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Best Longbow 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best hybrid longbow?

Archery has become one of the trending activities and people are getting into it more and more.

A reliable longbow is a just basic weapon for playing Archery Targets in which you need a few durable arrows for hitting archery object.

Increasing manufacturers are introducing more convenient models of bows and also bringing modernity in this field. Thus, the market incorporates numerous types of bows including recurve bows, fastest crossbows as well as Pistol Crossbows.

It is also the reason that why choosing a reliable bow is complicated?

My RC team decided to bring the best longbows of 2022. Each product is reliable and just dragged with the actual customer’s reviews.

As we go up in modernity the range of bows increases and it also includes convenient crossbow gear such as crossbow scopes, hangable arrow quivers beside the crossbow cases.

Top Picks For Best Longbow For Hunting

These are the top 5 longbows that my RC team personally pre-owned. Whether you are a beginner or expert in your filed you can choose any of given.

Crossbow deviates the longbows because it is more functional than the simple traditional bows and capable of power as well as precise shooting.

Longbows and recurve bows are just quite similar to each other but if you really want a long arrow draw length then we always recommend the longbows.

Quick Comparison of Best Longbows

Toparchery ArcheryFiberglassRemoveable
SAS PioneerWoodenFixed
Pigskin ManchuFiberglassFixed
Mandarin Duck Black WoodenRmoveable
OMP Mountain Man OzarkWoodenFixed
SinoArt SparrowWoodenFixed
Bear AFT2040145WoodenFixed
OMP Sierra 68" 60WoodenFixed

1. Toparchery Archery – Takedown Recurve Bow

What will you do if your bow gets broken in fields and you have to come back?

Obviously, the moment will be more aggressive but don’t worry because it will never happen with the Toparchery Archery bow.

It is the world’s powerful 56 inches longbow which is made with stainless aluminum and reinforced by power fiberglass.


More exclusive thing that I personally found in the Toparchery Archery Longbow is its optional variations for the draw weight and size. 17” bow riser is more comfortable to grip and gives a pre-drilled arrow rest.

It is a really high-power casting piece that is smoother to arrows and gives a conscience with precision.

Toparchery Archery Takedown Bow is giving the state of a durable design and just made for the right-hand shooter. It is best for learning archery in the beginning and one can easily use with the youth.

Extraordinary quality of material ensures the never-ending experience and another incredible thing is backed industry leading warranty.

100% satisfaction of the takedown bow fully refund with durability and performance. Entire bow is fine polished and more slick in look.

Another benefit of buying the Toparchery Archery bow is the bow case which is free of cost available with the package. It will definitely help you in conveying the bow in hunting places.


TOPARCHERY is the world’s #1 seller of the bows and bow gear. 56” takedown bow is its fine production which is made for hunting and archery shooting.

It is the best with its all aspects and also available at a very affordable price. 6.7” limbs are the most durable and flexible for giving more pound stress.

  • Optional draw weight helps to select a suitable bow.
  • Light-weighted and more accurate.
  • Available at a very pocket-friendly price.
  • Full weather resisted and best to use in rain.
  • Precise shot.
  • The aluminum riser is more durable and comfortable to grip.
  • Gives a stable arrow rest to the arrows.
  • Available in single-handed design.

Why Should You Buy It?

Toparchery Archery is the best recurve bow ever! It is made using premium grade aluminum and available at a very reasonable price. The uniqueness is the draw length which is impactful and fatal for the animals. Furthermore, if you are looking for the best durable recurve bow then the Toparchery Archery is the perfect choice.

2. SAS Pioneer – Best Longbow for Beginners

A durable riser is just like a backbone in a longbow and it helps to keep the limbs strong. SAS Pioneer is the world’s #1 longbow which is just built with the thoughts of archery champions.

Its riser is made of Makore Wood and Siamea that gives the best combo for durability.


SAS Pioneer Longbow is the more durable bow which includes fiberglass limbs made with the maple lamination that gives a fair accuracy to each shot.

68” length is considered comfortable with its draw length for all generations and generates a precise arrow pressure. Powerful SAS Pioneer longbow is made to give an instinctive and thrilling shooting experience. Its sleek design is the combination of state of art durable material that ensures durability.

The handpiece is responsible for the strength and unserved sturdiness. Thanks to the quality arrow rest that is smooth and pre-drilled to give a straight direction.

Handles of SAS Pioneer longbow are covered with the leather for a soft and comfortable grip. Highly powerful draw weight 35 – 55 pounds gives a stressful hit fatal for the objects.

The reinforced limbs tip makes the suitable fast flight needed for the smooth and accurate hunter adventure.


