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Best BBCOR Bats 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Gaming is a compulsory part to bring happiness and activeness in the normal lifestyle and to do it, thousands of facile ways available from which one which also has been on trending is Baseball”. 

If you are a baseball player then evidently you may be known the game’s rules and regulations but for the new persons here arises a question like what are the best BBCOR Bats and stuff like that.

What is Baseball? Baseball is a bat ball game that was played in England in 1744 in which most of the respected personalities took part to play.

Then as England moved to Canada it also moved to Canada. The concept of this game goes around cricket which has a batsman and fielders like the same game.

In short, a Baseball game can be played between two teams having 9 players of each. Every team has to run for more than 9 innings to win. 

Top Picks For Best BBCOR Bats

These are the best BBCOR bats of 2022 listed here just on the basis of affordability and durability. You can instantly buy!

As the day’s review is about the 10 Best BBCOR Bats of 2022 so let us discuss a bit about them. BBCOR is short of the Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution.

The regulation was made to certify the performance of the combination of baseball bats and made by the NCCA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). 

It is too much tuff for one to have the right decision for the BBCOR Bat due to the thousands of options. To decrease this trouble, we decided to introduce you to the best performed BBCOR Bats with their best ratings. So, let us start our first product.   

Quick Comparison of Best BBCOR Bats

AXE Elite
Easton Beast X1-PieceAlloy
Easton BB17MK
Louisville Slugger
Marucci MCBC7
Rawlings Velo
EASTON Project 3 13.6
Marucci Cat7
DeMarini BBCOR 25/3-PieceComposite
AXE Avenge Composite2-PieceComposite

1. AXE Elite

One of the most used and recognized bats to play the baseball is AXE Elite bat which was more respected due to its harder barrel and wide diameter. 

Chopping away from the competition of baseball bats of 2022 it is made using special heat treatment which offers a harder barrel so that you may move and hit the ball easily. 

As most of the bats made using wood or corban fiber but the AXE Elite used high-quality stressed aluminum for the construction of these bats.

Almost all the bats consist of 5 parts Knob, grip, taper barrel, and end. AXE Elite used aluminum for the construction of most of the parts of these bats.

Standard sizes bats mostly designed having the length of 31’ 34 Inches that also increases the comfortableness for the tall persons. 

Weight and length have a difference of 3 between their ratios for the bats. It is mean that as the length decreases the weight also drops subtracting 3 from the ration.

Still, if you are confused, then let me describe clearly, suppose you have bought the bat having a standard size length of 34 Inch then its weight will be 34 -3 ounces. 

AXE Elite bat is made having more MX8 alloys with the special formula and the end cap is constructed using high-quality plastic with the heavyweight one so that one may deliver 2x extra hitting force.

The knob is deeply attached using aluminum welding plants. The premium gripper is used which reduces the chanced of slipping. 

Where the buyers discuss the price of AXE Elite BBCOR Bat there is no need to worry about it. The price is affordable that ranges for under 300$. This product is presented with the maximum satisfaction that offers more reliability.

Deeply engineered baseball bat has a wide round tapper that has attached from both with the round shape slim gripper and a stronger barrel. Here I also have described its few features that will lead you to a better decision. 

  • BBCORl bat is consisting of high-quality aluminum. 
  • Solid tapper, aluminum alloy and have Hyperkin grip.
  • Power-packed bat offers a nice voice, normal sized.
  • It delivers a lot of vibrations while hitting the ball.

Why Should You Buy It?

AXE Elite is a powerful ally that is top rating nowadays. It is offering a lot of satisfaction, unlike the others. In simple words, I think one may on the right while buying this 1-piece baseball bat. Moreover, I have described 10 Best BBCOR Bats and the next one is also the top ratting from them.

2. Easton Beast X 

Easton Beast X is one of the most powerful and top-rated BBCOR bat made by the Easton (one of the leading BBCOR Bats making company).

It is made using the strongest ATAC alloy that is the most durable material for the best BBCOR bats.

ATAC is such a super light-weight material that makes the bat super light without affecting its strength and power to the shoots it delivers.

There are people who don’t like the aluminum bats due to different reasons but Easton’s Beast X will change their mind due to its extremely satisfying construction.

Easton Beast X comes with a very comfortable grip that makes it even more easy to fit in your hand. 1.4mm Hyperkin has been implemented on it which makes it easy to swing with full power and makes sure to have a great impact on the ball.

