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Best Tennis Racquets 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best tennis racquet out of thousands of choices is a bit difficult for beginners.

Before and after visiting many racquets there place many confusions in their minds but don’t worry, we are on the spot to bring you out of all the notions and the day-night nuisance.

Reviews Case has brought 10 Best Tennis Racquets 2022 as trustworthy choices for all the tennis players.

What racquets do the pros really use?

While buying the Racquet the things that follow the player’s mind inside, which frame is best metal or graphite? Will this head core go long? “Or” Am I investing on right one? Give a look at the special recommendation oriented on the high-end materials in construction and also finished very well.

Being a good tennis player always chooses the equation, as the racquet will be more in weight it will respond more powerfully. The heavy racquet will help you to give a solid response without energy consumption.

Choose the hard head core and recognize it with a solid sound by hitting the ball once. It is also another thing that one should keep in mind while choosing the best Tennis Racquet.

The brand is a point to stay out of nuisance that beginners face. Choose a reliable brand as Yonex, Wilson, Dunlop, and Babolat are well in producing high-end tennis racquets.

With the time passage, these brands upgrade the racquets with the new frame, stickers, and definitely with colors.

More about the reliable tennis racquet-making companies, on the number first, we just bring reliable brands that may give more satisfaction to the customers.

Once you believe in it, I am sure you will also look for our site with the peak extent of regarded true for beginners as well as professional players.

After the strict analysis, the recommendations are listed below but the MicroGel Radical OS is the more loved choice due to its compact ball impact.

It is built with a beam of 21 mm and a string bed 18 x19. Here is the list of tennis racquets that are the top choices for the year 2022.

Quick Comparison of Best Tennis Racquets

ProductsHead SizePrice
Head MicroGel OS
107 Inch sq
Babolat Pure Aero
98 Inch sq
Babolat Pure Strike 16/1998 Inch sq
Wilson Blade 9898 Inch sq
Wilson Pro RF97100 Inch sq
Graphene MP (Unstrung)100 Inch sq
Wilson Burn 100S100 Inch sq
Prince Textreme Tour 9598 Inch sq
Babolat Pure Drive100 Inch sq
Tecnifibre TF40 305
98 Inch sq

1. Head MicroGel OS

MicroGel Radical OS is one popular Racquet among all the tennis players due to its strong corded bed with the 18 X 19 hollows.

It uniformly distributes the jerk of ball collaboration with the string bed to all the frames. High-end silicon made gripper is no less than any magic that doesn’t allow the racquet to leave peel.

Head size is 107-inch square which is regarded best out in standard size Tennis racquets.

It covers extra sides rather than the other racquets that let you never miss any shot while playing. Gel Radicle OS is made using high-end graphite which is too compact than other metal construction.

Besides the graphite construction, its constructors also added composites of graphite as Kevlar, fiberglass, and copper.

The highly-engineered Gel OS racquet is carrying a bit more weight rather than the other tennis racquets that enhance the back unbelievable response to the other players.

Widespread head of the MicroGel Radical OS is supported with a triangular grommet purely made using the composite material that enhances the power to 2x while hitting.

The most marvelous thing about the racquet is holding a compact and thick beam. As it comes wider it translates the power and also adds a trampoline.

High durable plastic is used for the construction of a bumper guard. It enhances the conservation impact zone of the racquet while collaborating with the ground and also can be removed or changed for scrapping the frame.

It also supports the frame and adds a distance from the ground while hitting the low shots.

HEAD is a popular racquet making company that has been producing tennis equipment for many years.

All the products by this brand are reliable and tested by many regulations about the tennis game. Most professional players used Head Microgel Radical OS in the big tournaments. 

  • Compact fiber made frame, thick beam
  • Standard weighted 10.4 0Z, 27 lengths.
  • Not cheaper to buy, liquid metal-free construction.

Why Should You Buy It?

