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Best Fletching Jigs 2022 Reviews & Buyers Guide

To make accurate shots, you should fletch your arrows the right way, but you need to buy the best fletching jig for doing so.

A fletching jig helps in linking vanes accurately around the arrow shaft.

After even maintaining the bow, archers often report about their inaccurate shots. The reason is obvious, “untuned arrows”!

The arrow vanes play an important role in the factual projectile of arrows and the precision of the entire shooting system can be depending on it. Archers can certify the accuracy after using a good fletching jig.

We have pinned here the Best Fletching Jig 2022 affordable to buy and frequent to use.

What is the best fletching for bowhunting?

Standard 2-inch blazer vanes are more effective due to their short stature. It makes the arrow more forgiving in the windy uncertain conditions and better the 4-inches vanes.

Whether you are shooting with the fixed or mechanical broadhead these fletches gives more stability and accuracy.

Top Picks For Best Fletching Jigs

We have pinned a few reasonable fletching jigs below appropriate with the different facets. You can buy it now if you are in a hurry!

Quick Comparison of Best Fletching Jigs 2022

Bohning Helix Tower Three V
Arizona Rim E-Z Three V
Grayling Straight Clamp Four V
Bitzenburger Dial-O-Fletch Four V
BPE PRO Series Four V

1. Bohning Helix Tower – Best Bohning Fletching Jig

Fletch the arrows quickly and hold an accurate operation.

Bohning Helix-Tower is the best 3 vanes fletching jig that is specially designed for beginners. Fletching the arrows is simple and fast using its helix system, it allows you to fletch with 120°.

We hope your archery adventure with the Bohning Helix Tower Fletching Jig, also go through the given characteristics.

Design & Fletching

Helix-Tower can Fletch 3 vanes at a time smoothly, you don’t need to move roller clockwise unlike other jigs.

Stable compact design provides accurate slots to attach the vanes but it is only compatible with push in nock-shafts.

It is including 3° helical arms with 5 center post options.

Brand & Affordability

Bohning is a famous archery company and trusted for the durable archery equipment. Helix Tower is its best fletching jig under 60$.

The fast and accurate jig is available with all the components, you don’t need to attach an external one.  

  • Extremely easy to use for beginners, quick fletching vanes.
  • Best Fletching Jig under 60, accurate slots fletching.
  • Fletch three vanes at once, helpful accessories, durable.
  • There is nothing reported negative about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

Bohning Helix tower is a simple 3 vane fletching jig that is designed to have quick operations. It is available with all the components that you need for fletching.

Furthermore, novices can easily use the fletching jig for the first time because it also offers a guiding book.

2. Arizona Rim E-Z – Best Fletching Jigs for Money (Blazer Style)

Arizona Rim E-Z fletcher is designed to have quick operations with a lot of fletched arrows.

it is capable of fletching short blazer style vanes up to 2 ¼” with the maximum helical and gives an accurate flight.

We have described characteristics of Arizona Rim E-Z Jig below and buyers would go through once.

Design & Fletching

Arizona Rim E-Z is designed for fletching especially blazer style vanes and also responsible for the accurate flight.

Its compact body is made using quality plastic and glass material that is no doubt durable enough for fletching. Simply keep the shaft end in the center of the fletcher and start fletching the vanes around it.

Brand & Affordability

Arizona Rim is a big outdoor sports store and famous for its durable products.

E-Z fletching jig is one of the most demanded products by archers and you can buy it at a very reasonable price. After including all components about fletching in the package, it is the best jig under 50$.

  • Made using high-quality material, easy to use for beginners.
  • Available at a very reasonable price, accurate fletching.
  • Not as durable as the fletcher would be.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a fletching jig for the blazer style vanes then the Arizona Rim E-Z is a perfect choice. It is made using high-quality material and available with all components for under 50$.

3. Grayling Straight Clamp – Best Affordable Fletching Jig

If you are looking for a functional fletching jig with a low budget then the Grayling is the best option.

it enables 4 x 90, 3 x 120 fletching for the cock feather out 120 feathers down. Move the shaft up-to 15 degrees and this fact is often demanded by archers.

Go Through given characteristics before buying the product.

Design & Fletching

Grayling jig offers to fletch for new or damaged all the shafts.

The universal hook shaft holder can grip all arrow sizes easily. Glass filled made jig is best for long-lasting use, it can be used to attach 3 or 4 vanes.

Allen screw offers easy accurate places for vanes installation and there is no chance of mistake.

Brand & Affordability

Grayling is a big outdoor store for archery products and famous for its durability as well as the affordability of products.

