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Best Badminton Rackets 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If badminton is your favorite game and you are looking for any equipment for it then this is the right way for you. Review case is the name of reliability where you find all the goods about all the indoor and outdoor games.

As in the previous posts we have read about the 10 best Pickleball goods, now we are going to read about badminton. In this post, I have given 10 best badminton rackets that one should choose if he goes to market.  

There are plenty of brands which are offering rackets for badminton but I have specially chosen the Yonex due to its higher experience and hard work. Minoru Yoneyama is the owner of this company and lets us check the first racket by it.

Top Picks For Best Badminton Rackets 

We have listed the Top Rated choices of 2022 for the Best Badminton Rackets. All the products are reliable and 100% payback through performance.

Quick Comparison of Best Badminton Rackets

ProductsFrameString BedPrice
Yonex Arcsaber 10Graphite HMGRock Ibs
Voltric 2017 (Yonex)GraphiteFlexible Ibs
Yonex Arcsaber 11Carbon FiberSupper Hard
Yonex Arcsaber ZAluminiumMachined
Yonex Voltric 7Graphite HMGSuper Hard
Voltric Z Force 2GraphiteSuper Hard
Yonex Voltric 80Graphite HMGSuper Hard
Yonex Voltric 5Graphite HMGRock Ibs
Yonex Arcsaber 002GraphiteMachined
Yonex Nanospeed 9900Graphite HMGFlexible Ibs

1. Yonex Arcsaber 10

This company was founded in 1949 by Minoru Yoneyama. The brand took start from the rackets which were totally wooden made. The first brand about metal rackets was introduced in 1961.

Basically, this company took start from the equipment for golf game but after the getting good feedback by people the Minoru Yoneyama inspired and he started more struggle in this field.


There are more than forty graphite versions of rackets introduced and still, the same brand is working on it. Arcsaber 10 is the latest weapon for badminton offering high-speed shoot, power, and control.

Mostly the professional players choose this racket for practice matches. The main thing about the current product, the price is very pocket-friend available in different attractive colors.  


High-quality graphite offers a solid feel and the slightly twisted boy allows maximum precision during the shot. Built-in T provides further power to the shot.

Solid hitting to the shuttle is very easy with this lite weighted racket and there best-quality used shaft allows a bit flexibility which prevents the racket from damaging.

Brisk moments like hard shots can be managed by the Yonex Arcsaber racket and there can be given sold response easily. Carbon nanotube structure offers maximum durability and the H.M.G used helps to make maximum repulsion power. Let take a tour to the quick summary given below.

  • High Module Graphite (HMG) offers a solid touch.
  • Best-quality of the shaft allows maximum durability.
  • Legend’s vision case is offered with one’s purchase.
  • Fully based on carbon nanotubes engineering well.
  • Slightly expensive which is not pocket-friend.

Why Should You Buy It?

Arcsaber 10 is very incredible for the new players easily available in the market. Overall this version provides maximum features but the price is given to it not a friend to pocket. You may have to pay a reasonable price in order to have it.

2. Voltric 2017 (Yonex)

The racket with incredible control and superior accuracy is mostly asked by the people when they go to market for it.

Here you are right if you are one from same because the current racket about which we are about read is also by Yonex company and approach to the player’s requirements. 


Voltric 2017 is the name and you may have seemed professional players with this racket.  This racket is specially designed by getting professional player’s thoughts and about every feature is taking place in it.

This is a great combination of speed, power, and control, and the Yonex used superior technology for constructing these rackets. It is blending of Arcsaber and Armortec and the technology used for the formation of these rackets caught each aspect for the improvement of one’s performance so that he may perform bitterly.


Excellent maneuverability with full control can be gain by using Voltric racket. Yonex used very expensive technology for manufacturing these rackets and the tri-voltage features provide 2x speed and sold shot.

The hard string bed allows giving a strong response with a very lite touch. The aerodynamic design is of great use during shooting any shot.  This allows maximum pass through the opposite directional air and gives lite feel to one.

Reinforced support provides maximum wide area and full control on each unbalancing shot. Overall in the badminton, the voltric racket can be derived with a very gentle way. One feels solid touch when he shot the shuttle. I personally recommend you if you are a new badminton player.

  • Lite weighted, pre-strung with Yonex BG80.
  • Manufactured by using beneficial technology.
  • Tri-voltage system provides maximum control.
  • Blend shaft make it as durable as the on ask.
  • Often, the strings break after continuous 5 or 6 shots.

