How Far Can a Crossbow Shoot?

Do you want to know about your crossbow shooting range? O Really!

Hundreds of top-notch crossbows are available in the market providing the latest features as well as incompatible shooting ranges to hunt the deer, elk, and other big animals.

  • You can easily shoot up to 500 yards but you will not get your target accurately.
  • While skilled and experienced hunters can hunt up to a maximum of 100 yards.
  • 50 to 70 yards is the recommended distance depending on whether you are using a crossbow or compound bow.
  • While for beginners 40 yards will be a perfect distance.

The maximum shooting range of crossbow fairly relies on, how much the weight of an arrow is and which type of broadhead is used?

According to archery states, heavier the weight of bolt decreases the distance and penetration powers deeply, and vice versa.

However, in this article, you would go through some factors for knowing the comfortable shooting range of your crossbow, well. So, let’s see the following comprehensive guide just in a couple of minutes, given below.

What is the Effective Range of Crossbow?

The effective hunting range of crossbows means that how far you can shoot the arrows confidently with your favorite crossbow, accurately and consistently.

No doubt, the accuracy of any hunting arrow or bolts may be changed just according to your targeted animal due to the different weight and size which requires more precise shots.

Generally, the shooting range of crossbow influences on your experience and skills. As a beginner, it may be complicated to handle the bow and make a shot up to 30 yards.

While after spending many years with the crossbow, you might be able to shoot up to 400 yards only because of your experience and abilities.

The instant change of weather can impact the accuracy of your crossbow shots to a much extent as well as the trajectory of your fired bolt.

How Far Can a Broadhead Travel?

The quality crossbow and well-tuned broadhead play a vital role to shoot the broadhead at a large distance. It will just according to your own preferences and skills.

Respectively, an experienced hunter can shoot up to 500 yards but the problem that rarely comes is to maintain the accuracy factor of broadhead which is literally impossible.

Shooting at 500 yards can be possible but you may get your arrow or bolt in an uncontrolled way as well as the penetration power gets lost before reaching your target, well.

What is the Best Hunting Range?

An ideal hunting range of crossbow exclusively matters on the combination of your skill level and the equipment which you are using to hunt.

Numerous models of crossbows are available with their multiple shooting ranges. You can get the effective hunting range of 60 yards by using the crossbow of 300+ FPS.

Beyond that, you can shoot the arrow up to 80 yards by using the same crossbow model just due to your much archery experience and abilities.

80 yards is enough distance to shoot your crossbow target from a distance because above this range hunters meet with the less consistency of arrows or bolts.

In archery, most hunters prefer to make a clear shot at 35 yards or further less. The reason is that by doing this you may be able to fire at the proper spot.

While at long distances, arrows are no longer able to stay in the air and that is why they may be lost a clean cut on their actual target.

What is the Best Target Practice Range?  

A quality crossbow target imperatively affects the precision of your bolt shots.

It is the necessary chunk of the crossbow gears to have for shooting practices, well. In the market, there are various products of archery targets available to choose from.

When it comes to hunting then there is a need for a lot of practice shooting in excellent manners at instant target animals in the competition fields.

During practice shooting, you have no need to learn the basic ethics of archery activity because there you can shoot easily from anywhere without any problem.

Individually, you can make a shoot up to 80 yards by using the crossbow of 300+ FPS easily, due to the most reliable and constructive materialized targets.   

However, keep in mind that the weather may change the consistency and accuracy of your arrow during the flight, even arriving at 30 yards.

What Causes a Crossbow to Shoot Farther?

The entire development of your crossbow may affect the velocity of your bolt to a much extent because every season, a lot of new crossbow configurations come into existence.

Besides it, the structure of the crossbow bolt which you used to hunt might slow down the progress of your hunting experience because the much-weighted bolt covers a shorter distance.

Moreover, the archery beginner and professional cannot shoot the crossbow by similar consistency because they have incompatibilities in their experiences and skill levels.

How to improve the Range of Your Crossbow?

There are few useful assumptions by which you can imperatively improve the range of your crossbow to a maximum yard.