Straight Clamp Fletching Jig is its most demanded product and available for under 35$. Furthermore, it offers up to 6 degrees offset on the magnet which is the most highlighted feature of the jig.

  • Adds all the components helpful in fletching arrows.
  • Fletch arrow with 3 or 4 vanes in a one-time, durable construction.
  • Available at a very reasonable price, best for beginners.
  • Not durable enough.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a simple but manageable fletching jig then the Grayling is the best option. its unit is made using quality material and lasts long.

Furthermore, the package is affordable, it will be helpful in instant operations.Review

4. Bitzenburger Dial-O-Fletch – Best Fletching Jig for Feather

Looking for a durable fletching jig?

Meet the Dial-O-Fletch best alloy made jig ever! It is a very precise jig that comes with the right nock receiver best for dot-it-yourself archers.

Its most highlighted quality, you can fletch 3 or 4 vanes that mean a lot for the quick operations. We hope your adventure with the Dial-O-Fletch jig, also goes through the given review.

Design & Fletching

Dial-O-Fletch jig is designed in a very exclusive manageable shape, you ding all the adjuster on one side.

The large dial is perfect to keep space between the fletches. Allen screws on the top and bottom enable the clam magnet movement and allow you to accurately determine the angles.

Brand & Affordability

Bitzenburger Machine is a big tool company that has been serving its durable products with the experience of years.

Dial-O-Fletch is a die-cast alloy made a jig which allows the uniform fletching of vanes. It is best to fetch feathers and available with the right nock receiver.

You can buy the feather jig for under 80$.

  • Made using durable alloy, easy to fletch feathers.
  • Allen screw adjustment, right helical jig.
  • There is nothing reported negatively about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

Dial-O-Fletch is a durable jig that offers 3 and 4 vane fletching at once. It adds Allen screw adjustment that enables shaft angle movement. Although it is expensive to buy but best for long-lasting use.

5. BPE PRO Series – Best Fletching Jig for Beginners

Fletch 3 or 4 Vanes using BPE PRO Series best fletcher ever! it is quite easy to use and made using state of art durable material.

Put the arrow in a slot, glue vanes, and just start fletching on different angles. Below we have described its characteristics and buyers would read.

Design & Fletching

BPE PRO Fletcher is famous for its extraordinary compatibility.

It is designed to hold each size shaft from 12/64 to 27/64. Its clamp allows straight, left, and right all helical fletching and you also can replace it.

The unit of the BPE PRO Series fletcher is made using high-quality aluminum and glass that lasts long. In addition, you can glue the possible nylon parts to make sure the acetate is handy.

Brand & Affordability

BPE Archery is a well-honored brand that has been producing its durable products for years. BPE PRO is a durable vane fletcher capable of 120-degree fletching.

The head is degreed with CNC milling accurate to one ten-thousandth of an inch.  It is available with the indexable upper shaft support design and no doubt is best for all the shafts.

  • Offset and adjustability with the angles, more accurate.
  • Holds 0.218” to 0.391” shafts easily, an affordable choice.  
  • Fletches 3 and more vanes, left, right, and straight helical.
  • Not 100% aluminum used for construction.

Why Should You Buy It?

BPE PRO fast fletcher is an affordable aluminum-made device that is capable of fetching more than 3 vanes.

You don’t need to accurate the and equal the space among the vanes, it doesn’t automatically with the degreed roller. It is the best choice for everyone from beginners to pros.

Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing the Best Fletching Jig

It’s no wonder that you don’t know what to look for when buying a jig for fletching your arrows for the first time.

As at some point, every hunter is a beginner, so they need to take some time to learn things. That’s why here I am going to help you learn a few essential things about fletching jigs that you need to know before making a purchase decision.

Well, first of all, let start with the basics;

What is a Fletching Jig?

A fletching jig is a piece of hunting equipment used to hold the arrows while you apply the glue to vanes and attach them.

So that vanes don’t get misplaced while the glue dries up properly.

The jig’s main purpose is to hold the arrows and vanes in the desired pattern, such as straight, offset, or helical, until the glue sticks properly.

Types of Jig Material

Fletching Jigs are generally available in two materials metal and plastic;

Metal Jigs

Metal jigs look a bit old fashioned, but they are sturdy and can last long; however, the drawback is they are heavier and can cost a lot then plastic ones.

Plastic Jigs

Plastic jigs look more modern and are also a bit more handy and comfortable to use. Moreover, they are also cheaper and can be carried out without making a burden on your hunting backpack.

Types of Arrow Fletching

Fletching the arrow in the right way is important because a little mistake in fletching can cause you to miss the hunt.

