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Aluminum Vs. Carbon Arrows – Which is BEST & Why

Archery is a very simple sport that requires some basic skills within a few appliances involving bows, bolts, and targets, etc.

Arrow is one of the most necessary equipment from all of the bowhunting accessories.

Because it plays an essential role in a proper hunting experience of an archer by providing him the incredible and durable shots of best-quality broadheads.

There are variants of carbon and aluminum arrows available due to which most of the recreational and professional hunters become confused in choosing the suitable one.

If you are also the traditional target shooter then obviously you need some specific guides for making a clear difference between both sorts of arrows.

However, in this article, we are going to figure out all the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum and carbon arrows after proper assessment.

Difference Between Aluminum and Carbon Arrows  

Aluminum and carbon arrows are constructed by using the different materials to perform in the excellent behavior and used by most of the hunters.

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This is the most common question from all the archers, “which type of arrows will be best for shooting targets”? It all depends on your personal experiences in the archery field.   

However, you can differ by going through all the pros and cons of both products, one by one.

Aluminum Arrows

The type of arrows that were constructed in the 1940s by using the aluminum fibers. These arrows are easily available in the market at affordable prices.

At the beginning of archery, hunters used the wooden made arrows which were not more durable and only can be used by the recurve bows.

While aluminum arrows do not require any specific limitations in the case of bows. You can use them in each sort of bows including recurve and compound bows.

The one thing that makes its user a bit more friendly is its interchangeable features. It has the screw tip which allows the convenient change of the different arrowheads.


There are some other positive aspects of aluminum arrows that make the bowhunters more friendly and reliable, mentioned below.

  • Aluminum arrows are perfectly strong and less-breakable. They are heavy and easily used for the target practicing with a large force and also require greater draw weight for making long shots.
  • However, due to their heavyweight, they may be traveled slowly as well as also requiring the great force to drawback.
  • They are made of aluminum material that ensures the archers more reliable and comfortable, by giving a deep and harder performance. They can easily bear the kinetic energy of bows and targets due to their consistent behavior and uniform shafts.
  • One can properly enjoy his hunting trip by having these products because they are normally durable and can be used for a long-time.
  • They are easily accessible in your specific budget range. But you should purchase bundles of arrows because, after a while use, they may be damaged or reusable.
  • It can be easily managed for prolonging reusability, just within a few pieces of care. 


  • There are also fewer drawbacks which you should be familiar with before making the final decision.
  • However, aluminum arrows can be bent or cracked after a hard impact that causes their reusability feature.
  • Unfortunately, they are not long-lasting that make the hunters a bit sad but they are Quivers friendly.

Carbon Arrows

The mixture of reinforced plastic and carbon fibers are used for their production. They are suitable for use with any sort of crossbow such as repeating and pistol crossbow.

In the early 1990s, carbon arrows were not used for the arrow shaft and were not as popular as aluminum arrows.

But in the 20th century, they revolutionized the archery sport due to its stronger behavior and lighter weight. They can easily tend to their original position just after a quick bend.

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  • Due to their lighter behavior, they produce consistent and uniform shots of broadheads and are especially used by the professional archers.
  • They can face the kinetic energy even within all types of bows and targets, conveniently.
  • In fact, they are more durable and provide the long-lasting shots of broadheads. Moreover, they can be easily bent and rarely broken after impact.
  • Greater durability increases the arrow’s reusability. Since, carbon arrows are more durable, due to which their reusability rate will be larger.
  • These arrows may not be in your budget range due to its expensive material.
  • Since, they are ideal for both recreational and professional archers because of their light and strong materials.


  • Though carbon arrows are very expensive. Therefore, you need to invest much money in achieving straight forward shots.
  • They may be shattered due to cold climates and do not perform truly in a specific direction. Additionally, they are available in specific sizes and shapes.

Final Verdict

Fortunately, we have escorted all the aspects of aluminum and carbon arrows. As a beginner, aluminum can be a good choice for practice shooting because they are cheap and available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

While low-durability is another negative aspect of these arrows.

Carbon arrows are the most advanced that are designed for hunting specific targets such as turkey and elk, etc.On the other hand, they may be expensive and do not provide the wide range of their products.

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