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10 Best Archery Target for Backyard 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A good archery target is one of the basic needs for playing Archery.

And if you are looking for the best archery target for the backyard then here we have reviewed some of the most popular archery targets.

Archery Targets are available in several varieties and shapes but choosing the right one is un-deliberately considered tricky among various types of targets.

Polyethylene foam is pre-owned for constructing the standard Archery Target because it is normally water as well as weather resistant.

But besides the best material for constructing these Archery targets, one should also be aware of the standard sizes that must be in the block that he is going to choose.

Prefer at least 12 Inches (30 Cm) thick cubic Archery target because it is considered enough to break the arrows or bolts. Another dimension for the polyethylene boxes is now up to you for making it more convenient with multiple targeting designs.

Best Archery Target for Backyard 2022

Sr. #Archery TargetsTargeting SidesMaterialPrice
1.Morrell Double Duty4 SidedPolypropyleneCheck Now
2.Block Classic Target2 SidedFoamCheck Now
3.Morrell Yellow Jacket2 SidedPolypropyleneCheck Now
4.Block Black Target4 SidedFoamCheck Now
5.Archery Vegas Targets1 SidedPaperCheck Now
6.Morrell 204 Yellow4 SidedFoamCheck Now
7.Hurricane Bag Target2 SidedNylonCheck Now
8.Bear Archery Foam Sheet1 SidedFoamCheck Now
9.SpyderWeb Target2 SidedPolyesterCheck Now
10.KAINOKAI Hand-Made Target1 SidedStrawCheck Now

Note: Be careful while releasing the arrows because they can easily cross the body due to their sharpness and 30lb+ force.

If you are facing worse circumstances and it has been done in someone’s body then try to apply the pressure bandages.

If the arrows are still remaining the body then leaves it there because the broadhead gives pressure itself that is needed to stop the bleeding.

Allow the clothing to occur around the wound so that it may be released without hurting more.

So, without making more whiles let’s get started without first product Block Classic Archery Target.

1. Morrell Double Duty Archery Target

Morrell Double Duty is an easy targeting Archery Target block that is made using polyethylene. It is designed for high speed arrows, bows and all the compound bows. 

Besides the high-pressure bearing sheet here you also get easy arrow removal to remove any type of arrows or bolts. It is the best portable Archery Target that can be used from each side.

Stringer withstand penetration is the most loved thing about the Morrell Double duty Archery Target and it can easily be used in front of crossbows, compound bows, traditional bows, and even air bows.

It includes a variety of lovely and mind-blowing interfaces and one can use it from all sides.

Another thing that you will find unique in the Morrell Archery Target, its cover can be replaced easily and once you changed the cover it will go longer years. it doesn’t mean the poor-quality material used inside but one can change the art on the highly durable foam made Archery Target.

Morel is a famous Archery Target making a brand that has been doing its services in sports for many years. It offers an easy arrow removal and you can easily remove the bolts with 3 fingers.

It perfected the floating center design in 1986 and used premium burlap layered foam for constructing the Archery Target.

  • 4 beautiful interfaces for targeting arrows or bolts.
  • Easy and portable to carry, easy arrow removal tot.
  • An affordable choice, durable to bear 50+ pound draw.
  • Morrel double duty Archery Target is a bit bulky and heavy.

Why Should You Buy It?

After going through the review about the Morrell Double Duty Archery Target I don’t think you will miss it. it is an affordable as well as durable choice for the keens of target games. If you are looking for the best targeting block for your heavy and traditional bow then I think it is the best opportunity for you.

2. Block Classic Archery Target

Classic Archery Target is a funkier famous aiming box that is coming with highly contrasted layer designing. Its standard dimension is 18” x 18” x 14” but actually available in 3 different sizes.

It offers incredible friction for stopping the arrows and one can easily release it from its layer.

Archery Target Box is a 2D aiming box that has an attractive outer layer with highly contrasting colors with the black and white.

It is based on the original legendary blocks and made using the premium foam that is water resistance. Classic boxes are very easy to carry with the built-in handle.

Highly attractive while on black aiming point enhances the visibility even in dark. Bolts and arrows truly can be released from the frictional surface of this lightweight box when the plastic comes cool once.

