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How To Measure Bow Draw Length? 3 Quick Ways

Draw length is considered a vital expression of archery sport.

It is the measurable distance of the bow through which each hunting lover should familiarize for gaining the comfortable shots.

Keeping the appropriate size of the bow is essential by following these two terms; Draw weight and Draw length that absolutely have deep impacts on your drawing behavior.

Whether you are using compound or recurve bow, both have different draw lengths. Therefore, you need to calculate the lengths one by one as different hunters need different draw weights.

However, measuring the precise draw length is a very complicated task, but in fact, it is not just after knowing some basic skills.

Now, we are going to write down the three simplest methods for measuring the accurate draw length and you should try all of them, just looking for similar results.

So, without making a while, just keep on reading our comprehensive guide, paying full attention.

Measuring The wingspan

Measuring the draw length of a bow can be very simple by using the wingspan method. It is the most common and well-known strategy due to which so many archers use its appliances.

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We have divided this guide into three fundamental steps. So, you should go through all of them, carefully.


Stand up, exactly opposite to the bare wall by stretching out your arms, parallel to the ground floor. Your position should be just like the “T” shape. Fingers must be straight forward.   

Also, make sure these tricks for standing in the right way.

  • The direction of your palms should be outward while standing straight forward.
  • Make sure, your shoulders are not folded or scrunched.
  • Keep your body fully relaxed and stand naturally.


Extend the middle fingers of both hands and mark them on the wall by someone. After this, measure the distance from the one tip of the middle finger to the second.

You can use a meter scale or measuring tape, just according to your need, and write down the calculation of wingspan on your notebook.


Now, divide your all the measuring calculations by 2.5 for gaining the draw length of your bow.

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For example, the distance from one tip to another tip is about 54 inches. Now, divide this number by 2.5 and your answer will be approximately 21.6 inches.

Many people find it much complicated due to its mathematical calculation, but it is very easy to get accurate and precise calculations of draw length.

Just measure the wingspan value and divide it within 2.5. in this way, you will find your draw length, most conveniently.

Pretend Draw The Bow

However, the second method for measuring the draw length is not well-known but it will surely make perfect sense especially for the beginners.

Since it is the distance between the nocking point of the string to the pivot point of the bow grip.

Here, just draw your bow in the backward by applying the force as you can easily push, forgetting the accurate draw length.

Stand up against the wall by lifting up the bow with your arms as well as in the fist of your hands. In this way, you will exactly get a full grip on your bow.

Now after drawing the bow, note the measurements form the nock to the pivot and simply add the 1-3/4 to this distance. So, in this way, you can easily find the draw length of any bow.

For achieving the accurate results of draw length, it all depends on your drawing behavior in the shooting practices.

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Using The Arrows

A specific arrow is required for measuring the draw length such as the uncut arrow which is longer than your actual arm length.

You can buy it or easily make it in your home. It helps to calculate the long distances easily. While drawing the bow, keep the endpoint of the arrow on your chest just below the collarbone.

Hold the grip of your bow in your palms and draw back the arrow just parallel to the arm. Mark that point where the tip of your middle finger touches the arrow.

Then note the measurements and add 2 inches (5.1 cm) to this length. So, in this way, you will get your bow draw length.

Although, it is not a more accurate method for gaining the whole concept of draw length but may be helpful for beginners and archer solo.

Draw Length Measuring Tips

There are some important tips by which you should be familiar before measuring the actual draw length of the bow.


It does not matter, which method you have decided on measuring the draw length. But the posture is very important because for gaining the accurate results you need to make sure that you are in the straight position without scrunched your shoulders.


Results may be wrong due to your negligence. For getting reasonable results, just write down the measured values on a notebook and add the specific value in it referred by the archers.

The Final Verdict

Finally, we have escorted all the ways for measuring the draw length of the bow. It is a very important factor to know all the archery terms for becoming a successful hunter because a suitable bow will take your hunting experiences to the next level.

Overall, I will recommend all the methods for gaining the actual draw length because it will make more sense, especially for the beginners.  

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