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10 Best Bow Case 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Where a Quality Quiver is a compulsory thing for carrying arrows (shafts)  safely there the conservation of the bow also matters.

Review Case presents 10 Best Bow Cases for keeping all the luggage about hunting in a very protective way. Besides the reviews about top bow cases here you also learn how to choose the right one?

Bow Cases are available in different shapes and sizes so firstly you need to perceive which one is more suitable for your bow?

Quality bows cases exist in 4 different types and you need to choose an average size that may fill all your needs.

Top Picks For Best Bow Cases 

We have listed the most recommended choices for 2022 for the Best Bow Cases. Buyers would visit first. 

There are three types of bow cases which are; hard soft and hybrid.

  • Hard bow cases are entirely constructed with rigid material specially designed to protect the luggage from weather and other uncertain conditions.
  • The soft bow case is usually built with fabric materials like nylon and polyester and this case can carry more goods rather than hard cases. Since the production is not rigid so these cases are less protective.
  • A hybrid Bow Case is really recommended to buy because it mostly includes both soft and hard environments for the accessories. These cases are a bit more expensive but meet with durability and a long-lasting experience.

Here is the list of all the reliable and top-rated bow cases and you can easily review and buy anyone.

Quick Comparison of Best Bow Cases

Plano Protector Compact Bow CaseHard_CaseNot_Cushioned
Plano Spire Crossbow Case BlackHybrid_CaseCushioned
Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow CaseHard_CaseCushioned
SKB Hunter Series Black Bow CaseHard_CaseCushioned
Plano Molding 10-10630 Compound Bow CaseHard_CaseCushioned
SKB Injection Molded Bow CaseHybrid_CaseCushioned
Primos 6864 Soft Hunting Bow CaseSoft_CaseNot_Cushioned
Case Club Waterproof Bow CaseHard_CaseCushioned
Southland Archery Supply SAS RecurveSoft_CaseNot_Cushioned
Southland SAS Hard Bow CaseHard_CaseCushioned

1. Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

Plano Protector Compact Bow Case

Plano has introduced another hard bow case for all the compound bows. It is also the most lockable protective case that is also approved by the Airline. it is perfectly made for the parallel limb bows with the dimension 43.25 X 19 X 6.75.

If you are looking for a more durable and secure case then I think your desire ends in a protector series. Read the given characteristics of the Plano Compact bow case.

Plano Protector bow case is a simple and convenient choice that is specially made for the compound bows. its case is purely made of rigid material with the patented pillar lock.

It can safely store them and transport the bows under 43 inches. Experience the best storage for the arrows under lid. Pilar lock system makes its environment crush-proof and promises for organized storage.

Compound Plano is designed with a comfortable carrying handle that and the easy locking system makes it more secure. it adds a big foam layer for preventing the bow from any uncertain condition.

Plano is giving adjustable tie-down straps for easy carrying this case. Plano is a famous brand that had launched a protective series for the bow cases and the compact bow case is also belonging to this series.

It is an affordable and frequent choice for the hunters who are using compound bows. Here is the list of all the PROS about this bow case and I think you should read once.


  • The compact bow case includes a high-density foam.
  • Crushproof lock system includes lots for 5+ arrows,
  • Lifetime warranty, available in shocking colors.


  • The Protector Compact case is not water-proof.


Plano Protector Compact bow case is specially designed to carry and transport normal size bows. it offers a great storage experience with the lid. Customers also get the adjustable tie-down straps to carry the box easily. The comfortable molded choice for hunters.

2. Plano Spire Crossbow Case Black

Plano Spire Crossbow Case

If you are looking for a cheaper but durable bow case with standard specification then meet the Spire Crossbow case by a famous brand Plano. It features layered foam protection that keeps the language very safely without dangling.

It is available in a dynamic design that is really attractive and more convenient to carry. Here I have described characteristics of the Plano Spire Crossbow Case and you should read it once.

Plano Spire is a compact and heavy-duty bow case that is specially designed with rigid plastic material. The case is really hard that keeps the compound bow in a protective way.

Smart inside design can hold all the compound bows easily, the straps add more comfortability. Spire Crossbow is one more durable and sturdier bow case that features foam padding for safely keeping the goods.

It’s the hard body that doesn’t allow water to go inside and the Plano also added rubber seal on all the edges for air-break and it is approved by Airline.

