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10 Best Bow Sight 2022 & Buyer’s Guide

A professional hunter never forgets his essential hunting equipment while going for a hunt, and the best bow sight is just one of them.

Skills matter but the highest level is always reserved for those who know to manage and merge their experience with the equipment. That’s why you should consider buying a top-rated high-quality bow sight.

A quality bow scope is referred to for considering the bow sight better. It imperatively enhances precision in shots and gives a measured view.

Today, Hunting editor Maddi will walk you through each and everything that you need to know about the bow sights.  

After spending more than 19 hours researching, examining the bow sights, our editor, Maddi, has chosen the 10 best bow sights of 2022 that are best in terms of precision, ease, quality, and performance.

So you can buy any of these top-rated bow sights without any doubt.

The main reason for using the bow sights with the best compound bows, it improves the aim and alignment of the entire targeting or shooting system.

You also can say, the bow sight saves money when you consistently take shots without missing targets.

If you are a beginner in using compound bows then you probably need to learn how to sight in it. The tutorial will lead you through all that you need at the first shot.

Quick Comparison of Best Bow Sights of 2022

Check the most visited bow sights of 2022. The selection is made on the basis of reliability and amazon customers ratings. Furthermore, we highly recommend going through product reviews before buying one.

ProductsPin SetupilluminationPrice
TOPPOINT 3 Pin 3 horizontalYES
Trophy Ridge Volt 5 5 horizontalYES
Fix Series Sight 5 horizontalYES
IQ Bowsight Micro 3 horizontalNO
Ridge React Pro 5 horizontalYES
Covert Pro Sight 3 horizontalNO
APEX GEAR Covert 1 verticalNO
Garmin Xero A1 DigitalYES
IQ Ultralite 5 Pin Sight 3 horizontalNO
Oracle Rangefinder DotYES

1. TOPPOINT 3 Pin – Best Compound Bow Sight Under 20$

TOPPOINT is the name of reliability and tends to make durable but affordable sports products. 3 Pin Fiber brass bow sight is the incredible bow sight made using rigid aluminum for long-lasting use.

It also a built-in bubble level for stability and balance.

Knobs & Alignment

6061 -T6 aluminum built TOPPOINT 3 Pin bow sight offers 0.029 optic diameter. It is available in multiple colors including green and red. Vertical bars help in measuring the distance between the bow and object.

It is designed with the wisdom for both hand orientations.

Technology & Others

TOPPOINT brass is the best 3 pin bow sight which incorporates drawn markings for elevation and windage. CNC machined used for fine finishing and removing machined marks.

The package includes pin and knobs tools for the sight installation.

Brand & Affordability

TOPOINT Archery is the world’s #1 sports company and has been working in the field for over 30 years. 3 Pin brass is its best affordable bow weight under 20$.

  • Quality construction, no need for maintenance, easy to install.
  • Best for both hand orientations, light on the pocket, elevation.Pro
  • A built-in bubble level, multiple colors, aluminum CNC.
  • First CThere is nothing reported negative about the TOPPOINT bow sight.on

Why Should You Buy It?

TOPPOINT 3 Pin bow sight is the demand of hunters and specially designed for the beginners. It includes all that you need about the sight view at a very reasonable price of 20$. Furthermore, you also get knob pin tools free of cost for sight installation.  

2. Trophy Ridge Volt 5 – Best Affordable Compound Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge is a penchant for giving highly durable archery gear at a very affordable price. Ridge Volt 5 is the most compact archery sight made using high-quality aluminum.

it offers five ultra-brightened horizontal optic pins for the extraordinary view.

Knobs & Alignment

Ridge Volt 5 bow sight is offering mounting holes for the added customizability. The bubble level helps in keeping the bow in level and also offers a green hood accent for the immediate acquisition.

The reversible mount design of the sight was selected for both hand orientations.  

Technology & Others

One thing that I loved in the Trophy Ridge Volt 5; it is offering integrated rheostat light with the 15+ different adjustments. One can easily access the illumination adjuster while hunting.

