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5 Best Bow Peep Sight for Hunting 2022 & Buyer’s Guide

A good bow peep sight can save your ass if you are in a competition where scopes or bow pin sights are not allowed.

I had been in many competitions where I have used several different peep sights, so according to my experience, I can tell you some of the best top-rated bow peep sights.

Archery Peep Sight is a simple and smart bow sight that fulfills the disciplines of hunting regulations. The little devices can be easily attached to the bowstring and imperatively draws an ideal circle on the target.

Rear Peep sight maintains the precision of the entire shooting system and brings the shot in a straight-line path. As the device is helpful in archery shooting, its demand is also increasing nowadays.

There is a variety of bow peep sight available and you need to consider one suitable to your interest.

We have shortlisted the 5 Best Peep Bow Sight of 2022 based on reliability and amazon ratings.

Top Picks For Best Bow Peep Sight for Hunting

G5 Outdoors Meta Pro is overall the best bow peep sight for hunters and provides excellent value for money. It is available in multiple colors including blue, black, and pink (female hunter’s favorite). Choosing the 1/4” or 3/16” size is optional.

How to install bow peep sight on bowstrings?

The tariff will walk you through step-by-step installation in this video. Furthermore, you also learn the basics about using the peep bow sight(beginners).

Quick Comparison of Best Bow Peep Sight for Hunting

Check the most innovative bow peep sight of this month. You would go through the given detailed reviews of products before buying anyone.

G5 Outdoors Meta Pro Black, blue, pink1/4",3/16"
TRUGLO Versa Sight Blue, Red,Black1/4",1/8" more
TRUGLO Versa Sight Black,red,green1/4"
RAD Super Deuce Black1/4", 3/16" more
Pro Series 37 Black1/4"

1. G5 Outdoors Meta Pro – Best Bow String Peep Sight

The peep sight for compound bows is here! If you are looking for a simple and manageable bow sight then meet the G5 Outdoors Meta Pro made with the CNC machined mechanism.

We hope your archery journey with this peep sight, below I have described its characteristics.

Material & Construction

Thanks to the 700 CNC aluminum construction which keeps the Meta Pro sight in its consistent form even after shaking many times.

Yes, the Bowsight is machined from 700 aluminum series. it is offering a reasonable sight hole for the clear view even from a distance.

G5 Outdoors decided to use the abrasive coating for its compact out-structure. Convex interior of the sight produces a round clear image.

Radial string grooves help in keeping the peep sight inside for a long time. The patented interior helps in maximizing the field view even in dark.

It provides the perfect as the peep begins to tile.

Brand & Affordability

G5 Outdoors is a well-honored sports brand and famous for its durable products. Meta Pro bow peep sight is one of the most demanded products that is available in multiple sizes.

You can buy it in large 1/4” and small 4/16” two different sizes. Furthermore, the peep color is optional.

  • Available in different sizes, a wide range of colors.
  • Sturdy construction ensures a long-lasting experience.
  • The patented convex interior is responsible for a clear image.
  • Might be difficult to use if you wear glasses.

Why Should You Buy It?

Meta Pro is a really incredible bow peep sight made for compound bows. It is increasingly becoming popular due to the patented clear view and optional size. Furthermore, you can buy the bow sight in your favorite color.  

2. TRUGLO Centra Peep – Best Bow Peep Sight Under 10$

TRUGLO Centra Peep is an extremely light-weighted Bow Sight which doesn’t produce any type of impact on the bowstring. 

One more exclusive thing, you can buy it in your favorite color and suitable size. We hope your adventurous shots with the TRUGLO Centra Peep bow sight.

Material & Construction

CNC Machined Center bow Peep sight is made using state of the art aluminum. Molded technology gives its interior patented circular shape for the circular clear image.

It is best for long-range hunting and thanks to its string groves that keep the sides tied in strings.

The angles designed to bring the shots on a straight lined path. You can use it for any length in axle-to-axle compound bows.

Being lightly weighted, the bow sight is also best for long-lasting consistent performance. It gives a maximized clear circular view around the archery targets.

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO sports is famous for the durability of its products. The entire hunting industry is talking about the TRUGLO’S Centra Peep model of bow sight and that’s why it is in our shortlist.

It is available in multiple colors including blue, red, and black. Now its size is up to you which one you order.