The more loved thing about the classic Archery Target blocks is the variations for dimension. Now it is up to you which size you choose for targeting?

Block Classic is the one wonderful production of the brand which is more convenient with several aspects. It is a multi-layered foam block that also has hidden wisdom.

One can easily remove the bolts or arrows by simply stretching the layers in the opposite direction. Classic target boxes are available at a much cheaper price.

  • 2-sided Archery Target blocks in multiple dimensions.
  • Easy to remove arrows or bolts by opposing the layers.
  • The white and black contrast color for targeting layers.
  • Players may have to wait until the plastic cools.

Why Should You Buy It?

Block Classic Archery Target is the best 2D targeting foam block that is perfect to play the target shooting game. It offers a layered foam interface that enhances the ease for the players to remove the bolts or arrows. Furthermore, the several dimensions for the sizes is also considered fair.

3. Morrell Yellow Jacket Archery Target

Most of the players take it hard to release the arrows or bolts from the target archery boxes but the Morrell Yellow Archery Targets box presented its solution.

It is mostly known as the 2-finger bolt removing block which is more marvelous with the look as well as performance.

Arrows can easily penetrate the box and once also can release it without destroying the sheet.

Archery Targets are very sturdy and durable made using the polyethylene that is actually considered perfect for constructing the standard blocks.

The brand is offering a tot bag which is to carry it while traveling. If you are using a high speed compound bow and actually afraid about the high-speed arrows that may cross the boxes then you don’t need to worry about using the Morrel yellow Archery Target box.

Longer life Morrell Archery Target is coming with the grommet and handles that help to carry it. It is specially designed for the high-speed compound bow and the players can easily remove the arrows even from a wonderful foam depth. A highly contrasted targeting interface enhances visibility while aiming the point.

Morel is a famous Archery blocks producing company in America that has been doing its service nicely using the highly premium processes.

It doesn’t compromise on the quality products and offers more satisfaction with its all production. Yellow Jacket Archery Target block is its great hard work that is specially designed to do full-time bombardment.

  • Highly durable layered foam with the contrasted interface.
  • Easy to carry in travel, available in many sizes, more visible
  • Two-finger arrow removal opportunities, affordable choice.
  • According to several users, it is too soft a choice

Why Should You Buy It?

Morrel yellow Archery Target is the best targeting block for full-time bombardment. If you are especially keen on using the block and arrows then I think it is the right choice to use outdoors or indoors. Furthermore, the highly contrasted interface of the Morrel block enhances visibility that is another beneficial aspect.

4. Block Black Crossbow 4 Sided

Block Back is one harder targeting block that is specially designed to break the high speed of arrows by traditional and air bows.

It stops the excessive speed of the arrows as well as bolts and is made using highly premium foam.

Self-healing technology is also involved in constructing the block black Archery Target and here are a few technical aspects about its construction.

Field Logic block is a specially engineered targeting block that is designed to face harder aims. Undestroyable material construction with water as well as U.V resistance opportunity adds more life in its span.

Block Black uses friction to stop the arrows instead of force. Easy arrow removal with 2 fingers and 4 shooting sides are such uncommon things in the block black.

Block Black Archery Target is a special production brand and designed for Crossbows Archery. It stops are broadheads and field tips easily.

Several sizes variations 16” X 16” X 12” and all-sided shooting experience. It is available at an affordable price.

  • Easy to see targets with black and white interfaces
  • It can bear all types of arrows, bolts, and bullets easily.
  • Pocket friend to buy, self-healing, polyethylene made.
  • Block Black Archery Target is considered a bit expensive to buy.

Why Should You Buy It?

Block Black is a durable targeting block that is specially designed to use opposing the traditional crossbows and bows. It can bear a 50-pound draw weight easily that is considered enough with the air bows. Furthermore, it is more in its lasting experience.

5. Archery Vegas Targets by Longbow

If you are looking for the best sturdy and strong Archery Target then stop it because now Longbow has presented its hard work as the Vegas 5SPOT and 3SPOT Archery Target.

It is specially printed to exacting the official standards with the 40cm long and wide interface.

Vegas Archery Target is a study targeting sheet that is specially made for the Keen ons of target games.

