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Best Pistol Crossbow 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The pistol Crossbow is the more adored target hunting tool with a similar principle to the elastic bow.

After a hard analysis of the cost-effective prices, we have escorted some of the top-rated and best pistol crossbows of 2022.

So, if you are looking for the top pistol crossbow, it is a perfect place where you will meet with all the desired choices.

Besides all these ideal choices for the pistol crossbows here you will also go through some background technical information about the construction and performance of these tools. After reading this, you will be able to select the right choice standing out from all the confusion while buying the best pistol crossbow.

Mostly the Pistol crossbow is reckoned up in elastic ranged weapons, and it also incorporates the assembly like a bow called prod.

Engineers mounted it horizontally on a tiller that was very easy to hold. When one releases the trigger, then, it shoots the bolts or quarrels with the projectile shape. So, this is the principle of working of the Crossbows, and now let you go through a few characteristics according to which one should choose the Pistol Crossbow.

Top Picks For Best Pistol Crossbows

We have listed the most reliable choices for 2022 for the Best Pistol Crossbows. Buyers would visit first before going next.

Before choosing the pistol crossbow, ask yourself for the purpose for which you are buying, mean animal hunting or practicing the target.

If you are buying it for animals then check to more realistic ranges such as 30 to 40 yards. If you are really interested in buying a pistol crossbow then surely you may also be known of the types of Crossbows.

Standard crossbows are available in different sizes and shapes such as re-curve, compound, repeating, rifle, and pistol but in today’s review, we have reviewed the top 10 Best Crossbow of 2022. So, without making it, let’s get started on our first product.

Best Pistol Crossbow 2022

ProductSelf-CockingDraw WeightPrice
1. Southland Archery Supply ProphecyYes80 lbsCheck Now
2. Kings Archery Pistol CrossbowYes80 lbsCheck Now
3. PSE Viper SS CrossbowNo50 lbsCheck Now
4. Cobra 80 LBS Pistol CrossbowYes80 lbsCheck Now
5. ACE Mini CrossbowNo80 lbsCheck Now
6. Snake Eye Tactical Pistol CrossbowNo50 lbsCheck Now
7. Tactical Crusader HandheldNo50 lbsCheck Now
8. Manticore SAS 150 POUNDS CrossbowYes150 lbsCheck Now
9. CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow packageYes80 lbsCheck Now
10. Barnett Whitetail Hunter llYes150 lbsCheck Now

1. Prophecy 80 Pound Crossbow

If you are looking for a powerful pistol crossbow then your effort ends here because the Prophecy 80 Pound Self-cocking crossbow meets all the standards of customers.

It is the best pistol crossbow which is based on the principle of innovative Barnett Commando of the latest eighties.

Prophecy is a more powerful choice to release the bolt over 150 FPS distance that is actually considered enough for hunting

Being a soft toy, it consumes less power to shoot, unlike other crossbows. Instant shoots with the easy cock, you can easily shoot a lot of bolts in very little time.

Prophecy 80 Pound is a break action and semi-automatic firing tool that includes a very light structure and wooden aluminum-made bolts.

SAS crossbow is highly engineered to have a long projectile shoot. It helps cocking the string and one can easily use it for all the pistols with the cobra system limb.

Besides the high-quality Prophecy 80 Pound crossbow pistol the brand also offers a nylon bag to carry it. The soft inside material used protects the pistol crossbow and it also includes side elastic bolts slots.

Prophecy is a more reliable brand that is offering many shooting bolts and light-weighted easy carrying bags for free along with this self-cocking pistol.

Read the given goods and bad about this product that will lead you to the final consequences.

  • 80 Lbs draw weight which is considered very light.
  • The more elastic string that throws bolt up to 150 FPS.
  • Cobra limb system, easy setup, cost-effective.
  • Plastic seemed hard and the bit looked shattered.

Why Should You Buy It?

Prophecy 80 Pound is a very light weighted pistol crossbow that features a cobra limb system. The brand is also offering a nylon bag to carry the pistol and surely you will be happy after cocking the aluminum-made bolts from the tiller. It is a perfect choice for hunting.

2. Kings Archery Pistol Crossbow

KingsArchery is a self-cocking 80 LBS adjustable pistol crossbow that is mostly used for hunting from a long distance. It comes with 63 aluminum and PVC-constructed bolts with a cost-effective package.

The brand is offering a soft and durable bag to hold the pistol in a very safe way.

KingsArchery is featuring a special brass coloring which is perfect for the customers who are looking at the hand crossbow with the factor stealth.

