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Best Bow Draw Weight Scale 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Looking for the best bow draw weight scale to measure your bow’s draw weight?

Knowing the draw weight of your bow is important because it helps to justify your shooting style and keeps the archer in a pretty balanced structure.

Just looking at the bow’s packaging to figure the bow’s draw weight is not that simple. It’ll set you in the perfect direction but still leaves inflated numbers depending on the extent of frames.

While the best way to determine the exact bow draw weight is the “Bow Draw Weight Scale”. It leads the inexperienced archers to the accurate figures of what their bow is doing at the moment.

There are a couple of factors to consider while buying the best Bow Draw Weight Scale that actually amateurs never experienced before but don’t worry you can blindly invest in our editor’s projections.

Top Picks for Best Bow Draw Weight Scale

Most predicted bow draw weight scales that are 100% tested to avoid zero error and maintain the ease of use you can order now!

How to Adjust Bow Draw Weight?

Quick Comparison of Best Bow Draw Weight Scale

To preserve you from the market’s gimmicks, we have finalized a list of Best Bow Draw Weight Scale 2022. Maddi walks you through the detailed reviews of products and buyers would consider reading them.

Modern Step Hanging Scale 610lbs/300kglbs. gr & g
Hanging Digital Electronic Weight Scale 610lbs /300kglbs. gr & g
Portable Electronic Balance Fishing Scale 110lbs/50kgpounds & kg
Luoyer Archery Bow Scale 110lbs50/kgpounds & kg
EWK Archery Bow Scale 100kgKg

1. Modern Step Hanging Scale – Best Bow Scale Overall


Step Hanging Bow scale is a manageable draw weight scale that accurately figures the dimensions under 300kg. 

it is available with precision sensors and extra easy to handle.

Compound bow tension draw weight also can be used for fishing, postal shipping, force gauge and to lift several other heavy materials.

Design & Functions

The modern step hanging scale is equipped with the aluminum rigid unit and capable of weighing over 610lbs heavy material. 

it offers accurate calibrations with the different modes and functions. Using the bow scale is simple and straightforward, just insert the battery, set the poundage, and start figuring the weight.

Brand & Affordability

Modern Step store is a well-known archery store that actually needs no compliments.

Step Hanging Scale is its innovative weight figuring device designed and equipped in an aesthetic structure. It is a little pricey than the other bow draw weight scaling devices but worth it.

You can buy it with the complete package for under 40$.

  • Aluminum is used for lifting heavy material.
  • Aesthetic design, no zero error, multiple mods.
  • There is nothing bad reported about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

The modern Step hanging scale is an extraordinary gadget to determine the weight of heavy material.

It is portable and can be brought anywhere in a garage, workshop, or outdoors. Since the features are outstanding so the price is also high, you can buy the Step Hanging Scale for under 40$.

2. Hanging Digital Electronic Weight Scale – Best Overall  

Measuring the bow draw weight is not rocket science and nothing beats the simplicity of hanging a digital electronic weight scale.

its toughest built quality lasts yearly and withstands all.

Simple hook system is compatible with all types of bows and crossbows.

This electronic scale uses such a simple design to figure out that everyone can simply use it.

Design & Functions

The Hanging Digital Weight Scale can be used for weighting everything outdoors from big games to fishing equipment.

It has a rating of 660lbs (300kg) and uses precise sensors that just allow an increment of 0.2lbs. About everyone can get quick readings for their first time due to its simple aesthetic design.

it becomes handy while sport fishing and hunting, you can measure draw weight while tuning the frame.

No more deals with the big bulky hanging scales, it conveniently can be carried anywhere.

Brand & Affordability

Asani is the world’s #1 brand in producing electronic scales and has been working with a 22 years experienced team of engineers.

Hanging Digital Electronic weight scale is designed for figuring the draw weight without any bulk device and spot.

Stainless steel made scales include molded clips to hang the objects. Although the price is not similar to the other weight scales but worth it.

  • Stainless steel panel, entirely waterproof.
  • Long-life battery, electronic display in digits.
  • It is a little pricey than other bow scales.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for an outstanding weight scale that also can be used for everything other than the bows then the Hanging Digital Electronic Weight scale is a perfect choice.

It is made of stainless steel and lasts long.

3. Portable Electronic Balance Fishing Scale – Beginner’s Choice

Fishfun portable scale uses an 8mm thick aluminum alloy instead of sensors to guarantee a 100% accurate measurement.

