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Best Pickleball Gloves 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

As time passed every field grew up and there came a lot of changes in all of them. When the Pickleball game was introduced just a wooden made paddle and a ball appeared to market.

The time brought plenty of chances in this game. Even there introduced gloves to play this game. I have brought top choices for gloves if one wants to buy them. 

Top Picks For Best Best Pickleball Gloves

Reviews Case is the name of reliability and here we have listed the most reliable choices of 2022. Each product is reliable and best for a low budget.

Plenty of brands is offering Gloves for Pickleball Game with different features and benefits. Get the page scrolled down and take a tour.

Quick Comparison of Best Pickleball Gloves

HEAD Airflow GloveFull GlovesPerforated Leather
Franklin Pickleball-XFinger-lessSmooth Leather
Glove It Women's Full GlovesLeather+Mesh
Wilson Clutch GloveFull GlovesSuede+Leather
ProKennex Pure 1 Full GlovesCabaret Leather

1. HEAD Airflow Glove

AS one comes in the sports series there comes so many brands serving high-quality equipment.

Head is also one from them which did work hard in this field and brought reliable equipment almost for all the games like football, tennis, cricket, pickleball, etc.


Before buying anything, Pickleball player thinks for many times and mostly the seller persons offer local goods from the local brands which sell fast in the market. So, here comes a bit of problem that what to choose if one chooses? 

In the result, if you are buying gloves especially for Pickleball or tennis game then here it appeared the latest version of gloves from the Head named as Airflow tour Racquetball gloves.

Purely perforated Cabretta leather covered most of part of these gloves for the purpose let pass the air and make your hands moisturize free. 


For the knuckle protection, this brand is used Airprene. Here comes no compromise with the grip because ribbed structure is given to which bends with the fingers as its hand’s part.

Where comes its reliability the most well-known regulation Minto US Open is sponsoring it and named these gloves as Official gloves for open Championship. 

There is unique design given to it and many sizes are available in the market for comfortable wearing. As in the description, you found some basic details about the Head Airflow gloves.

These are the basic things that you may find even in all the special gloves but here scrolls bit the page where you will find the PROS and CONS of the current product.

  • Premium perforated leather allows air to pass.
  • Airprene used increases knuckle protections.
  • Pure nylon mesh allows maximum ventilation.
  • 1.12 ounces weight carrying which is too lite.
  • Stitching done in these gloves often destroys.

Why Should You Buy It?

Head is the name of reliability and the products coming from it are also very pretty well for more uses and long living. I don’t think it may your wrong decision if you choose the Airflow gloves for your best performance.

2. Franklin Pickleball-X

Franklin is the most well-known experienced brand in sportsman life, which is convincing the players with its equipment.

This is not a new one but all the new goods about the games can be founded in it.


One of all this is its high-quality gloves. This was the first design of gloves which was specially designed by keeping the thoughts of professional pickleball players.

It will not bad to say that why the Franklin Sports is well known. This is also one reason behind it. Well performed batting gloves by this are selling fast in the market and most of the basketball players are buying them.

The 2017 year brought a new location in the Franklin brand and it was the happiest day when these X-performance gloves selected and presented by


Minto US Open as Official Gloves of Championship. No doubt, if this title Franklin might not be got there come not loss on the same brand.

The reason is quality wise material used by this sport for the manufacturing of equipment which got the reliability of players. These X-Pickleball gloves are holding the unique style and there is no more color given to it.

Sheepskin leather is covered the most of part of these gloves and you really feel them durable. For better ventilation and moisturize free grip there is high-quality mesh used.

As durable as seems the body’s part. The structure is built especially in the way that you may be easier to grip the handle of paddle easily. Some other feature may inspire you given below.

  • Fatigue relieving padding on thumb and out fingers.
  • Smooth leather palm gives you maximum grimness
  • .Include both gloves mean full pair left and right hand.
  • Adjustable wrist straps are of great work for tightness.
  • Finger-less gloves which are not suitable for many players.

Why Should You Buy It?

Franklin is a very popular brand and has its own location such on very height in all the special brands. For indoor games like tennis, basketball, pickleball these gloves are highly suggested to one who wants to show high performance in the special tournaments

3. Glove It Women’s 

Plenty of brands are available in the market which are serving gloves for man but it approached a big problem that they are just designed for men, not for women.

When women use the same gloves, they feel uncomfortable and unfitting during playing. 


The grip is the first important thing that how you can better grip the handle of paddle or racquet. Here is the most well-known brand making comfortable gloves for women named such Glove It.