After going through the entire content, most of the players will be thinking about buying HEAD MicroGel Radical OS due to extra added highlights. Surely it will be the best choice for beginners as well as professional players. Moreover, buy the Gel OS tennis racquet now and improve your skills now.

2. Babolat Pure Aero

A beginner should give priority to the Babolat Pure Aero bets tennis racquet because it is approaching all the characteristics that should be in a high-end racquet at a very cheap price.

Graphite composites are mostly used in its construction that is considered so compact for the hard response.

Go through the entire review to know about the composition of the material and the construction of the Babolat Pure Aero Engrossing tennis racquet.

The major thing that the player looks for in the best tennis racquet is its hard string bed. It is strung with the high-end strings by premium USRSA Master Racquet Technician.

18 X 19 is the strung scheme according to which the Babolat Pure Aero is strung and considered so hard with an accurate response.

The shaft which is another part of a tennis racquet plays an important role to enhance the player’s skills and power response.

It included triangle-shaped support for the head that is attached too with the bean unlike in badminton racquets.

Graphite is used for the construction of the throat that is generally considered compact than liquid metal materials.

The beam that is also carrying a bumper guard on the side of the racquet is made using Kevlar material that included a highly premium air blowing process inside the beams.

It makes the racquet bit light rather than the other tennis racquets and also enhances the lifetime of the beam.

The handle of the Pure Aero tennis racquet that is attached at the bottom also plays an important role in enhancing the player’s responsibility.

it is 4-Inch-long but bit more in circumference for increasing the comfortability while playing.

It is considered important to choose the comfortable size of the handle because there remains less length to grip rather than the badminton racquets. So, while the construction of Pure Aero racquet Babolat kept a lot of aspects in mind.

Babolat is one of the more popular brands in constructing tennis equipment. All the sports equipment is durable and available at a cheaper price by the Babolat.

Pure Aero is its best-considered tennis racquet by the brand and used more by all the tennis players. It is available at affordable prices.

  • Maxim Control over the shots, 98 Inch head.
  • Multiple colors for stings, Compact body frame.
  • Affordable, hybrid construction, hard response.
  • Best for just beginner, Limited color preferences.

Why Should You Buy It?

After going through the entire characteristics of Babolat Pure Aero I think you surely are wishing to buy it. I think if you are a beginner and the middle player then you should choose this racquet for the average performance because it is an affordable choice even for students.

3. Babolat Pure Strike 16/19

After the Babolat Pure Aero 2018v, another racquet that is on trending is Babolat Pure Strike 16/19. It is more known among the players due to strong response and long-living experience.

Mind-blowing design and strung Ibs collaborates in its hard response. 16 X 19-bed ratio is considered best for professional players.

A high strong strung core bed is the best characteristic of the Pure Strike tennis racquet.

Engineers chase 16 X 19 ration for stringing the bed and no doubt it becomes more compact after stringing for responding hard.

The more marvellous thing about the string, players can get this racquet strung with their own choice of colour.

Babolat has conferred a strong body structure to the Pure Strike Racquet so that it may go with the players for a long time.

The beam is highly made constructed with the graphite and a few composites of graphite including fiberglass.

It is normal in weight which is considered well and the aero directional design enhances the response power while shooting.

Throat including triangle attached with the head is made using graphite composites. Rather than other liquid metal material the graphite is considered more compact and light-weighted.

So, the shaft is including most of the parts made using graphite. The grommet in the shaft enhances the power and distributes the jerk equal in all the racquet.

Handle which also includes a but is 4 5/8 Inches in length that is considered well for a strong grip.

Handles in the tennis racquets are a bit more in circumference and shorter than the handles in badminton racquets. So here the players always have to choose the right size for enhancing comfort.

Handle of the Pure Strike racquet is highly engineered with the way so that it may comfortably be adjusted in the hands of players.

Babolat is a famous brand among all the sports equipment making companies. Its products meet with durability, reliability, and affordability.

