Best Pickleball Paddle for Spin 2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

As the Pickleball equipment comes up in quality the game also gives more fun to its playing person. Somewhere all the Pickleball players confuses when they go to market to buy paddles for Pickleball

Because finding the Best Pickleball Paddle is somewhat tricky task that need both experience and knowledge of type of paddle you are going to buy. 

Pickleball Paddle are available in different sizes and also differ from each other in weight.

So if you want to play your game like a pro then you should choose a Paddle that can provide the best spin and control over the pickleball Ball.

While additional accessories like gloves and shoes will help you to play the game more with more ease.

Top Picks For ​Best Pickleball Paddle

​Are you in a Hurry? Check out the top 5 picks by our experts for the best pickleball paddles.

Quick Comparison of Best Pickleball Paddles

Onix Z5 GraphiteGraphite
Selkirk Prime S2 Graphite
Rally NX PaGraphite & Composite
Inc. Venom PaddleGraphite Carbon Fiber
Paddletek EX-LComposite
Voltage – Classic 1.0 Graphite
Amazin’ Aces PaddleGraphite & Composite
Champion Graphite Composite
Pro Enforcer GraphiteGraphite
Paddletek ElementGraphite

Below I have reviewed the top 10 best Pickleball Paddles of 2021 that you can buy right now.

1. Onix Z5 Graphite

Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle is one of the most used and convenient paddles in the Onix line and Pickleball player’s history it fits well in all types of Pickleball Bags as well.

If you have not experienced it till now, I am going by telling you all about it. This is the most comfortable paddle with wide-body size.


For the experienced persons most decisive news, Onix has brought a lot of changes into its mass, size, gripper, etc. its grippers are designed with the way so it may easy to hand even without using gloves of Pickleball.

Pickleball is the most interesting games for from elders to younger. When the new hopeful persons go to learn it the players recommend Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle.

Many colors in which the Onix company supplying it to market including blue, pink, mod blue, mod pink, red, green, etc. In general, it holds many features but I think its most dramatic Pro is its price.

it is much friendly to pocket and for a buyer, it is more than he can get a good quality paddle at a low price.


In weight, it is just a minor greater(7.5) than the other paddle but its shot is very forceful and comfortable. Onix also gives a high-quality neoprene paddle cover which is always a bonus for buyers.

If we discuss its core, Nomex honeycomb core is used to build its whole shot area and the grippers are made with high-quality rubber silicon. This wide area gives better control and maintaining on the ball.

Onix Z5 Graphite Pickleball Paddle is holding a 5-star rating which is ideal and its number of buyers is increasing day by day.

  • Slim gripper diameter (4,1/4), high-quality core used.
  • Graphite face offers lightweight, pop, fast speed, etc.
  • Widebody shape, medium weight, graphite structure.
  • Protective neoprene cover, very lite to pocket money.
  • For many person weight (8.5+ ounces) is over to play.
  • The graphical shape may unattractive, low gripper quality.

​Why Should You Buy It?

Onix Z5 Graphite is the best Pickleball paddle for spin. It holds the reliability and very lite to buy. Somewhere if you determine its value you will say your self to buy it.

2. Selkirk Prime S2 

Selkirk is very acknowledged brand in the prime series of pickleball paddles. Selkirk Prime S2 Pickleball Paddle is the latest version of pickleball paddle by this brand and is holding most of the advancements which are not in the other paddles.

My brother experienced it for the last three years and rating it 5 stars. This pickleball padel is specially made with such a way that anyone may overcome and control all the shots easily.


The main thing to say and to give you guarantee that S2 Pickleball paddle is tasted and examined by all the USAPA tournaments and more than 200 professional players are sponsoring it.

Especially in the pickleball paddle game the PRIME series tried to its best and brought very special game assistance(Pickleball Paddle) with some extra(high-quality cover) for even better performance make sure to get best Pickleball Shoes.

If this is your very first time and you have never experienced  Selkirk Prime S2 Pickleball Paddle before it then this is the very best choice for you to play.


