Crossbow Maintenance – 7 Things You Should Do

Playing with a crossbow is a great pleasure but its proper maintenance is quite essential.

If you are a beginner or seasoned player then you should be familiar with all of the accessories and parts of a crossbow as well as its working behavior and maintenance for consistent performance.

Numerous crossbows are available in the market which provides different characteristics and functions but the mechanism to maintain them is usually similar to the one.

Although, it may be complicated especially for the newbies, just after going through our comprehensive guide you would take it easy.

So, without taking a while, let’s see this article to keep the crossbow in tip-top condition.

Ways to Maintain the Crossbow

Some basic guides of professional hunters are available by which you can easily maintain your crossbow for gaining the peak performance while shooting the targets given below.

1.    Regular Waxing of the String

Bowstring and cables play a very constructive role to shoot the animals just according to our required draw weight as well as by adjusting the shooting powers to cams.

Usually, a string of crossbows is made of natural fiber, polyester fiber, and synthetic fibers that provide the hunters with more flexible features to draw it fully backward.

But continued use and different outdoor environments make the string fray, dry, and lose which reduces the abilities of your crossbow in making the powerful and consistent shots.

So to get most out of your bow consider changing the string with any of the highly recommended strings.

However, waxing is a natural source that surely makes the bowstring smoother, prolonged, and less frictional. You need to just wrap the serving thread on the string and move along it by using the thumb and index finger for a couple of minutes.

Nowadays, manufacturers are providing the best quality string wax tube in the crossbow kit to every single archery lover. The frequency of waxing gel can be changed due to the variant’s weather.

So, you should use the wax very gently during snowing, raining as well as in the warm climates.

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2.    Lubricating the Crossbow Rails

This is the second aspect to maintain the crossbow at standard conditions. Lubricating rails provide the hunters’ most efficient performance and functions as well as reasonable friction.

You should lubricate the rails just after 50-60 bolts shots particularly before going to every hunt and when they are looking dull and dry.

Just buy the lubricated lube and apply a few drops on your crossbow rails then rub it gently for a couple of minutes in the appropriate light source. Do not make the rails much oilier.

As hundreds of rail oils are available that contain different harmful impurities. So, you should use the pure lube source over the rails to prevent the petroleum-based mixture.

Before going to hunt, your crossbow rails should be shined smoothly by following the manufacturer’s guides due to the multiple crossbow models.

3.    Protect the Crossbow from Rains

A wet crossbow can cause the damaging of crossbow parts like trigger and string, etc.

After hunting the targets during the rain, you should ensure that your crossbow gets dry just keeping near the fan or vent. It is a very important chunk for the long-lasting of the crossbow.

When you have properly passed your crossbow from the drying process then make sure the string, cables, and lubricating rails are perfectly waxed. In case of a bit moistening effect, you will get your crossbow damage. 

After that use a case to protect your crossbow from wear and tear, there are a number of quality bow cases available in the market to choose from.

4.    Inspecting the Crossbow Each Use

The proper inspection of a crossbow gives the safety to you and your fellow hunters while maintaining the crossbow well.

It is considered a much important step before going hunting to look at all the crossbow equipment including limbs, cams, string, trigger, rails, and arrows.

If you are feeling uncomfortable in making sure of any part of the crossbow then you should immediately follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Moreover, you can change every single part just after purchasing a similar one such as string and bolts. You can manually check out your bolts by using the Allen Wrench.

5.    Cleaning the Crossbow Properly

It is one of the prettiest ways to keep the crossbow in the standard condition. You should clean your crossbow before and after hunting greatly, to use it for the longest time.

The reason is that while having the hunting trip, there are a lot of dust and debris particles that may be stuck in the trigger and lubricating rails which reduces the shooting powers.

However, according to the archery states, you can easily clean up your gadget just after going through the compressed pack of air without dissolving any desired solvent.

In the end, you should ensure the lubrication of the rails just after wiping the whole parts of the crossbow involving crossbow sight by using the light strips.

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6.    Safely Strong the Crossbow

Use the crossbow case applications during the whole journey of hunting. It surely helps to keep your crossbow and all the other archery accessories in a protective way.

Usually, most of the hunters use the back sport of the wall but it may influence your gadget just due to the dust particles and debris accumulations.

Moreover, by hanging on the wall, a crossbow string may get damaged due to the direct sun rays that will surely lose the strength to drawback it perfectly.

While crossbow cases provide the safer way to store the crossbow just after removing the string and cables, conveniently. So, our tool remains properly relaxed during the whole trip.

By obeying these instructions, you can easily extend the crossbow life up to many years to perform the hunting in the tip-top conditions.

In this way, you can enjoy the hunting trip in the most accurate and efficient way just after eliminating the possible difficulties, even in the dense fields.

7.    Periodically Re-tighten All the Bolts

For shooting in a safer way, it is a very essential aspect to follow for gaining the strength shots of bolts by using the quality crossbow.

According to archery states, after 50-100 shots, there is a need to check out the bolt tightness because within a bit of negligence it may lose your actual target.

The Final Verdict

Finally, we have escorted all the best ways that will surely make your crossbow perfectly clean as well as provide the peak performance for the good hunt.

So, without wasting your time, just clean up your crossbow well and make it ready for the next hunting trip by enjoying all the crossbow shots, consistently.

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