Pure Strike is another latest tennis racquet by the Babolat. This racquet is available in many mind-blowing colors with different string styles.

Here are a few goods and bad about this tennis racquet that will lead you to your final decision.

  • Maxim Control over the shots, 98 Inch head.
  • Multiple colors for stings, Compact body frame.
  • Affordable, hybrid construction, hard response.
  • String quality can be improved for a stronger response.

Why Should You Buy It?

Babolat is one popular brand that is well known due to the durability of its equipment. No doubt pure Strike Tennis Racquet by this brand is stronger and responding than the other racquets but it is also cheaper to buy. Moreover, the order in your favorite string style and color.  

4. Wilson Blade 98

Wilson has been the best brand among all the companies making the sports equipment. It is the brand that had ranged its iron in start with its own help.

Another popular tennis equipment by the same brand is Blade 98 which is considered the best racquet for professional players.

it exceeds the line of expectation for the racquet with the fact durability and strong response.

Most of the aggressive players look for the strong string bed and the 16 X 19 ration holding strung bed of Wilson Blade 98 offers a more compact and harder response while playing.

Strings are available in several designs and colors. Top pick due to bomber guard because it creates a space between the ground and body while hitting the bottom shots.

The compact body is made using graphite composites and is liquidly arranged with the premium processes. The bumper guard saves the racquets from shocks and covers the more responding area.

The frame is thicker from the head which tends to move force towards the head while hitting the ball. It has a specific implication in the more skilled performance of players.

The stronger part of the Wilson Blade 98 is its throat that included fiber in its production.

Triangle shaped grommet is attached with the big head with the actual purpose that distributes the jerks due to collaboration in all the body.

it connects the shaft with the head from both ends. The hollow beam is made using high-end air pass technology that keeps the frame trough from inside.

Highly engineered handle of the Wilson Blade 98 tennis racquet is a bit more in length than the other racquets.

12 X 12 X 27 dimension holding frame of this racquet can easily be handled by the 4-inch-long grip. It also includes a butt that also adds well in look and prevents the wooden made the handle from expanding.

Wilson is a more popular sports equipment making company that is more popular due to the durability of its products.

All the products belonging to this brand are more in durability and always available at a cheaper price.

Here are a few goods and bad about the Wilson Blade 98 16 X 19 and after reading which you will be led to your right decision.

  • Highly stronger rope, strong beam frame.
  • Reasonable price, Awesome string colors.
  • Affordable choice, Silicon made gripper.
  • A bit heavier than other tennis racquets.

Why Should You Buy It?

Wilson Blade 89 Tennis racquet is the racquet that I am also playing with. It is a comfortable choice for aggressive players and also more in weight. In actuality the equation enhancing the weight also brings up the extent of response. If you are a beginner in tennis and want to respond hard then Wilson Blade 98 is the highly suggested choice for you.

5. Wilson Pro RF97

Pro RF97 is another popular racquet of Wilson series with the Roger Federer Autograph model. Aero dimensional normal weighted this pro racquet is highly built for the aggressive player with the extra compact frame structure.

High-end string quality and accurate strung ration enhance the hard response. Bold detailed design is awesome for every eye, holding the 12.0 ounces weight.

Roger Federer once again met Wilson to produce another racquet to play tennis.

No doubt, it is the improved version from the previous Wilson racquet and highly strung having 16 X 19 ration among the strings.

Highly strong core strings make the collaboration more responsive and produce a nice pop sound.

Equation of weight met the Wilson Pro RF97 and succeeded to give an engrossing response with the hotshots while playing. The frame of this racquet is a bit heavier than other standard racquets but this weight leads the players as a skilled person enhances the collaboration 2x then the armed forces.

Graphite constructed body of Wilson Pro RF97 is more compact than the standard request. Triangle shaped support that connects the handle with the head uniformly divides the jerk in all the structure of the racquet.

