Best Bow String Silencers

Best Bow String Silencers 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Adding the string silencer to the bow can improve the functions and comfort.

A Bowstring silencer is designed to reduce the unnecessary noise and vibrations produced as a result of arrow release.

These bow String silencers are made using natural or synthetic material and both versions have their benefits by some distinctive individual qualities.

After the great research, we have shortlisted Best Bow String Silencers of 2022 here.

Top Picks For Best Bowstring Silencers

Check the most innovative bow string silencers listed below. We have designated the best affordable choices for dear archers.

I-Sport Otter is the most sold bow dampener of this month. It is famous for its versatility; you can use it on all types of bows and crossbows that is why we added it in our list of top products.    

Furthermore, if you are looking for the best bowstring silencer with low budget, then choosing the bow Jax will be the right decision.

The light-weight bow string silencer is available for under 10$.

Simon Bode is telling the right way of using the bowstring silencers. You will also see how bow string silencers work? Furthermore, beginners would watch the video later!

Quick Comparison of Best Bow String Silencers

Check the most visited bow string silencers of this month. The RC Team listed these products after reviewing many times and tried their best to bring the appropriate choice with less worth and durability.  

I-Sport Otter Dampener Fur
Bowjax Ultra Bow Dampener Plastic
TOPARCHERY Whiskers whisker
Apex Gear Double Down rubber
Carbon Express Bow Dampener whisker

1. I-Sport Otter Dampener – Best Bow String Silencer

Otter Dampener is a simple and aesthetic bow string silencer famous for its versatility. It is available in natural white and black colors at a very reasonable price.

I-Sport designed these string silencers for the frequent use in the weather. We hope your archery adventure with the Otter Dampener bow string silencer and also read the given detailed review about the product.

Material & Construction

Otter Dampener is an extremely light-weight bow string silencer that is capable of standing in uncertain conditions. It is 7.87” (20 cm) in its all over dimension and suits all types of bow and crossbows.

High-quality material is used for the construction of Otter Dampener, hunters can use for the silent operations. It is imperative effective in reducing noise and unnecessary vibrations.

Brand & Affordability

I-Sport is a well-known outdoor archery store that has been working in the sports field form for over 30 years.

Otter Dampener Bow String Silencer is its incredible production for the archers, you can buy it for under 10$. Furthermore, the package is including 1 pair of bowstring silencers.

  • Made using 100% natural Otter fur, impressive sound, and vibrations.
  • Water-proof and capable of standing in uncertain conditions, soft.
  • Available at a very reasonable price, ideal for the outdoor look.
  • It needs removal of bowstrings for installation.

Why Should You Buy It?

Otter Dampener is the most demanded bow string silencer which is made with the natural Otter fur. You can use it in all weathers in its consistent form because I-Sport promises for the unique behavior. Furthermore, you can buy a pair of Otter Dampener for under 10$.

2. Bowjax Ultra Bow Dampener – Best Compound Bow String Silencer

If you are looking for a water-proof bow string silencer for the compound bows then meet the Bowjax Ultra with the 5X more noise-reducing capability.

It includes high-quality plastic dampeners that don’t affect the string speed accuracy. Furthermore, we have described a detailed review of Ultra Bow Dampener below and buyers would read.

Material & Construction

Bowjax string silencer is an ultimate light-weight bow dampener that is built in the state-of-art cross design.

Durable plastic is used for constructing these silencers and leads to long-lasting experience. The noise dampener is 19 grains which are considered suitable to all types of bows.

Brand & Affordability

Bowjax archery company was founded in 2000 and has been bringing several new ideas to the field.

Its products meet the good testimonial of the customers and Ultra Bow Dampener is also one of them. You can buy the Bowjax bow silencer in black color for just 10$.

  • Sleek modern design, made with durable plastic material.
  • Perfect for the modern hunters, it is available in packs of 4.
  • It reduces up-to 50% noise and vibrations, the best fur alternative.
  • Not as durable as the bow dampeners would be.  

Why Should You Buy It?