The very attractive and shiny yellow-colored look of this pistol got everyone’s heart.

It is constructed having the self-cocking system in mind and I am sure you will feel comfortable while using it rather than any other.

The more loved thing about the KingsArchery Pistol Crossbow is its light-weighted body that includes weights of just 80 LBS total after loading the bolt.

Enjoy the 60+ bolt for free to hunt on the tiller. The body of this weapon is made using fiberglass and aluminum that giving it a stronger and more attractive look.

KingsArchery is a more popular Crossbow making company that every year introduced a lot of new styles for these tools.

Although it has the same launching principle, surely you will get a targeted response even at an effective distance.

Its price is a pocket friend to buy and the brand is also offered a nylon bag for carrying the pistol and bolts.

  • 80 LBS Draw weight is too friendly to carry for a long time.
  • Self-cocking machine, enjoy 60+ aluminum made bolts.
  • Highly durable fiberglass made bow, easy and fast reload.
  • Customers often claimed the bow part of this crossbow.

Why Should You Buy It?

KingsArchery Pistol Crossbow is a more demanded ranged pistol available in a unique beautiful stylish body. But unfortunately, people mentioned hard-to-use cock about this pistol crossbow. Furthermore, you also can visit other crossbows listed here.

3. PSE Viper SS Crossbow

PSE Viper is a popular recreational handheld Crossbow actually for those its keens that desire for the 150 FPS+ distance range to shoot.

A powerful tiller allows the rockets to go out of the range of 215 FPS for easy hunting. 

Target is too easy and soft to shoot using this pistol crossbow.

The frame of the PSE Viper Crossbow is totally made using fiberglass which is actually composite. It looks like the 80 LBS limb but in reality, you will find the 50 Ibs limb which is considered the best crossbow ever.

Like the other crossbows, it is also made using the same principle but when you discuss the range and shooting time the rockets are very easy to load on the tiller.

The more loved thing about the PSE Viper Pistol Crossbow is also considered the reason due to which the customers buy it, the brand is offering this tool the pocket friend package and one also gets 3 re-rig cable bolts.

Furthermore, a very soft and reloadable cocking machine can be easily used on the target.

PSE Viper is a more popular brand that got its popularity due to the quality and performance of its crossbows.

Handheld SSC Crossbow is an ideal production and we are sure you will be glad to use it for hunting. Besides the highly affordable package, you also get 3 bolts and a nylon bag soft from inside.

  • Integrated Cocking machine beside the 2 locks
  • Anti-dry fires, very easy and light to pick and use.
  • Cheaper to buy, re-rig able bolts, metal construction.
  • It is considered a bit harder to load.

Why Should You Buy It?

After going through the detailed review about the PSE Viper Pistol Crossbow I think your answer should be positive about this product. This crossbow is featuring 215+ FPS range distance to shoot which is considered ideal with any other crossbow. It may prove a better choice rather than any other crossbow.

4. Cobra 80 LBS Pistol Crossbow

Cobra 80 LBS is a more popular self-cocking crossbow that is coming with 15+ more sharpened arrows and is also called the last punch.

It is coming with a free pack of metal arrows, with a 6.8 power stroke.

If you are a big keen on playing small hunting games then you will surely meet all the expectations after using the Cobra 80 LBS Pistol Crossbow.

Cobra 80 LBS is more known due to the 80lbs distance range and 6.8 power stroke opportunity.

You may also be thinking why one should choose this one because the self-cocking machine will exceed your desired range and its bolt speed is also over faster than all the regular pistol crossbows.

There is no need to use much for reloading this 80 LBS Pistol Crossbow and it is coming with the metal crossbows that will never break even after several uses.

Smart and shiny look got everyone’s heart and the entire body is made using fiber composites. Switch to guard while pausing the game that also enhances the fact of safety.

Cobra is a more popular crossbow making company which has been doing its services nicely for many years.

After the great experience, it has brought the stylish pistol crossbow Cobra 80 LBS and surely you will love it after using it once.

The brand is offering it with affordable packages and you also can buy extra bolts beside it.

  • 80lbs weight beside the self-cocking machine.
  • Free pack of metal bolts, plastic crossbow frame.
  • Power stroke option, affordable choice, lockable.
  • According to customers, the bow needs restringing after a few uses.

Why Should You Buy It?

Cobra 80 LBS is a perfect smart semi-auto Pistol Crossbow for small hunting games. It meets with durability and long-lasting experience. Furthermore, with the fact of the tensioned target, it also exceeds the expected lines. We think you should give it a chance.