But the accuracy and consistent behavior of your bolt depend upon your personal experience and preference as well as your hunting skills.

So, let’s see the most effective guidelines for getting the optimal performance of the crossbow.


Not only having the much expensive and quality bow gears of archery matters to enhance your hunting performance but also there is a need for willing much time to get experience.

For getting the little farther yards of bolts, you need to be loyal and fully comfortable with your crossbow equipment. The use of any type of arrows will give different behaviors to shoot.

That’s why you should be calmed with your crossbow as well as bolts while shooting the different products of targets for gaining the more reliable shots while hunting.

Over time, surely you would have much experience in hunting as well as skills to perform the game in a better manner.

Just need to switch out your broadheads, bolts, and arrows in your favorite crossbow model and shoot them in every way for getting the proper results.


It is not enough to have only the best recurve bow. For gaining the optimal performance of your crossbow just there is a need to maintain it by going through the cocking and waxing, etc.

Gently, cock your crossbow by using the good cocking device. It also depends on your personal preferences to purchase the quality device for the cocking mechanism.

There exist multiple methods to cock the crossbow, well. But using the rope cocking device is a bit favorable and recommended by archery organizations.

The reason is that it makes the cocking mechanism very simple and easy without marking any lines on either side of the crossbow.

Just place your crossbow to the opposite side of the ground between your feet and hook up the string by using the appliances of clumps on both sides to maintain the equal tension.

So, in this way, you will get your crossbow properly cocked.


The proper maintenance of a crossbow is considered a vital part by going through all the particular injunctions such as cocking the crossbow and waxing it greatly before going to hunt.

Waxing can make your crossbow performance most incredible and smooth just by shooting the bolts or arrows farther apart from the actual.

Therefore, doing all these particular techniques on a daily basis for increasing the life of your crossbow and making more meat on the table.


As hunting is being played on an extensive level due to which more and more people are getting into it with great enthusiasm.

But a big problem to choose this gadget is to determine all the archery terms such as draw weight and draw length to make it suitable for you.

Ideally, everyone wants a perfect crossbow which is according to his body weight and size. In case of too big or heavy draw weight, one will face difficulties in his journey.

The best way to find the best one crossbow is to play the archery by using the different models, by doing this you will surely get a standard crossbow model.


Apart from that, your hunting performance also depends upon the condition of your broadheads that you will use to shoot the animals as well as during practices.

A precise broadhead surely grooms your performance. There are variants of broadheads available such as mechanical and removable blades that give you the large cutting diameter.

So, make sure that broadheads and arrows are in good condition before the shoot because a little negligence to maintain your crossbow can make it difficult to hunt in good manners.

A little bent or damaging part of broadhead can decrease the distance up to many yards. So, do your job nicely and use something good to screw your broadheads.

However, if you are using the bolts or field points in shooting activities then no doubt, they may be affected by the distance and penetration powers due to a slight blow of air.

What Type of Broadheads is Best for Maximum Range?    

Ultimately, choosing the best quality broadheads is considered a much-complicated task, especially by novice hunters, while in actual it is not.

The selection of broadheads is quite reliant on your personal preferences just according to your hunting skills, but there exist hunters’ recommendations to choose the reliable one.

According to professionals, mechanical broadheads can be an excellent choice because they have greater penetration powers due to their expandable features.

But if you want to hunt specific animals like Turkey then there are many turkey broadheads available that are specially designed for hunting turkey and kill them in one shot.

However, these blades are heaviest in weight due to which they are not able to cover the more distances. While fixed blades may be the best choice for you.

Because they give you consistent and adorable shots while traveling to their target. Moreover, they are lower in weight as compared to others which ensures more coverage.

The Final Verdict

So, you can shoot a crossbow up to 200 yards for the perfect killing of deer and other big animals but it may not be more proficient for you.

To analyze the range of your crossbow, you need to go through a lot of practices by using the multiple models of crossbows such as compound crossbows and recurve crossbows.

Although, if you are playing as a beginner then you can shoot up to 30 yards which are considered the best range of crossbows for getting the deep piercing in the exact spot of your target.

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