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Best Broadhead Wrench 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Since broadheads are razor sharp and a little mishandling while screwing or unscrewing them can cause serious injury to your hands.

The question is what should be used to screw on broadheads?

A broadhead wrench is one of the safest tools to screw up and unscrew broadheads without hurting your hands.

The Broadhead wrench has a unique shape where you can fix almost all types of broadheads easily without cutting yourself.

The best part is, it’s measured very short, so you can carry it anywhere in your hunting backpack or pocket or your bow case

After meeting pros and researching continuously for 14 hours, we’ve listed here the best universal broadhead wrench both for mechanical and fixed blade broadheads.

Here’s the table for a quick comparison of the best broadhead wrench that you can also pick through.

Best Broadhead Wrench 2022

Sr. #Product NameUnique FeaturePrice
1.K’Netix Universal Broadhead WrenchGood CompatibilityCheck Now
2.Bohning Broadhead WrenchCovers blades wellCheck Now
3.K’netix MV² Broadhead WrenchBuilt-in nock tunerCheck Now
4.Smith’s BHS Broadhead SharpenerHigh-quality fileCheck Now
5.Lansky Broadhead Sharpener & WrenchBuilt-in sharpenerCheck Now

1. K’Netix Universal Broadhead Wrench – Best Overall

As you know, there are three distinct types of broadheads and you need to use a certain wrench for screwing the individual one. 

But what if I tell you about a universal tool suitable to screw all-size rivets?

We are talking about K’Netix, it’s a universal archery broadhead wrench that has multi grooves to fit all types of blades and edges as well.

You don’t have to move the blades individually for screwing the broadhead, just seize it on the tip and start moving from its tip.

The Allen broadhead wrench has an ergonomic and compact design that provides easy transportation and makes it convenient to manipulate.

I found its interior lid system very helpful in screwing broadheads without cutting my fingertips. it’s compatible with a fixed-blade broadhead and mechanical broadhead as well.

The best thing if found in it is its size. It’s measured enough to carry in a hunting backpack. Overall, it’s a great product for the price that helps you tighten broadheads without cutting your fingers.

  • Multi-groove opening.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Easy to grip.
  • Convenient to carry.
  • Only compatible with a few broadheads. 

Why should you buy it?

K’Netix is a universal broadhead wrench featuring easy opening and tightening of broadheads. It has multi-grooves to fit all-size broadheads. Overall, the tool is a must-have piece of gear for archery and hunting as well.

2. Bohning Broadhead Wrench – Best for Money

It’s a cheap solution for taking razor-sharp broadheads on and off from arrows.

The wrench is made of high-impact plastic and has multi-groove sides to fit all-size broadhead tips.

Its state of art sides is designed to handle both 3-blade and 4-blade broadheads. 

Bohning Broadhead wrench is easy to hold and features a comfortable finger-protection grip. It’s lightweight yet compact and relatively inexpensive than other products.

It becomes handy while using due to its short-measured design. The product is very easy to carry, you can keep it in a compound bow case or hunting backpack easily. 

Overall, it’s a worthy product for the money and features an easy yet safe opening of broadheads. 

  • Lightweight
  • Safe to remove broadheads
  • 3-4 blade grooves. 
  • Affordable
  • It could become brittle in the sun.

Why should you buy it?

If you’re looking for the safest tool for installing broadheads then there is nothing better than a Bohning broadhead wrench. It’s a simple broadhead wrench that’s straightforward to use. The grooves are compatible with 3-4 blade broadheads, so it’s a perfect choice. 

3. K’netix MV² Broadhead Wrench – Editor’s Choice

The K’netix MV² is all about the maintenance of broadheads.

Its broadleaf wrench and sharpener have a flat handle that allows easy sharpening of blades. 

The best thing I found in it is, it has multi-purpose grooves and a sharpener that make it convenient but reduces hand fatigue too.

The handle is complemented with a nock tuner, attachment port, broadhead wrench for 2, 3, 4 blades, and a carbide broadhead sharpener. 

Its state of art sharpener reaches the most length of the blade even you don’t have to remove the broadhead. 

  • A multi-purpose tool
  • Has a nock tuner
  • Comfortable to grip
  • Convenient to carry
  • The sharpener cannot run to the full blade length

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a multi-purpose broadhead wrench and sharpener then K’netix MV2 is a perfect choice. It’s lightweight yet durable and offers a ton of useful features. 

4. Smith’s BHS Broadhead Sharpener – Multi-purpose sharpener & wrench

Smith’s BHS is the best broadhead wrench complemented with an easy-to-use broadhead sharpener.

It’s a handy tool that I love most fits easily in my hunting backpack.

