Best Limb Dampener 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Got a bit twang by noisy bows?

String Silencers reduce just string noise while unknown spins, but the limb noise is also not great for hunting.

So, what do you need for shrinking the limb noise? Limb Dampeners!

After thoroughly researching and reviewing thousands of products, we have shortlisted Best Limb Dampeners, appropriate for price and performance.  

Why do I need a quiet bow?

Being a hunter, I experienced dozens of deer jumps and missed many opportunities for great meals. (Reason: Noisy Bow)The ultrasonic sounding capability of animals gave them gestures for quick response.

As a good efficient bow transfer, it’s all energy to arrows, but if you are not using heavy arrows, the result can worsen.

The remaining energy will be destroyed as waves through the limbs and bowstrings, which is substandard for hunters.

Here you need to follow a few steps to reduce string noise and some good limb dampeners and string silencers for breaking these shoddy waves.

Best Limb Dampeners 2022

Sr #Product NameTypePrice
1.SuperQuad Split Limb Dampener4-ArmsCheck Now
2.Broadband Dampener for SolidRoundCheck Now
3.Broadband Dampener for SplitRoundCheck Now
4.Bossman Outdoors Monster Jax6-ArmsCheck Now
5.Bowjax Revelations Split Dampener4-ArmsCheck Now

1. LimbSaver SuperQuad – Best Affordable Limb Dampeners

SuperQuad is a light-weighted aesthetic bow dampener that is capable of reducing noise and vibrations up to 70%. It is more versatile with use and mostly fits all the standard limb sizes.

LimbSaver SuperQuad dampeners are available in dual fitment widths at a very reasonable price. We hope your archery adventure with these bow dampeners and wish for the best.

Material & Construction

Unlike the other archery dampeners, the LimbSaver SuperQuad is made in superior molded technology using the NAVCOM durable material.

These limb dampeners reduce the extreme vibration and noise waves up to a great extent and don’t produce any other kind of energy for breaking the process.

Brand & Affordability

LimbSaver Archery is famous for the durability and affordability of its products. SuperQuad is one of the most demanded archery components that are available in two different sizes. 

These super ornamental dampeners have options for either wide or narrow limbs.

  • Available in full camo and black colors.
  • Versatile with installation and use.
  • Reduces up to 70% vibrations and unwanted noise; also works on solid limbs.
  • Made for both compound bows and crossbows.
  • Split limbs only.

Why Should You Buy It?

LimbSaver SuperQuad bow dampeners are simple aesthetic bow components that are made to use in crossbows and compound bows limbs. These dampeners are designed to reduce unwanted vibrations and have options for wide or close limbs.

2. LimbSaver Broadband – Dampeners for Solid Limbs

Broadband Dampener meets all the demands of hunters whether they are using a heavy arrow or set of lights. It is made for the superior vibration reduction over the solid limbs of compound bows.

The package includes two broadband dampeners available with the personalized with choice of multiple colors.

Material & Construction

LimbSaver Broadband Dampener is made with the state of art NAVCOM material. it is capable of bearing uncertain swings by the bow limbs and holds a silent outdoor operation. 

You will enjoy smoother and quieter shots after installing the Broadband Dampener due to its light-weight and low profile.

Brand & Affordability

LimbSaver is a well-known archery company and expert in producing limbs and gear about bow limbs.

Broadband Dampener is a smart bow and simple bow limb dampener which is available for under 20$. Women hunters can buy this aesthetic damper in their favorite color.

  • High-quality dampening, very easy to install on limbs.
  • Multiple colors, low-profile, light-weighted.
  • Best limb dampener under 20$.
  • The only ring is colored.

Why Should You Buy It?

LimbSaver Broadband Limb Dampener is an extremely light-weight component and that is why hunters prefer it rather than other dampeners. You can install these dampeners in seconds even on the solid limbs. Furthermore, color choice is optional.

