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Best Badminton Shoes 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Where the high-quality Shuttlecocks and Rackets are necessary to play badminton there one should have the best quality shoes to perform excellently.

This is the game in which quick and lateral moments are required to perform well. 

I have brought the Best Badminton Shoes which are about the top choices of the current population. This shoe quality differs with the price and features.

All the given pairs are affordable and one can believe by closing eyes. 

Top Picks For Best Badminton Shoes 

We have listed the best badminton shoes in the just base of reliability. You can visit if you are in hurry!

If you are a professional player then you should try one from the Yonex series. This well-known brand is offering hundreds of versions but I have given 5 best badminton shoes.  

Quick Comparison of Best Badminton Shoes

Yonex SHB 65 Z
Rubber XPerforated
ASICS Men’s Upcourt 2Gel RubberMesh
Yonex Aerus 2
Rubber XMesh
Yonex SHB 03 EX
Rubber XPlan
Yonex SHB CFAXRubber XMesh

1. Yonex SHB 65 Z

One of the most popular products by the Yonex is the SHB 65 Z shoe pair which are specially made to get an excellent grip and maximum comfort in the courts. 

These shoes are belonging to power cushioned series of badminton which allows one to have faster, lite and comfortable wear.

Toe-centric design of these shoes allows midfoot to have proper delivery with the ground and extra jumping power. Before we discuss anything about the SHB 65 Z let us know a bit about the Yonex that what type of this brand and wherefrom it is?

This is a very well-known brand especially known in the badminton series and the most dramatic thing that you can get about all the goods for sports at a very pocket-friendly price.

In 1947 Minoru Yoneyama founded it in the Japanese country. The very begging interval time of this company was to produce just plastic floats for the golf game.

Let come back and know why one should choose the SHB 65 Z? Highly comfortable midsole which is totally made using pure EVA.

This material provides the shock-absorbing ability and maximum durability to its wearer. Power cushion advancements lead to great and lite footwork and 3x more shock-absorbing quality.

The upper side is totally made using pure leather which lives so long and the highly durable outsole is made with rubber which prevents one from slipping in courts. I have summarized few features of these shoes in very next bullets.

  • Power cushioned, durable and good gripping power.
  • Upper & sides are purely made using the P.U leather.
  • Tough Brid system provides maximum jumping ability.
  • Highly stable outsole made with expensive rubber.
  • Often player complain for hurting material used inside.

Why Should You Buy It?

By taking overview of the SHB 65 z shoes by Yonex I think this is right choice to play indoor games. There is pure material used for the formation of these shoes and available at very affordable price. If you are a Professional player than you may choose many other choices given below.

2. ASICS Men’s Upcourt 2

ASICS Upcourt 2 shoes are belonging to the advanced Power gel multi-court series of ASICS brand.

The highly-dramatic outsole which is the pure combo of expensive silicon and rubber provides maximum stability to the men in courts. 

The formation of these shoes speaks to its mouth that these shoes are highly made for indoor courts which allows one to have quick move, easy stop, maximum jump, and several other cuts.

Let discuss the brand which is forming the MEN’s Upcourt 2 shoes. ASICS is the name which is held in the Japanese country involved in the total formation of goods about sports especially shoes.  In 1949 Kihachiro found this international corporation with its current name.

Now let come to know why one should choose the ASICS Men’s Upcourt 2 to play indoor games? Most bowling quality of these shoes is its outsole which makes them perfect to perform in all the courts no matter indoor or PU. 

This sole is designed such in the way that one may have maximum stability on the ground and increases the jumping ability up to 3x.  

The Rearfoot Gel cushion system allows to have great footwork with very lite and soft wear and prevent the foot from any serious injury.

You can change the outsole with the custom orthotics. Upper is purely made with leather-lined up with a thin layer of high-quality mesh. I have listed a few advancements of Men’s Upcourt 2 shoes that will lead you to your better decision.

  • 100% pure rubber outsole offers maximum grip.
  • High-quality mesh offers to moisturize free interior.
  • Available at a very affordable price, easy to wear.
  • Very lite weighted offers sweat & unique design.
  • These shoes are a bit harder than the other versions.

Why Should You Buy It?

ASICS is a very well brand which is offering hundreds of versions of shoes but the Men’s up court have many complain as these are not long-lasting and are bit harder than the other shoes. I have given the best badminton shoes; you also can check the next.

3. Yonex Aerus 2

Most experienced and competent shoes in the market to play indoor games are known as Power cushion Aerus 2 by Yonex.

The well-ventilated design allows one to be excellent with the moisturize free interior.

This is the pair holding unique design, greater durability, power cushion system which allows one to have jumped at max height.

Before discussing anything other let us know about the brand from which the Aerus 2 shoe is belonging.