  • Close tie space, easy to install on the compound bows.
  • Doesn’t need any maintenance, extra maximized view.
  • Available for under 10$, color variations, more versatile.
  • There is nothing reported bad about the bow sight.

Why Should You Buy It?

TRUGLO Centra Peep is the most demanded bow sight especially by archery shooters. It is extremely light in weight and I believe that you will be more comfortable with the bowstring after using it. You can tie the bow sight on compound bows very easily due to its tool-less installation.

3. TRUGLO Versa Sight – Best Interchangeable Peep Sight Insert Set

Versa Peep is a smart and manageable bow sight for compound bows. It is available with the angled design for the axle to axle close tie.

Extremely light-weighted bow sight will never create impact on the bowstring even after releasing the shots. We have described all the characteristics of Versa Peep Sight below and buyers would read.

Material & Construction

Unlike the other bow sights, the Versa Peep one is constructed involving the CNC machined mechanism.

It is available in ¼” diameter size without adding the insert. a light-weight bow sight is designed for compound bows. its angled design will be fair to all the axle lengths.

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO is the name of reliability and has been working in the hunting industry for over 30 years. Versa interchangeable insert is the best bowstring peep sight for hunters.

It includes a set of inserts and available in 2 different sizes. You can buy the set of TRUGLO bow sights for under 15$.

  • Highly versatile inserts need less maintenance.
  • Very easy to tie in bowstrings, light in weight.
  • Available at a very reasonable price, metal construction.
  • Bit expensive than the regular bow sights.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for the best bow sight for youth then the Versa Peep is the perfect option ever! The deal includes 9 different colored peep bow sights for compound bows. The angled size fits easily in bowstrings with any length of the axle.

4. RAD Super Deuce – Best Compound Bow Peep Sight

If you are confused with the size of sight and looking for the most versatile peep bow sight then meet with the RAD Super Deuce.

It is available in 8 different sizes that are no doubt a big opportunity for the small compound bow hunters. Go through the given characteristics, if you are interested.

Material & Construction

Premium RAD Super Deuce 38 sight is made with the CNC machined mechanism. The highly durable metal used for its construction which is supportive in uncertain conditions.

The moded technology keeps the shape consistent forever. The patented rounded view is extremely clear and maximized to see.

Brand & Affordability

Radical Archery Designs is the world’s #1 company in making quality bow sights. Being durable, its products are also affordable and best for long-lasting consistent performance.

It is available in multiple colors and different sizes. Furthermore, you can buy it for under 5$ now!

  • Easy to tie in the bowstrings, no bad impact.
  • Mounted aluminum peep sight, durable construction.
  • Best for the pocket, available in multiple colors.
  • There is nothing reported bad about the bow sight.

Why Should You Buy It?

RAD Super Deuce bow sight is increasingly becoming popular due to its quality construction. It is versatile with use and can be easily fit in all axle size bowstrings. It is the best bow peep sight under 5$ and available in different sizes.

5. Pro Series 37 – Best Bow Peep Sight for Hunting

Hunters would try the incredible Pro Series 37-degree bow peep sight. It is very clear and manageable with a circular view. Below I have described the reason for buying the Pro Series Pool bow sight.

Material & Construction

Pro Series bow sight is made with the CNC machined mechanism using compact aluminum. it is threatened to accept the 1/8” apertures and verifiers.

State of the art construction leads the life-span to unbelievable consistent use.

The hooded design of the Pro Series sight reduces the maximum glare for the clear sight picture. Its 37-degree peep can be used for the bows under 40” axel to axel length.

Being durable, its compact design keeps the sight tied in the strings even after shaking many times.  

Brand & Affordability

Specialty Archery is a famous brand in producing durable archery products. Pro Series 37-degree bow sight is its unique but innovative product for the hunters.

It is best for long-range hunting and archery shooting. You can buy it for just 15$.

  • Extremely lightWeight bow sight has no impact on the string.
  • It is versatile with use and can be used for practice and hunting.
  • Price is a very affordable, patented clear circular view.
  • It has more glare than the regular bow sights.

Why Should You Buy It?

Specialty Archery Pro Series is an amazing bow peep sight made for the hunters. It is best for targeting from a distance and is available at a very reasonable price. The Light-weighted bow sight is very easy to tie in the bowstrings.


We have shortlisted the 5 Best Bow Peep Sights of 2022 and the selection is just based on reliability. We hope your hunting journey with these bow sights and also wish you the best of luck! 

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