Where to aim on deer

Where to Shoot a Deer With a Bow – 5 Killer Kill Zones

I personally killed about 60+ deer in my life using the simple crossbows and its all credit goes to my 90 years experienced grandfather’s tricks.

Today I am going to show you a few statues obeying which you will be able to directly approach the vital organs of deer on its any positions.

I also experienced the rifle hunting but got the closure that the compound bows are worthwhile due to the extraordinary cutting diameter and unbelievable penetration.

The entire mission started from the 3-D Deer Archery Target that we had in our backyard. To be honest, I got more accurate shots after practicing on these types of objects and also saw an incredible difference before and after.

The technique is quite simple and straightforward. Just clear the target and release the head-hunting arrow before the dee’s movement.

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Best Place to Shoot a Deer With a Bow

The first thing that my grandfather had advised me was to target the vital organs of the deer so that I can kill the it in one shoot.

Below are the 5 vital organs of deer to shoot at.


When either side of deer or doe is perpendicular to the hunters then broadside position occurs. It is the most appropriate angle that exposes the vital organs more clearly and provides a 100% lethal hit.

It is the perfect opportunity for hunters and they can comfortably harvest the Skeleton with the razor-sharp broadhead.

The ground level visually divides the body into three segments including top section, bottom section, and the remaining is held on the reference.

The red dot on the photo actually shows the X-cross where the hunters perfectly have to hit if they really want a dead-zone of deer.

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Quartering angles simply exposes the vital-organs from the quiet back position. It is a more favorable aim on deer shot and mostly preferred for bow hunting.

Deer present a large target when the angle is slight to moderate. Broadhead just crossed the one lung at the sharply angled position but sufficiently fatal for the animals.  

Use the crossbow cocking device to reload it and wait for the perfect time and position. Note, make sure the stability of your weapon because minor mistakes can lead to the shot missed in this slightly sharp angle.


Quartering toward position is entirely deadly for the deer and occurs when a deer slightly moves the face and body toward the hunter. The ethical shot is possible if the deer position is extremely slight.

At this glance, hunters get a wider target place and he can directly hit the vital organs leaving only the deer’s brisket. Arrow may stick in the thick muscles and bones outside the chest cavity, so the penetration may fail. Wait for another position as a broadside for ensuring the 100% dead zone.

Furthermore, the sight position will shake just one side of the lung.

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Straight on the position of deer occurs when the hunter and deer come face to face. Unfortunately, it is not an ethical option for the hunters. Heavy thick layers of muscles and solid bones may even break the arrows. Wait for another position, it will be a better option instead of shooting.


Hunting from the ground level actually depends on the drop and distance. Hunter might need to set the Aimpoint minor low then the regular angles if deer is 15 yards away on the uphill.

The RED dot aim is the suggest aim from 15-20 feet high tree stand. The reason is quite straightforward, at the specific height and distance the vital part often found in an oblique position.

Similarly, if you are shooting the deer from a height, you will keep the aim a little higher. The wisdom behind it, the broadhead will be more effective on both lungs and heart.


If you are a beginner in deer hunting then you would need to practice a lot before the first deer hunt. 3D archery targets are pretty good sources for improving the accuracy and bringing more precision in shots.

whether you are using a compound or simple crossbow, the relative crossbow accessory is your first need.

3D Deer archery targets will allow the newbie to shoot from 360 angles. Instead of using the 2D archery boards, these realistic targets provide opportunities to hit on the specific vital place. 

How Far Can We Kill Deer With A Bow?

There is no exact distance to shoot deer from, but expert hunters recommend it usually from 30 to 40 yards. However, you can still shoot and kill a deer with a powerful bow even from 70 or 80 yards.

What is Recommended Draw Weight to Kill A Deer?

Well, draw weight varies from bow to bow. However, if the target is 30 to 40 yards away, then 50 or 60 lb is enough to drop deer in one shoot.

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