Why Should You Buy It?

Voltric 2017 New is a very comfortable choice for one which is started to play recently. This choice is very pocket-friendly and easily available in the market. Mostly the professional players use it for the practice matches.   

3. Yonex Arcsaber 11

As the Arcsaber 10 is already given but here the Yonex has introduced another version of racket named Arcsaber 11.

Basically, this is the improvement of the previous version with such amazing features. 


This design has brought by Yonex is just of purpose that the intermediate players and newcomers may perfume well in matches.

You may be wonder due to its weight (84g) and gripe is size G4 with the balance305mm which is about to good for the newcomers. One main thing about this racket, its weight increases as to the head so that one may give perfect power to any shot.

All the version of rackets by the Yonex look same just there is a minor difference of paint between them. This is due to a brand which did not work on graphics. Sonic mettle is of great work in all the head area which supports the arc and the stiff shaft allows durability.

The same brand worked great on the strings for rackets. The strings used in these rackets gives a solid touch to the shuttle and provides 2x extra power.


There are many common things in this racket and the previous version but this adaptation provides more comfort and its lite weight prevents your arm from tired.

Overall if we discuss the Arcsaber 11, it is providing the latest advancements which are tough to find in others. The professional player Taufiq Hedayat has also used this racket for their tournaments.

I think there no need to give you more about its reliability. Here I explained a few advancements which may lead you to your right decision.

  • Weight increases towards the head provide 2x power.
  • Carbon nanotubes and stiff shaft provide durability.
  • This is a perfect combo of control, balance, and stability. 
  • Super HMG mettle is offering maximum flexibility.
  • Couples of buyers complained that racket became unstrung.

Why Should You Buy It?

If we take a comprehensive view of Yonex Arcsaber 11, about all the latest qualities and advancements are taking place in it. I don’t think one may on wrong if he chooses it from the best badminton rackets. I have also given another that you may find next.

4. Yonex Arcsaber Z

If you are a combative player and looking for an athletic racket by which you may perform with very bowling way then the Yonex Arcsaber with its version Z slash is very perfect to you. 


About all the advancements which a player needs are taking place in it. with its fast and tremendous power, any intermediate player can perform in the court as the professional. Its look with the nice blend of complexion also describes it as a very professional racket.

By using the feature of its weight which is increases toward the head is of great use for a player during hitting the shuttle. Yonex specially used CS carbon nanotubes which provides maximum repulsion and the arc is fully basing on graphite.

Yonex used very expensive technology for the formation of these rackets.   Super HMG (High Modulus Graphite) offers more repulsion power which is needed maximum.

Ultra-stiff that is used for joining the rod with its head part which is surety of durability. It also provides more precise shots and perfect accuracy.


The torque is eliminated by the T joint used by Built-T. The main thing about the Arcsaber Z-slash, it brings the shot pressure to the handle and the form of handle to the string bed.

This feature improves the speed and power and acts as a double action. Mostly, during playing the head of rackets breaks down due to unfortunate collapse.

The head is made using strong mettle which supports overall arc. I have summarized a few PROS and CONS that will lead you to your final decision.

  • The strong and athletic structure bears too powerful shots.
  • Perfect control leads you to best performance in matches.
  • Aerodynamic design allows air to pass from rooms easily..
  • couple of these features are available at a pocket-friend price
  • This racket is not manufactured just for advanced level players.

Why Should You Buy It?

If we take all over the review of Yonex Arcsaber Z-slash, this is a reliable choice from the best badminton rackets. About all the latest like a stiff shaft, carbon nanotube rods, fiber head arc, comfortable grip and much more are taking place in it. I think it will the best decision for you.

5. Yonex Voltric 7

Voltric 7 is of believing one of the most well-performed rackets ever in the Yonex history.  

If you are a beginner, intermediate or you are a professional player this racket will match perfectly to perform with a very forceful way in court. 


This racket is holding the best combo of weight and power. If we discuss the total weight of this racket, the first thing the head is carrying a bit more weight with the wisdom it provides more power to the shot.

One wonderful thing about it is its frame which is totally made with HMG (High Module Graphite). Graphite provides more durability and a strong frame that goes so long with your wish.

Let discuss the size, its fore heard area is a bit larger than the standard size. It is of benefit that you will cover the shuttle from a far area.


The aromatic direction provides a direction to pass air which is also of wisdom that maximum air will pass through it and you will be able to shoot with maximum power.