Bowjax bow dampener is a simple and lightweight string silencer for the compound bows. It is famous for its versatile use, you can buy it for recurve bows, longbows, and crossbows. Furthermore, the product is durable, you can buy it for under 10$.

3. TOPARCHERY Whiskers – Best Rubber Bow String Silencer

Toparchery Whisker bow dampener is an ideal string silencer for the aggressive archers. It is designed to reduce the vibrations and noise produced after releasing the arrows.

Not just but the bow dampener also protects the bowstring from the uncertain swings.

Material & Construction

Toparchery bow silencer is designed in dynamic Whisker shape and made using high-quality rubber. Durable Whisker breaks the vibration and keeps the bowstring silent up-to 60% in each release.

The dampener is ultra-light in weight and can easily be tied on the bowstrings.

Brand & Affordability

TOPARCHERY is the world’s #1 outdoor archery store. Whisker rubber dampener is the great string maintenance accessory for the compound bows.

it is relatively cheaper to buy than the other bowstring silencer. Furthermore, the package includes 2 pairs of dampeners.

  • Made using high-quality rubber, doesn’t need a press for installation.
  • Available for under 10$, best traditional bow string silencer, durable.
  • There is nothing reported negative about the Toparchery Whisker.

Why Should You Buy It?

Toparchery Whisker is a silent and simple whisker made dampener for all types of bow and crossbows. It is versatile to use and easy to tie on the strings. Furthermore, the best bowstring suppressor is available for under 10$.

4. Apex Gear Double Down – Best String Silencer for Crossbow

Double Down is an incredible rubber made bow dampener that is produced for especially affecting the vibration level. It holds a silent operation and best for the outdoor archers.

Another exclusive thing about the dampener, you don’t need a bow press for installing the silencer. Why do hunters buy the Apex Gear DoubleDown? I have answered below!

Material & Construction

Double Down string silencer is made using high-quality rubber and reduces up-to 60% noise and vibrations. It is available in pink (women archer’s favorite) color with a pack of 4.

Innovative bowstring heavily damps the swings for the noise-free operation.

Brand & Affordability

Apex Gear is the most popular archery brand and well-known for the durability of its products. Double Down is its innovative product and available for under 10$.

Furthermore, it can easily be installed on all the bow and crossbows without using the portable bow press.

  • Doesn’t need a press, best for the recurve and compound bows.
  • Water-proof, easy to install on bows, deadens string vibrations.
  • Available for under 10$.
  • There is nothing reporting bad about the rubber bow dampener.

Why Should You Buy It?

Closure of the product “Double Down silencer” leads the archers to the positive testimonials. The reason is its press-free installation and unique design. Furthermore, a pack of 4 rubber dampeners is available for under 10$.

5. Carbon Express Bow Dampener – Best Recurve Bow String Silencer

Carbon Express Bow Dampener is a simple but functional string silencer which imperatively reduces up-to 50% noise and vibrations.

It is specially designed for aggressive hunters and capable of bearing unbelievable swings. We hope your archery journey with the Carbon Bowstring Dampener and hopeful for good testimonials.

Material & Construction

Carbon Express silencer is a synthetic dampener and aims to mimic the shape and features of fur. It includes a bundle of rubber whiskers that can simply be tied with the bowstrings.

You can use the express string silencer in all weather and it is capable of standing in uncertain conditions.

Brand & Affordability

Carbon Express is the famous archery company and expert in producing all the hunting gear. Bow dampener is its waterproof bow silencer which is demanded especially by the outdoor archers.

You can buy this product for under 7$ in your favorite color.

  • Relative cheaper to buy, easy to install on the bows.
  • Versatile and best to use for all types of bows, durable.
  • Easy fitting, imperatively reduces noise and vibration.
  • It may perish quickly but all over is well.

Why Should You Buy It?

Carbon Express silencer is an aesthetic rubber dampener made using high-quality rubber. It is effective in reducing the vibrations produced as a result of barrow release. You can buy it for under 7$ that means it is a comparatively affordable choice.


We have designated 5 Best Bow String Silencers as the most appropriate choices for 2022. If you are looking for a durable and affordable dampener for any kind of bow then these silencers will work more in the right posture.

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