3. LimbSaver Broadband – Dampener for Split Limbs

Gain superior vibration and noise reduction effect using the LimbSaver Limb Dampener. It imperatively helps in producing smoother but quiet shots with the 5x extra reduction capability.

Women hunters can buy these dampeners in their favorite color (pink) at a very reasonable price. We hope for your great archery journey with the LimbSaver Limb Dampeners.

Material & Construction

LimbSaver Dampener is made with classy technology using NAVCOM material. Soft thick material dampens the unwanted noise and vibrations without producing any waste form of energy.

Low-profile and light-weight design is very quick to install on the compound bow limbs. LimbSaver Dampeners are capable to bear the uncertain conditions outdoor archers can frequently use.

Brand & Affordability

LimbSaver Archery is a famous outdoor sports store and has been serving its durable products with the experience of years.

Split Limbs Dampener is its most innovative product for the compound bows. You can buy it in black, blue, purple, pink, and green color for under 20$.

  • High-quality NAVCOM construction.
  • Very easy and quick to install.
  • Available in multiple colors, perfect size for all the bows.
  • Doesn’t need to attach any external component.
  • There is nothing bad reported about the LimbSaver Limb Dampener.

Why Should You Buy It?

LimbSaver Limb Dampener is a light-weight and smart bow dampener attached with compound bows. It is available in different sizes and colors at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, the package includes two broadband dampeners for both the upper and lower limbs.

4. Bossman Outdoors Monster Jax – Best Limb Dampeners Under 15$

If you are looking for low-profile light-weight bow dampeners then meet the Monster Jax best bow dampener by Bowjax.

These dampeners are available in different colors and sizes for both crossbows and compound bows. (We recommend the Monster Jax dampeners to beginners)

Material & Construction

Monster Jax archery dampeners are made using high-quality NAVCOM material that is good raw for reducing the vibrations. 6 arms design is best for holding the silent operation and compels the dampener to be stable even after reducing noise and vibrations.

Brand & Affordability

Bowjax Archery is a famous outdoor sports store that has been serving durable products for over 30 years. Monster Jax is its incredible bow dampener for compound bows and crossbows.

You can buy these dampeners for both flexible and solid limbs. Color and size are optional for customers.

  •  Made using NAVCOM material, easy to install on the bow.
  • Available in multiple colors, the best limb dampener under 15$.
  • There is nothing bad reported about the Monster Jax dampeners.

Why Should You Buy It?

Monster Jax dampeners are high-quality NAVCOM silencers for limbs and available at an affordable price. You can buy these dampeners for under 15$ in your favorite color. Furthermore, these dampeners are best both crossbow and compound bows.

5. Bowjax Revelation – Best Split Limb Dampeners (Compound Bows)

Bowjax Revelation limb dampeners are made to reduce maximum noise and vibrations. These archery dampeners provide excellent noise control over the crossbows and compound bows.

We have described its characteristics below and buyers would read.

Material & Construction

Revelation Split Limb dampeners are made using-quality rubber in 1-piece. Its molded shape noise reduces up-to 70% noise and holds a silent operation.

It can be easily fit-gap 15/16 inches but you can compress the dampeners 11/16” while installation.

Brand & Affordability

Bowjax is the most honored archery company and expert in producing the silencers and limb dampeners. Revelation Split Dampener is one of the most demanded products for compound bows.

These are made using high-quality rubber through superior molded technology. You can buy the bow dampener for 15$.

  • Excellent vibration absorption, split limbs only.
  • 2 width options, best split limbs under 15$.
  • There is nothing reported bad about Bowjax dampeners.

Why Should You Buy It?

Bowjax Revelation dampener is the incredible silencer for the bow limbs. These are constructed in a 1-piece structure using high-quality rubber and are capable of reducing more than 70% unwanted vibrations.

The Final Verdict

We have shortlisted 5 Best Limb Dampeners of 2022 here with their accurate attributes and reviews. If you are looking for the best affordable and durable dampeners then you can make an order now!

We hope your archery adventure with these bow dampeners and wishes you the best of luck! In your journey.  

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