BHS sharpener is prominent for sharpening single-bevel broadheads.

It features pre-set tungsten carbide blades that ensure the finest sharpening of the blade from every angle. 

The product is lightweight yet durable and provides a built-in broadhead wrench. Its compact design makes it a versatile tool that I also used for sharpening my hunting knives. 

Its compact handle allows a firm grip while using the tool. 

Overall, it’s a functional tool priced for a few bucks. 

  • Highly durable handle
  • Made with an abrasive plastic
  • 3-in-1 multi-purpose tool
  • Straight sharpening file.
  • Best for single-blade sharpening.
  • The blade cannot be replaced.
  • Tricky to use.

Why should you buy it?

Smith’s BHS sharpener with a built-in wrench is designed to provide convenient broadhead maintenance. It has a high-quality sharpening file best for sharpening single-bevel broadheads. 

5. Lansky Broadhead Sharpener & Wrench – Best for mechanical broadheads 

If you are using two or four-blade broadheads, then it’s the best broadhead wrench for you.

The universal wrench fits all size broadheads and allows you to safely remove it without cutting your fingers. 

The best part is, it also has a Low-V tungsten carbide sharpener that can sharpen two blades at once. It allowed me to sharp broadheads whey they’re attached to the shafts.

The downside is, its sharpening file doesn’t last as long as the stone. 

Its rubberized handle allows you to comfortably grip it while using. It makes it easier to apply force when opening the broadhead.

Lanksy broadhead is compact yet small enough to carry in hunts. Its size is particularly measured-short to provide a convenient carry.

Overall, it’s a good comfort of sharpener plus wrench that I found beneficial for broadhead maintenance.

  • Compact
  • Compatible with 5 blades
  • Easy to use
  • Rubberized handle
  • Low-V tungsten file
  • The sharpening file doesn’t last long.

Why should you buy it?

Lanksy is a functional broadhead wrench and sharpener made to last forever. It has a rubberized handle that makes it comfortable to use. Overall, it’s a perfect combo tool for hunters who are looking for a broadhead wrench with a sharpener.

How to use a Broadhead Wrench

A Buyer Guide to Best Broadhead Wrench

When it comes to hunting, it pays to stay sharp! 

Broadhead maintenance is significant for success but your safety is more important than before. It’s common to turn the broadhead on and off for its sharpening or maintenance.

But it seems that the use of the best broadhead wrench is not common. 

It promotes easy yet fast screwing of broadheads without cutting your precious fingers. However, finding the best broadhead wrench is not an easy task.

Therefore, we have written a short buyer guide here. 

Critical Factors to Consider for Broadhead Wrench

Broadhead wrench is available in a vast variety. Some of the best broadhead wrenches are available with a built-in sharpening file. Here are a few critical aspects that you must see while buying a wrench. 

  • Grooves: Many broadhead wrenches are available with 2 or 3 grooves that are compatible with limited broadheads. Consider a multi-groove wrench such as K’Netix Universal that is compatible with even 5 blade broadheads. 
  • Material Quality: Some of the single-bevel broadhead wrench are made with abrasive plastic that lasts forever. While other cheaper quality products become brittle when you keep them in the sun. 
  • Safety: Make sure that the wrench you are going to buy covers the blades properly. It provides safe yet tight screwing to the arrow.
  • Grip: Broadhead wrench are usually small in size and there is not enough space to grip them firmly. Make sure that your wrench has enough grooves outside to comfortably grip it. However, a 2-in-1 broadhead sharpener and wrench provide a molded handle to reduce hand fatigue. As the Smith’s BHS, it can be the right choice if you want a perfect grip while maintaining a broadhead. 

Broadhead Care

Razor-sharp broadheads are significant for hunting but should also take care of your safety. Here are a few aspects that must follow. 

  • Always use a special wrench for screwing the broadhead. It covers that blade and provides safety and screws the broadhead more tightly on arrows. 
  • Make sure that its grooves have sat properly with the blades. The slightest slip can cause a serious cut. So always stoke the blades away. 
  • Keep broadhead covered while going to the hunting field or traveling. Many arrow injuries occur while loading and unloading the hunting gear.
  • Many times broadheads remain in the body of an animal after successful hunting. Use great caution until its parts have been found. 


These were some of the best broadhead wrenches and sharpeners on there. We loved K’Netix universal broadhead wrench, the way it is designed, it covered the blades very well and provided a tight grip while screwing broadheads.

However, If you want to have a broadhead wrench with a sharpener, then we highly recommend Smit’s BHS product. It is crafted with the finest quality material and features a safe sharpening file with a wrench.

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