Depending on your target’s position and distance, you may need to change the fletching a little bit.

There are three types of fletching commonly applied to arrows, straight, offset, and helical.


In the best fletching position as in this position, the arrow goes straight towards the target with the fastest possible speed.

However, you may miss the target for longer shots due to air turbulence that causes a bend in the arrow’s flight.


It is the most common position as in this position, the arrow spins around its axis, causing a straight flight, but the arrow will lose its speed due to air friction after traveling a certain distance.


For windy conditions where a very stable arrow is needed, the helical position is best, but air friction is even stronger that limit’s arrow range. Hunters typically recommend helical fletching as the accuracy is perfect.

How to Choose a Fletching Jig

When making a purchase decision for the first time for any particular thing can be tricky because you may not know what to buy and what to not.

Well, there are a few things that you need to know for buying the best fletching jig to fletch to arrows the right way.


The first thing to consider in a fletching jig is quality; choose a well-known jig with good reviews because you won’t be buying it repeatedly.

The quality of jigs depends on the material and brands. Nowadays, both plastic and metal jigs are popular, and you can choose according to your requirements.

Mode of Fletch Jig Offers

As you know, 3 basic types of arrow fletching are used in different scenarios.

Before making a purchase decision, always consider the type of fletching in your mind that you need for your arrows. For example, for hunting with broadheads, helical fletching is best as it offers maximum stability. 

So your jig should support Helical fletching out of the box.

Number of Vanes and Angle

Typically arrows have 3 vanes on them, but some hunters recommend 4 while the other may install even more depending on the stability required.

Now you have to calculate the number and angle between your vanes and buy the fletch accordingly.

Generally, vanes have following configuration;

  • 3 vanes with an angle of 120 degrees each.
  • 4 vanes with an angle of 90 degrees.

You can make your own vanes configuration. Just keep the fletches balanced. For instance, you can install four vanes by making pairs of 75 and 105 degrees each.

Ease of Use

There are jigs available for fletching arrows on a commercial level, and you don’t want to buy those as they are usually oversized for a seasonal hunter. Try to find a compact jig that can be carried out easily if needed and can be used with ease.


No doubt, the price of jigs matters a lot, but before making a purchase decision, compare a few popular models by different brands. Sometimes other brands offer the same thing at a different price; this will help you save money.

Benefits of a Fletching Jig

Till now you have learned a lot about fletching, such as types of jigs, materials used for their construction and what to look for when buying your best fletching jig but do you know the benefits of using a fletching jig.

Well, there are a few benefits that you should know as listed below;

Arrow Stability

If you know a little bit about aerodynamics, then you must have figured out that vanes play a very vital role in the accuracy of your aim.

No matters how experienced you are, if your arrows are not stable, then the chances are you will go empty-handed to your home.

To get maximum stability of arrows, you need to fletch vanes very precisely on the arrow shaft, and a jig is the only thing that can do it 100% precisely without taking much of your energy.

Flat Arrow Flight

A well-fletched arrow can fly very nicely without having any chances of dropping downwards or bending right, left. The reason is that vanes act as wings of an arrow and help balance the arrow, especially if you are using broadheads.

Arrow Remains Silent

Anything that can cause some noise can be the reason to miss a shot; hunters take much precautions to prevent noise. For example, to prevent the noise created by string, string silencers are installed on compound bows, while crossbow limb dampers help prevent any noise.

All these precautions are taken so that prey don’t get notified of your presence due to the noise caused by your equipment.So, a good hunter will also take care of his arrows that they don’t make noise, and that is only possible if you fletch vanes on right angles around the shaft.

How to Fletch Arrows Properly

Now that you have learned a lot about fletching jig and I hope you will be able to buy a top fletching jig, which will be suitable for your hunting needs. It’s time to learn how to fletch vanes on an arrow using a jig.

  • Make your arrow shaft ready by rubbing it with a clean rag.
  • Put the shaft on a jig and adjust the vanes angle according to your needs.
  • Line up the vanes using the built-in measurements on the jig and note the fletching glue quantity needed.
  • Position the shaft and vanes the right way and then put the glue accordingly.
  • Press the vanes on the shaft using the jig cap and allow glue some time to dry.
  • Now take off your arrow and check if everything went off correctly. Repeat the process for other arrows.
  • Make sure to allow at least 6 hours for arrows to dry completely before using.


We have shortlisted 5 Best Fletching Jigs of 2022 and hopefully, you love all these.

As the market is full of gimmicks and beginners have no idea about so, we decided to bring these products as the best choices for novices. Furthermore, each jig is reliable and you can buy it by closing your eyes.  

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