we should choose the Jigsaw JS470E?

It is more convenient cutting machine that allows workers to use in several direction with the adjustable footplate.

4 in 1 orbital action offers multiple blade strokes for more complicated cutting tasks. With the internal precision plug system, you get a vibration-free experience for the aggressive cuts. Using the variable speed dial, you can set the speed easily with the thumb while cutting the wood.

Quick insertion of the blade by pressing the lever is more beneficial for the works. Thanks to the durable aluminum footplate which offers accurate cutting. Users also wind a laser guide switch as well as blade guide on the footplate.

Cool design with the motor air ventilators is appreciative and provides maximum ventilation to motor. It can withstand even in more complicated cutting in toughest designs.

The worker gets healthy cutting without any dust. Furthermore, there is tension between battery charging or dead. It offers powerful experience with the using corban conductivity.

Bosch is more reputed brand and known due to excellent performance of t’s products. It has been producing more powerful machines about the cutting of wood or any other metal for 25 years.

120-Volt JS470E jigsaw is the popular production of this brand which is offering best cutting experience even in the toughest tasks. Customer also gets lifetime limited warranty with their products.

  • The 7-amp powerful motor offers 3100+ SPM.
  • Aluminum gearbox with a durable shoe plate.
  • Handle design offers a fatigue-free experience.
  • The base doesn’t sit straight even with 0 marks.

Why Should You Buy It?

Bosch JS470E Jigsaw is more powerful option for cutting complicated and toughest tasks. It offers accurate sitting with the laser guide switch and durable footplate. To experience best cure and straight cutting experience the JS470E Jigsaw is the best choice.

5. DEWALT Jig Saw (DCS331M1)

For the cutting of curve toughest tasks, the works used scroll saw but it is the time to step out of all the old tools. Another saw invented for this purpose is DEWALT Jig Saw with its DCS331M1 version.

It is more powerful tool for incredible cutting that offers high-quality 1TB blade for the cutting of all the hard tasks.

In this review, I am going to take you through accurate reviews of the customers. So, without making a while let’s start.

First more impressive thing in the DCS331M1 Jigsaw is its moveable cutting using the keyless shoe that detents at 0-degree, 15-degree, 30 degree and 45 degrees.

It offers more versatility for comfortable bevel cutting. There is no need to use specific keys to adjust the base.

20 Volts premium motor provides powerful experience with more than 3000 SPM speed. To change the blade quickly it also offers an easy lever for blade insertion rather than the key nuts in other Jigsaws.

All the levers are made using metal that can be switched easily with a small effortless push. 4 orbital action is another loved thing about the DEWALT Jig Saw (DCS331M1).

It offers perfect control and vibration-free experience while cutting. The adjustable dust blower keeps the lines clear. Furthermore, the T-Shanking sharp blade keeps removing the edges while cutting.

DEWALT Jig Saw is highly engineered and designed keeping all the issues for the workers in mind. It’s cool and smooth handle has a trigger downward along with the lock button.

Most of the body is made using durable plastic. Aluminum made the base of this jigsaw offers smooth cutting even in all shapes.

DEWALT is a more well-known brand in the production of saws. It has been serving with the saw products for many years.

Good quality material and X-Performance are the two more famous things about this brand. Moreover, this pocket-friend device, you are getting for under 300$.

  • Metal’s levers and key-less blade changer.
  • Key-less shoe bevel helps in skew cuttings.
  • Adjustable dust blower to clean the line.
  • After a few uses the blades started to fall.

Why Should You Buy It?

DEWALT Jig Saw (DCS331M1) is an ideal saw for the incredible cutting on the toughest designs. My husband is still using it to complete any hard task in designing. Plus, it is easy to use and portable with the 4 hours+ backup.  

6. SKIL 4495-02 Smart Jigsaw

if you are an accomplished woodworker and the orders of stenciled design are normal on then here is another Jig Saw by SKIL with it’s 4495-02. 

It is the more loved jigsaw due to power and precise cutting experience. Highly engineered design is more beneficial for quick switching to the trigger or speed dial.

Powerful 6.0-amp AC motor offers powerful and nonstop cutting even in the playboards. This review is going to lead you through the accurate reviews of its users.

Plenty of Jigsaws available but why one should choose the SKIL 4495-02? The first more impressive thing of SKIL 4495-02 is it’s accurate and precise cutting.

The bae used for support is made using high-end aluminum that is smoother from its ends with which the workers get accurate cutting on the line.

After smooth cutting the thing for which the workers looked more is its orbital control. There is 4-position orbital controlled used in the SKIL 4495-02 which is responsible for the fast bevel cuttings. To set the direction, firstly, lose the screw using the key and move it in 45+ angles. 

To see the cutting lines, the SKIL also attached a laser guide. An adjustable blower offers dust-free experience and prevents wood sack from the cutting lines.

