Best Fixed Broadheads

Best Fixed Broadhead 2022 Reviews & Buyers Guide

I’ve made over 60 prey and most of them were killed using the Best Fixed Broadheads.

A broadhead plays an important role in the accurate projectile of your best arrows. As it is stronger, more chances you get longer blood-trails of animals.

There is a huge variety available for the broadheads from Carbon Express to Muzzy Trocar but the market is full of gimmicks and you have no idea about it.

This article is important for beginners as well as for proficient hunters because we have shortlisted the best-fixed broadheads 2022 here. It also covers the product’s detailed reviews and their characteristics.

Top Picks For Best Fixed Broadhead

Instantly pick a suitable fixed broadhead that meets your demands. These are best to hunt elk, bear, hog, and deer, you will love to use.

How to Sharpen Broadheads?

Once you buy the broadheads, you may find need sharpening them after a few uses. So, we have written a detailed article on “how to get broadheads razor sharpened? 

Quick Comparison of Best Fixed Broadhead 

Huntingdoor Broadhead 3 + Pressed Tip125 Grains
Muzzy Trocar 3 + Steel Tip100 Grains
Drone Broadhead Black Pressed Tip, 3100/125 both
Muzzy Bowhunting Broadhead Pressed Tip, 375/100/125
Muzzy 4300 4+ Sharp Edge100 grains

1. Huntingdoor Broadhead – Best Economical Choice

Looking for a cost-effective pack of broadhead?

Huntingdoor brought a pack of 125 grains broadheads for youth and all. These broadheads have extremely sharpened 3 fixed blades with super helix design that not just pass through animals but also shake the organs.

Get rid of small flights with the aerodynamic structure of broadhead, it is capable of shooting more yards than other bits. We hope your hunt with the Huntingdoor Broadheads

Design & Construction

Huntingdoor heavy duty broadheads are made using stainless-steel in extremely aerodynamic shape.

You can hit a few more yards due to the ultra-helix bald design. Insert-threaded design can be installed easily on all the standard size shafts.

These broadheads are compatible with best crossbows and compound bows.

Brand & Affordability

Huntingdoor is a well-honored brand for its remarkable sports products.

12Pack 3 Fixed blades archery broadhead is the best option for hunting big animals. These broadheads provide unbelievable piercing in the sturdiest bones, there is nothing to stand in front of it.

Furthermore, the package is really cost-effective, you can buy 12 packs of broadheads for under 20$.

  • Quality construction can be fit to all standard size shafts.
  • Helix blade design just shakes the organ, remarkable piercing.
  • Best Fixed Blade Broadheads under 20$, compatible with all bows.
  • It may compromise on quality construction.

Why Should You Buy It?

Huntingdoor broadhead is a heavy-duty bit designed for long flights. Helix bald design is best to shake organs, it gives little cutting diameter but fatal for big animals.

Furthermore, these are best fixed broadheads for crossbows that you can use forward on standard CB Bolts.

2. Muzzy Trocar – Best 3 – Blade Fixed Broadhead

Muzzy Trocar is bad to bone broadhead especially designed to pass sturdy bones.

It features a 0.035” cutting diameter with the helix blades system that is helpful in shaking the organs. It is purely made using stainless steel and best for using prolong.

We hope your archery journey with the Muzzy Trocar Broadhead, buyers would go through the given characteristics.

Design & Construction

Muzzy broadhead is designed with 3 equally fixed blades, there is a high-end Trocar used for construction the pressed sharp tip.

It is capable of obliterating all the things placed in its way. The ultra-short profile gives perfect factors such as weight and flight. 1-3/ 16” cutting diameter with 0.25” blades is deadly for the animals.

Beside all these things, the muzzy trocar also builds accuracy and consistency.

Brand & Affordability

Muzzy is one of the most well-known archery brands just because of its durable products.

Muzzy Trocar is a highly sharpened broadhead and is capable of crushing the sturdiest bones. It is 100% made using steel and includes a trocar that lasts long.

Furthermore, the price is reasonable, you can get a muzzy broadhead in different sizes.

  • quality construction, the tip is made using a trocar.
  • Best for a long flight, standard insert, incredible cutting diameter.
  • Best fixed broadhead for elk, bad to bones, accurate.
  • Available in 100 grains only.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for an extremely sharp bowhunting broadhead then the muzzy trocar is the right decision. It is made using high-quality steel material and leads to a prolonged experience. Furthermore, 100 grains size produces a great penetration on objects.

3. Drone Broadhead – Best for Hog Kill

Looking for a broadhead with a pressed tip? Done Stud is specially designed for the purpose.