Personally, I think I glove will give better performance when the better cooling and ventilation process may be taken under work. Glove it used Cabretta pure leather for the formation of these gloves which pay bile of its high-quality.

If I share my own experience my younger daughter used these gloves and performed very well in the tournaments on a high level. She felt loved and gave good feedback to Glove It.


If we come to its unique design and style Glove It got the experience of many professional players and designed it keeping all their thoughts in mind. 

Basically, this glove was specially designed for the golf but as the players started to wear these gloves to play pickleball Glove it thought to make a special version for the same game.

You may be thinking about the unique style of these gloves which was specially designed by famous artists. This style is offering three colors contrasting blue, white and green. I am sure that you will inspire by the other advancements by these gloves. So, let take a tour.

  • UPF 50 sun protection makes gloves cool interior.
  • More the 20 unique designs are offered by Glove it.
  • Available for both hands with different suitable sizes.
  • High-quality mesh works as a ventilator for air pass.
  • Designed for the women use, the seller brings fewer pieces

Why Should You Buy It?

Glove It is the very experienced choice for the Pickleball player to perform with the best way. There are so many hopeful persons are ready to buy it but most of the times the market does not make its availability sure.

4. Wilson Clutch Glove

The familiar name in the top 10 brands for the gloves is Wilson clutch glove which is designed very uniquely special for the Pickleball game. 

Full gloves are formed by using full comfort technology using extra padding so that you may be gripping the handle of the paddle as it is hand’s part.

This brand gave the full contract for the formation of these gloves to the sticky skin technology.


The for the area of the finger is cushioned in the way to save your finger’s life. One main thing about these gloves for which these are very well-known and experienced, Sticky skin used silicone strips so that you may get an as strong grip as possible.

Elastic straps allow one to get the gloves fitted with hand. The stack feeling by the silicon increases the one’s comfort during playing.


Most of the part of these gloves is covered with by microfiber suede leather which is the best combination of mesh and pure leather in the way to get maximum ventilation for moisturizing free interior.

I think you may believe that these gloves are made by using leather but this not true. There is no use of even a bit of leather in these gloves and there is an advantageous thing that you can wash easily by using a washing machine.

Its dive padding advancement keeps a hand free from any serious injury. This was just basically about the Wilson Clutch Racquetball gloves, so, let me tell you some amazing feature that will amaze you.

  • Easy washable due to a leather-free structure.
  • Available in two red and black contrast colors.
  • Stick skin technology provides a tighter grip.
  • Microfiber suede leather is durable and thin.
  • This glove just comes for one right hand.

Why Should You Buy It?

Gloves by Wilson clutch are of great benefit for the tennis or pickleball players. These are mostly recommended to new players but one bad thing about these gloves, you can just get it just for the right hand. The left-hand player may hesitate by it.

5. ProKennex Pure 1 

ProKennex is one of the most experienced and reliable brands offering plenty of versions for the gloves.

As you know gloves are a pretty and necessary part of the equipment to get grip stronger, so, there are many companies from which the market is offering these to us. 


Where the people come for reliability then the name which comes first in mind is ProKennex. About all the equipment coming from ProKennex are formed using high-quality material on which one can believe by closing eyes.

The first thing about these gloves, you can easily wear and get a soft touch. The latest technology is used for the formation of these gloves. Forefinger and palm’s back area is fully covered by cushion to safe you hand from any serious injury.


Cabretta leather offers a soft touch and plush feel to the one’s hand. High-quality leather offers soft touch even after many uses. Some cheaper quality gloves get destroyed after a few uses. Mostly they get hard as the use increases.

But instead, the other gloves if you choose the ProKennex gloves then you will be amazed by the tightening grip and soft touch. This feature goes along with the gloves as the glove lives.

Ample room design for the fingers improves the look and extra neoprene padding helps to keep handle gripped tightly. There are a couple of advancements offered by the current product. So let us scroll down the page and take a tour.

  • Quartz Cabretta leather provides soft touching.
  • Each room for finger is cushioned with neat way.
  • Additional comfort is offered by neoprene pads.
  • Unique design is available in white and black color.
  • Its availability is not sure in the market which is a bit hesitate.

Why Should You Buy It?

Pure 1 glove is very popular gloves which are often asked by the Pickleball players. These gloves can also be used for other indoor games like basketball or tennis. If you are wanting to buy a glove then there is no doubt this will your best choice. 


Above sequence is describing top choices of gloves for Pickleball game. In all above, I really suggest you to buy Franklin X-Performance gloves  which I own experienced and now also experiencing. All these are reliable and sponsored by professional players.  

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