It is also offering 3 mounting positions beside the elevation and windage adjustments.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge, as I described earlier is the famous archery brand and works to bring new ideas in the field. Trophy Ridge Volt 5 is the best bow sight for elk hunting and available for under 50$.

It offers several hoods and level adjustments for adding more comfortability.

  • Made using state of the art ridge aluminum, illuminated.
  • Both hand orientations, properly aligned shots, hood accent.
  • Best bow sight under 50$ needs less maintenance.
  • There is nothing to say negative about the Trophy Ridge bow sight.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are a beginner in hunting and looking for the best cheap bow sight then the Trophy Ridge Volt 5 is the right choice. it functions like the premium bow sights but available for under 50$. Furthermore, the 5-pin bow sight includes several adjustments with illumination and knobs.

3. Fix Series Sight – Best 5 Pin Bow Sight (Trophy Ridge)

Looking for the most accurate bow sight? Fix Series Sight is your last opportunity for building a precis shooting system. it is available with the micro-adjustable pins for the ultimate visibility.

You get several easy adjustments such as for brightness and fiber optics.

Knobs & Alignment

Fix Series is the best long-range bow sight with the heightened accuracy even over a longer distance. One more exclusive thing about the sight, you can modify it to a suitable brightness with the environment.

It is available with the rheostat light for additional comfortability.

Technology & Others

0.019 horizontal fiber optics pins offer unbelievable accuracy. You will have to choose between 5-3-7 pins model and removing the pins is very easy.

Micro windage with the elevation adjustments imperatively improves the stability of the sight.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is the most popular archery company and known for the durability of its products.

Fix Series Sight is one of the most incredible productions and available in all pin models it is the best bow sight under 100$ and also includes knob tools free of cost in the package.

  • High stability, best low light bow sight, pin modification.
  • Available for under 100$, includes installing knob tools.
  • Micro-adjustable pins, very easy to install on the bows.
  • There is nothing negative reported about the bow sight.

Why Should You Buy It?

Choosing the Fix Series bow Sight will be the right decision because it offers the hunters seen in premium sights. You can adjust the pins, modify the knobs using tools, and also decrease brightness for comfortability. Furthermore, you can buy it with a low budget of 70$.

4. IQ Bowsight Micro – Top Rated Compound Bow Sight

If you are looking for the best vertical pin bow sight then the IQ Micro bow sight is the most recommended option. The entire system compels to form consistency and enables hunters to shoot at a longer distance. 

Knobs & Alignment

The IQ bow sight is available with the adjustable knobs that provide simple elevation modifications. It imperatively helps in keeping the precision positions on the decided marking.

The system is including tool-free windage and elevation adjustments. Micro 3 pin bow sight is also offering 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments.

Technology & Others

IQ Bowsight is constructed using the Retina Lock technology which is responsible for ensuring proper alignment and stability.

Quality silver is used for making the entire sight frame for the hard-hitting claims. It also keeps the knobs balanced and maintains the torque on the shooting system.

Brand & Affordability

IQ is a famous sports company and works to bring several new ideas in the field. IQ Micro is its best 3 pin bow sight and available for under 100$. Furthermore, it is very easy to install on compound bows.

  • Available with the adjustable micro knobs.
  • Tiny fiber made optics pins, optional sight light.
  • Really beatable package, with easy adjustments.
  • There is nothing reported negative about the bow sight.

Why Should You Buy It?

Hundreds of bow sights available but choosing the IQ Micro will be the right decision. The reason is straight forward, it is available with the tool-free locking knobs that are a more exclusive thing near the hunters. Furthermore, you also get smart pin tools for installing the bow sight.

5. Ridge React Pro – Best Tool-less Sight for Compound Bows

Now with the Trophy Ridge React Pro, you are no longer to miss the targets. The bow sight is available with the mathematical precision of the react technology and also supports the optical locations.

Easy correction with the tool-less micro click and windage elevation.

Knobs & Alignment

Ridge React bow sight is extremely balanced and precise bow sight with the built-in bubble level. It makes an easy correction with advance too-less micro click for the windage elevation.