Furthermore, the triangle is attached from both the circular end of the head that enhances the directional force my arm toward the head.

The handle of Wilson Pro RF97 racquet is 4 cm in length and engineered very well so that it may be comfortable for all the hands.

All overly, the entire racquet is so hard responding and the aero directional design is less than magic that enhances the jerk power while hitting the ball.

Wilson is a more popular brand among all the sports equipment making companies. It is much more serious with the fact of reliability and long-lasting service.

Moreover, all the products by this brand are affordable to buy. These are a few characteristics of Wilson PRO RF97 Racquet. Go through once to know its goods and bad.

  •  Fiber made compact frame is long-living.
  • Aero directional design enhances power.
  • Available at affordable price, silicon grip
  • The brand should improve the quality of the strings.

Why Should You Buy It?

In the final verdict, I will say that Wilson PRO is an improved version of Wilson’s blade racquet. It features enough that exceeds the expectation line of players. if you are a new player to the tennis ball then this is the best racquet suggested available on affordable choice.

6. Graphene MP (Unstrung)

Another tennis racquet by the well-known bran “Head” we have brought now with the extreme response-able to frame.

The more impressive thing about this designated racquet Graphene MP is its extra big head of 100 in. sq. that let you never miss any shot while playing.

The breathable beam which is hollow inside enables users to give an unexpected response to the players.

Improved handle with such high-quality silicon made gripper enhances the comfortability of players.

Graphene MP is the lighter version of the racquet from the series as compared to other racquets that offer the jerk-free experience. More inspected thing in any racquet is its string quality.

Graphene MP racquet is strung using highly expensive machines and high-end strings are used for stringing it that offers a rock response with the sweet pop sound.

The shaft which includes handle grip and grommet is made using liquid meta-process that gets shaped after melting it a lot.

Graphite composite is used for constructing the grommet that is attached to both ends of the circular head.

It uniformly divides the shock in the entire racquets and decreases the beam breaking chances.

The beam which is used to build the head of Graphene MP had gone through highly premium air passable processes that make it hollow from inside to decrease the weight.

Durable plastic is used to make the unions for each hole. Signature technology polarized the weight of Graphene MP the prevents arm tiredness.

Head is a more popular brand in producing tennis racquets and it uses premium technology for producing all the equipment. 

  • 100 In. sq. large head, rock strings.
  • Aero direction design improves skills.
  • An affordable choice, Compact shaft.
  • String quality is not enough for a solid response.

Why Should You Buy It?

After going through the Graphene MP tennis racquet’s review, I don’t think you may go next. It is a more used racquet in the professional tournaments and random matches due to its stronger response. Moreover, I will suggest to you if you are a beginner in the tennis ball game.

7. Wilson Burn 100S

If you are an aggressive player and looking for the best Tennis racquet then I will suggest you Burn 100S made by the Wilson popular sports equipment making company.

Every year it introduces racquets with the new designs and features.

In reliability, Wilson has got people’s hearts and each product belonging to this brand is available at a cheaper price.

The most loved thing about the Burn 100s is its rock string bed with the sweet pop sound that responds very well while playing.

Strings are strung in the large circular head in a very careful way using the plastic unions inside the holes. A strong beam made using graphite supports the head that is hollow inside.

Wood handle with the attached button and a triangle throw the force in an aero directional position. But attached to the bottom side of the handle enhances the look of Wilson Burn 100S.

The whole Shaft is very strong and made using graphite composites. It is also considered that the shat of Burn 100S is more compact than the other racquets of the Wilson series.  

The large circular head that is supported with a triangular-shaped grommet covers more sides rather than other is designed for perfect aggressive delivery.  

Wilson is a popular brand that produces sports equipment that comes with reliability and affordability. These are a few characteristics of Buren 100S and I think you will be happy to know.

  • Accurate delivery, rock response.
  • Affordable, multi colors, compact.
  • Light-weighted, silicone handle.
  • String quality is not enough to face hard responses.