Powerful 6-amp AC motor allows to use it on hard metals. A large ergonomic handle helps to quick all the switches quickly while using it.

SKIL 4495-02 is more beneficial for cutting the wood or solid metals. It offers non-stop cutting experience, unlike the portable Jigsaws.

Most of the workers look for the portable jigsaw but in clear words, the SKIL 4495-02 is not portable. it’s 6.0-amp motor directly works on carbons.

SKIL is more popular brand in the saw production. It is more known due to affordability and power performance even on all the things.

All the products by the brand are cheaper to buy but there comes no compromise on quality production. Moreover, the SKIL 4495-02 jigsaw ranges under 40$ to buy.

  • Enhanced precision with a stable metal base.
  • Tool-less design prevents the blade from damaging.
  • The 4-position orbital switch helps for bevel cutting.
  • Price-wise it is good but the quality is not too good.

Why Should You Buy It?

SKIL 4495-02 is a more beneficial option for more precision in your work. Allover experience of this saw is good but it includes cord which may create a hurdle while using it on the sheets. Moreover, performance is not as good as it should be.

7. Bosch JS470EB Corded Jigsaw

Another best feat of the Bosch is now available for highly precise cuttings with the reciprocating blades. It is designed in the sturdy frame with a powerful motor and also includes a die-cast foot in it. 

Quick access switches as well as lever for ejection of blades and orbital switches. Workers also find a blade guard for the safe experience in the stenciled designs.

Moreover, this review going to lead you throughout the accurate reviews of Bosch JS470EB besides a bit detail about the construction and it’s used.

Bosch JS470EB is made using precision-machined plug system that enhances the accuracy and offers vibration-free experience.

To work on the accurate lines, it also includes a laser guide as well as a blade guide. Furthermore, you also find an adjustable blower to clear the cutting lines.

Highly powerful jigsaw with the 7.0-amp motor offers superb experience while cutting the metals. The Bosch used tool-less blade which needs less-changes. Corded feature of this jigsaw leads it with them so long use without any fear of battery end.

More beneficial thing Bosch JS470EB is its design which allows accessing all the controls under the fingers. Firstly, it has ergonomic handle that is easier to grip. The orbital switch is attached just on an inch from it also along with foot adjusting levers.

Metal made base sits with the sheet properly while cutting. It is a bit wide than the other for more balancing and optimized cuttings.

Vibration-free production of the Bosch JS470EB is more beneficial for curve cuttings on lines. Furthermore, it also offers a speed dial with the 7 different switches.

Bosch is more popular saw producing company which brings something else then other in market every year. It is reliable brand that which is offering hundred of useful features. Furthermore, Bosch JS470EB is an affordable choice and ranging under 182.43$.

  • Lite weighted, powerful motor 7.0 amp.
  • Ergonomic handle, quick access switches.
  • An affordable choice, 1-year satisfaction.
  • While using it on the sheets the cord irritates.

Why Should You Buy It?

Bosch JS470EB is more beneficial saw for curve cuttings on the long sheets. It is a reliable choice and goes along with the workers. Furthermore, you also get lifetime limited satisfaction along with a payback claim.


Another portable model of the jigsaw by the well-known brand PORTER is now available with the vibration-free accurate delivery of tool-less blade.

It is the same product that we have read above with the name of PORTER-CABLE (PCE345). As the previous saw by same brand is corded but the PORTER-CABLE (PCC650B) is made as a portable saw.

It is mostly used to work free to hand on the stencilled sheets. In this review, you will go through accurate feedbacks by its users besides manufacturing.

PORTER-CABLE (PCC650B) portable saw is designed with multiple orbital settings which are more beneficial while bevel cutting. There is a powerful motor used that offers 0 to 500 SPM velocity. The worker also can increase or decreases using the trigger.

 More beneficial about the PORTER-CABLE Jigsaw is it’s tooled less blade which needless changes. The durable blade also with the blade guard for safe experiencing. Workers also find an adjustable blower in this jigsaw which is responsible to clear the cutting line.  

Unique design of PORTER-CABLE (PCC650B) Jigsaw has great wisdom behind it. Workers find all the controls under the finger which can be switched while using it.

The trigger works as switch as well as a speed variable controller. Furthermore, here you also find a trigger lock button.

Another amazing this about Porter’s Jigsaw is its portability. Customers find two powerful batteries with a continuous backup of 4 hours. Unlike the corded jigsaws this machine is more beneficial for freehand work.

PORTER-CABLE is a more well-known brand in the production of saws. It has been serving for many years and represents something else than the other jigsaws. Not just, but the customer also gets discount by buying more than 1 product.  

  • Portable jigsaw with 500 SPM blade velocity.
  • Free-hand to use, quick access to all the controls.
  • 3-year’s satisfaction, part of 20 V Max system.
  • Less powerful batteries offer bad backup.

Why Should You Buy It?

