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Best Ping Pong Balls 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you are a newbie in the ping pong game and want to become a real ping pong competitor in the whole team, then you should have the best equipment to play besides your skills.

For the players, it is a very tricky task to find the best ball out of the thousand choices.

We have brought 10 Best Ping Pong Balls 2022 on this Page.

Here I will also lead you through the Guidance and a few characteristics that one should keep in mind while finding the best Ping Pong Ball.

It is considered right according to the Olympics’ statement the best ping pong ball holds normal weight as (2.7g standard weight) for its accurate landing and good back bouncing response. Heavy balls consume too much force to move accurately.

The best diameter for the balls is 39.5 to 40.4mm. The sphericity of the exact ping pong ball should be good as .35mm for celluloid ball and .25mm for a non-celluloid ball.

Plenty of brands are producing ping pong balls but buying the best one is very tough for beginners.

We have reviewed thousands of choices to find the best one. After the final hard analysis, we have dragged 10 Best Ping Pong Balls 2022 on this page.

Let’s get started with our first product JOOLA 3-STAR without making whiles.

Quick Comparison of Best Ping Pong Balls

JOOLA 3-STARCelluloid
Xushaofa 40+Non- Celluloid
Franklin 1-starCelluloid
EastPoint 3-starNon- Celluloid
Butterfly G40+Non- Celluloid
MAPOL 3-StarCelluloid
STIGA 3-STARNon- Celluloid
KEVENZ 3-STARNon- Celluloid
PRO SPIN 3-STARCelluloid


JOOLA 3-STAR is a competitive ping pong ball, made of plastic polystyrene and non-flammable material.

It is invented for the advanced performance in tournaments and approved by many sports regulations including ITTF International Table Tennis Federation.

Various brands are offering ping pong balls but buying the JOOLA brand is always recommended for buying because it is much more with its durability and reliability.

A 3-star ping pong ball is 86mm thicker which is considered the reasonable breadth. It consumes less force while hitting.

The weight of these ping pong balls is 2.7 grams which are also fair-minded for its competitors.

The width/diameter of this ball is 40mm which ensures the best bouncing after hitting its target. It produces more spins and back bouncing force.

Table tennis ping pong balls 3 -the star is excellent in performance and mostly used in schools, colleges, clubs, recreation centers and resorts for training and competitions.

The brand is offering 12-pieces on the per pack and currently available in the orange color for gaining more visibility.

If you have recently started playing Ping Pong, then I will suggest you buy the 3-stars ball due to its shocking back bouncing.

JOOLA 3-STAR is a professional and trustable brand that started its services in sports from 1950. It provides the best equipment for sports.

All the products by this brand are reliable and much more in their performance. .

  • Produces Shocked spins, Causes consistent bounce
  • Requires less force for hit, Attractive due to its color
  • It is available in 12-pack,  Not cheaper for students

Why Should You Buy It?

The Joola 3-star ball is the best ping pong ball ever constructed. It is much more in performance and goes along with the players. I recommend it due to its durability and X-Performance.


Nittaku has introduced the best ping pong balls having stiff quality without using celluloid materials.

These are the official balls of USA ping pong, used at US Nationals and US Open as well as in the other tournaments.

These balls are first made in Japan and then approved by many sports regulations such as ITTF and USAPA.

Nittaku balls are constructed with high-end material non-celluloid and plastic for boosting up the performance of players in the game.

These are poly balls having outstanding durability, roundness, consistency and only available in white color in the pack of three balls.

Nittaku Premium balls play a good role in the performance of players in the tournaments even these balls have met with the hardness of good old celluloid balls.

Though being slightly slower still delivers the performance of the players closest to old celluloid balls in the ping pong game.

Nittaku balls are made in Japan with its greater worth.

The biggest complaint about the plastic balls is that these are not harder and stiffer but the Nittaku balls are made of good material and produce outstanding bounce according to the players, having wonderful consistency as compared to the other 3-star balls.

  • Durability and quality are good
  • Bouncy, roundness and whiten
  • Slightly lower in weight as others
  • Standard material made it expensive

Why Should You Buy It?

After having a great experience over the 2 years I will recommend you to buy Nittaku balls The reason behind it, these are slightly lower in weight, for the good back bounced and outstanding durability.

3. Xushaofa 40+

Selecting the best ping pong ball having a long-time consistent bounce is considered a bit tough but it ends now in the presence of Xushaofa.

