Best Single Pin Bow Sight

Best Single Pin Bow Sight for Hunting Reviews [2022]

Professional hunters are always inclined to buy the best single-pin bow sight just for the clear focus.

These bow sights are equipped with a single fiber optic pin and a built-in bubble level for extraordinary consequences. Hence, it makes it quite simple to aim at your prey, and the arrows hit the target precisely.

Single pin sight is also known as 1 pin bow sight doesn’t add complications like best 3 pin bow sights or 5 pin bow sights and gives simple adjustments.

It prefers one target at one time and imperatively affects the accuracy of the entire shooting system.

We have spent hours on research and have purchased a few famous one-pin bow sights to examine them after that we decided on the top rated five best 1 pin bow sights that anyone can buy without any doubt.

Top Picks For Best Single Pin Bow Sight

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HHA Optimizer is the hot recommendation of the day by the RC team. it indicates several scales and includes all that you need while hunting.

Quick Comparison of Best Single Pin Bow Sights

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TRUGLO Rang-Rover Dot SightYES
Pursuit vertical Pin Pin SightNO
HHA Optimizer Sight Single pinNO
Trophy Ridge Driver Slider Pin SightYES
Trophy Ridge React One Pro Pin SightYES

Buyer’s Guide for Best Single Pin Bow Sight

A bow sight can be the only tool needed for aiming at your target accurately.

Hunters spent a lot of time, efforts and money for getting the best possible equipment, so is the case with bow sights.

A bow sight is an essential equipment, so you need to pay special attention for choosing the best single pin bow sights.

And for buying the best one pin bow sight you need to consider a lot of factors that we wrote down in detail.

Let’s begin;

Choose between single pin vs. multiple pins sight

No matter whether you choose a single pin sight or multiple pins sight the accuracy of your aim will be dependent on your ability and grip over your hunting equipment.

Some people prefer one pin sight while others go for 3 pin sight or 5 pins sight.

Each type of sight has its own pros and cons…

1 PIN Bow Sight

One Pin sight off course consists of only 1 pin that can be moved along a tape to adjust the distance. It is the most popular type of bow sight and hunters normally use it because of its simplicity. These sights do have some positives and negatives let’s discuss them in detail;

  • Clear Sight Picture: With only one pin hunters have only one point to view and aim at so they get a very clear picture of the target also there is not any clutter of pins to choose from due to these archers don’t get confused.
  • Shoot Exact Distance: Single pin bow sights are adjustable and can be used to shoot at exact distance, for example, you spotted a deer at 33 yards you just need to dial your sight at 33 yards and shot. There is no need for pin gapping which most probably causes to lose the aim.
  • Longer Range: Since there is only 1 pin which can be adjusted according to need so hunters can adjust the sight at longer ranges such as 100 yards which is not possible with multiple pins sights.
  • Easy to Setup: 1 pin bow sights are almost ready out of the box, all you need to do is to adjust the sight between two ranges normally 20 and 60, and then use sight tape to adjust ranges in between.
  • Can’t Adjust Quickly: Let’s suppose you ranged your prey, adjusted the sight just before releasing the arrow the animal moves at such conditions hunters either have to guess and shoot or have to readjust the sight which is time taking process.
  • Changing setup will ruin everything: If you happen to do any change in your setup like changing draw weight, switching arrow (length/type), or just using heavy broadheads can ruin the whole adjustment of sight.

Multiple Pins Bow Sight

Multiple Pins sights are handier in terms of switching between ranges because you get three to seven pins which can be adjusted at different ranges of yards.

Let’s discuss their pros and cons.