Plano is a more popular Crossbow Case making company that has been doing its services since 1952. It features perfect protection to all the luggage and fits all the compound designed bows.

Plano is offering this more protective case at an affordable package and you also get three heavy-duty latches. Here are a few experiences of Spire Crossbow that you should read.


  • Compact size, three heavy-duty latches, carry handle.
  • Stands on the side for easy storage, quick padlock clasps.
  • Interior lashing straps, foam padding, affordable choice.


  • There is no specific storage for bolts.


Plano Spire Crossbow Case is a highly durable case for the compound bows. Its case is made of rigid material that never allows the pressure to break the bow. Furthermore, it is waterproof and the UV rays also don’t affect it. If you are using a crossbow for hunting then it is the best choice for you.

3. Plano 108110 Bow Guard AW Bow Case

Plano 108110 Bow Case

Finding the best sturdy and more convenient bow case ends on the Plano another model 108110 Bow Guard.

More highlighted thing about this case, Plano molding is giving lifetime unconditional warranty and it also promised for the long-lasting performance of its products. Here I have described a few characteristics that the buyers should read once.

Plano specially designed the 108110 Bow Guard to withstand in all the uncertain conditions. The shell of the case is more durable and rigid that never gets affected even after considerable pressure.

It is available with one durable and fixed handle to conveniently carry the box. A Premium quick interlocking system enables hunters to open to unpacking it quickly.

Bow Guard case is cushioned with foam and covered with rubber to give a great grip to the compound bow. It includes the attached ports to hold 8+ arrows at one time.

Crus resistance bow fitting and elastomeric arrow storage have made it more convenient for the hunters. Plano is a more famous brand that has been introducing special products for hunters for several years. 108110 Bow Guard is its great hard work and proves a more convenient case for all the hunters.

It is available at an affordable price. These are a few goods and bads about the Bow Guard AW Bow case that you should read before buying.


  • Quick-lock and unlock systems make the goods more secure.
  • Stage sparing, thick plastic shell, fully crushes resistance.
  • Available at an affordable price, Elastomeric arrow storage.


  • Some other bow cases may have a better interior environment.


After going through the review about 108110 I am sure you are thinking of buying it and it should be because the Plano is offering several advantages with the more rigid and protective bow case. It is available at an affordable price and the brand has promised for the sturdy construction.

4. SKB Hunter Series Black Bow Case

SKB Hunter Series Bow Case

If you are looking for a more reliable and comfortable compact case for your compound bow then meet with another invention of SKBE from hunter series. its interior is lined with the EPS plush that offers a scratch-free rest for your bow. Here are all the characteristics of the SKB Hunter Case and I think you should go through it once.

SKB Hunter series bow case is just well known due to scratch-proof interior fitting. Its body is rigid and made using high-quality plastic.

It is smartly designed to accommodate most of the bow cases in markets and once can easily be used for his compound bow.

Rigid shape with the embossing adds support in its structure with the lid. It is available with the eight-point interlocking stacking system and provides a tight and secured fit that prevents the dirt.

Weatherproof sheet is used for constructing the bow’s case and it is 100% moisturize free. SKB is a more popular brand that has launched a Hunter series for bow case and this compound case is also belonging to this series.

SKB specially added a vacuumed room for resting the bow in a very comfortable place. Rigid body sheet doesn’t allow air to go inside.

It is available at an affordable price with an unconditional lifetime warranty.


  • Designed to accommodate all the cases of the year.
  • Foam insert, compact construction, easy to carry.
  • Available at an affordable price, a rigid ABS shell.


  • Exterior design is not as attractive as it should be.


SKB Hunter is a popular brand and the hunter series bow case is its great hard work. It is specially designed for the compound bows and fully vacuumed and comfortable room to close all the luggage dust free. Furthermore, you can buy it with an affordable package.

5. Plano Molding 10-10630 Compound Bow Case

Plano 10-10630 Bow Guard SE Bow Case

Plano Molding has launched another compact version of bow case 10-10630 that is featuring too soft and protective rest to the compound bows. it is really functional because the Plano added durable ports for hanging the arrows.

It is featuring a highly rigid bow guard SE which can bear a considerable pressure without breaking. Here I have described a few characteristics of Plano Molding 10-10630 bow case and you should go through once.