Strengthen accuracy at several positions and it tends to a consistency even for the longer distance.

Technology & Others

Ridge React Pro sight is designed with both hand orientation. It is available in 0.010 pins and 0.019 pin two different models.

The bow sight is made using stainless steel for the long-time consistent use. It is the best bow sight for long distances available for under 100$.

  • Made with stainless steel, easy installation, both-hand orientation.
  • Needs less maintenance, extremely precise, built-in bubble level.
  • The sight bow may be heavy weighted but it is not a big issue.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a simple and straightened bow sight then the Trophy Ridge React Pro is the right option. It is available for under 100$ and also includes small knob pin tools.

6. Covert Pro Sight – Best Bow Sight for Deer Hunting (Apex Gear)

If you are looking for the best dot illuminated bow sight for hunting deer then meet with the Cover Pro with both left-hand and right-hand orientations. The rear-facing sight is available with the adjustable indicating pin.

Knob & Alignment

Apex didn’t compromise on precision in Cover Pro Sight. It features a gravity-line beside the pin movement and best for keeping the sight balancing.

The 3-pin slider bow sight is available with the illuminated power dot and aiming points. It can be adjusted to one of eleven brightness settings easily.

Technology & Others

Gravity-line technology is the thing that makes the bow sight extra-ordinary. The rear-facing sight tape is very comfortable to see for everyone.

Probably the big drawback in the bow sights is their visual quality with a single pin but the Apex gear Covert Pro Sight is out of it. It indicates a dot for aiming perfect on target.

Brand & Price

Apex Gear is the famous archery brand and has been working in the field for over 30 years. Cover Pro is it’s best illuminated considered bow sight and available for under 200$.

Furthermore, you are also getting small pin knob tools for the sight installation free of cost with the package.

  • Highly compact frame, available with the classic dot view.
  • Very easy to install on bows, several sights, and pin adjustments
  • Available at a very affordable price, no need for maintenance.  
  • The pin bow sight is considered more useful for compound bows.

Why Should You Buy It?

Cover Pro Sight is specially designed for beginners. It includes a single dot sight view with several other modifications. You can adjust the illumination of several modes. Furthermore, the sight is very easy to install on bows and you are also getting knob pin tolls free of cost in the package.

7. APEX GEAR Covert – Best 1-pin Sight for elk Hunting

If you are looking for the best bow sight for Mathews then meet the APEX GEAR Covert. The incredible bow sight is produced in the USA and includes horizontal as well as vertical tilt adjustments.

It is available with the glow in the dark illuminated scope for the extraordinary view in dark.

Knobs & Alignment

Micro-adjustable windage and elevations keeps the Covert bow sight accurate for shots on long-distance. Precision machined aluminum construction gives surety of its long-term consistent use.

Seeing the yardage tape is very easy through the sight. It is available for under 150$ with the knob pin tools.

  • N/A made in the USA, very easy to install on compound bows.
  • Available for under 150$, single sight pin machined construction.
  • There is nothing reported negative about the APEX GEAR Covert sight.

Why Should You Buy It?

APEX GEAR Covert is the best pendulum bow sight available at a pocket-friendly price. It includes options for installing the traditional pins and also is very easy to set on bows. The package is affordable, you are getting necessary tools free of cost.

8. Garmin Xero A1 – Best Auto-Ranging Digital Bow Sight

If you are a beginner and looking for the best digital bow sight then it is your last opportunity, you can buy the Garmin Xero A1 now. It includes Led pins for automatic measurement of the distance to the target.

You need minimal movement for the single trigger button.

Knobs & Alignment

Garmin Xero A1 is the best bow sight for long-distance and capable of working with the small one push.

The auto-ranging bow sight is made using high-quality ABS plastic and includes 1 year’s life AAA Lithium battery. The more exclusive thing about the sight, it is customizable for the single and multi-pins.

Technology & Others

Garmin Xero bow sight is available for both hand orientations. The standard model of sight includes a small pin and knob tools for the installation. Do manual pin selection if you love the traditional one.

