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Best Fletching Glues 2022 Reviews & Buyers Guide

While using the best quality fletching jig, I also needed a strongly bond-able fletching glue.

After enduring dozens of substandard products, I consulted my grandfather and asked for their life’s super vane fletching glues.

He looked at me with a smirk and told me about some of the Best Fletching Glues based on his experience. I thought to compile it and also considered it appropriate to share all these with your folks. 

I’ll also walk you through how you can identify the best bondable fletching glue?

Top Picks For Best Fletching Glue

We have pinned the best fletching glues 2022 here. Highly adhesive products are available at an affordable price! Order now!

Quick Comparison of Best Fletching Glues 2022

Loctite Ultra-Gel Super Glue ideal for vanes/feather
Gorilla Super Glue adhesive fetching
Starbond Adhesive Super Glue Kit Needle kit
Bohning Platinum Fletch Tite tube airtight use
Pine Ridge Instant Archery Glue 5 second dry, reusable

1. Loctite Ultra-Gel Super Glue – Best Instant Adhesive Glue

Looking for something extra adhesive? 

Meet the Loctite ultra with its innovative bottle design. it is tested to work in toughest conditions with more adhesive resistant impact. 

Shock and vibration proof less viscous material keep the vanes fetched for a long time. We have described all the characteristics of Loctite below and buyers would go through.

Impact & Formulas

Loctite Ultra-Gel Glue comes in patented easy to use side squeeze design which gives maximum control and airtight storage. 

It dries clear and sets in a very short time without clamping. Premium formulas used for producing glue, it is ideal for metal, ceramic, rubber, wood, and paper.

Brand & Affordability

Loctite is a well-known brand in producing adhesive material and has been serving its durable products with experience for years. 

Ultra-gel-control is the best quality adhering glue that is available for under 5$. You also get a needle for manageable filling. 

  • Easy squeezing, made using a highly strong formula.
  •  Smart needle for the fine filling, enough viscus.
  • Ultra-tight bond, best for low budget, flexible.
  • First Little bottles offer fewer reuses.

Why Should You Buy It?

Loctite is an ultra-strong fletching glue that is made using premium formulas. It is capable of working in the toughest conditions, you can have for quick operations.

Smart out cap keeps the glue from drying, you can easily remove it for reuse.

2. Gorilla Super Glue – Best for Carbon/Aluminum Arrows

Looking for strong bondable fletching glue? 

Check the Gorilla super one, it is 100% tested for tough impact. Anti-clog plastic sealed caps keep the glue from drying. 

15g fill level, I think it is enough for the fletching vanes over 20 to 30 times. We hope the Gorilla super glue will be the right choice for all types of arrows.

Impact & Formula

Unique rubber particles in the super gorilla glue imperatively increase the resistance impact and strength. 

Start quick operation with the easy to use a designed bottle, you can reuse it by just removing the cap. 

The strengthened formulas in Gorilla super glue keep high bonding with plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, rubber leather, paper, and with several other objects. 

It just needs 10 to 45 seconds for sticking the vanes’ shafts of arrows.

Brand & Affordability

Gorilla is the best company in producing sticking material, it has been serving highly bondable glue from over 30 years. 

Super Glue is one of the most demanded products for just under 5$. It is best for the instant repair of any project indoor or outdoor.

  • First Available at a very reasonable price, Strong bond-able.
  • Made using tough formulas, easy to use glue tubes.
  • Fine re-use and packing, can be used over 25 times.
  • There is nothing reported negatively about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for strong rubber fletching glue cheaper to buy then the Gorilla is a very appropriate choice. 

it just takes 10 seconds to stick the vanes on shafts and doesn’t matter if you are using aluminum, carbon, or wooden arrows.

3. Starbond Adhesive Super Glue Kit – Best Glue with Microtips

Now fletch your arrow and also do your small indoor projects using the Starbond EM-2000 thick glue kit. 

It is 100% tested in the laboratory for optimal performance. Premium Ethyl CYANOACRYLATE glue that also can be used on an industrial level. 