  • Can aim at moving targets: Since there are multiple pins you can still aim at moving target by just switching between the pins. In case if you get a situation where your target is between the ranges of two adjusted pin hunters can use the pin gripping method to guess and shoot – practiced hunters often use this method.
  • Quickly Aim and Shoot: Using multiple pin sights you don’t need to readjust sight every time, in now or never conditions you can shoot very easily and quickly because of having multiple ranges settled on your sight.
  • Less Movement: Animals like deer can sense your presence because of your movement, as you don’t need to readjust sight again and again so chances of being spotted by animals are much less.
  • Difficult to Setup: Multiple pins bow sights take much more time and experience to set up, in some scenarios you may need an expert to setup sight especially if you are using seven pins sight.
  • Pin Gapping: The odds of getting an animal at a fixed range of 20, 30, or 40 yards are much less, in most scenarios your hunt will be between these ranges. In those conditions pin gapping is the only way that is less accurate.
  • Clutter & Confusion: Due to the number of pins inside sight there is clutter which can cause confusion between different ranges of pins. And aiming from a different range of pin will have completely different consequences.

Things to consider before buying a one pin bow sight

  • Accuracy: The more accurate your sight will be the more precisely you will hit the target, the accuracy of bow sight is dependent on the type of optics used, brightness of the pin. You can read customer reviews about these factors to get top-notch accuracy of your sight.
  • Range: The range of bow sight is directly dependent on the type and quality of optics being used. There is a wide range of optics available for different length of ranges, if you want to hunt in a range of 50 or 60 yards then almost all the sights we reviewed can help you but if you have a specific range in your mind then consider buying a bow sight with higher range.
  • Design & Features: Bow sights vary from one another in a lot of ways, one of those is the design and features it offers, some sights may be designed so well that you can adjust the dials easily while other may be difficult to operate. Different manufactures add different features in their products which may suit some people however it depends on their needs and preferences.
  • Ease of Use: The design and overall construction of sight play a vital role in your sight’s ease of use. Always consider a sight that is easy to set up, adjust, and can be attached and detached very easily from your bow.
  • Weight: The heavier your bow will be harder it will become to handle and use it for a long time, usually single pin bow sights are constructed using aluminum which is a lightweight but stronger material. Always consider stiff and lighter sights over heavier ones.
  • Durability: Bow sight’s pin used to be a concern for most people because it may get damaged over time but now most manufacturers are taking care of it. Most durable sights have extra protection around the whole structure that makes them bear the wear and tear and also make it durable.
  • Brand Reputation: There are more brands of bow sights in the market than ever. Every brand has something new and there is a great innovation in archery equipment, the quality, overall performance, and durability of the bow is very much dependent on sight’s brand. So, always check 1 pin bow sight’s brand and its reviews.
  • Budget: As I said earlier, spending on your equipment is essential, but having a fixed budget in your mind helps to narrow down the available options and choose the best 1 pin bow sight. Whether you have experienced or just a beginner, make sure to make a list of features in your mind you need in your sight, and then set a budget limit in this way you will save a lot of time.

Different types of bow sights

Depending on the archer’s condition and place where the bow sight will be used sights are divided into three main categories;

  • Moveable or 1 Pin Sights: One pin sight or single pin sight is the most common and widely used bow sight, as its name suggests, it has only one pin which can be adjusted as needed. Hunters and archers who shoot at specific distances often use one pin bow sights for aiming at the target. Some single pin sights also have a moveable tape and a pin which can be adjusted on the spot according to distance marked on tap.
  • Fixed Pins Sights: Fixed pin bow sights are not as common as one pin sights, but they are still used by hunters who plan to aim their targets at different distances. These sights may consist of 3 pins, 5 pins and some even have 7 pins. Each pin is adjusted to a specific distance range, for instance, the first pin is adjusted for 10 yards, the second is adjusted for 20 yards, and so on, in this way, a hunter can aim the targets at different ranges.
  • Pendulum or Tree stand Sight: Every hunting trip is different, sometimes you need to hide upon a tree and wait for your target while at times you may find your prey just a few yards away. Pendulum or tree stand sight is commonly used when aiming from an elevated area like a tree or hill. Because shooting at ground level from a height is completely different, you need to measure the correct angle, exact distance, and calculate the descent of the bolt/arrow before hitting the target. Pendulum sight consists of a single pin sight attached to a moveable swing when you aim downwards sight swings and remains vertically align giving you a proper angle to release the arrow. These sights are perfectly fine for shooting in a range of 30 yards (from elevation).