As the small size baseball bats have shorter barrel and tapper so the standard size bats are highly suggested to play baseball.

Easton Beast X BBCOR bat is made in the different sizes but is also available in the standard size (34 Inch) that is suggested more.

Hyper skin grip which also undoubtfully the key feature of this bat is of most wisdom that reduces the chances of slipping the bat.

Easton X bat is more respected due to the 1-Piece body that offers more solid hits to get the ball among the viewers.

25/8 diameter that is a chase for the barrel of Easton Beast X bat reduces the ball missing chances. The end cap that is coughed in the top end of the bat is well-weighted that increases the light push force up to 2x.

Moreover, the MX8 alloy system that is used for this bat is no less than any wisdom. It provides a nice hitting voice to the ears.

You don’t have to worry about the price (under 300$) that easily affordable. Here I also have described the key features of the Easton Beast X bat that will lead one to the good decision.

  • Aluminum alloy offers a light-weighted bat.
  • 1 The piece’s body increases the solid tip force.
  • 30 days satisfaction, affordable, well grip.
  • Barrel rises a loudness after hitting the ball.

Why Should You Buy It?

Easton Beast X Bat is counted in the world no 1 bats to play the baseball. 1-Piece body of this bat offers more stress on the ball and also increases the durability.

From each aspect, this bat is reliable and available at a pocket-friendly price. Moreover, you also are getting 30 days of satisfaction with the ship.

3. Easton BB17MK

If you are looking for a baseball bat with the ergometric handle then there is just an option available that is Easton BB17MK. 

You may be thinking the second featured product is Easton but why? The answer is very meaningful that is hidden in this review.

The first differ thing that makes it better than the previous Easton’s bat is its 2-Pieces construction. Unlike most of the bats, the Easton BB17MK comes with the lite weight so that you may swing it to hit the ball easily.

Most of the bats available weighted randomly with their parts but each bat with the same name has the same weight that is 29/31oz.

You may be thinking about this unusual logic but if you are out of it then let me explain clearly, the 29 over 31 ration expresses the weight and length of the bat by differing 3. 

Now let us discuss the premium quality material that the Easton is used for the construction of BB17MK. Most of the baseball players look for the aluminum bats due to the lightweight the same as it but did you think about the diameter size that you are getting more than standard size bats.

This wisdom reduces the chances of the missing ball.  As you know after three continuous missing the player considered out but this 2-Pieces bat is one from those bats which are used to cover most of the area around the players.

So, there comes no chance to miss any ball. Most of the -Piece bats start vibration after hitting the ball which creates an unpleasant loudness but this bat is made using highly stressed material which thaw the sweet pop sound after hitting the ball. 

Easton presented the BB17MK with the maximum satisfaction from every aspect as the price which is almost bearable.

Furthermore, you are also getting 30 days of satisfaction with each product by the same brand. Here I have described a few goods and bad about this product. 

  • Drops 3 digits with the sweet voice and hard bulk.
  • Standard size (5 inches) Thermo composite barrel.
  • Maximum satisfaction, Mako series, 2-Pieces bat.
  • It is often not accepted in the local league matches.

Why Should You Buy It?

All overly, Easton is one of those brands which are producing out standard bats and the BB17MK by it, is deeply engineered for the comfortable and stronger hitting. I think there comes no more after these benefits, so one should buy it to improve his performance.

4. Louisville Slugger

Baseball player! Are you looking for BBCOR with the X performance and highly hyper skin handle then there is no need to go and find more? 

Here is the deeply engineered bat having hard bulk and nice pop sound with the more solid hit named as Omaha 512.

No this is not that one which we are going to discuss but an alternate bat having the same features and performance named such as Louisville Slugger.

You may be known by the world’s best performed BBCOR bat Omaha 512 which was governing on all the bats but now here comes another wonderful feature which is 2x less expensive price than that one.

You may be thinking about the lighter quality material that is used for the local bats but if you are thinking about it then bring your mind on the right way.

Slugger used premium quality aluminum for the 1-Piece construction of Louisville BBCOR bats. Louisville Slugger is the bat which is offering lots of features along with a stronger and solid performance throughout the long life.

The premium quality material never allows vibrations and trembling. Highly premium machines are used for the formation of these bats but it more respected due to the traditional feel.

The traditional bats which were made using wood experienced for more time before the construction of these bats.