5. ACE Mini Crossbow 80lbs

If you are looking for the smart handheld crossbow and have never met the ACE Mini before then you should give a chance to this powerful mini semi-auto pistol crossbow.

It is an extremely beautiful and smart choice out of thousands of pistol crossbows and we are sure you will love it after using it.

ACE Mini Crossbow is a mini but powerful pistol crossbow that is specially designed for small hunting games.

The entire body of this crossbow is made using fiber composites even if you also get 5 arrows constructed using the fiberglass.

More wonderful shooting range 160 FPS about 40 yards that are considered ideal.

ACE Mini Crossbow is an ideal crossbow that is more popular due to the small size and unbelievable performance.

It is more effective with its weight than the regular crossbows and honestly, you don’t need to drag it much for reloading.

If you have recently started playing the mini hunting game then I think you should buy ACE Mini pistol crossbow.

  • 80lb draw weight, fiberglass construction
  • Adjustable sights, 5 fiberglass arrows.
  • 160+ target range, affordable choice ever.
  • Not perfect for playing big target games.

Why Should You Buy It?

ACE Mini Pistol Crossbow is a famous crossbow for beginners and seems like a very beautiful choice. Unfortunately, here you don’t find the self-cocking machine, unlike other crossbows. Furthermore, it is available at an affordable price.

6. Snake Eye Tactical Pistol Crossbow

If you are looking for the best pistol crossbow and you desired a smart and quick choice then meet the Eye Tactical Pistol Crossbow made by more popular crossbow making company Snake.

It is the best semi-auto FPS retainable pistol that is quicker and reloads.

The highly durable structure of Snake Exegetical Pistol is constructed using premium fiber composites.

Arrow is very smooth and easy to release using the trigger and there is a minor force needed for reloading. It is specially designed for beginners who are interested in target games.

Light-weighted 50lb weighted Eye Tactical Pistol Crossbow uses more powerful strings to throw the bolts and it can travel 150+ FPS that is actually amazing and wonderful.

The brand is offering 50 metal and plastic bolts with aluminum re-rig able tips within a very cheap package.

Snake is a famous crossbow making company that is introducing several new designs for crossbows.

All the products by the brand are reliable and cheaper to buy. Snake tried to give maximum satisfaction to the customers and they also got a soft cover to carry this pistol crossbow.

  • 50lb draw weight, easy to punch.
  • Smart and quicker to win target.
  • Trustable covers 150+ FPS distance.
  • This smart choice is not more durable.

Why Should You Buy It?

After reviewing the Eye Tactical Pistol Crossbow, I am sure you desired to buy it. It is actually the right choice for those gamers who are beginners in target winning games. The brand is also offering 15+ bolts beside the cheaper package.

7. Tactical Crusader Handheld Crossbow

Finding the best handheld pistol crossbow out of thousands of choices is considered a trick task but if you haven’t met the Tactical Crusader Handheld Pistol Crossbow before then your effort ends here.

It is a simple smart and quick bolt launching machine that can be reloaded in a second for a reshoot.

The reason for buying the Tactical Crusader Handheld crossbow is its fiberglass made body and lighter weight.

Users don’t need to hit his head to restrain the bow because it is smartly designed with the projectile bow on which one can easily hook the strings. Instantly reload it by having a bolt and kill the target even at 40+ yards.

Crusader Handheld Pistol Crossbow is very easy to use and can be reloaded in seconds. It is coming with 4 fiber glasses made bolts having metal tips and one can easily hit the trigger to cross the bolt up to 4 inches inside.

Where this handheld crossbow is smart to use there, it is also more convenient to carry.

Tactical is a more popular brand that has ranged its iron in thousands of brands and proved that the quality and performance of its products are more to a wonderful extent than the other brands.

It also offered a nylon constructed bag with the crusader Handheld pistol crossbow. Affordable package with the 4 extra bolts is the most loved opportunity by Tactical.

  • Smart and fiberglass construction, resting able.
  • 4+ plastic and metal bolts, durable bow, smooth.
  • Cheaper to buy, 50LBS draw weight, quick reload.
  • It is just designed for beginners.

Why Should You Buy It?

Tactical Crusader pistol Crossbow is a very smart and beautiful choice to play the target games but unfortunately, it is just designed to play mini target games that you also can say for beginners. Furthermore, if you have recently started practicing on the target then the Tactical is a perfect choice.

8. Manticore SAS 150 POUNDS Crossbow

Playing the target games is considered a cup of tea for its lovers and the basic need to play it perfectly is the crossbow.