Yonex is the name which was founded in 1947 by the Minoru Yoneyama. The main purpose of this brand was just he producing plastic floats which are often used in a golf game.

After getting good remarks the produced started to put the step-in allover sports. Now you can get about all the goods for indoor and outdoor games.

Why one should choose the Yonex Aerus 2 to play “OR” what are the qualities for which one should have experience it? This is a very common question and knows I am going to answer it.

The first thing is its Power cushion system which enhances the jumping power to the 3x. Upper is made using pure leather and there are lined up mesh which allows air to pass.

Another wonderful thing about these shoes is holding 270 g which is a bit less than the other standard size shoes. In the coming bullets, I have described a few PROS and CONS that really lead you to your best and suitable decision.

  • Upper is made with leather & covered by high-quality mesh.
  • To control lateral movements advance power cushion idea.
  • Lite and soft to wear, perfect control is also offered by sole.
  • Hyperlite offers further 10% decreases in weight than others.
  • Luxurious but have short time to live for well-performance.

Why Should You Buy It?

If we take an allover review of the Yonex Aerus 2 it will lead you to the result that allover shoes are good and very easily available in the market at a pocket-friend price but how much this pair will live long with you, its all depends upon its wearer. I also have given some other choices.

4. Yonex SHB 03 EX

Unique look with outstanding and secure fitness is the shoes that are named SHB 03 EX.

These shoes are designed for maximum stability and there is a unique advance look which is given to this pair from the highly experienced textile institute. 

Another interesting about the current version, these shoes are also belonging to the Yonex. As int the previous post “Best Badminton Shuttlecocks” I have explained the Yonex that a very well-known brand which is especially known in the badminton series.

This brand was founded by Minoru Yoneyama in a Japanese country under the year 1947. This brand has a deep relation with the badminton and the first product after making the plastic floats was badminton rackets which the Yonex released.

There are so many versions of shoes available in the market by this brand but the hottest and fast in the market is the SHB 03 EX.

Why one should choose the SHB 03 EX to play badminton? First more asked a thing about the shoes is gel and cushion system. If we discuss the same in the current product, you will get the answer that Yonex SHB 03 EX is holding outstanding cushioning system which prevents the moisturize from all the aspects of foot.

On the other hand, the outsole is holding a beneficial design which offers a great grip with the ground of court. These shoes are offering solid midsole EVA midsole with tough-brid light.

The highly engineered graphite sheet and well cushioning system provide maximum shock-absorbing ability. This sheet also increases the stability and control up to 3x.

  • 3x extra cushioning system is offering a great shock absorber.
  • PU leather & extra mesh prevents moisturize from the interior.
  • Unique and well contrasting color scheme offers well look.
  • Available in the market at very pocket-friend affordable price.
  • A bit expensive and made just for professional players.

Why Should You Buy It?

Finally, the allover result is Yonex SHB 03 EX is a very advanced version of the shoe. These shoes are highly suggested to the professional players. The main thing about the outsole, it is purely made using the silicon rubber and there is special design given to its showed side so that it may have a maximum grip with the floor.

5. Yonex SHB CFAX

Top end of SHB series shoes at which the power cushion system ends is the latest model by the Yonex named as SHB CFAX

CFAX hoes are offering unique design and there is 90% P.U and leather involved in the formation which provides extra durability.

One can get fully moisturize free interior using these power cushioned shoes. As you know much about the Yonex that a very well-known brand which was founded in a Japanese country under 1947 by a very well-known player Minoru Yoneyama.

Rackets, Shoes, and Shuttlecock are the most fundamental products of the same brand. This brand was known as the float maker company in the very beginning.

After a great work and the good remarks of people, the Minoru also started to put the steps in this total field. Now there is nothing about sports that the same brand is not producing.

Advancements for which the SHB CFAX by Yonex are highly suggested? As you known grip is the main thing that the players seek in the shoes.

There is pure silicone used for the total formation of the outsole. This is one thing about outsole, there is another that the design given to its outside is very special which provides maximum stability and quick movement.

Upper is made using high-quality P.U and leather. Extra power cushioning system prevents the moisturize and provides a soft and comfortable environment.

Well, interlocking bracelet system offers quick to wear. There are so many other features that the Yonex SHB CFAX shoes provide I have listed below.

  • Power cushioning system, & responsible midsole.
  • PU and pure leather are involved in the formation.
  • Durable rubber is constructed most outsole’s part.
  • Easily available in the market at very affordable price.
  • Sometimes these shoes not available in the stock.

Why Should You Buy It?

Yonex CFAX by the SHB power cushioned series are very beneficial shoes for the beginners and offer all the features at a very pocket-friend price. If you are a professional player then you also can check the other given in the list.


Allover result of the reviews there are Best Badminton Shoes given which are about top choices of current sports man. All the shoes are reliable and long lasting. You also can check Best Badminton Rackets in the previous post. 

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