Another wonderful thing that the end cap which is tested by the most baseball maker regulations. Plastic made a weighted cap produces more comfort while swinging it in air.

Moreover, like Omaha 512 this is not expensive. Once you tried then it will thaw enough from one’s mount. Louisville Slugger is a very popular brand that was very well-known due to the traditional sport’s goods.

All the sports products formed by it have a bit traditional feel. Here I have summarized a few GOODS & BADS about the products.

  • Premium tapper grip reduces the slipping chances.
  • Drops 10 in weight is considered an ideal concept.
  • 1-Piece Bat, offers larger sweet spot, extra solid hit.
  • In extremely cold conditions, it becomes lighter.

Why Should You Buy It?

Louisville Slugger is the BBCOR bat that my younger brother is experiencing from the years. He tried to tell me a recommendation for all the younger players.

Moreover, this bat is providing all the traditional features that lead ones to thaw it is the bat that I have used earlier.

5. Marucci MCBC7

Marucci MCBC7

Where players discuss the 1-Piece Construction of BBCOR bats there it never is hidden the Marucci MCBC7. It is one of those bats which is used in the highly professional leagues and matches. 

Twice larger length and optimized weight of barrel offer more coverage that reduces the missing chances. Unlike the other bats, these bats produced in the United States, especially in Louisiana.

These bats are well known due to the affordability but there comes no compromise observing it quality-wise. 

Marucci MCBC7 are the bats that symbolized the pocket friend rates for the bats with the 2-Piece Production.

It offers more durability and flexibility while moving in the air that reduces the vibration changes and saves the arm from any serious injury.

The big bat barrel designed and covered with the solid sheets that produce nice pop sound o hear while hitting the bat. 

Now let discuss the material and construction of the Marucci MCBC7. First, a higher premium thing that the Marucci is used for the formation of these bats is aluminum.

These aluminum sheets are highly stressed so that it may offer a more solid response. The Barrel size is a bit more than the standard size bats bot in length and diameter.

This wisdom increases the spot volume and coverage that never let miss balls. The plastic end cap is highly engineered that optimizes the weight and offers smooth swing in the air.

It also increases the hitting force and sports the wide diameter sheet of aluminum that reduces the pitch changes.

The ergonomic handle and the soft skinny grip reduce the slipping chances. Moreover, Marucci is a recently made brand that is rounding in the market to present its best collection of highly professional bats.

These bats are going to come on the trending bats due to the affordability and power plus barrel. Furthermore, I have described a few features of this product that will lead to its better decision.

  • 2-Piece bat increases balancing while swinging air.
  • Thick aluminum is used for the formation of a bar.
  • Extra sweet spot, 10 months satisfaction, Solid hit. 
  • Marucci used low-quality grips to carry these bats.

Why Should You Buy It?

Marucci MCBC7 is counted in the high rating bats of 2022. No doubt this is a new brand but BBCOR bats offered by it have passed from the highest premium machines. 

More stressed sheets are used for the production so that you may get the best alloy bat with a more solid touch.

6. Rawlings Velo

One of the most well-known brands in manufacturing the highly performed and loved bats to play baseball is Rawlings. 

It was more respected due to the hard research and experience about the sizes of bats which are more versatile and suit every personality.

Unlike the other local bats, the weight and size ration differ with the digit 3. It’s mean that suppose you buy the Rawlings Velo BBCOR bat with the 34 height that the wait will be decreased by the 3 of the length e.g. (34-3 = 31 Ounces)Same as the Easton from which you have throughout before this review, Velo BBCOR is also an aluminum alloy that has covered almost the area of bat.

The Barrel having out standard size covers 2 Inch more wide area that reduces the missing chances. The Sweet pop sound that produces by the solid hit of balls feels like the hard stone that one has thrown to hit any hard thing.Rawlings used premium POP 3.0 technology for the formation of the 1-Piece bat which shows improvement in the sweet Pop and lightweight.

Although the harder technology is used it doesn’t affect the traditionality and durability of bats. For the keen on players of baseball, the Rawlings used a premium quality grip that reduces the slipping chances.Let me tell you the wisdom that is hidden behind the heavy end cap. Rawlings used a bit heavy weighted cap that increases the force 2x and certified for 0.50 BBCOR.