It is specially designed for those archers who really don’t want zero error increments in their dimensions.

Balance fishing saw can measure 0.2 to 110lbs accurately and figure them in-lbs. oz, kg, and g.

Design & Functions

Fishfun scale is made with durable material and water resisted. It is designed with 3” durable rubberized handles to grip with fingers.

A rotary handle with the precise sensor quickly registers the weight and displays it on the screen. It is capable of lifting heavy items with a durable stainless-steel hook.

Fish Fun bow scale features three different modes with the peak/max functions. The illuminated screen can show its display in dark, it is available with improved lithium batteries.

Brand & Affordability

Fish Fun is one of the most popular companies which is known for its durable and affordable fishing products.

its portable bow scale is specifically designed to figure out the bow draw weight. It can measure up-to 110lbs weight accurately and available at a pocket-friendly price.

You can buy it for under 15$ now!

  • A durable material used for manufacturing cases.
  • Includes inches tape, digital illuminated display.
  • Best Bow Draw weight scale under 15$.
  • Only can measure under 110lbs weight.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a simple and affordable electronic weight scale then the Fish Fun portable gadget is a perfect choice.

It includes different modes and can measure up-to 110lbs draw weight. Furthermore, the case is durable and uses an aluminum alloy to lift the heavy material.

4. Luoyer Archery Bow Scale – Best for Compound Bows

Figuring the bow weight is extremely easy with the Luoyer digital Bow Scale.

It features both calculating & peak lock both functions that are actually ideal to consider.

Archers can quickly measure the compound bow and best recurve bow draw weight using it.

Design & Functions

Luoyer Bow Scale is designed in a super sleek pattern for the ease-grip.

110lb/50kg scaling capability and it is equipped with a high precision strain gauge which is actually a premium sensor system.

Simply press the bottom and start calculations with all types of bows and crossbows. Switch to multiple scales by quickly pressing the button, it’ll direct to lbs. kg, oz, and g different dimension.

The long-life ultra-powerful battery goes yearly without charging. Exclusive LCD display also indicates the battery warning if it is low.

Brand & Affordability

Luoyer is a world-wide archery company and known for bringing innovation to the industry.

Archery bow scale is its loudest product in the entire archery market. 1 x Digital Scale is available in a package for under 15$.

  • Smart and handy device, digital display in figures.
  • Durable structure features 110lbs bow scale.
  • Best Archery scale under 15$.
  • There is nothing bad reported about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

The Luoyer  Archery bow scale is specially designed for recurve and compound bows.

its aluminum made hook is durable and entirely rust-free. Furthermore, archers can switch to different modes on devices with a little bottom press, it’ll redirect you to multiple scales.

5. EWK Archery Bow Scale – Best Analog Weight Scale

If you are looking for a simple analog bow scale for figuring the draw weight the EWK is the most suitable choice.

it uses such a simple design to determine the weight and about everyone can easily use it.

The company charges a reasonable price for the EWK simple Bow draws weight Scale, you can buy it for under 10$.

Design & Functions

EWK Bow Scale works on a stainless steel made spring system, it is very easy to operate.

It has a peak weight market for showing the top range weights. Consistent and accurate results don’t include even error increments, it is exact to such an extent.

Each scale is hand calibrated and perfect for measuring bow draw weight, shipping products, and lifting heavy weighted products.

Brand & Affordability

EWK is a big outdoor store that has been manufacturing durable products for over 6 decades.

The analog weight scale is its simple and aesthetic gadget to measure the draw weight. You also can use it for other purposes such as weighing the shipping products, sighing and etc.

its price is very reasonable, you can buy EWK Bow Scale for under 10$.

  • Simple weighting gadget made with durable steel sheets.
  • Includes a precision spring system to measure weight.
  • Best Bow Draw Weight Scale under10$, analog system.
  • it may be stuck after a long period.

Why Should You Buy It?

EWK Archery Bow Scale is a simple device for measuring the weights of objects. It is compatible with all types of bows and crossbows. The price is very reasonable; you can buy it for under10$.


Ok enough! You had a detailed article on the 5 Best Bow Draw Weight Scales 2022 Reviews. These remarkable choices we have only selected after concealing with the proficient archers.

Furthermore, you can use it for weighting the bow draw weight not just but also for shipping products and lifting heavy materials. 

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