Why Should You Buy It?

Wilson is a reliable brand that brings new models of racquets every year. Burn 100S is a useful choice by the brand that just weighs 318 grams. If you are an aggressive player and want to give a rock response then no doubt Burn 100S is the very best choice to make your dream come true.

8. Prince Textreme Tour 95

If you are an aggressive player in the tennis ball game then here, I have brought another tennis racquet by the popular brand Prince Textreme. 

It is much more with the durability and performance and well-known due to its long-living experience.

Highly stretched and non-flexible string bed thaw a sweet pop sound with its hard response.

if you are a beginner to tennis ball then surely you will want to buy it due to its engrossing design and aero directional response.

A highly engineered tour 95 tennis racquet is made using graphite and its few composites.

Shaft including one triangle grommet and a stronger handle enhances the response power up to 2x due to the compact structure.

The most visited thing about the tennis racquet is the head ring which is also called beam made using pure graphite and is too compact than other racquets.

Prince Textreme brand is the designated here due to its reliability.

  • Compact frame, extra stretched string bed.
  • Comfortable to hand, silicon grip, X-response.
  • An affordable choice, graphite grommet, shaft.
  • ​Not cheaper to buy, limited colors.

Why Should You Buy It?

After going through the entire review, surely you are wanting to buy Prince Textreme Tour 95 tennis racquet. it is the racquet my younger brother is also experiencing for many years and I will also suggest it due to its x response.

9. Babolat Pure Drive

Another racquet designated here with the name Pure Drive from a popular brand “Babolat”. 

It is an improved version of the Babolat Strike racquet that we have reviewed and comes with a compact beam frame and extra head size.

It is featuring SMAC technology that uniformly distributes jerks due to response in all the racquets.

Pure drive racquet is specially designed for medium players and offers a durable shock-absorbing experience.

High-end strings are used for stringing the pure drive racquet. It has been proven that players can improve their playstyle using the equipment.

Since it was produced in 2018 but the year 2022 is about to start and it is also considered the players tend to buy it.

A durable shaft with a triangular-shaped grommet enhances the response power while hitting the ball. Plastic unions are used in the holes of the beam to reduce string breakage.

A Conservative bumper attached to the top of the head of a racquet keeps the head safe.

  • Durable handle, Friend to pocket.
  • Compact frame, Extra power response.
  • Ball collaboration creates a vibration in the racket.

Why Should You Buy It?

A pure drive tennis racquet is a good choice for average performance. It is light in both weight and pocket and lives long with the players. If you are a beginner to a tennis game then I will suggest this racquet for average performance.

10. Tecnifibre TF40 305

It is very good in performance and the entire frame is made using graphite and its composites as kelvin.

Constructors focused more on the shaft of this racquet and made it as compact as possible.

Stretched string bed with the ratio 16 over 10 is very good for a rock response to the ball.

Shaft including a string handle a rod and a triangular-shaped grommet enhances the response while collaborating with the ball.

Head is a bit heavy then all the frame from its top edge creates an aero directional response 2x extra with power.

Tecnifibre is a reliable brand that is more well-known due to the extra performance and durability of its products.

These are a few characteristics of Tecnifibre TF40 305 that are listed below and I think appropriate to lead you through once.

  • Hard response, comfortable grip, graphite construction.
  • Available at an affordable price, rock string bed 16 x 19.
  • Silicon gripper, graphite grommet, plastic bumper guard.
  • ​String quality is not enough to face hard shots.

Why Should You Buy It?

Tecnifibre TF40 305 is one of the popular rackets for tennis and is highly suggested to beginners. If you are a student and looking for a racquet with a cheaper price and good performance then I will suggest the TF40 305 to buy.


How was the review? Reviews case always bring reliable products to customers by the satisfying brand. After analyzing hard here 10 Best Tennis Racquets 2022 are described and which racquet did you love more from all these? Comment us!

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