Extra barrel length increases the acoustic voice that arises after hitting the ball. Rawlings is the brand that is not too old but more appreciated due to the X-Performance of its bats. You are getting 1 year’s satisfaction with the Rawlings Velo BBCOR bat that is enough for its reliability.

  • Premium quality aluminum used for construction.
  • 2.0 technology increases durability, heavy end cap.
  • 1‑Year’s satisfaction, affordable, lighter to swing.
  • After having a hard touch, the barrel pop up’s a bad voice

Why Should You Buy It?

Now you have gone through the Rawlings Velo BBCOR review, I think it has made your mind to buy this bat and it would be.

You can say plenty of reasons behind it as the lighter weighted, affordable, durable and much more. Moreover, you are also getting 1-year’s satisfaction with the ship.

7. EASTON Project 3 13.6

Easton Project BBCOR bat is counted in one of those bats that are more loved by the professional leagues due to the power barrel and X-Performance. 

Its ATAC alloy construction increases the swing velocity. Highly weighted speed cap enhances the hit power and provides a more solid hit to get ball among the viewers.   

It is made using 33.16 technology that offers more durability and constructs it as a 1-Piece bat that feels like a traditional old wooden bat.

A carbon composite handle prevents the vibration to spread. Now let me tell you the sizes in which the Easton Project is available, you can get any bat size from the 30 to 34 Inch length. 

Easton Brand has perceived every aspect of the bat with the better way as the high-quality grip that is used to carry the bat with so good way, so that you may hit the ball with more comfort.

The POP technology used for the construction of these bats decreases the weight and enhanced the bat’s durability. 

Most of the bats used by the players often show bad pitch due to the hard colliding of balls. It decreases the bat’s performance after a few uses.

To decreases this unpleasant thing the Easton used high-quality premium aluminum that has passed out from the highly stressed technology.

This thin but hard layer of the aluminum prevents the stressed mark due to the highly pressured bulk inside. Moreover, the heavy end cap also supports the layer from the inside and prevents it from the unusual pitch. 

As the wooden made bats don’t have any bulk inside so there is no concept of using end cap. But using endcap have wonderful wisdom inside.

It increases the attacker’s force on the ball with 2x extra power. Furthermore, I also have described some good and bad about the Easton Project given below. 

  • Composite bat with the 1-Piece construction.
  • You can get it in the different sizes 31 to 34 Inch.
  • 1-Years satisfaction, BBCOR Certified, Solid hit.
  • A bit expensive than the other BBCOR bats.

Why Should You Buy It?

Easton Project is best performing the BBCOR bat which is more time appreciated due to the longer barrel size.

If you going to buy an expensive high school BBCOR bat then the Easton Project will come on top of the list. Moreover, this bat is available in different sizes from 31 to 40 Inches.

8. Marucci Cat7

Marucci Cat7 is the same BBCOR bats by the Marucci as the Cat and Cat 6. AZ4X alloy construction of this powerful bat offers power-hitting even with the lazy touch. 

Marucci designed this bat in a very magical way as its weight varies toward the long barrel. More optimized and right balancing of the bat makes it lighter and more solid.

X solid response by the bulky barrel is no less any firing tank. Cat 6 BBCOR which was the previous production of Marucci was more well known among the players due to the affordability X-Performance.

Comparing the Cat 7 with that bat no doubt is not positive for Cat 6. Marucci worked more on the tappers that stop the vibration after solid responding which is also a key feature and makes it 1-Piece.

While finding the best BBCOR bat players keep the sweet spot in mind. If you are also one of them then your hard work ends now.

Marucci Cat 7 is offering a double sweet spot due to the highly stressed aluminum cylinder. 1-Piece construction by the highly premium machines makes it the one of the traditional bat but you would also know the Marucci doesn’t compromise on the durability.

Most of the machines used for the construction of the Marucci Cat7 leads this bat from the highly elastic way that makes it more durable.

This durability prevents the ball from the stress that comes toward the hand as the hard vibration as saves arm from any serious injury.

Where comes the name of Marucci there comes no compromise on the affordability, quality, and performance. Marucci is one of those brands that are top ratting in the BBCOR bat’s world.

Like the cat5 and Cat 6 BBCOR bats, the Marucci Cat 7 is also a friend to pocket. Here I have described a few features that you may like about the Marucci Cat7.

  • 2x Sweet Spot barrel, BBCOR Certified.
  • AZ4X alloy is used for its construction.
  • Affordable, 1-year’s satisfaction, lighter.
  • 1-Piece construction bats cause vibration.

