CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Review

The editors recommend CenterPoint Sniper 370 Compound Crossbow to entry-level archers!

I had my first devastating crossbow by CenterPoint that made me get clean prey from an unbelievable distance. It features CNC machined riser and compact stock with the split limbs for ultra-powerful impact.

Although there are powerful crossbows available still the Sniper 370 beat them with a couple of remarkable factors. its light-weight design doesn’t fatigue the arm and offers more stability while firing.

Maddi Walks you through the detailed characteristics of CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow in this article.

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Specification  

Power Stroke13.5”
Draw weight185lbs.
Trigger Weight5lbs.
Arrow Length (Recommended)400 – 425 grains

A Few Prominent Features

  • CNC Machined Aluminum rail.
  • 370 feet per second velocity.
  • 185 pounds amazing draw weight.
  • Integrated String suppressor.
  • Machined Cam System & limbs.
  • Unique design with divided foregrip.

Pros & Cons

  • Incredible impact with the high shooting velocity.
  • Can be used for hunting all games.
  • Includes precision CNC Machined Cam System.
  • Light-weight, durable crossbows that last long.
  • The trigger may be creepy
  • Heavy front

Accessories with CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Package

  • Crossbow Scope: 4x32mm illuminated scope display exclusive view in dark.
  • Cocking Device: CenterPoint added a rope cocker for easy reloading the device.
  • Shoulder Sling: A nylon made shoulder strap helps in carrying the crossbow.

Detailed Review of CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow

CenterPoint Archery introduced a devastating Rifle Crossbow for getting accurate shots out of range. It includes a couple of impressive factors that are impossible to be in any other crossbow with the same price range. Let’s explore all the features and see how they are significant according to the hunter’s needs.  

Power & Response

Sniper 370 Crossbow is famous for its remarkable velocity of 370fps which is dealing out about 130 FPKE. It needs average kinetic energy (75 FPKE) for harvesting the big games. The cost-effective choice doesn’t limit the hunters when it comes to shooting accurately in or out of range.

Where we discuss precision in shots, Sniper 370 crossbow is more reliable with the target accuracy. Hunters can shoot up to 40 yards still maintaining the accuracy in shots. The combined source of power and kinetic energy imperatively comes from its CNC machined cams and quad limbs.

User Comfort

One thing that makes the difference between the Sniper 370 and other crossbows is its unique design.

It is made using high-end machine aluminum and offers efficiency consistently for a long time. AR-Style stock is incredibly crafted in easy to grip design which also enables you to interchange the grip-positions. Commonly the compound crossbows are considered tough to assemble but in Sniper’s case, it is extremely easy.

Once you assemble the crossbow, it’ll be more comfortable to operate for a long time. Thanks to CenterPoint, it offered an adjustable shoulder strap with the Sniper. It makes it easy to carry the crossbow around. Pistol grip ensures stability either you are using a tripod or shooting generally.

Noise Suppression

CenterPoint’s Sniper 370 crossbow is designed for holding silent operations in states. It uses high-end string suppressors for vibration-free shots and imperatively reduces the overall noise. Each part is attached aesthetically with the bolts and prevents the creep.

The foot Stirrup is coated with flexible rubber and effective in decreasing the vibration. After all these suppressors, if you still want to turn down the noise there the crossbow dampeners are perfect options that you also can use.

Quality of Optics

Sniper 370 is a highly powerful crossbow and capable of hitting the target from over 60 Yards distance. Therefore, CenterPoint offered an illuminated 4x32mm crossbow scope in the package. It features different view options and also customizes the brightness as well as hue according to the environment.

The scope also features crosshair and circular reticle in red and green colors. It has a calibrated set for up to 40 yards and is pretty easy to hold. Although the illumination is not as high as in the premium crossbows but still enhances the accuracy in the foggy weather. Scop is fitted on the aluminum rail and includes a shoot-through riser.

Safety & Guards

As you know the crossbow is a dangerous weapon and its open use can cause the worst things to happen. The Sniper 370 model includes a multi-level safety framework with different safety options. It has an anti-dry fire mechanism that ensures you do not fire accidentally.

Moreover, the foregrip is positioned below the CNC machined rail because it still provides opportunities to handle accidental fires.

Brand & Affordability

CenterPoint is the world’s #1 archery brand and that is known for the durability and affordability of its products. it’s Sniper 370 crossbow is available with a five-year warranty at a very cost-effective price. The package includes an illuminated 4x32mm scope, arrows, shoulder strap, and rope cocking device.

When we discuss the price of the Sniper 370 crossbow, it falls in the range of under 300$. We don’t think any other crossbow to be with the same features in this price range.

Brief Summary of CenterPoint 370 Crossbow

The Sniper 370 crossbow is an incredible weapon available with a unique style stock. It is specially designed for taking big games even from out of range. The illuminated scope clears the target from over 50 yards and includes 5 different brightness levels.

We think the Sniper crossbow is designed for newbies with the ease of use. It is the best budget-friendly weapon and comes with many other helpful accessories.

Important FAQs

What grain broadhead should be used with Sniper 370 Crossbow?

The included manual agrees to use the bolts and field points with the minimum weight. Using the 70 grains broadhead is the best option if you hunt the small game. As the grains will increase, it’ll affect the velocity of bows.

Sniper 370 or Barnett Jackal Crossbow Better?

I used both crossbows for hunting and the Sniper 370 performed 10 times better than the Barnett jack crossbow. Not just in performance but it also beats with the Jackal with the price. If you are proficient then I’ll recommend the Sniper crossbow 100%.

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