Instantly set it in your favorite garden and start bombardment of arrows or bolts.

Highly durable to face 50+ pound draw weight. A highly attractive design with a 4 cm ring to ring pattern proves beneficial to determine the nearest target.

Vegas Archery Target sheet is available in multiple sizes and spots. Get your favorite spot pattern and color with the variable 3 or 5.

Longbow specially printed the Vegas target sheet for perfecting the official standards. It includes other 40, 60 and 80 cm targets and printed on the heavy-duty 7pt Archery paper.

Longbow is a famous Archery Target making brand and Vegas is its great hard work. It is designed in Vegas with multiple spots and for perfecting the official standards.

Long paper sheets are more durable and can bear traditional bows, even air bows.

  • More targets and more players to use on the spot.
  • It is not too thick and too thin, easy arrow removal.
  • Highly attractive design with contrasting colors.
  • Edges may be damaged while shipping the plate.

Why Should You Buy It?

Archery Target is a necessary thing to use the bows in target games and finding a sturdy one is considered a tricky task. Vegas Archery Target is a more durable targeting sheet with the 3 and 5 spots having a 4-inch circular variation. It is the best option for the keens of target games to buy.

6. Morrell YJ-350 Target Archery

If you are looking for the highly durable Archery block then meet with the special presentation of Morrell YJ-350.

It is specially designed to give a bit of a trick interface and one can use it from all sides.

100% self-healing opportunity with the easy arrow removing are the things highlighted more about this Archery Target.

Morrell Used highly premium polyethylene for constructing the entire block. It is specially designed for the broadheads and to bear highly powerful attacks with the 350+ FPS force.

4 directions of attacking make it more pleasurable for the players. enjoy different aiming schemes even with the single block.

  • More durable choice, designed for hunters.
  • Easy to see even at long distances, affordable.
  • There is no CON about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

After going through the entire review about the 78 Morrell YJ-350 I am sure you will be thinking about buying it. This Archery Target is the best choice for comfortably playing the target games and you don’t need to worry even using the traditional and heavy bows.

7. Hurricane Bag Archery Targets

If you are looking for the best 2D Archery Target with the incredibly new interface then check another great presentation of Hurricane that is constructed using the 100 P.S.I Tri-Core technology.

It offers longer targeting life and available in many variations with sizes. Highly visible aiming points on the green sheet look more beautiful.

Hurricane Bag is a durable 2-sided targeting box that is made using highly durable polyethylene.

Tri core technology which is used for constructing these target blocks enhances the fact of durability. 20” x 20” 10” size dimension is considered standard size for the target blocks.

Hurricane constructed these bags with the layered polyethylene material that easily allows the bolts or arrows to go inside. Highly visible aiming points against the brightened green sheet help while targeting the arrows on point. Longer targeting life with durability and beautiful interfaces is the great hard work of the brand.

Hurricane is a famous sports goods making industry that has been doing its services very well for several years. Archery Target is the best production of this brand it specially involved the P.S.I Tri core technology for constructing these blocks.

  • Self-healing sheet, easy and light to carry with.
  • Highly visible aiming points, two targeting sides.
  • Heavy-duty handles durable, affordable choice.
  • It may be hard and you can feel difficulty while removing the arrows.

Why Should You Buy It?

Hurricane is a trustable brand Archery Target is its great hard work. It added 2D aiming interfaces and one can use it from both sides. Very easy to carry even while traveling. The more loved thing about this Archery Target, it is made using water resistant material and you don’t have to worry while using it outdoors or indoors.

8. Bear Archery Foam Target Sheet

Bear Archery Target is a highly durable targeting sheet that specially designed to bear instant bombardment of bolts, arrows by traditional bows or even air bows.

it is a 36-inch circular targeting board that is 6-inch-wide and made using premium auto-healing technology.

Highly premium polyethylene construction with 100% hurdle-free arrow removing.

The reason for buying the Archery Target is its 6-inch-wide polyethylene construction with the brilliantly drawn circular targeting interface. It is totally water and weather-resistant and you can use it in your favorite outdoor grounds.

Self-healing foam of the Bear Archery Target allows removing all types of arrows and bolts easily. It is wider than other standard Archery Targets so that it may catch most of the missing arrows.