Experienced persons should note that Selkirk primer AMPED series has brought so many changes in the Selkirk Prime S2 Pickleball Paddle e.g. Sweetpots size become 10, increased the surface area, weight decreased to many extents, etc

The current version is holding all the latest ideal advancements of the time. If I come to tell it’s quality and features perhaps its light weight for which this is very well-known in the market.

Graphite is used to retain the pickleball paddle durable for a much longer time and lite weight is a big way to save energy from waste. Its handle is slim and soft. Anyone can grip it very perfectly.

I have listed a few highlights of S2 Pickleball paddle in the sequences that surely will affect you.

  • Weight 7.4 oz*, X4 polymer core used. 
  • Has a larger surface area, 4.5 grip length.
  • Flexible, fiber structure, different colors.
  • Maximum sweet spot size-structured.
  • Covers ball with a wide area, power shoot.
  • Weight is not suitable to handle power shoots.

​Why Should You Buy It?

Selkirk Prime S2 is durable, stunning, well-balanced and top pickleball paddles to play. So many options available to choose in the market but most of the players choose it. Many others are also given to try.

3. Rally NX Paddle

Rally NX Graphite Pickleball Paddle is the most popular paddle to play pickleball games comfortably. it provides the best combo of power and balance in its structure which is totally fiber.

Durability and well balancing are the most well-known factors of this paddle and it is holding 0.5 pounds weight which is very easy to handle for from children to elders.


New hopefull buyers should know that for high-quality pickleball paddle, no need to pay much from the pocket. Now Rally NX is offering a great deal pocket-friendly.

Many experienced persons tell us that its lite weight is the best advancement which is a way for a great shoot and save of body energy. Many Pickleball paddles are available in the market but some are much in cost while some are heavy in weight.

Heavyweight Pickleball paddles waste the muscular energy and players give up before the time. Rally graphite provides many features which are obviously not in the pickleball paddles. USAPA especially approved rally graphite for all the tournaments.


Its face gives incredible speed to shoot. Nomax core is used to for the griper maximum comfort. Its weight varies from 7.4 to 8.0 oz.

Perhaps due to the Nomax core, it is holding great importance in the market. It never gets dents like the other cores e.g. aluminum and provides more pop then poly.

WINN Dry grip is used and the handle is designed in the way that children also may grip it forcefully.  XL head size is also of great comfort during playing. A person can easily shoot the missing balls.

Moreover, I also have given some pros and cons in the very next. Read, you may able to decide which pickleball paddle is suitable for you.

  • 7.4 oz weight, 8/8.1 wide shoot area.
  • Authoritatively(100%) original material.
  • Graphite face, Nomax Honey Comb Used.
  • Perfect controlling blend, power shot.
  • Winney dry gripper, 4/ 4.1 length size.
  • weight is not enough to overcome shots.

​Why Should You Buy It?

Rally NX Graphite are the Pro Pickleball Paddles and are the best choice to play. it is providing so much features e.g. lite weight, wide face, slim handle, etc. This choice is suitable for beginners.

4. Inc. Venom Paddle

Inc. Venom Pickleball Paddle is very prominent paddle which is totally bassing on the old wooden rackets. Inc. A company in the USA is designing and making it.

Latest pick of the day, for which this pickleball paddle is very well-know is its heavyweight (8.1 8.7). Most players use it to give a powerful and solid response. 


If you are a beginner and Wants to buy a pickleball paddle then is a solid choice. Its long handle like a racket gives power to the head. Many features are offered by Inc. Venom Pickleball Paddle.

it is built by using advanced aerospace composites which leads a player to best performance and durability. Unlike other pickleball paddles, this is heavy in weight.

By playing with lite weight pickleball paddle a player cannot handle the power shots. So this logic behind its heavy weight. High-quality ultra cushion grip is stitched on the handle for gripping Inc.


Venom. USAPA has approved it and recommended for the tournaments. The honeycomb core is used to give power response and good control.

1/2 inches head size keep the pickleball paddle durable for a much longer time and its graphite face gives power response to the ball. it is a very easy grip because the handle is made very slim and long.

Each feature of Inc. Venom Pickleball Paddle is of great help for a player during playing. I also experienced it for a long time. it is a durable, flexible, and strong pickleball paddle that increases more comfort of the player. Here I have listed a few pros and cons of this product that will lead you to your decision.