If you are looking for the powerful pistol crossbow for accurate targets and much tired after visiting several sites then here the manticore presents SAS 150 Pounded Pistol Crossbow that is extremely powerful to cross 4+ inches foam sheet.

The most loved thing about the Manticore SAS is its 210+ FPS distance coverage.

Highly durable bow frames are purely designed with fiberglass that offers more flexibility and cracks free stretching of string.

At its velocity, it gives more accuracy for while targeting and one can hit the target even from a distance of 60+ yards.

The Limb of the Manticore SAS Pistol is made using fiberglass and designed as the best crossbow with the semi-auto cocking machine.

It is more with the performance and durability and the engineers also added aluminum barrels for easy resists. The trigger is very soft and the eyepiece is specially designed for winning the targets with great accuracy.

Switch to the auto safety button whenever you want to rest.

Manticore is a popular crossbow making company that is loved more due to the durability of its products. SAS 150 pounded crossbow is its impressive introduction that has got several hearts of the gamers.

It is offering 6+ plastic and aluminum crossbows at a much cheaper price. Here I have described a few added experiences of this best pistol crossbow that you should read once.

  • 210+ FPS distance covering speed, easy to reload.
  • Semi-auto shooting machine. 6+ Aluminum bolts.
  • Aluminum Barrel construction, Affordable choice.
  • It is just more with the length that creates a hurdle while picking.

Why Should You Buy It?

Manticore SAS Pistol Crossbow is a 150Lbs powerful handheld crossbow with the excellent distance coverage 210 FPS up to 60 yards. It is the perfect choice to play the target games available at an affordable price. Furthermore, the customers also get a carrying cover for free of cost beside this crossbow.

9. CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow package

Sniper 370 Crossbow is a truly powerful crossbow to cover extremely long distances.

If you have used several pistol crossbows and haven’t met with the satisfactions then meet with the CenterPoint’s another presentation Sniper 370.

It is one of the best from crossbows CenterPoint’s production.

The main reason for buying the Sniper 370 Crossbow is its impressive axel to axel full draw and 185 draw weight which is considered perfect for the crossbow’s guns.

The body is smartly designed which is easy to hold and customers are also getting a perfect eyepiece for enhancing the accuracy.

Sniper 370 Crossbow is coming with a fully adjustable stock piece which incredibly proves best to place in several places.

Arrangement of quad limbs smartly attached with great precision CNC-machines. 20+ carbon bolts which are actually considered an excellent gift for the players.

CenterPoint is a famous crossbow making company and the Sniper 370 Crossbow is actually it’s great hard work that is smartly designed for so many times before its production.

Customers are getting a nylon constructed bag free of cost with this product and I am sure you will be glad to carry it.

  • High performance with the 370+ FPS speed
  • Adjustable stock, Quai limbs, durable foregrip.
  • Affordable and perfect choice to play games
  • According to the customers, pulley’s often bent.

Why Should You Buy It?

Sniper 370 Crossbow is a perfect crossbow for playing the target games. It is specially designed for covering a long distance. Customers are getting 60+ bolts for free with the package. Furthermore, you will also get a nylon bag for free of cost besides the package.

10. Barnett Whitetail Hunter ll

If you are a professional player in the target winning games and used to hit the targets at a great distance then surely you need a powerful semi-auto crossbow machine. 

Barnett Whitetail Hunter is an extremely powerful crossbow that is specially designed for those players who want to hit the targets even at 80+ yards distance.

350 FPS is the amazing velocity that I am sure you never experience in any other crossbow. 6.4lbs overall weight and dual handles to grip is such an amazing thing for the players.

Eyepiece also added accuracy while hitting the target. Furthermore, here the players feel smooth and soft trigger tech technology with the creep release.

Barnett is a more popular crossbow making company that has been doing its services well for several years. Every year it introduces the new models of Crossbows and the Whitetail Hunter is its great hard work.

Customers also get nylon constructed bags beside this product. Here I have added a list of features that you should read

  • 350 FPS excellent velocity and distance coverage
  • 6.4lb overall weight, soft trigger tech technology.
  • An affordable choice also includes 4 x 3 eyepiece.
  • The length is too long and not easy to carry.

Why Should You Buy It?

Barnett Whitetail Hunter is a perfect hunting tool that offers 4 x 3 a scope free of cost beside this crossbow. It is available at an affordable price and customers also get a nylon constructed bag free of cost with it.


After reviewing the 10 Best Pistol Crossbows I am sure you have decided to buy one of them. Each brand accepts the claim of its products and offers great satisfaction with it. make sure you have also received a carrying bag to hold it. Furthermore, leave a comment after using any crossbow.  

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