Hog Hunting

Where To Shoot A Hog With A Bow?

A quality bow, a few arrows, and some tough broadheads are all that you need to deadly lay a hog.

Hunting a hog is a complicated task!!!  I am not agreeing with the statement and after going through the article you will also be not. Today I am going to show a few simple and easy tips for making the clean hog shot using the bow.

Hog Hunting Shot Placements

Don’t shoot the Hog like Whitetail! Whether you are an expert deer hunter, shooting the hog is entirely different and also depends on the weapon (crossbow, rifle) that you are using.

General vicinity is roughly the same but the location of the boar’s organs is a little more forward than the deer. Shooting lower on the Skeleton and armpit the organ that you have considered may prove meaningful.

Many hunters stated out that the perfect heart shot might feel little down on the hog and it really made a great impact. There are three major shots given below that are enough to lay down the pigs.

Heart Shot – The Hottest Pig Shot Ever !!!  

Heart shot is one of the biggest shooting opportunities, especially while hunting the wild hogs with a bow. Shooting lower on the body is always considered armpit to the vital organs and there is a need to understand that the vital organs of the pigs are closer to the shoulder than the whitetail deer.


A hog’s vital structure can seem tricky because its organs are not too big as compared to deer. The heart of the pig sits further forward and lower in the pig’s chest. The main sweet spot is placed among the shoulder’s blades.  

One thing that you may face, the shoulders are tough to penetrate especially on the big Boar. Wait for the perfect face angle that is actually a key to a successful hunt shot. When the object gets a broadside position then release the arrow.

Lungs Shot – 2nd Big Opportunity for Hunting Hog

Shooting the lungs is comparatively easy but not as effective as the heart-shot. It offers more whiles to pigs even after the shot but is not negligible. If you are an expert deer hunter then targeting on the lungs is not a big deal.


Hunting hogs at night with recurve bows, it simply gives hints for destroying the respiratory system of hogs. Lungs are located in the down mid of the chest. There is not any complication and you also don’t need to worry about the shoulder blades.

Wait for the perfect broadside position and keep your powerful crossbow loaded before. Larger pigs will be harder to take down because they have thicker skin and 2x fat than the small hogs. Keep in mind you have sharpened the broadhead for the successful hunt.

Headshot – Hunting Hog with Rifle (Clean Hog Kill)

If you are using the first- or second-generation air rifle then the headshot is the perfect way for getting clean pig food. Hunters also can consider the object behind the air of a pig. It is a great opportunity and best placement which is easy to approach even by the beginner hunter.

Another big chance to shoot the pigs comes true if the hunter and pig are standing face-to-face. Consider the aim on the mid of forehead and just press the trigger for a clean hog kill. Furthermore, hunting the pig using a rifle is an easier and safer opportunity than crossbow hunting.


As you know practice makes a man perfect, so if you are a beginner then go for the 3D hog archery target. It will comparatively improve the accuracy and precision in shoots. Since the vital organs of pigs are small then the deer so we recommend it for more practice.

Also, estimate the stability of the object (hog) before shooting. It will 100% sure clean kill whether you are using a crossbow or air rifle.

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