Notably, the sides of the frame are thin which provides maximum balance and also brings the weight down. The upper side of the frame means head including a strong metal rod which prevents the racket from damaging due to unfortunate collapse.

I am sure you may be in a great confusion that which racket from the given you should choose. I think this one will be the right decision for the intermediate players. I have described a few features which will inspire you.

  • A perfect blend of 2x power and balance.
  • Full frame is made using H.M graphite.
  • Easily available at very affordable price.
  • Made using highly expensive technology.
  • Yonex did not use high-quality strings.

Why Should You Buy It?

Yonex Voltric 7 is a best and affordable choice from given 10 best rackets. It is including all the things that a good player’s needs. I do not think that one will at wrong if he chooses it for better performance.

6. Voltric Z Force 2

Probably the most powerful racket launched by the Yonex is Voltric Z Force 2.  

This is the most experienced racket which is shaped such for all types of players from beginners to the professional.  


This strong head racket is loaded with couples of advancements and all the things that a good player needs. Before to know anything about it one should also know that what is Yonex?

This is a very well-known brand which was built in 1949 with the name float maker. This was a very valuable thing for the Yonex that the same brand was very well-known for its honesty and the pure material which is used for manufacturing.

As the Yonex spent the time in this field it brought a lot of changes and started to a product about all the sports goods. Let come back to Voltric Z, the first thing for which this racket is very famous is its string bed.


The world’s famous player Lee Ching Wei also used the same racket and left the awesome comments for it. As there is no need to give more for reliably after the professional player but you may also be inspired after reading the summarized features.

As the Yonex is well for the pure material, so it used pure carbon rod which is the main part of the racket. On the other, the head arc is totally made using H.M.G. You may be consent with the features of graphite which is totally metal free.

  • Smart and strong frame purely made with graphite.
  • Tri-voltage system increases durability and power.
  • More stiffed-shaft is used which is a way of flexibility.
  • Interesting graphics provides an attractive look.
  • Maximum stiffness is also a reason that rackets break.

Why Should You Buy It?

Finally, I would say all over Yonex Voltric Z is an excellent choice for one who wants to perform very well. It is holding plenty of features which are enough for players. For more affordable racket you also can check given the other 10 best rackets.

7. Yonex Voltric 80

Most well performed, strong and durable racket in the Yonex history is known with such name Voltric 80.

Basically, this racket was introduced in 2011 and be the best racket of all the years in the Yonex brand.


The main reason for hitting this racket is the England Championship which suggested it more to players. If you are a new badminton player then you may be thinking about Yonex that what’s that? 

Let me tell you Yonex is a very most experienced brand in all the goods about sports. In 1949 Minoru Yoneyama which was also the owner of the company introduced it for as a float maker.

The honest and hard work has brought it up and now this brand is involving all the goods related to the sports games.Now come to the Voltric 80 and know why it is very well-known?


The first thing about this racket is its blend of balance and power. Balance is a most asked and needed feature to perform well. You may find the head sides thin than the other which provides maximum balance.

If we discuss the weight of this racket it varies toward the head. This doing is of wisdom that increases the power to 2x and gives a solid feel.

Yonex used G4 grip which is actually small but the silicon used to form these grips prevent the chances of slipping. The same brand used high module graphite to build the full frame that you will also enjoy. The first wisdom to use graphite is durability and its ability to bear jerks.

  • High-quality string bed gives a solid response of shots.
  • H.M.G is surety  of durability and stronger head.
  • The solid and strong frame provides maximum balance.
  • This racket is just built for intermediate players.

Why Should You Buy It?

Voltric 80 by Yonex is a very affordable and excellent decision from given 10 best rackets. It provides the 2x solid response and its weight is reasonably low. I do not think that one will at wring after choosing it. I also have given some other version by Yonex that you also can check.

8. Yonex Voltric 5

Well-experienced racket which gives smooth and solid delivery and increases the power to more than 2x is named as Voltric 5.

This choice was recently introduced for all the players from beginners to the professional. 


The outclass look is also involved in the reason why the Voltric 5 is very well-known in courts? You should also know a bit about the Yonex which is its actual brand and manufactured it.

A float maker company which was built in Japanese was very well-known about Yonex. As a float maker mean just floats were constructed by this brand.

After a great interval of time when the owner noticed well comments of buyers started to create about all the goods for sports. It was just due to hard working and the honesty of Yonex which uses pure material for the formation of equipment.