Southland Archery Supply is one of the best bow companies and stands due to its durable as well as affordable production. SAS Pioneer is an ideal longbow that is made for the beginners.

It includes a special state-of-the-art design that ensures durability and a long-life experience.

  • 68 inches bow length is comfortable to all generations.
  • faster, reliable, and durable.
  • Available in different draw weights.
  • Hunters can use it with the Flemish strings.
  • The grip is padded to adopt all the hand size.
  • Longbow padded bags.
  • Great shape, and stability.
  • Can be used on one hand only.

Why Should You Buy It?

SAS Pioneer is the more demanded longbow which is the best combo of natural wood and reinforced fiberglass. The limb is carefully crafted and its dimension is very comfortable to use for elders as well as youngsters.

If you are looking for an affordable and durable longbow for hunting then I think the SAS Pioneer longbow is a perfect choice ever.

3. I-Sport – Traditional Recurve Bow

Traditions are considered more durable and powerful and if you are looking for a more solid longbow then meet the “I-Spot”.

It is the best hunting handmade longbow which is purely made using leather which gives more flexibility to the limbs.


The I-Sport Longbow is built with the world’s toughest material that is considered ideal for sturdiness. Being durable, the longbow is also light weighted which is beneficial in carrying for the field or while traveling.

Each shoot is more powerful and fatal on the objects without fear you are using for hunting or archery shooting. The handmade model gives 30 to 50 pounds draw weight that is more convenient to use for both genders.

Transparent resin made limbs ensure high strength and produce equal force with accuracy.

Sophora Japonica is the highly compact material that is used for making the bow’s tips and this is also why the I-Sport Longbow is considered a long-lasting choice.

The entire bow is decorated with black leather which elevates the aesthetics and the stability for accurate shooting. The more exclusive thing that I personally loved in the I-Sport Longbow is its noiseless service.

The highly compact riser is purely made using natural wood and incorporates an arrow rest. The handpiece is crafted in such a way that every generation can grip it comfortably.

The entire bow is handcrafted and made with the thoughts of world champions.


I-Sport is a highly known bow gear producing brand that has been working in its field for over 10 years. Handcrafted recurve bow is one of its famous hunting bows which demanded more due to its ideal factors.

It gives a 7 inches brace height that is very comfortable to hold.

  • Strong and compact longbow.
  • Well, weight distribution.
  • Highly flexible limbs.
  • Exclusive design.
  • The entire frame is handmade.
  • Traditional but more compact design.
  • Decorated with durable leather.
  • Easy to carry.
  • List I-Sport Longbows need strength to handle comfortably while hunting.

Why Should You Buy It?

I-Sport Longbow is a simple but functional longbow which is made with wood and leather. Flexible limbs do exactly what these are built for and give a good distribution of force on knock. You get an incredible hunting bow at a very affordable price.

4. Pigskin Manchu – Best Hybrid Longbow

There are hundreds of optional longbows available but why do hunters prefer the Pigskin Manchu? Let me tell you in this review! Pigskin Manchu is a highly durable longbow which is the best combo of natural wood and leather in build.

It is entirely handcrafted and is more solemn with accuracy.


Limbs of Pigskin Manchu longbow are laminated with the fiberglass for the longer protection and flexibility. Extra elasticity is definitely effective on the drag weight and impact so the engineers used unbreakable material for constructing these long side chips.

The riser of the Pigskin Manchu longbow is made using beech and it is capable of withstanding the compressional tension. This best recurve bow features a long draw length of 28 inches that is fatal for even big animals.

Incredible versatility with the handle, riser, and limbs helps in achieving the targets.


Longbowmaker is one of the more well-known brands and popular due to the strength of and affordability of its bows.

Pigskin Manchu longbow is the one more powerful bow and can be used by archer players as well as hunters.

  • Extra draw length.
  • 110-pound drag weight fatal for the objects.
  • The durable choice made up of wood and leather.
  • Noiseless shoot.
  • Available at a beatable price.
  • LIght-weighted, more versatile.
  • Stringing the Pigskin Manchu Longbow may be difficult.

Why Should You Buy It?

Pigskin Manchu Longbow is the really powerful bow which is the best combo of leather and wood-built in. its handle is compatible with all the hand sizes and adds comfortability while using the bow. Simplicity and functionality are deception factors in the bow that you will love in a longbow.

5. Mandarin Duck Black – Best Takedown Longbow

Mandarin Duck Black is a really classic model of longbow which can be used in both outdoor and indoor environments.


Duck black  takedown feature is incredibly appreciative due to which women can carry it easily while going to the field. 60 inches length is versatile and can be used by all the generation.