Most of the balls may cause the breaking by hitting strictly which creates too many problems for the players in the game.

To overcome this issue of balls, the Xushaofa brand is trying its best by introducing the excellent balls made up highly selluloid derived material. 

Xushaofa provides 3-star balls but it is not familiar with the table tennis brand.

It introduces the best quality of seamless plastic balls in the market for the enhancement of the performance of ping pong players.

These seamless balls are constructed with poly plastic material which proves more reliable than the celluloid balls.

Its revolutionary technology offers the most advanced balls in the market for the players by giving them fewer breakage faults and consistent bounce.

Due to its durability, Xushaofa is now introduced as professional 3-star brand in constructing high-qualit plastic balls. It is lighter in weight about (2.6gm), medium-fast, spinner and well balanced.

Xushaofa 3-star seamless ball is approved by many sports regulations including ITTF and USATT for playing ping pong games in international and domestic competitions.

  • Take spin better & fast, Bounce more consistently
  • Seamless and responsive, Cheap, everyone can buy
  • Had a flat dent, defective ball             

Why Should You Buy It?

After having a great experience , I think that Xushaofa seamless ball is an excellent choice for the players. it is the best ship for the schools and clubs.

4. Franklin 1-star

Franklin 1-star balls perform an excellent role in increasing the performance of the players. T

hese balls are mostly used at the schools and college level. 

Franklin balls are manufactured in China with 1-star quality and are available in the 18, 144 and 36-pack.

The brand is offering both orange and while color for enhancing visibility. You will get good control and consistent bounce by playing with these 1-star balls in the tournaments and in other casual games.

Franklin balls produce wonderful results due to its durability and precise bounced back effect after chasing to its target.

Moreover, Franklin 3-star balls are approved by many sports regulations and here I have described a few characteristics that you would read once.

  • Gives consistent bounce, Hearty and durable balls
  • Improves control quality, Designed simply
  • Just for the beginners

Why Should You Buy It?

After analyzing and having our own experience with Franklin 1-star balls, I will recommend you to buy these balls. It will ensure your performance better due to consistent bouncing.

5. EastPoint 3-star

EastPoint 3-Star is the best ping pong balls in the market having perfect ball roundness and response.

Each ball that EastPoint sports provide is engineered for precision, roundness, accuracy, rebound, and weight that means when you will hit the ball, it will chase its target without any disturbance. 

EastPoint balls are coming with many variations in its packing as you can get packs of 6 and 36 pieces at a very minor price.

These balls are approved by ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) and many other sports regulations that I think much for its reliability.

Finding the durable ball ends on the Eastpoint because these balls are much more in performance and go along with the players.

Moreover, the perfect size and bouncing response have got many hearts of players.

  • Both for professionals and beginners
  • Consistent bouncy, Roundy, accurate
  • Round shape offers good rebound
  • Not recommended for a child under 3-years

Why Should You Buy It?

Having a great deal with the performance and durability, I suggest you buy east point best Ping Pong balls. Moreover, these balls are available at a cheaper price.

6. Butterfly G40+

Butterfly G40+  tournament-grade 3-star balls are made of new ABS material and adhere to all the regulations according to new rules of ITTF for taking the game to the next level with too many experiences.

The butterfly G40+ Table Tennis Balls are commonly used for the national/international leagues, tournaments due to its greater durability and bounced consistently.

These balls provide good bounce due to the thickness of the outer surface as compared to the other ABS balls and that’s why the demand of these balls is increasing day by day in a market.

The behavior of G40+ balls is quite the same as celluloid 3-star balls due to its competitive performance in the ping pong game.

The butterfly is a reliable brand in sports that have been producing sports equipment for many years. G40+ ball has been the official ball of the tournaments for 2018 and 2019 world championship table tennis ball due to the outstanding performance.

The wonderful durability makes these balls competitive for training centers, practice level, and many other official tournaments.

These butterfly balls are the official balls of Canada butterfly cup as well as for the tournaments of North America and approved by both ITTF and USATT.

  • Bounces pretty, high consistently
  • Shorts pushes and flicks very well
  • Long-time decay and the fastest spin
  • Produces noise after contacting

Why Should You Buy It?

How was the Review? As you have gone through the maximum description about the butterfly G40+ Table Tennis Balls and now it is a time to draw out the right conclusion.