Now let me tell you the first thing for which Voltric 5 is very well-known in the market. Yonex uses pure H.M.G (High Module Graphite) for constructing the full frame of this racket.

Most of the bad by other rackets are their frames. The frame is the main part of a racket and about 50% performance depends upon it.


Most of the brands use the iron for the formation of frames which destroys on few jerks. Graphite has the ability to bear jerks continuously and provides maximum durability.

More stiffed-shaft used to join the head and carbon rod. The string bed gives a solid feel and 2x more action. The t-voltage system allows a player to bend as possible.

  • Strong handle with high-quality grip.
  • Available at a very pocket-friend price.
  • Excellent maneuverability, nice look.
  • H.M.G provides more durability to it.
  • For many person weight (8.5+ ounces) is over to play.
  • The graphical shape may unattractive, low gripper quality.

Why Should You Buy It?

A very affordable choice for a beginner is Voltric 5 by the Yonex brand. This version of the racket is specially designed for newcomers and there has put all the needy features. I am sure that this will a perfect option for you if you are new in badminton.

9. Yonex Arcsaber 002

One of the most popular racket by the Yonex brand is Arcsaber 002.

It is the racket which is specially designed for an intermediate player so that they may perform in tournaments as the professionals.


Most well-known about this racket is its bag which provides three handy quarters for new rackets. You may be thinking about the Yonex.

Notably, you may be thinking why I am giving rackets just from Yonex. Let me tell you to answer that Yonex is very well-known due to its hard-word and pure material which is used for the construction of rackets.

This brand was founded in Japan in 1949. Golf is a very well-known game and the same brand was introduced just for forming of floats which mostly used in the golf game.

Let me explain the first four things for which one should buy then Yonex Arcsaber 002. The first thing is its frame which is made using H.M.G.


As you know that graphite is very strong and durable so it provides solid touch to the shuttle. The size is a bit more than the standard sizes which help to cover the shuttle from a far area.

The local brands available in the market used the iron for the formation of frames. So, this is bad by them because after continuous jerks of shots the iron destroys.

The Tri-Voltage system provides maximum comfort during playing. This system makes the frame durable and increases the power to 2x.

  • Nainoair spring offers maximum control.
  • Medium Stiffed-shaft provides comfort feel.
  • The high-quality grip is used from the G4 brand.
  • Graphite makes frame durable & long lasting.
  • Air needs an aerodynamic head for the better pass.

Why Should You Buy It?

Yonex Arcsaber 002 is an excellent choice from given 10 best rackets. This racket is offering the latest features which a player wish. It is available in the market with very affordable price and interesting graphic designs. I also have given some other choices that you will be glad to know about.

10. Yonex Nanospeed 9900

If you are looking for a racket which may perform with very perfect delivery then you should go for Yonex Nanospeed 9900.

This racket is specially designed to get extra fast power shot will minimum force.


Its head is built in an aromatic direction so that maximum air may pass through the rooms. Before we know anything about the Nanospeed 9900 let me tell you something about Yonex.

If you are a badminton player surely then you may listen to this name before. You may be thinking that why Yonex is more well-known than any other?  

Its all credit is to the hard-working of Minoru Yoneyama which introduced the Yonex in 1949. One special thing about the same brands, it was just known for golf goods. After a reasonable passage of time, it started to put its steps in the full sports field.

Nanospeed 9900 has the main reason for its reputation is its aromatic direction which allows maximum air to pass without any friction.


Its weight increases towards the head. It is also holding the wisdom that increases the jerk power with 2X. On the other hand, the frame is made using High Module Graphite which provides maximum durability.

Head is strung using high-quality strings and offers a solid feel. A more interesting thing about this racket, all these features are taking place in 80g weight.

Lite weight offers a long time to play and prevent the arm from tired. I am sure you will be inspired the features that I am going to describe in the below.

  • Full accurate delivery with 2x more power.
  • Maneuverability is increased to an extent. 
  • Best defensive head with awesome graphics.
  • H.M.G used to build a full frame of this racket.
  • This is the right choice but just for advanced players.

Why Should You Buy It?

Yonex Nanospeed 9900 is the most experienced racket in Yonex history. It is holding all the advancements of the present and provides maximum comfort to the players. I think it is the right choice for one to perform well in the tournaments.


In the above sequences, I have described 10 best badminton rackets by the Yonex. All the given products are reliable and one can believe by closing eyes. I have described the top 10 rackets that will lead you to good performance.

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