Best D Loop Material Reviews

Best D Loop Material Reviews (Metal D Loop Vs String)

D loop is one of the tiniest things which is considered much underrated when talking about bow setup.

A D loop assists the archers to pull the bowstring backward and release it immediately using a releasing aid.

A lot of hunters and archers find themselves in a fix when deciding what d loop material is best for their bows.

That’s why we have reviewed some of the best D loop materials out there and have written an in-depth guide on d loop ropes.

Metal D Loop Vs String

String D loops are conventional loops and are used by a lot of archers.

However, metal d loops are getting popular due to their stiffness which helps in releasing those using releasing aids like thumb bow releases.

Both types of D loop materials are good as far as you know about your bowstring and know which type of bow release you have.

However, we have created a comparison table below for both types of D loop materials.

It’s hard so may damage the jaws of your release.Being soft strings can’t cause damage to your releasing aid.
You may need to replace the bowstring serving very often.There are not many chances of affecting the bowstring serving as the string loop is already soft.
Can produce noise and vibration in bowstring especially if you are not using any string silencers.Doesn’t produce any noise or vibrations at all.
You can’t adjust the shape at all.You have full control over the size of the D loop, how high you want the D loop to be and everything like that.
Metal D loops are relatively heavier.Strings loops on the other hand add no extra weight to your bow setup.
You don’t know when it needs to be replaced, it just broke away at any time, just like any other metal object.Rope loops can be judged that they need replacement and can normally don’t break all of a sudden.
Very easy to assemble and can be attached almost immediately.You need to be an expert to tie a string loop.

So, in normal circumstances, if someone asks which loop is best simply say string loop.

As the string loops have a lot of positives and a few negatives so they are winning here.

However, metal d loops are very handy when you are in an emergency or your string loop just broke. So, keep one in your kit as you may need it at any time.

What are different styles of D loops

There are basically two types of D loops tied to bowstrings.

  • D Loop with no serving: This is the most popular style of d loop and is being used almost everywhere due to its simplicity and ease.
  • Torqueless/Catfish D loop: This is the latest but unpopular d loop style and is not normally tied to bowstrings due to a number of reasons. It is named after its unique trait of being adjusted in any direction without applying any torque on the string.

How to tie a d loop?

Tying a D loop is a bit tricky and cannot be explained in written form.

So, we would recommend you to watch the YouTube tutorial by Jason as he has explained the whole procedure to tie a d loop on a bowstring in full details.

Reviews of the Best D Loop Materials

After trying a lot of d loops we have shortlisted the below d loops.

These D loops are perfect for every situation. We have also written detailed reviews of these d loops so that you can make your wise decision easily.

1. Nitro String Loop

Pine Ridge Archery has brought a premium grade loop intentionally for discriminating bow-techs. It can be trimmed to any size to accommodate the archer’s custom choices.

Nitro String loop is 0.085/ 1.77mm diameter cord is made using braided material and doesn’t flee color ever. Its 5-Inch long rope available in a range of colour has burnt ends that easily locks while mounting on strings.

  • Features particular space to arrow nock.
  • The unbeatable deal, Available in a range of colors.
  • Braided construction doesn’t flee color.
  • Enough durable to use for string release.
  • Solid mushrooms on the end to grip knots.
  • It is burnt, not melted.

2. BCY 24 D Loop Rope

24 “D” Stiff braided Loop is critical for compound bow and recurves bow shooters. Its classic size proffers a particular space to knock arrows and to manage bow release efficiently.

1 meter braided D loop can be trimmed for inherent size as archers need. It has enough melted mushroom rope ends to lock the knots while tying on the string.

  • Stiff to manage the mechanical release.
  • Braided Polyester construction.
  • Flexible to tie on bowstrings.
  • Easy to melt ends for closer ties.
  • Doesn’t hold very well.

3. Cir-Cut Archery Superloop

Cir-Cut Archer’s D nocking loop grants a distinct place to knock an arrow accurately.

Multi-intent Superloop is 0.093” / 2.4mm diameter rope made with toughest micro braid material that doesn’t flee color ever.

The ultimate loop carries no creep and burnt to knot perfectly. It’s available in a range of colors including Camo and Hot Pink (Women hunter’s favourite).  

  • Abrasion resistance toughest construction.
  • Has burnt ends to knot out perfectly.
  • Plenty of color choices, enough mushroom ends.
  • 5-Feet length for custom-sized loops.
  • May be difficult to tie.

4. Archery Metal D Loop

Now there’s no need to burn rope ends because Metal D-Loop is giving built-in hooks that you just need to unscrew. It’s much stiffer and accurate than a nylon loop and great for wrist straps.

The metal knob is easy to install on bowstrings and gives sufficient space to knock arrows inside. You can use it to hook the bow riser as it’s sturdy enough to convey draw-weight.

  • Easy to tie on bowstrings.
  • Compatible to wrist strap release.
  • Easy to install, holds knocks rightly.
  • Black, red and blue color choices.
  • Starts rubbing the string.

5. D Ring Buckle for Compound Bows

D-Ring Buckle is a prominent choice practical to improve stability and accuracy. The small metal loop is easy, lighter in weight and convenient to carry.

Prolonging the lifetime of bowstrings reduces all bad impacts and preserves string from damage. Incredible set of D Ring Buckle and screw drives, you can buy for under $10.

  • Smoother to bowstrings.
  • Instant to install with screw drives.
  • Enough space to put arrow nocks.
  • Unbeatable package with color choices.
  • There’s nothing bad reported about it.

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