PORTER-CABLE (PCC650B) Jigsaw is a good choice but for the soft uses. It is a portable saw which offers hand-dree experience but less-powerful as compared to the corded saws. Furthermore, the PORTER-CABLE also produced the corded saw that you can see above.

9. TACKLIFE 6.7 Amp Jigsaw

Another more well-known saw in the market is TACKLIFE 6.7 Amp Jigsaw which is offering powerful experience with its AC motor and tool-less blade.

Highly engineered this jigsaw is designed to bring more precision in your work. The more beneficial thing about this jigsaw is its comfortable hand-friend design that is tired-less.

Furthermore, in this review, you are going thought the maximum details about the TACKLIFE 6.7 Amp Jigsaw.

TACKLIFE focused on stability and designed it in a premium way. High-end this jigsaw offers vibrating-free experience that increases the accuracy in work.

It offers a blade guide pin to run the blade accurate on the line. Furthermore, if you want to work on metal then this is the suggested tool for the workers.

If you are a great craftsman an also want to bring improvement in your work then the TACKLIFE 6.7 Amp Jigsaw is the best tool that offers maximum useful features such as adjustable blower, quick controls, set of tools free blades as well as speed variable control trigger with the lock button.

 More beneficial designed durable plastic body offers a hand-friend grip and maximum controls under the fingers. 4 positional orbitals with the 3000 SPM having speed setting button enhances the easiness while using it in different good.

Moveable foot-bass is more cooperative while bevel cutting. The adjustable foot can be set up to 45 degrees.

Powerful motor cover is designed with highly engineered through which it may get ventilation while working. TACKLIFE 6.7 Amp Jigsaw also comes with a scale for accurate cutting.

TACKLIFE is more popular brand that is standing out of all saw producing companies. It is more respected due to affordability and performance that arranges its iron between the jigsaws of 2022.

Customers get a 100 % payback warranty in worse cases. Moreover, the TACKLIFE 6.7 Amp Jigsaw is ranging under 50$.

  • Powerful motor with 3000+ SPM velocity.
  • 10mm+ cutting in metal, quick cut in cork.
  • An affordable option with 3 years of warranty.
  • Due to the big bass size, it comes harder for curve cuts.

Why Should You Buy It?

TACKLIFE 6.7 Amp is more beneficial saw with the reciprocating blade that offers highly balanced cuttings with the tool-less blade. it is sturdy jigsaw with a powerful motor. If you work one 10 mm metal then this is the suggested tool for you.

10. Ryobi One+ P523 Jigsaw

Another portable power saw with the improved performance is now produced by a very well-known brand-named Ryobi.it is the more beneficial saw with a big pack of features that enhances comfort while using.

The highly engineered design offers to access quick controls under the fingers.

Plus, the tool-free blade with the permanent sharpen TB and guard is more helpful while curve cutting on the stenciled designs. In this review, you will show you the accurate user reviews besides the necessary information.

Plenty of options available but why one should choose the Ryobi One Jigsaw? It is one of high-ending saw Machin that has a reciprocating blade under inside the sturdy base.

Cutting the Polly wood through the big saw machines is a bit difficult and wastey but the jigsaw offers small durable cutting blade attached with the motor from one side.

Unlike the other portable saws, the Ryobi One Jigsaw offers 3 adjustable orbital settings for the optimum cutting. to set the different settings it has a metal lever.

Instead of the quick speed dial, there are a few soft push-able buttons given that work with the sequence 1,2,3…

 Most of the body of Ryobi One Jigsaw is made using durable non-conductor material that offers an ergonomic handle with enhanced comfort.

All the controls are easy to access and held under the finger for urgent use. You also find a speed control trigger with a lock button held under the handle.  

Die-cost aluminum base in the Ryobi One Jigsaw offers maximums satiability and accurate cutting. The laser guide and adjustable blower are of great wisdom behind clearing the cutting line.

Furthermore, it is moveable for the bevel cutting and can be adjusted by the key.

Ryobi is the more well-known brand that was has been serving its products for many years. it is more respected due to the performance and affordability of the products.

After a few years of holding, it got the reliability by providing maximum satisfaction and discount. It’s Ryobi One Jigsaw is ranging under 80$.

  • 4 orbital action function, laser guider.
  • Adjustable dust blower, lockable trigger.
  • .Blade saving base, 3 years satisfaction.
  • Sucks a great battery backup in few times.

Why Should You Buy It?

Ryobi One Jigsaw is the which I also have been experiencing for many years. it is offering hundred of useful features that make it more convenient for the workers. If you want the best portable jigsaw then this choice is highly suggested to you.


How were the reviews? I have described the 10 Best Jigsaws of 2022 that also are the top picks of this week. All the products are reliable but the Makita JV0600K is the product that I liked more and also experiencing. Which product you liked more and going to buy Comment Us!

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