The riser of the Mandarin longbow is crafted with natural compact wood that incorporates a firm grip and long arrow rest. Get extra draw length that will definitely provide a more impactful hit.

It is entirely reinforced with fiberglass over bamboo which is well-known for its lightness and durability.

  • Highly durable frame made with bamboo.
  • Best lightweight bow for hunting.
  • Firm gripping on the riser.
  • Includes a traditional arrow rest.
  • It may be difficult to assemble but overall good

Why Should You Buy It?

Mandarin Duck is the world’s #1 crossbow brand and Duck Black is its famous longbow which is specially produced for deer hunting. It is entirely crafted with the wood and friendly to carry for both men and women. The package is really affordable and very functional and best for all generations.

6. OMP Mountain Man Ozark – Best Hunting Longbow

Mountain Man Ozark is the world’s simplest but versatile longbow that is crafted especially for hunting. Its classic design incorporates maximum durability with beatable accuracy and precision.

 One of the exclusive things about the longbow, hunters can use It in both indoors and outdoors freely because it is weather resistant.


AN incredible thing in the Ozark Longbow is its takedown opportunity due to which carrying the bow has become very convenient.

its length is 60 inches that is comfortable to all the heights. The weight of the bow is very friendly to women and they feel comfortable while going to the field.

The riser of Mountain Man Ozark longbow is entirely wooden and crafted in a fine way. The sleek handle is comfortable for all hand sizes and reduces shock while shooting arrows. Limbs are made using fiberglass and its tips are reinforced for longer durability.


OMP is a highly well-known brand among the sports men that doesn’t compromise on the durability of its products.

Mountain Man Ozark is its famous longbow from bow series that is available at a very affordable price.

  • Fiberglass made limbs.
  • Tips are highly reinforcing for durability.
  • Best for hunting as well as target shooting.
  • Extra draw length.
  • Best for low budget.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Comes with an arrow rest.
  • Many hunters may find it difficult to assemble.

Why Should You Buy It?

Mountain Man Ozark is the more powerful longbow that is purely made using natural wood. Its limbs are reinforced with fiberglass and give more flexibility that is definitely effective on the drag force. Furthermore, the package is really affordable for students.

7. SinoArt Sparrow – Best Traditional Longbow

If you are left-handed hunters and really looking for a 1-piece hunting tool then meet with the SinoArt Sparrow, the best traditional longbow.

This weapon is basically constructed to be used by women and also lightweight and comfortable to hold.


The 54 inches standard length of Sparrow Longbow is compatible with all the generations. Since it is a right-handed bow so the hunters must need to use their left hand for gripping the riser and they will comfortably be able to drag the string using their right hand.

Power gripping riser is very smooth and includes a pre-drill arrow rest. The friction-less arrow rest helps release the bolts in the fully precise pasture.

The entire frame of the SinoArt Sparrow longbow is made using 100% natural wood and is more flexible than the standard bows.Limbs and limb tips are reinforced with fiberglass for the longer experience.

These limbs are flexible and give more arrow draw without fear or breaking. Package of SinoArt Sparrow Longbow includes a traditional arrow rest piece, a simple bow, and durable string.

Hunters can manually string the bow and there is no need to use stringing tools. 35 Lbs. Draw and 7.5” brace length can be comfortably held.


SinoArt is a well-known brand and got popularity due to the durability and affordability of its products.

Sparrow Longbow is a string and powerful archer bow which is entirely wooden made. It is the best choice for all experience and beginner hunters and available at a very affordable price.

  • Comfortable for the right-handed hunters.
  • Gives more impactful hits.
  • Best to use for hunting or archery shooting as you want.
  • Compatible AMO length.
  • 1-Piece construction is not detachable and you may get it hard to carry while going to fields.

Why Should You Buy It?

SinoArt Sparrow Longbow is one of the more durable 1-piece bows that is specially made for hunters. The entire frame is made using natural wood and then reinforced with fiberglass. Furthermore, the bow is lightweight and best to carry for women.

8. Bear – Best Montana LongBow

Montana LongBow is a simple but versatile longbow that demands more buy hunters. It is made with 100% natural wood and reinforced with premium fiberglass material.

A highly durable longbow incorporates all the features that hunters expect to be in premium bows.


Bear is a highly durable longbow with the state of the art design and construction in 64 inches. It is specially designed for fast and accurate shots and this is also why the Montana LongBow is still existing for two decades.

The riser of the bow is specially crafted with the pre-drilled arrow rest. It gives a smooth and hands-friendly grip to all hand sizes.