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Reviews of Best Single Pin Bow Sights

Here we have written our detailed and unbiased reviews for some of the most popular and highly durable 1 pin bow sights.

1. TRUGLO Rang-Rover – Best Single Dot Bow Sight of 2022

TRUGLO Range-Rover sight is specially designed for the straight-lined marking on the targets. It is a simple, smart, and manageable bow sight made to hit the target from over 80 yards. Below I have described why you would buy it?

Material & Construction

Unit of the Rang-Rover dot bow sight is made with compact aluminum through CNC machined mechanism. It is equipped with a solid tape kit and also includes the micro adjust-windage.

The rheostat attached light keeps the visual ring brightened in the dark.

Visual Quality & Adjustment

Incredible bow ring offers plenty of vertical travel for firing long shots. You can adjust the elevation using the dial attached to the sight.

Meanwhile, the hunters can adjust the housing height using the additional elevation. Furthermore, tool-free knobs enable you to adjust the sight in a comfortable position.

Brand & Affordability

TRUGLO is the most reliable sports company and known for the durability and affordability of its products. Range-Rover is the best single pin archery sight available for both hand-orientations.

Choosing the dot number is optional and depends on the buyers.

  • Exclusive long-range marking through the sight, easy adjustments.
  • Available with power dots, adjustable brightness, easy to install.
  • Best Single pin bow sight under 200$ needs less maintenance.
  • Pin of the ring might not be as bright as in other bow sights.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for the best long-range bow sight then the TRUGLO range-rover is the best choice. It offers an adjustable axis, long yardage marking, and several knob settings for adding comfortability. You don’t need to attach an external bubble level; the sight includes built-in one.

2. Pursuit vertical Pin – Best Bow Sight for Compound Bows

Here is the best adjustable bow sight with the ultra-precise knobs and built-in level. Pursuit Vertical pin bow sight is a brilliant production for both lefts- or right-hand orientations.

The entire shooting system ensures accuracy with the indicator pin and tends to set the distance automatically. We hope you will experience the best Vertical pin bow sight once.

Material & Construction

The pursuit bow sight is designed with Delrin bushes which is quite helpful in yardage movements. CNC Machined mechanism used for constructing the bow sight with high-quality aluminum. it keeps the accuracy maintained with the changing light indicator.

Visual Quality & Adjustment

Extraordinary vertical pin of the Pursuit sight keeps the ultra-level of precision and adjustments. You can adjust the brightness level for the perfect vision.

Delrin bushes prevent the metal to the metal attachment for completely silent operation.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a famous archery company and works for bringing the most durable products in the market. Pursuit Vertical Pin bow sight is one of the best products in archery gear.

It is the best single pin bow sight under 100$ and available for both hand orientations.

  • Sturdy construction ensures durability and a long-lasting experience.
  • Versatile with use, includes a high-performance vertical pin, ultra-precision.   
  • Available at a pocket-friendly price, very easy to install on compound bows.
  • It doesn’t include the yardage tape.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a simple and affordable bow sight then the Pursuit Vertical Pin sight is the right choice ever. It includes visual adjustments, yardage settings, and several other knob settings for adding comfortability. Being budget-friendly, it doesn’t compromise on performance.

3. HHA Optimizer Sight – Best Value Single Pin Bow Sight

Catering to the archers’ needs, the HHA Optimizer is designed to line-up exactly with the target with less effort. Sighting in the bow is extremely easy and you don’t need to add any other equipment for precision.

We have described below the characteristics of HHA Optimizer sight and buyers would read once.

Material & Construction

CNC Machined HHA Optimizer sight is made using quality aluminum with molded technology. it includes several knob adjustments for adding comfortability and 100% machined with CNC aluminum.

Due to its superb layer construction, you can bow sight in your loved yardage.

Visual Quality & Adjustment

By setting the sight to 20 to 60 yards, the arrow will automatically find its mark. I know it is answerless and the reason why people buy the HHA Optimizer sight.