Why Should You Buy It?

A bat that is more time loved is Marucci Cat7. It is used in professional leagues. 1-Piece construction cause vibration, this concept is not truer, the durable tapper that is used offers more durability that prevents the hard vibrations and saves arm from any serious injury

9. DeMarini BBCOR 25/2

2-Piece bat construction with the hard respond is the more time quested bat if you are also searching for it then your hard-working ends now. 

Power responding to to the DeMarini BBCOR bat is made using thicker aluminum sheets that pass out from the hard stress.

DeMarini has done a great deal with the stronger and X-performance and every version of the same bat brought something else than the others year to year.

One of the most impressive improvements is the hard alloy construction of the DeMarini BBCOR bat that makes more sweet pop than the other standard sizes bats.

The brand used highly premium aluminum sheets that pass out from a very stressed way, this doing makes the barrel of bats harder and more responsive. 

 Where we discuss the size of this bat it is available in 30 to 34 all sizes having the difference of 3 with the weight.

Optimized barrel and solid construction of tapper respond no less than any firing tank. The smooth hand that is covered with premium quality offers more comfortable carry.

Moreover, a very decent color and design are given to its print. DeMarini BBCOR is the most of those bats that are chopping out the professional player’s bats of 2022. 

The wide diameter of the barrel does a great job with a good sense of time. In most cases, the vibration and loudness that arises after hitting the ball may break a player’s performance. 

To prevent this hurdle, DeMarini used a high-quality tapper that makes a break between the barrel and handles and saves the arm from any serious injury.

Moreover, DeMarini saved the test voice and video that is solid evidence for the buyers. DeMarini is the more popular brand that was more respected due to the high performance and affordability of bats.

No doubt this is a new brand but the best performance brings good reviews by the players. 

  • 3-Piece hybrid construction, solid alloy.
  • A wide diameter barrel prevents missing.
  • Optimized weight offers more durability.
  • Bat is good but not more affordable.

Why Should You Buy It?

Having more success in the professional leagues the DeMarini is a highly suggested bat for the professional players. 3-Pieces construction does more with the durability and prevents vibrations. Moreover, you are also getting 1-year satisfaction with the bat.

10. AXE Avenge Composite

Another review about the AXE BBCOR Bat is not a wonderful thing because the AXE brand is bringing Best BBCOR Bats with the more features that the other doesn’t by its year to year production. 

It has brought another bat that let find the perfect potential with accurate and power swinging. Each part of the AXE bat is highly engineered that did a great job with the performance. 

Ax bat is constructed with the 33 over 3 ratios for the length and weight. 31 to 34 each size is available that varies down with the 3 digits.

Still, if you are thinking about the weird login then don’t worry let me explain to you. Suppose, your height is 6 feet and you are buying a 34-inch-long bat. You can easily determine the weight by subtracting 3 from 34. 

The total weight will be 34-3 = 31. Highly Premium Endogrid technology is used for the construction of AXE BBCOR Bats. It often happens in the baseball player’s life that the low-quality bats which they use hurt by injuring the arm due to the solid back vibrations.

To prevent it Endogrid technology is enough that leads these bats to more durability. Let me tell you the more engineered construction, as the carbon barrel is the more times asked for the BBCOR Bats which often not shows but AXE used high-quality Carbon barrel that faces the harder bulk while colliding with the ball.

Moreover, AXE is the most popular brand due to the affordability of its products. Here I have summarized a few features of the AXE Avenge Composite that will lead you to the right decision.

  • Carbon Barrel, Solid response, 2 Pieces construction.
  • Smooth and comfortable grip, hard alloy production.
  • Available in different sizes offer 1-year satisfaction.
  • Not comfortable grip, Price is not affordable.

Why Should You Buy It?

AXE Avenge is the carbon-made 2-Piece constructed bat that is more appreciated due to its great job. It is used in most professional leagues and matches. Furthermore, it will not wrong to say that the bat with the more sloid responding is AXE Avenge.  


Baseball is the game going on trending now. It was started in 1774 and mostly played in England, Japan, and Canada. The traditions used wooden bats to play which were perfect with their 1-Piece construction. 

Due to the latest technologies, the existence of that bats became less. So, to bring that traditional feeling back I have introduced 10 Best BBCOR Bats of 2022.

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