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Best Badminton Shuttlecocks 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the Best Badminton Shuttlecocks? Which shuttle that one should choose is a very common question asked by most of the players.

There are two types of shuttles, one is specially made with goose feather while others are made using polythene. If we discuss the shuttlecock purely made using goose feather, these shuttles offer short projectile along with normal speed.

The plastic shuttles stay shorter in the air but provide long projectile. Yonex is very well-known nowadays for the manufacturing of the best goods for badminton. Minoru Yoneyama is the owner and producer of this company.

Most of the shuttles in the below sequence are belonging to this well-known brand. Let us take a tour.

Top Picks For Best Shuttlecocks of 2022

We have listed the best shuttlecocks of 2022 just on the base of durability and affordability. You also can choose from the given. 

Quick Comparison of Best Badminton Shuttlecocks

KEVENZ 24-Pack
Goose FeatherCork
Yonex Mavis-200PlasticCork
Yonex AS-20Goose FeatherCork
Yonex AS-10
Yonex Mavis 350PlasticCork

1. KEVENZ 24-Pack

Folks! If you are looking for a fast, goose feather and high-quality shuttle to perform well in the courts then the KEVENZ 24-Pack is specially suggested to you. 

This pack is including 24 shuttle pieces at a very pocket-friend package.

This is the shuttle that let get fully accurate delivery as the players want.

Before we start to learn anything other, I think you should also know a bit about KEVENZ. This is very popular brand specially producing high-quality shuttles for badminton. Recently Zhou and Jiabao named party discovered it.

Let come to known why one should choose the KEVENZ shuttlecock? The first thing the brand used advance goose feather for the production of these shuttles.

There are hundreds of brands available in market which are producing shuttles but most of them are using plastic instead goose feather.

The plastic shuttles are best but just for novice persons. The KEVENZ used special feather from the left wing of gooses which provides definite delivery to the aim. ​

There are 16 feathers used which offers a perfect projectile. One thing you should also know that the speed of these shuttles varies with the change in temperature.

As the air become warmer the shuttle travels slower. Head is totally manufactured using foam which liter than plastic and offers minimum friction with the string bed.

The feathers are thicker and there is special formula used to treat the feathers. I have summarized some other features about the KEVENZE 24-Pack that will lead you to your right decision.

  • Premium goose feathers gift accurate projectile.
  • Very smooth and clear deliver, offers free-ship.
  • High-quality foam head, very friend to pocket.
  • 4.7g weight is very suitable to the string’s bed.
  • Bit slower which is not suitable to the professional players.

Why Should You Buy It?

If we take the overview of KEVENZ 24-Pack, this is a very suitable choice for regular practice. Low budget and extra shuttles are provided in a cock. If you are a professional player then I highly suggest you the next one from 10 best Badminton Shuttlecocks. 

2. Yonex Mavis-200

Mavis 2000 is one of the most popular shuttles to get accurate projectile with 2x power in the courts. This shuttle is specially designed for practice purposes and intensive play. 

There are plenty of brands available in market which are producing shuttles but Yonex is more experienced one from them.

As in the 10 best badminton Rackets I already have explained the Yonex brand that this is most famous brand of Japan.

Minoru Yoneyama are the owner of this company who found it in 1949. One more interesting thing about this brand that this was not built to produce shuttles for badminton.

Only floats for golf game were got by this brand. After a great time, interval, the owner started to bring goods about the sports.

You may be thinking there are so many companies are available in market which are offering shuttles but why one should choose Mavis 2000 Nylon. 

The first thing the polythene used to build total Conical shape and flexible are which increases the life time of shuttles. On the other, the Yonex used high-quality foam for the formation of cork base. This cork prevent friction from strings bed.

The interior part of cork is hard while the outside is soft. The tube consists half dozen shuttlecocks. It decreases the temperature fact and deliver no very fast as well as now slower.

There is plastic based the full flexible structure and conical shape. The new rib design provides a perfect projectile with fully aimed flight and durability.

  • Pure synthetic feather is used for formation.
  • Accurate flight attributes and more durable.
  • Excellent performance, straight & fast flight.
  • High-quality foam cork, Pocket-friend to buy.
  • Very fast delivery, available in one color.

Why Should You Buy It?

All over the Mavis 2000 by Yonex is an affordable choice if you are beginner. This shuttle lives as long as one wills but if you are a professional player I have given a best choice for you in the very next. Let us know about that.

3. Yonex AS-20

Are you looking for shuttlecock with advance goose feather for your tournament?

If I am right then you are on very right place. As-20 Shuttlecocks is one of best of the best shuttle which is mostly used for highly professional matches and clubs.