Brand & Affordability

Garmin is the best archery company well-known for the durability and affordability of the products. Garmin Xero A1 bow sight is one of incredible archery production which is available for under 200$.

It includes AAA Lithium batteries for long-time use and available with the traditional pin installation options.

  • High-quality construction, bow includes illumination adjustment.
  • Available at an affordable price, very easy to install on compound bows.
  • Perfect elevation, automatic measures the distance to target.
  • This auto-range bow sight is more expensive than regular sights.

Why Should You Buy It?

Garmin Xero A1 is the most demanded bow sight, especially by the aggressive hunters. it is capable of measuring the distance among the bow and object with no effort. The AA lithium battery gives non-stop long-time use. Furthermore, the package is also including installation tools free of cost.

9. IQ Ultralite 5 Pin Sight – Best Hunting Bow Sight (IQ Products)

IQ Ultralite 5 is a really incredible bow sight with the increased range and Retina Lock Technology. It stores muscle memory and also builds consistency even with long-range shots.

One thing that I would appreciate, it is available for both hand orientations.

Knobs & Alignment

IQ Ultra Lite 5 Pin sight is available with the 0.019 fiber optics pins for ultra-precise view. The built-in side level helps in keeping the sight balanced.

Your shot can be more than 10” at 40 yards even if you try to torque your bow and anchor point. I think it is enough for the long-range shots.

Technology & Others

Retina Lock technology is used for keeping muscle memory. The rheostat sight light S1500, it would be the reason for buying the IQ Ultra Lite 5 Pin Sight. It is made using durable aluminum and available with the silent coat finish.

Brand & Affordability

IQ is a well-honored archery brand and has been working in the field for over 30 years. It is an expert in producing quality bow sights for compound bows.

The IQ Ultralite sight is made with polymer fiber and available for under 30$.

  • Quality fiber construction, ease of aiming, needs less maintenance.
  • Available with the built-in bubble level, very easy to adjust with knobs.
  • Best Compound bow sight under 100$, Retina lock technology.
  • There is nothing worse to say about the IQ Ultra Lite 5 Pin Sight.

Why Should You Buy It?

IQ Ultralite is the most demanded archery sight and specially designed for the hunters. It tends to be auto-ranging and very easy to use for beginners. The package is really affordable, you can buy the IQ bow sight for under 100$.

10. Oracle Rangefinder – Best Built-in Rangefinder Bow Sight

Looking for the auto-ranging bow sight for compound bow? meet with the Oracle Rangefinder sight by the Burris Optics company and we are sure you will forget all others.

The best laser rangefinder includes a built-in display for the exact aiming on the target.

Knob & Alignment

The oracle sight is capable of aiming on the exact point and it’s all due to the rangefinder. It calculates the aiming points even from a long distance and pretends the right object.

Burris Optics used rugged and durable aluminum for constructing the bow sights. A high-quality knob locking system leads you to a fully adjustable sight.

Technology & Others

Oracle Rangefinder is a reliable archery tool that offers 20 yards fixed pin and vertical bar. You can comfortably and confidently shoot on the aim due to its stability and clear view. You can install traditional pins because the sight also includes options.

Brand & Affordability

Burris Optics is the famous archery company that is bringing several new ideas to the field. Oracle Rangefinder is the most stable bow sight made for compound bows.

It includes two different trajectory curves for the different arrows drawn. Furthermore, you can buy it for under 600$.

  • Aluminum durable construction, easy to aim at objects.
  • Reliable archery tools, no need for maintenance, pin option.
  • Uses dot for aiming, works just like the rifle scope.
  • It is a bit expensive but works differently than regular sights.

Why Should You Buy It?

Oracle Rangefinder is the most demanded bow sight specially made for beginners. It is available for under 600$ but capable of aiming at an unbelievable distance. Furthermore, you can use it with traditional pins.


We have shortlisted the 10 Best Bow Sights 2022 and tried our best to bring the most appropriate choices. The listed products are best for everyone whether he is an expert or beginner. Also, give us feedback !!!

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