One problem that you may face while using this Archery Target, the arrows released by some heavy and traditional bows can easily pass the width of this sheet.

Bear is a famous Archery Target making company that got its popularity due to the quality and performance of its products.

It is specially built for high performance with the panicle of fit and finish. It is a very friendly pocket and also can be carried easily while traveling.

  • 100% Self-healing construction, water-proof.
  • Reversible, 36-inch circular diameter, wider.
  • Best for light use, easy to carry, affordable.
  • It is not interned for the heavier bows because the arrows may cross the sheet.

Why Should You Buy It?

Bear Archery Target is a reliable targeting sheet specially designed for perfecting the official standards. It is 36 inches in diameter which is enough even for beginners. Furthermore, if you are looking for the cheaper Archery Target then the bear 

9. SpiderWeb 18” ST Archery Target

SpiderWeb targeting block is the aiming sheet which is purely made using the polyester.

Self-healing capability and layered foam interface is the amazing thing that you surely look for but SpiderWeb brought its ideal model of Archery Targets that is a tool convenient with all aspects.

No need to use arrow pullers for removing the bolts or arrow.

Mostly the players look for targeting blocks that may be constructed using polyethylene and the SpiderWeb is 100% guaranteed to use it for constructing the blocks.

You don’t need to worry about the FPS speed of your bow and crossbow because it is highly engineered to bearing the bombardment of high-speed arrows and bolts.

2D interface for target points is another gift for the players that they can use both sides for practicing with bow. Self-healing auto technology forces the polyethylene to cover its place back on the spot.

The most loved thing about the SpiderWeb block is its weather as well as a water-resistant surface that doesn’t allow water and UV rays to go inside.

SpiderWeb is a famous Archery Targets making company that has been making target blocks for several years. 18” ST Archery Targets is available with the dimension 18” x 18” 19” and with the 2D useable interfaces.

It is portable to carry and available at an affordable price. Here I have described a few technical aspects of SpiderWeb Archery Targets.

  • Compatible to bear the arrows of all sizes.
  • A sturdy and durable choice with auto-healing.
  • Standard dimension for size, affordable choice.
  • It is a bit expensive and a heavy choice.

Why Should You Buy It?

After going through the review about the SpiderWeb Archery Targets block I personally suggest buying. It is constructed using polyester self-healing technology and you don’t need to use an arrow puller for removing the arrows or bolts from the sheet.

10. KAINOKAI Hand-Made Archery Target

If you are looking for the best Archery Target with the traditional design then meet with the pest production of the KAINOKAI Hand-Made targeting sheet.

It is coming with an arrow puller for removing the bolts or arrows easily from the sheet.

It is made using the forage as raw material and its designers added a beautiful interface with the highly contrasted colors for enhancing the visibility.

Archery Target is a hand-woven targeting circular sheet that is specially designed for the bows and crossbows lovers. The upper side of the interface is covered with a highly silky made target image that can be used directly. The interface has lanyards construction that easily holds the arrows or bolts after hitting the target.

KAINOKAI is a lightweight and sturdy Archery Target that can easily be used on all the indoor or outdoor places. Its 5 layers can easily withstand 30 to 40-pound draw weight. Since these blocks are handmade so the customers can easily get it in their required sizes.

Longbow or compound bow use the weapon that you want on KAINOKAI Archery Target. It is the best production of the more popular brand KAINOKAI and the brand also offered an arrow puller beside it. extra portability and 5 blocking layers I think enough to say about this hand-made Archery Target.

  • Sturdy construction, lightweight and portable.
  • Highly attractive colored interface, an arrow puller.
  • Portable, very friendly to pocket, dimension variation.
  • Arrow Puller has a hard odor which is not fair.

Why Should You Buy It?

KAINOKAI is a popular hand-made Archery Target with a beautiful targeting design. 5 layered construction is enough to block powerful arrows from compound bows. Furthermore, it is an affordable choice and available in many sizes.


10 Best Archery Targets of 2022 review is especially recommended to all the players keen on playing target games. it enhances the simplicity for the customers so that they may easily find the best Archery Target.

Each product is reliable and all the brands tried their best to give maximum satisfaction besides their product. Which Archery Target did you select? Also, comment!

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