Yonex have made these shuttles using special feather from goose and gucks left wing. As in the previous post “Best Badminton Rackets” we have discussed the Yonex but of you are new here then you should read a bit about it. Yonex is most famous and experienced brand taking place in Japanese country.

In 1946 Minoru Yoneyama founded it as a producer and was known as float maker company. After a great time passing, the same brand came with new oversized racket for the badminton and this was the first step when Yonex had to put its first step in this total field.

Let come to know qualities for which one should choose the Yonex AS-20 Shuttlecocks. On the number first, the high-quality feather from special gooses and ducks.

Yonex got the feather specially from the left wing of gooses. Highly expensive technology used for manufacturing these shuttles. cork is specially made using very excellent quality foam which save the racket’s string during shooting and provides friction stable performance. 

Special conical shape is given to its structure which allows it to cover long distance with varying environment conditions. Yonex made the careful selection of the material which allows it to live as long as the players want. I have explained a few features in the next bullets.

  • Pure feather by the left wing of gooses is used.
  • A perfect projectile flight with great durability.
  • Available at very pocket friend price in market.
  • One can get accurate distance stability by it.
  • Durability is not as too as the players wants.

Why Should You Buy It?

By taking the overview of this full product I would recommend it. Lite weight, accurate delivery, high-quality goose feather and mush more features are taking place in the As-20 Shuttlecock. I do not think that one may at wrong if he buys it.  

4. Yonex AS-10

One of the most experienced, most popular shuttlecocks 90% contained goose feather is also known as AS-Shuttlecock by Yonex. Like the As-20 the current shuttles are also made using high-quality sold corks. 

Accurate distance coverer and built to delivery are the most famous qualities of this shuttle.

Before we know anything other let us discuss a bit about Yonex.

This is most well-known brand in market making about all the goods for sports. Minoru Yoneyama as a producer found in in 1947 in Japanese country and the interesting thing about the same brand it was built to make plastic floats for the golf game.

After getting good feedback by the clients it started to way in about full field of sports. As in the Best Badminton Rackets I have described all about it, you can read further about it from the previous post.

Now come to know that why one should choose the AS-10 Shuttlecocks to play? On the first hand is the pure feather. Yonex has special formula with which it is arranged the full flexible structure of shuttle using feather.

The feather from fully healthy gooses allows a shuttle to stay max in the air and one thing that you should know, Yonex got the feather from left wings of gooses.

This is of the wisdom that the shuttle is built to delivery with accurate aim. 100% pure cork is used which provide friction free and stress-free shots to the string bed. I have described a few benefits of these shuttlecocks in the next sequences.

  • 100% pure feather is used for the construction.
  • High-quality cork provides stress free tip to aim.
  • Conical shape is responsible for built to delivery.
  • Easily available in market at friend to pocket rate.
  • Best choice just for Practices or daily play.

Why Should You Buy It?

Yonex AS-10 Shuttlecocks is a very affordable and right choice for ordinary play. About each part of these shuttles is belonging to high-quality material which allows to perform excellent. If you are professional player then I highly suggest to buy next one.

5. Yonex Mavis 350

Accurate delivery, built to shoot and highly-balanced shuttlecock for excellent performance is known as Yonex Mavis 350. This is the also one which brings the Yonex on top. 

Full structure of this shuttle is basing on high-quality polyethene which increases its life then the ordinary shuttlecocks.

In The plastic shuttlecocks which one gives a result close to the feather shuttle is the Mavis 350.

This one is also from the Yonex brand. As you know the Yonex is very well-known and most experienced brand which is producing about all the goods for sports. In the Japanese country Minoru Yoneyama found this in 1974.

This company was just made to make goods about golf game which was very well-known in those days. Due to hard work and to be honest staff the same brand made a great progress and started to step in sports field.

Badminton was the second one game about which this brand stated to produce goods in 1954. Plenty of qualities are offered by this version of shuttles by Yonex.

On the number first, high-quality pure polythene is containing about the total flexible structure of these shuttlecocks. This material provides elastic wings which increases the life time of shuttle.

The hard-base conic area gives a special conical shape which increases the speed to 2x.100% pure cork used which prevent the chances of damaging the string bed. I have summarized a few benefits of the Mavis-350 in the very next series that will lead you to your final decision. 

  • Goes as long during playing as the once want.
  • Highly durable and very safe to the string bed.
  • White color be appeared in the low light court.
  • Six pieces available at very pocket friend price.
  • These shuttles are just best for daily practice.

Why Should You Buy It?

All over the Yonex Mavis-350 is a best choice to play on small level. This shuttle is just right if you are playing at ordinary level practices. I have listed best five shuttles including feather and polythene. You also can check from above give.


In the above array, I have described the best badminton shuttlecocks. All the choices are affordable, reliable and easily available in the market. I don’t think that one may at wrong using these shuttlecock on the professional level.

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