It is available with the extremely sharp stainless steel made tip that can easily create wounds on the compact skeleton of deer, hog, bear, and all other animals. Smart SSD tips and legendary blades don’t compromise and penetrate well.

We hope you have an archery adventure with the Drone Broadheads, also read the given detailed reviews.

Design & Construction

Drone Broadheads are designed in aerodynamic shape and lined perfectly with the edges of wasp-three blades. extremely sharp blades give cut-on-contact delivery and capable of perforating the animal’s skeleton.

Its flawless technology gives long flight and smooth cutting in uncertain conditions. Wasp Archery tested these broadheads driving through the steel, concrete, and big game bones.

There are no chances of standing forward in broadhead, it can pass through complete destruction what it hits.

Brand & Affordability

Wasp is a big name in the hunting industry and has been serving its durable products for over 6 decades. Drone Stud is a best-fixed broadhead for hogs that you can buy for under 30$.

It is available in 100 grains and 125 grains two models, you can buy for elks, deer and bear, and turkeys.

  • 100% solid steel construction, reduces the ferrule surface.
  • Trocar tips for quick-contract penetration, field point accuracy.
  • Best Fixed Broadhead for under 30$, universal fitment with all the shafts.
  • Blades might break after hitting the sturdy target.

Why Should You Buy It?

Wasp Drone Broadhead is designed for instantly killing the prey, there is nothing to stand against it. It is made using 100% stainless steel that lasts long and best to survive in uncertain conditions.

Blades are razor-sharp 0.27” and always be perfectly in line with the trocar tip edges.

4. Muzzy Bowhunting Broadhead – Best for Money

Muzzy broadhead is a steel hardened deadly stud that is designed to harvest animals in the toughest conditions.

Its steel Trocar tip provides extra penetration with the enhanced flight stability that means you can hit more yards. Sturdy Trocar tips can pierce compact bones even if you can use it for hunting hogs and elk.

We have described all of the Muzzy Bowhunting broadheads below and buyers would read.

Design & Construction

75 grain smart broadhead is available with three extremely sharp blades and designed for the standard inserts.

it gives an ultra-powerful effect on 100 and 125 grains sizes; you can use it for hunting big animals. 0.020 inches cutting diameter is purely fatal and enough to stab on the lungs or heart.

Get cut on contact with the steel vented blades, the hollow design gives the exceptional penetration.

Brand & Affordability

Muzzy is a famous brand for outdoor goods and has been producing its durable products with the experience of years.

Muzzy Bowhunting broadhead is an extremely sharp bit for hunting animals, it is available in three different sizes. You can buy 75 grains broadhead for under 25$.

  • Made using high-quality steel material, the press tip gives an extraordinary impact.
  • Best for hunting big animals, 0.020 inches cutting diameter, standard insert.
  • Different sizes, Best Fixed Broadhead for under 25$, piercing tip.
  • There is nothing negative reported about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a standard fixed broadhead for hunting deer, then the muzzy is the best choice. It is available in different sizes; you can buy 125 grains for extra penetration.

Furthermore, the Package is affordable, but the broadhead is best for repetitive uses.  

5. Muzzy 4300 – Best Broadheads for Compound Bows

If you are compound bow users and looking for high-flight broadheads then Muzzy 4300 is a perfect choice ever.

These stainless steel made bits give remarkable piercing on compact bones of all animals. Universal fitment to all types of aluminum and carbon arrows. 

We have described all the characteristics of Muzzy 4300 broadhead here and you would go through.

Design & Construction

Muzzy 4300 Broadheads are designed in an extremely aerodynamic pattern and have 4 equally fixed blades.

These razor-sharp blades can pierce all the bones and best in shaking organs of animals. 0.050” thickness is deadly for objects; its superior design offers long flight which means you can hit more yards.

Brand & Affordability

Carbon Express is a big outdoor store that people trust. It has been producing durable products for over 6 decades and offers them in the market at very reasonable prices.

Muzzy 4300 is a best-fixed broadhead for bears and all other prey. A pack of three broadheads is available for under 20$.

  • Made using quality steel, extremely aerodynamic.
  • Long flights that are actually good for hunters need less maintenance.
  • Best Fixed broadhead for archery talk, Available for under 20$.
  • There is nothing reported bad about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

Muzzy 4300 broadheads are specially made for hunting big animals. These are compatible with compound bows as well as crossbows. The package is affordable, you are getting a pack of 3 broadheads for under 20$.


We hope the article might be helpful for you because we have covered the 5 best Fixed Broadheads 2022 besides the true buyer guide. Before listing any product, 

we made sure of its quality for prolonged use. Furthermore, all the choices are economical and both youth and proficient can buy now. 

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