The Plano bow case is designed to protect your compound bow with the fully-loaded quiver. it is a bit more with the size than other standard cases so that it may hold maximum luggage. Hunters can easily hold 12+ arrows in its lid.

Plano added padlock tabs for improved security. Keep your compound bow in the case as it is specially designed for your bow. Highly cushioned interior prevents dangling even while running. The brand also added nylon strap so you don’t need to buy extra.

AS you know that Plano Molding is a more popular bow case making company. 10-10630 is the improved version of the case that offers extra storage for the hunting luggage.

A high-density layer of foam provides more protection to all your goods. It is cheaper to buy but it doesn’t deteriorate the durability and quality. Here is the list of features of Plano Molding 10-10630 Case and you should go through once.


  • Extra storage, easy, quick lock & unlocking system.
  • Cushioned interior, it provides space for 12+ arrows.
  • Available at an affordable price, easy carrying handle.


  • Design is not attractive but beneficial in use.


Plano is a famous brand that has been doing its services since 1952. 10-10630 is its great hard work which is smartly designed for all the compound bows. its design is not attractive but more beneficial in use. Furthermore, the brand also offers a warranty with this product.

6. SKB Injection Molded Bow Case

SKB Injection Molded Bow Case

SKB Injection-molded is the best compact case for the Parallel Limb bows. More highlighted fact about the SKB is its storage specifications and price. It features a tiger release latch system with the military standard molded injection.

Highly water and dustproof case made with sturdy and rigid material. Here I have described a few characteristics of the SKB Compound bow case and you should go through once.

More durable and easy carrying compound bow is specially designed to protect the limb parallel bows that offer a cushioned inside environment to all the luggage.

The highly rigid body of the SKB molded bow case is waterproof and doesn’t allow dust to go inside. 35” X 14” 5 dimensioned long case can easily carry standard size bows easily.

Plus, lined EPS interior provides a secure and dangling free environment that keeps all the goods safe even while running. SKB used highly durable rubber Soles that neve allowed dust to go inside.

Easy and quick protective locking systems make your luggage more secure. SKB is a more popular brand in making bows and bow cases. Injection Molded Bow case is a more durable and convenient production.

Trigger release latches can be easily retrofitted by TSA and you don’t need to worry about it and parts. The injection-molded case is available with an affordable package and unconditional lifetime warranty.


  • Military-grade molded cow case, sturdy and protective.
  • Dustproof as well as waterproof, plush interior cushion.
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty, an affordable choice.


  • The injection-molded case is a bit more expensive than in other cases.


Closure of this review surely leads you to buy the SKB Injection Molded Bow case. It is a more convenient bow case for all the hunters who have a compound bow. Furthermore, it’s a bit expensive to buy. It’s worth the price.

7. Primos 6864 Soft Hunting Bow Case

Primos Soft Bow Case

If you are looking for a durable compound bow case with the extra storage then meet the Primos 6864 soft hunting bow case. Primos designed a large zipper compartment on the front side to make it more convenient.

it is made using 600D high-quality polyester fabric that promises for its long-lasting experience. 6864 Soft bow case is specially made for the compound bows.

Primouse case is 100% tested by the toughest situation and the Promos promised for its long-lasting experience. The large front pocket is specially made for carrying dozens of arrows.

Primos attached a thick layer of foam in all the interior of the bag. It is a weather resistance bag and doesn’t allow dust to go inside.

As you know that the soft cases can carry more luggage but unfortunately, these cases are not as protective as the hard cases.

Here I have described a few characteristics of Primos Bow case and you should read once.


  • Soft and effective 600D polyester construction.
  • It is a simple but beneficial compound bow case.


  • Hard cases offer better protection than soft cases.


After going the review about Primos 6864 surely you are thinking to buy it for your compound bow. it is fully beneficial for all the hunters who have compound bows but not as protective as the case should be. You also can visit some other hard bows for more protection of your passion.

8. Case Club Waterproof Bow Case

Case Blub Water Proof Bow Case

Compound cow case by the Case Club is heavy-duty protection for the 40+ inches bow and specially designed for the parallel limb bows. It offers ports to hang 12+ arrows safely inside beside a waterproof small accessory box. 

The beautifully designed bow case is totally weatherproof and air-tight. Go through the given description of the technical construction of Case Club Bow Case.