  • Mid-weight structured, long handle.
  • High-quality gripper, moisture-free.
  • Honeycomb core offering power shoot.
  • 90 days warranty, different colors.
  • Heavyweight, Long handle, expensive.

​Why Should You Buy It?

Inc. Venom Pickleball Paddle goes a long time with players and there are many advancements which are not in other. This is one of the expensive pickleball paddles in our list but it justifies its price.

5. Paddletek EX-L

Whenever players aks for a professional and powerful pickleball paddle then Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle comes in mind first. Its all thanks to its honeycomb core which provides extra power to the shoot.

it is the most popular pickleball paddle which is holding a normal weight (7.4 to 8.4 ounce) which is enough to give the solid response.


if you are a professional player then this pickleball paddle is enough to you. it holds all the advancements and available in market pocket-friendly.

Let me tell you its all qualities one by one, its weight is normal. The logic behind it, so that a player may able to use his natural power for shooting.

It is available in different colors in the market including red, purple, blue and pink. It faces is sized so good (7-7/8) which is enough to handle missing balls.


The handle is made slim and long so any person may grip it easily. It is sized for 51/8. High-quality grip made by pure rubber and silicone.

Many time many pickleball paddles degraded due to using lite core. In Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle especially more polymer honeycomb core is used which is dent free. This core is specially produced for the pickleball paddle of professional level.

Its structure mostly made by fiber which is too strong. it supports the head with more strength and designed in the way that a player may shoot the ball with extra power by using his minor energy.

 No doubt, it will right decision for you if you are going to buy Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle. I have given many features of this product in the below sequences which are a bail of its high-quality material.

  • Extra-large face to handle powerful shots
  • Well-balanced, pure honeycomb core used.
  • Normal weight and moisturize free grip.
  • Available in many colors, not expensive.
  • Much force lacks shoot’s control.
  • Not fear for beginners.

​Why Should You Buy It?

Paddletek Bantam EX-L Pickleball Paddle is a high-quality pickleball paddle which used on the professional level. If you are beginner then this is not the right choice for you.

6. Voltage – Classic 1.0 

When people ask for high-quality pickleball paddle then the Voltage – Classic 1.0 Model comes first in mind. This pickleball peddle is made by a very well-known company Gama Sports.

This is a very famous company which built its name in the market within a very short time. In the first just Pickleball, peddles were made by this brand but now there are many things about sports which Gama Sports is producing.


Voltage – Classic 1.0 Model is a premium pickleball paddle which is used on a professional level that demand high performance. Gama sports used high-quality material for manufacturing it.

I think, for which the voltage classic is well-known is its lite weight. Lite weight leads a player to fast performance in all the match. A player can save his 2x energy and can play for a long time by using it.

it’s good quality frame give more durability to its edges and increases the power of shots. Gama flush fit bumper is the guard of its edges and its face is increased by 30% than others.


Unibody handle offers a solid feel and gives more comfort to the player. Gama used best quality rubber grip to stitch on the handle so that this risk of slipping pickleball peddle from may be decreased.

Gama used dent free core for the pickleball peddle which is minor expensive than others. This core gives more power during shooting a ball and increases the shoot 2x.

I also have described a few latest advancements of voltage-classic so that you may able to know why the Voltage-classic pickleball paddle is the best choice than others.

  • Fast and lite weight, flexible and durable.
  • Gama Flush Fir Bumper is a guard for edges.
  • Unibody handle, Bp contour grip is used.
  • Available in different colors, have a big face.
  • As features increased, it became expensive.

​Why Should You Buy It?

No doubt that Voltage – Classic 1.0 Model is the very best choice to play on a professional level. Regarding high-quality features and performance, it is minor expensive. So beginner should choose another choice.

7. Amazin’ Aces Paddle

Amazin’ Aces Graphite Pickleball Paddle is very latest peddle expanded in the market and earned a great name then the other historical pickleball peddles.

Amazin’ Aces brand is offering many advancements like graphite edgeless peddle.


First, peddle by Amazin’ Aces in the pro series was expanded in 2017. It is aluminum composite peddle which is totally edgeless. In a very short time, this pickleball paddle got the name and used by many professional players.

