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Best Bow Press 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Worried about the un-stretching compound bow limbs? You really need a good bow press.

A bow press is a dependable bow tool for bringing the Crossbows and Compound bows in their more working posture.

Due to the massively preloaded nature of the bow limbs, using the archery press can be dangerous.

Most people recommend the best portable bow press and have been using it for a couple of years but here you would consider, it might not be the right decision and can affect several factors as well as our experience.   

Today’s Good news, we have shortlisted Best Bow Press of 2022 which are versatile and safe to use.

Top Picks For Best Bow Press

Check the most affordable bow press on the list. Our RC team designated these archery presses after reviewing them many times. You can buy it if you are in a hurry!

Using the bow press may be dangerous, so you must know a few aspects of your safety while using the archery press. Cable outfitter shows the right way of using the bow press.

Either you need proper training or pros advice for gaining perfect limb tension.  

Quick Comparison of Best Bow Press

Last Chance Ez Green Press Fixed
Ravin Crossbow Press Portable
Last Chance Archery Draw Board Fixed
SHARROW Handheld Bow Press Portable
MILAEM Archery Bow Press Portable

1. Last Chance Ez Green Press – Best Bow Press for the Mathews Triax

Last Chance Ez is a manageable bow press designed for all crossbows and compound bows. It is best to use both home and shop and available with individual consumer setup.

LCA press is equipped with the finger patented system for easy use. We have described all the characteristics of Ez Green Press below and buyers would go through.

Material & Construction

Ez Green press is really steel made bow press and designed by keeping the individual consumers in mind.

It doesn’t affect the torque of the riser and easily enables the users to replace the bowstrings, cams, peep sight, and whatever they want to do in their bows.

Furthermore, you can adjust the limb leaver in the required region.

Brand & Affordability

Last Chance Archery is the best outdoor gear store famous for the durability of its products.

EZ Green is its best bow press model and has a particular range for press among 25” – 48” axle to axle. You can buy it for under 600$ with it’s all components  

  • Sturdy construction, easy to take the bow limbs.
  • Smooth press, built-in standard height, and bench.
  • Price is a bit more expensive than the other bow press.

Why Should You Buy It?

Ez Green is the best production of Last Chance Archery. It is made with state-of-the-art rigid material and available with all the components. You can easily press on the bows of all sizes and best to keep on shop and home both.

2. Ravin Crossbow Press – Best Crossbow Press Light on Pocket

Ravin R140 is a simple and smart bow press design for Ravin crossbows. It enables the easy replacement of the Components and you can use for both home and shops.

Components of the bow press are made using durable aluminum through molded technology that allows the sharp press on limbs and best for long-time consistent performance.

Material & Construction

Stainless steel made a draw of the Ravin bow press is very smooth to tight and placed on one limb side.

A light-weight bow press setup offers a fast and quick starch on limbs without affecting the torque of risers. You would note that the Raven R140 press is just made for the Ravin crossbows.

  • Light in weight, easy to use, best for home and shop.
  • Available for under 200$, doesn’t need maintenance.
  • It is just designed for the Ravin Bows.

Why Should You Buy It?

Ravin R140 is the exclusive model of the crossbow press. It is made with durable aluminum and best used with a hand tools for the bows. You can buy it for under 200$ with all the necessary components.

3. Last Chance Archery Draw Board – Best Home Bow Press

Last Chance draw board is the best-fixed bow press for the compound bows. it is very easy to use and doesn’t need any external component to work.

If you are worried about replacing the archery gear then it is the last opportunity you get to solve all the problems about compound bows.

We hope your archery modification with the Last Chance draw board.

Material & Construction

Last Chance draw board is constructed in dynamic design using high-quality aluminum. it is the best compact bow press for giving tension to all sizes of limbs.

Hunters can quickly check the timing, draw length, and cam leans of the bows that are using through the bow press.

Furthermore, you don’t the limbs sticks are adjustable and can be stick on the specific distance.

Brand & Affordability  

Last Chance is the world’s #1 archery company and expert in specially producing the bow presses for the compound bows.

Last Chance draw board is a rigid archery press that is available with several adjustments and settings. It is the best bow press for under 300$.

  • Made with rigid metal, very quick and easy to use at home.
  • Adjustable with the bow limbs, best for replacing the bow parts.
  • Available at an affordable price of 250.
  • There is nothing reported bad about the bow press.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a durable bow press for all types of bows then the Last Chance draw board is the best choice ever for you.

It is available with several adjustments and hunters can easily set it for the specific size of bows. Furthermore, the package is really affordable, you can buy it for under 250$.Review

4. SHARROW Handheld Bow Press – Best Portable Bow Press of 2022

Sharrow bow press is made adopting premium material for the extraordinary performance. The bow press enables the pro shops to easy limb press for replacing the bow components. 

You can add a string silencer with quick use without losing the torque of the riser. We hope your archery adventure with the Sharrow bow press, you would go through the given review before buying.

Material & Construction

A dependable bow press is made using aluminum and offers a long-lasting experience.

The portable bow easily can be used on crossbows, compound bows, and all the other bows with the vertical limbs. You can store the bow press in the archery bag for urgent use.

It offers a good limb press for replacing the bowstrings.

Brand & Affordability

SHARROW Archery is the most reliable company and has been producing incredible archery products for over 30 years. Sharrow bow press is its simple portable limb press and available for under 70$.

  • Quality construction, good press on limbs, doesn’t affect the torque.
  • Available in Red color, doesn’t need maintenance, affordable choice.
  • There is nothing reported bad about the Sharrow bow press

Why Should You Buy It?

Sharrow bow press is one appropriate archery press for aggressive hunters. It offers quick replacements of components whether you are using a compound bow or crossbow.

5. MILAEM Archery Bow Press – Best Affordable Portable Bow Press

Milaem bow press meets all the demands of archers. It includes metal quad brackets in black color, quality steel wire, and one cable drawing.

Using the portable bow press you can easily change the cams and compound bowstring in seconds. We hope your bow modification with the Milaem bow press, go through a given review before buying it.

Material & Construction

High-quality stainless steel built a very durable portable bow press system in Milaem. Each part of the Milaem bow press is made using quality metal for the non-stop consistent performance.

You can easily replace the string, cables, peep sight and also can adjust the draw length easily using the Milaem bow press.

Brand & Affordability

Milaem is a big outdoor store for archery products. it has been working in the field for over 30 years and famous for the durability of its products.

Milaem bow press is its best bow press of the archery talk and available for under 60$. Furthermore, the setup is totally portable and you can bring it anywhere with you.  

  • Metal setup, stainless steel polished construction.
  • Fits all the compound bows easily, versatile to use.
  • Light-weighted bow press, available for under 60$.
  • All is good and complete as it would be in perfect bow press.

Why Should You Buy It?

Milam bow press is a simple limb pressing device which is made with stainless steel. It is available for under 60$ with the entire setup and you don’t need to attach any external component. Furthermore, you can use it for replacing the bow components easily.


We have designated Best Bow Press of 2022! The selection was made on the basis of the reliability of brands and the affordability of their products. Furthermore, we also has reviewed each product many times before bringing it here. 

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