We have described all the characteristics below and buyers would read.  

Impact & Formulas

Starbond super adhesive glue kit is available with empty 2 ounces bottles, easy dispensing, yorker spout, applicator caps, clog-free stopper, and tiny pins for easy gluing. 

The gap-filler is adhesive for the heavy-duty bonding, you can use it to attach vanes with the shafts made using any material. 

The micro-tips provide an easy and fine extension for the small cracks. 2000cPs viscosity is similar to honey and capable of filling up to 0.01-0.02” size.

Brand & Affordability

Starbond is a famous glue brand that produces highly bond-able material for the indoor to industrial level use. 

Starbond Adhesive Glue kit is its most sold glue for fletching vanes and several other tiny projects. 

It is available in 1, 2- and 16-ounces different packages at a very reasonable price.

  • Made using a highly bondable formula, easy to use.
  • Includes a needle to keep glue from dry, gap-filler.
  • Best Fletching Glue under 10$, instant use.
  • There is nothing reported negatively about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

Starbound is a really strong bond-able adhesive glue made from premium formulas. It is available in 2000cPs liquid form and best to fetch vanes on shafts. 

You are getting tiny long needles for the file glue filling. Furthermore, the package is really affordable, it is the best choice of all the projects.

4. Bohning Platinum Fletch Tite – Best for Vanes & Feather

Now get along glue filler with the Bohning Platinum tite. 

Whether you are using aluminum or carbon shafts, it is the best material to fetch vanes easily. 

100% tested from the laboratory for the humidity conditions, you can instantly have an operation. Read the given characteristics before buying products.

Impact & Formulas

Bohning Platinum adhesive glue is made with the premium formula, its viscous liquid is capable of bearing shocks and won’t crack ever. 

The solvent-based glue is designed for vanes, feathers, and swedged nocks. It works on all types of shafts but best for carbon and aluminum arrows. 

Recommended clamp time is 5 minutes but it completely fetches the vanes before the time.

Brand & Affordability

Bohning Co is a big outdoor archery store and serves highly adhesive glue from over 70 years. 

Bohning Platinum is an extremely bondable glue specially made for vane fletching and available for under 5$. 

A plastic cap is also given for covering the needle, it keeps the glue from drying.

  • Strong formula based, easy to use with needles.
  • Best fletching glue under 5$ works on all objects.
  • Not too functional in filling gaps.

Why Should You Buy It?

Bohning Platinum is an adhesive glue available in an easy to use tube. It is best for fetching vanes and feathers on all types of shafts but you also can use it for tiny projects. 

You can use it in low humidity conditions, and 100% laboratory tested.

5. Pine Ridge Instant Archery Glue – Best Glue for Blazer Vanes

Want Instant archery operation? Buy Pine Ridge Archery Glue with the manageable airtight packing,

it works within 5 to 10 seconds. It is the best fletching glue for blazer vanes, feather, and Easton fmj that is available in the less viscous adhesive form.

We hope your archery journey with the Pine Ridge archery glue, read the given detailed characteristics.  

Impact & Formula

Pine Ridge glue is made with a premium formula that gives an extremely resisted impact, excellent for vane fletching and other indoor inserts. Just remove the cap and start using,

it needs less time to stick on objects. Easy to use bottle needles help in fine fillings and give a manageable use.

Brand & Affordability

Pine Ridge is a well-honored brand and has a brand and famous cost-effective products. Instant archery glue is made in the USA and available for under 15$.

It’s a more highlighted feature, you can stick vane in just 5 seconds.

  • The highly strong constructing formula, ideal for a feather.
  • Best to use on aluminum, iron, ceramic, and carbon.
  • Available in cost-effective price, manageable to use.
  • There is nothing reported bad about this product.

Why Should You Buy It?

Pine Ridge is an easy to use adhesive archery glue which can be used for over 30 times. The durable anti-clog cap keeps the glue from drying, you can use it for a long time. It is made in the USA and available for under 15$. 

Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing Best Fletching Glue

Glue is a simple thing that anyone can buy and use right away, but you have to consider a few things to buy the best fletching glue for your arrows when you are specific about hunting.

Types of Fletching Glues

Fletching glues are available in two types, Cyanoacrylate (CA) and solvent-based.

Cyanoacrylate Glues: 

It consists of acrylic resin that forms a plastic mesh when it comes in contact with hydroxyl ions of water. After contact with hydroxyl ions (polymerization process), the glue starts to harden and quickly becomes a thinker.

  • The most significant advantage of Cyanoacrylate is it best for instant repair, and the bond is formed in no time.
  • While the disadvantage is you can’t remove vanes easily for re-fletching.
  • The bond can be affected by heat, temperate, or even cold weather.
  • Moreover, there also not any flexibility in the bonds made using CA glue.

Solvent Based Glues

It forms bonds by making its way into microscopic holes in arrows and vanes when the solvent is evaporated.

  • Beginners friendly, you get enough time to fletch vanes correctly on the shaft before it evaporates.
  • The bong is stronger than Cyanoacrylate type glues and also lasts much longer.
  • Can resist weather conditions and shocks caused by arrows.
  • It takes a little bit more time to evaporate and stick.

Types of Arrow Fletching

If our arrow bends downward or in the right-left, then there are great chances of missing the target.

That’s why there are 3 types of arrow fletching that hunters utilize at different conditions, generally based on their distance.

The fletching types are Straight, Offset, and Helical.


For the short-range shot, straight fletching is best because there is no spin due to air, the air friction is relatively low, helping boost the speed. However, it can affect the arrow stability, especially in the wind.


For long-range shots, offset fletching is best because it makes the arrow spin around its axis, making the arrow even more stable in windy conditions. However, it can affect the arrow speed as there is more air friction on vanes.


For making very precise shots, helical fletching is best because it causes arrows to spin very fast, making arrow much more stable while traveling in space. The downside of helical fletching is it slows down arrow quickly.

However, most hunters use helical as it is the most stable fletching position often needed during hunting.

Things to Consider in Fletching Glue While Purchasing

Many things make a fletching glue best, but many buyers don’t know as a beginner. That’s why here I am going to mention a few quality of a good fletching glue for arrows.

Types of Glue

As I have explained, the two most popular types of fletching glues, so always consider your need, whether you want to set up quickly or allow some time for the glue to form a bond.

Hunters recommend both types of glues, CA, for quick repair solvent-based for normal fletching as both types of glue can be utilized as needed.

Adhesion Strength

The more adhesive your glue will be, the more powerful bond will be. Always try to buy glue, which provides more adhesion with a little application of glue. As you wouldn’t like a big mess of glue around the vanes.

Adhesion Time

It only usually takes a few seconds to a few minutes to stick, depending on the type of glue you choose. But before choosing fletching glue, make sure to read the product description to know how much time it will take to form a bond.

Typically the more time it takes to stick arrow and vanes, the more powerful and flexible the bond is.

Glue Packaging

Glue packaging has to bear a lot of wear and tear as it usually is kept with all other hunting equipment. Glue tubes are most popular with a long neck and a cap on them as it makes the fletching process easier.

How to Fletch Arrows

After choosing the best fletching glue for your arrow, the next step is to fletch the arrow and vanes together. Although it’s a simple process you still need to learn it first to master it.

  • If you are re-fletching the arrow, then remove the previously dried glue from the shaft very carefully. A knife or anything like that can be used. 
  • Now clean the area with hot water or alcohol so that there is no dust or old glue left.
  • Now add glue to the vane base; the amount of glue can be determined by reading manufacture’s recommendations however, the general principle is half of vane’s width.
  • Carefully place the vanes and shaft in the fletching jig, and you are done.


Whether you are a hunter or an archery shooter, you need glue for fletching vanes. We have shortlisted Best Fletching Glues of 2022 that are cost-effective and made using string formulas.

Each product is reliable and you can buy for all the indoor inserts. 

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