It includes the green ring over the sight and just gives sight for the 0.019. Tool-free micro-adjustments add hand-friendly use.

Brand & Affordability

HHA is a well-honored archery company and the entire hunting industry talks about it. Optimizer sight is its best single pin adjustable bow sight and available with the armor pin.

You can buy it for both hand orientations for under 100$.

  • High-quality construction and extraordinary performance.
  • Easy to install on bows, has no need of maintenance, simple.
  • Available for under 100$, pins can be adjusted easily for shots.
  • You need to adjust the yardage manually but it is not a big problem.

Why Should You Buy It?

HHA Optimizer that impressed the entire hunting industry. It was designed with a unique idea for gaining more hand compatibility. Furthermore, you are also getting small tools free of cost in a package that will be helpful in the site installation.

4. Trophy Ridge Driver Slider – Best Bow Sight for the low Budget

Driver Slider is an extremely manageable single pin bow sight with the CNC machined bracket and ring. The bow sight includes a built in level for developing a precision shooting system.

High-quality visual rings offer clear markings on the target. Below you will explore each function of Trophy Ridge Drive Slider sight.

Material & Construction

Driver Slider single pin bow sight is designed for versatility and constructed using CNC Machined mechanism. Quality nylon bushes prevent metal to metal attachment and are helpful in silent operations.

Release the proper lined-precise shots and it also includes the driver slider for adding comfortability.

Visual Quality & Adjustment

0.029” extremely bright vertical fiber optic pin is perfect even targeting from a distance. The adjustable indicator pin enables the accuracy for compensating in uncertain conditions.

You can set the target up-to 8- yards distance easily through the bow sight.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a famous brand for its durable and affordable products. Driver Slider is the best single pin bow sight for long-range and available for under 50$.

It is also including a driver slider which is the reason why hunters are attracted to the bow sight.

  • Tool-less easy adjustments, very quick to mark the target.
  • Single bright pin for the clear aiming, slider movement.
  • Best vertical pin sight under 50$, very easy to install on bows.
  • Hunters thought this bow sight bulky but its everything is good.

Why Should You Buy It?

Driver slider bow sight is one most demanded archery component in the market. It will lead you to the right marking even after the long distance. Quality construction makes it more durable and long-lasting. It doesn’t need maintenance as the other cheaper bow sights.

5. Trophy Ridge React One Pro – Best Compound Bow Single Pin Sight

If you are an archer then you would be ambitious for the manageable bow sight. React One PRO is really the one for which you are hopping nowadays.

It incorporates the tool-less micro click windage and elevation adjustments which is the reason why hunters loved it. We hope your experience with this Bow will be adventurous.   

Material & Construction

React One Pro bow sight is made using CNC machined mechanism and quality aluminum used for construction. Highly durable unit leads to long-lasting consistent experience.

It is available with the built-in level which imperatively brings stability in the shooting system.

Visual Quality & Adjustments

Trophy Ridge Designed the react pro for long-range shots. it features react technology for automatic correction and elevation adjustments.

The fiber optic yardage indicator provides a clear view in the uncertain conditions. Furthermore, you also can change the brightness level of the visual ring.

Brand & Affordability

Trophy Ridge is a well-reputed archery company that has a great talk in the entire hunting industry. React Pro one is one of the most demanded archery products available for under 100$.

It includes several knobs and visual ring adjustments for adding comfortability.

  • it offers automatic elevation correction, uses react technology.
  • Available at a pocket-friend price includes the yardage indicator.
  • Features third axis adjustments, available with fiber optic pin.
  • Hunters reported about the reliability issues.

Why Should You Buy It?

React One Pro is the highly durable single pin bow sight made for the long-rage marking. It offers several visual adjustments and is available with both hand orientations. You can easily mark from over 100 yards that is its great thing.


After walking through the top 10 single-pin bow sights of 2022, we hope you got the desired one. Our RC team reviewed each product many times before shortlisting here.  

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