7. MAPOL 3-Star

MAPOL is always trying to introduce the best training balls for the players by giving them consistent bounce.

These balls are slightly heavier (2.7-2.85grams) than other training 3-star balls and have a bright orange color. 

Due to its weight and size, we can get expectational control to win the chase because it slightly differs from the regulation of other 3-star balls without any imperfection.

These balls are coming with many variations in packing and you can buy it with the pack of 6 and 36. The brand is offering a great discount on the big ship.

MAPOL Ping Pong balls are much more in performance and durability. Stronger bonding and high-quality durable rubber construction bring these balls out of all other brands.

  • Detectable due to its color, Available in the 50-pack
  • Practice and training ball Good power and fine bounce
  • ·Not more durable and long last

Why Should You Buy It?

Most of the players prefer the balls by MAPOL sports due to its slightly larger size and color. These balls provide expectational conclusions after ending our game to us just due to its easy to hit and powerful control.


STIGA is a well-known brand constructing the best ping pong balls.

It introduced new balls with the perfect size and accurate bouncing response.

In addition, every year it adds new highly visible colours and offers a great discount for the players. These balls offer good spin, consistent bounce, balance and expectational control due to its premium construction.

The wonderful feature is that STIGA balls also belong to the family of 3-star in the orange color which makes every hit visible and is available at affordable prices.  

These balls are the official balls of the USA state used for the practice, training centers and as well as other professional tournaments. Having the weight of 2.7grams and size 40mm these balls are considered standard ball to play in all the courts.

STIGA used highly premium celluloid material for constructing these balls.

These balls are made under the strict supervision of STIGA who is greatly familiar with ping pong games and provides perfect variables with all aspects.

  • Perfect control and spin, Consistent bounce back
  • Available in orange white, ITTF and USATT approved
  • Easily affordable to buy
  • Less durable and not affordable.

Why Should You Buy It?

Because of consistent bounce and perfect landing many players prefer the STIGA balls. Due to its high-quality material and excellent performance, it has obtained the trust of the players. Buy these balls without any second thought and hesitation.


If you are looking for perfect landing and accurate bouncing results then your effort search now because the KEVENZ has introduced highly durable ping pong balls.

It has used celluloid highly premium material for constructing these balls. These balls are long-lasting and more durable due to camphor.

Ping pong balls are tested by the out-core material as it is durable or not that the players check after playing once.

But on the spot, it is actually impossible so don’t worry because KEVENZ has promised for the long-lasting experience of the 3-star ball. 

KEVENZ 3-Star claims that by hitting a ball more than thousands of times, their recommended ball will not crack due to its thicker surface.

These balls are approved by many sports regulations ITTF and we think it is much for the reliability.  You can buy these 3-star balls in 50-pack or 100-pack with the multiple variations having both colors orange and white. 

Mostly, these balls are used in schools and many other sports clubs.

  • Comes in orange and white colors
  • Perfect control, spins, balanced
  • For beginner’s and training centers
  • Cannot be used for a random practice session

Why Should You Buy It?

KEVENZ 3-Star balls are perfect at the school level. For the students, it is a reasonable and suitable choice. Moreover, the brand also promised for the durability and long-lasting experience. So, you would buy these balls for practice.  


PRO SPIN Balls are highly made using the pro plastic material that doesn’t allow the structure to be cracked even after beating hard. 

PRO used highly premium rubber for constructing these 3-Star balls. Celluloid which is also considered another form of plastic is used to make the upper surface of these balls.

Spin 3-star ping pong balls are made for accurate delivery and perfect bouncing response.

The pack of these wonderful balls comes in two variations, including 3-star orange and white 40+ balls.

USAPA also called these balls the official balls especially to us tournaments, training schools, clubs and stadiums for playing the game and improving gaming skills weighing 2.9grams and size “40mm”.

PRO Spin is a trustable brand in manufacturing sports goods. All the products by this brand have done a great deal with durability and performance.

On the big ship for the schools or colleges, you also have a reasonable discount.

  • Approved by ITTF weight and size
  • Perfect control, consistent bounce
  • Affordable and use for fun, practice
  • Available in both colors for visibility

Why Should You Buy It?

Closure of the POR SPIN 3-star balls leads players to a positive result. we think you should buy these balls because of their durability and x-performance.


How was the review? We have described accurate reviews of customers in the given posts and brought the 10 Best Ping Pong Ball of 2022.

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