More durable and sturdy made Case Club bow case is rigid from its outside body because the internal environment is purely made using rubber foam. It keeps all the goods including bows and arrows in a managed way. 

It is 40 inches in length and 13.75” in width and is considered a standard size bow case. Hunters can buy it for both limb compound and recurve bows because it is designed in a very smart way involving the airline’s approval.

Padlock system makes the box more secure and a highly cushioned internal environment keeps the bow safe from dangling.

Case Club bow case provides a comfortable and secure rest to all your goods in the box. Case Club is a reliable bow case making company that has promised for its water proffer and long-lasting performance.

This compound bow case is its heavy-duty production that is best for the archer or bow hunters. Here is the list of features that the buyers should read once.


  • Fits to all the goods, soft environment for bow.
  • Top-quality material construction, more secure.
  • Waterproof and approved by Airline, affordable.


  • Case Club bow case is bit more with its price probably not affordable.


Case Club is a reliable brand that has a great experience in constructing the best quality bow cases. The compound bow case is a more durable and comfortable choice for all the hunters. Furthermore, it costs a considerable amount of money but meets with durability and long-lasting experience.

9. Southland Archery Supply SAS Recurve

Southland Archery Supply SAS

If you are really looking for a fully padded pre-cut Bow case then meet with the Southland’s Archery SAS Case. Experience a durable and weatherproof case for the safety of your passion even with great affordability. 

It is specially made with Pre-cut foam for limbs and riser. Given the description, it holds all the technical constructive aspects of the Southland Archery SAS Recurve bow case.

Above all the reviews were about the compound cases but if you are using Recurve bows then the Southland SAS case is the best choice because it is built using the pre-cut foam.

Front zipper pockets are more convenient for the hunters and they can hold all the mini goods easily in it. If we discuss the inter compartments, SAS designed divided the inter case into two zippered parts.

It is perfect for the recurve bows under the dimension 27” and you can hold even long dozens of arrows easily in it. it is also including spirit courage beside smack bows.

SAS is a more reliable bow case producing company that is more sensitive to its products. It is promised for the long-lasting experiences of its products and also offered all at affordable packages.

Southland Archery case is the best for the hunters who are using takedown bows. Here I have described a few PROS and CONS of the product that you should read once.


  • Specially designed for takedown bows, pre-cut soft interior
  • Compatible with all recurve bows, compact design & size.
  • It also includes a pouch and zipper pocket, an affordable choice.


  • It is cheaper to buy but not as protective as the hard cases.


Southland Archery Supply Case is a best-case compatible with all the takedown bows. it can carry more luggage than the hard cases but unfortunately now more protective. If you are using the recurve bows then it is the best choice to buy.

10. Southland SAS Hard Bow Case

Southland Archert SAS Case

After a good response of the customers with the SAS soft bow case, it also introduced another hard case for the recurve bows with the extra storage specification and features.

Archery Supply hard case is a more convenient case smartly designed for all the takedown bows. Here are the characteristics of the Southland SAS hard case that the buyers should read once.

SAS used precut foam especially for protecting the takedown bows. it fits all the recurve bows as it is specially designed for each specific model. Weather resistance with the snap latches makes it more beneficial for the hunters.

Large and hard compartment to hold even tool long arrows. Overall case length is 37” and it can carry all the bows under this dimension. SAS design for small compartments to hold other accessories.

A grade plastic is used for constructing these bow cases. SAS is a more popular USA brand that got more respect due to the durability and long-lasting experience of its products.

Archery SAS Hard Bow case is specially designed for the takedown bows and is more protective than the soft bow cases. Go through the given characteristics before buying it.


  • Hard bow case is compatible with all the takedown bows.
  • It features a pre-cut more comfortable interior to all goods.
  • Available at a cheaper price, it also includes a zipper pouch.


  • You may need to cut the foam for adjusting your bow.


Instead of buying the soft SAS bow case, I think the hard case is the more protective choice. It is totally made using water-proof rigid material and the U.V rays also don’t affect it. You can buy it with an affordable package.

The Conclusion

It is now your turn which crossbow case do you select? We have presented our great effort about the 10 Best Bow Cases of 2022 and each product is reliable and includes something beneficial that the other doesn’t. 

If you are a compound crossbow user then we recommend the Plano Spire 113200. Also, comment about the case that you selected for your bow. 

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