Bear Archery is one of the most popular crossbow brands that has been serving its products with great durability. Montana LongBow is a very special longbow that can be used for hunting as well as target shooting.

Highly elastic limbs give an equal distribution to the knock of arrows for getting precision.

  • Best English longbow of 2022.
  • More versatile with the features.
  • Made with wood and reinforced with fiberglass.
  • Extra draw length.
  • Available at a beatable price.
  • Best for accurate shots.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Only adults can use the Bear longbow.

Why Should You Buy It?

Montana LongBow is one of the best reflex deflex longbows that is specially made for hunters. It is best to hunt deer and doesn’t compromise on accuracy even drably after long time use. Furthermore, the package is really affordable and the bow is best for all kinds of archery games.

9. ArcheryMax – Best Mongolian Style Longbow

An accurate longbow is very important whether you are playing archery target or hunting animals.

From the list of the world’s most accurate and durable bows, the ArcheryMax Mongolian is also one. It gives 35LBS draw weight easy to drag for all kinds of muscles and its size is also comfortable to all the generation.


54 Inches Mongolian Longbow is a very friendly size that the parents and children both can easily use. Standard draw length to takedown animals and it compels the arrow to cover more distance.

The versatile drag force ranges from 20 to 80 pounds and this is why the weakened arms easily use the ArcheryMax bow. An incredible thing of Mongolian Longbow, it can be used by left and right both handed hunters.

The longbow is entirely crafted by hand using the state of art durable material. Highly reinforced with fiberglass and steel, hunters can use it in all 4 weathers.

Highly strong string is capable of withstand against the hard objects and it equally compels the arrow with accuracy and precision. High quality risers incorporate a smooth arrow rest that reduces the friction while releasing the arrows.

Furthermore, the hand piece is crafted carefully for comfortable grip.


ArcheryMax is the most popular bow gear producing brand and has been in the field for over 20 years. Mongolian Longbow is its highly demanded product which is available at a very affordable price.

  • It can be used by both left and right-handed archery players.
  • Made-up with leather.
  • Light-weighted bow.
  • Draws smoothly and also stays quiet on release.
  • A very durable choice.
  • Available at an affordable price.
  • 80-pound draw weight.
  • 54 inches length is best for all generations.
  • Hunters may be a little uncomfortable with the string

Why Should You Buy It?

ArcheryMax Mongolian is a highly durable longbow that is specially made for the hunters. its riser gives a smooth release and comfortable grip best while hunting animals. Furthermore, the product is affordable and the best choice ever.

10. OMP Sierra 68″ 60# – Best Righthand Longbow

If you are keen on hunting animals and looking for a cheapest but powerful recurve bow then we recommend OMP Sierra 68″ 60# best compact longbow.

It is crafted with the hand-selected har maple and incorporates a pre-drilled arrow rest on the riser.


OMP Sierra 68″ 60# A recurve bow is made as a most sturdy bow for hunting that has an elegant riser. The riser incorporates a highly smooth grip compatible with all the hand sizes.

Engineers crafted a pre-drilled arrow rest that gives direction to bolts and helps hunters to release with accuracy. The dimension of OMP Sierra recurve is especially chased with wisdom and this size perfect for both genders.

It is 3.05 pounds weighted which gives stability and jerk free experience. Premium Walnut wood is selected for crafting the frame limbs. The riser is purely made with marble and deals with the stiffness for the long-lasting experience.

If we discuss the limbs of OMP Sierra Longbow, these are laminated to offer strength and reinforced fiberglass compel to withstand against all the conditions.

The 7 inches brace of this recurve bow adds comfortability while holding. 1-piece construction can handle maximum drag force and gives more flexibility.


OMP is one of the most famous brands and well-known due to affordability and durability in its products. Sierra 68″ 60# is the highly durable longbow from the series of bows and it can be used for hunting as well as archery shooting.

The package is really affordable and the product is more withdraw strength best for all generations.

  • Fine polished and finished.
  • The smooth arrow rest incorporated in a brace.
  • The handle is compatible with all hands.
  • List Highly durable wooden made bow frame.
  • Marble crafted riser.
  • Small hunters or archer shooters can’t use the Sierra longbow.

Why Should You Buy It?

Finding the best quality and powerful longbow ends on the OMP Sierra 68″ 60#. It is designed with such specification that all the generations can easily use the bow. Premium wood is used for crafting limbs and is attached to the marble riser. Furthermore, the package is affordable and best for hunters as well as archery players.


After reviewing the 10 Best Longbows of 2022 I am sure you have got the purpose of coming on this page. We just escorted the top-rated bows with accurate customer reviews so that buyers may get one suitable choice. 

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