In general, the Amazin’ Aces is offering many features but the most popular features perhaps for which it is well known is its mid-weight(0.93 pounds). 

The heavy thing hits more then the lite thing is a sketch on which the Aces Graphite Pickleball Paddle is manufactured. This heavyweight provides significant power to every shot.


Many loved colors in which Aces graphite is available including slate gray, tropic green, pink, blue, etc.

The big graphite edgeless face gives bile of superior and excellent performance. If you are still just thinking to buy it and taking no action then read that this pickleball peddle is approved by USAPA for all the tournaments.

Its handle is slim and a high-quality premium grip is stitched on it to reduce the chances of slipping. The high-quality core is used which give more than 2x power during the shot. It has a large sweet spot and a classic shape.

Moreover, if you want to know more experiences of this product then read the PROS and CONS give. Surely these will lead you to your better decision.

  • High-quality core gives power+control.
  • 1-year warranty, original premium grip.
  • Superior performance, not much expensive.
  • The maximum paddle playing area, edge guard.
  • After long use, rubber batting may be destroyed.

​Why Should You Buy It?

Amazin’ Aces Graphite is a very solid choice and is best pickleball paddle for control. It provides many features and pocket-friendly in dealing. It is also used on the professional level which is much for its bail.

8. Champion Graphite 

Whenever people talk about well-balanced pickleball peddle then the name which comes first is Champion Graphite X Pickleball Paddle.

This brand is held in the USA and is offering countless features than the other pickleball paddles.


Nomex honeycomb core is used which is specially made for professional pickleball peddles. This core increases the shot power 2x and prevents pickleball play area from dents.

The big face is the perfect combo of power and strength. This pickleball peddle is specially manufactured by advanced aerospace composites. Pure silicon and rubber are used to make its grip which totally moisturizes free and prevents slipping during playing.

If you are thinking about weight champion Graphite X, it holds lite weight. Lite weight is increases player’s ability so that he may play for a long time.

For the beginner hopeful persons, my experience suggests graphite x Pickleball paddle. You not to have to pay much to get its experience.


If you have experienced it for any time then you should note that this brand added so many latest advancements. There is a big difference in its old and new version.

Company is offering 90 days warranty and a neoprene high-quality cover is also free with it which is always a bonus for new buyers.

This ultimate peddle provides full control on the Pickleball balls and its frame is totally made by fiber. The handle is slime which is easy to grip for children to elders.

I have described a few PROS and CONS so that you may decide easily which pickleball peddle is suitable for you.

  • Nomex honeycomb core used.
  • High-quality grip, no moisture.
  • Light-weight, power shooting.
  • USAPA tested 90 days warranty.
  • Lite weight is a hurdle to control shoot.

​Why Should You Buy It?

Champion Graphite X Pickleball Paddle is very popular pickleball paddle. Anyone can grip it easily. Many advancements are provided by it but lite weight is not enough to overcome shoots.

9. Pro Enforcer Graphite

Enforcer Graphite Pickleball Paddle by pro lite is paddle with unique shape and its weight varies toward the head.

it is logic behind which gives more tip to the ball during shooting and shoot speed doubles. 


Enforcer pickleball provides wide area and a high-quality core is used to build its shot area. Mostly tennis players tend to buy it. You may be thinking reason, this pickleball peddle has extra long handle stitched with best quality grip. its head weight hits the swing with extra oomph.

Its weight is also able to discuss which is liter then other expensive pickleball peddles and makes sure you hit above the net. it is holding all these features in 7.5 ounces weight. You will feel loved after seeing the colors of enforcer graphite pickleball paddle.

Nomax honey-comb core is used and given excellent performance. Unlike other pickleball peddles this is a bit longer and gives look as it is for table tennis.


Perhaps lite weight is its famous feature. If you use heavy pickleball peddles you will be tired and no much longer play. On the other side if you are using Pro-Lite Sports Enforcer Graphite Pickleball Paddle.

A neoprene cover is also offered by pro lite. it’s 90 days warranty is also bile of its quality. Griper is a simple tap which is holding a few cushions for sweat absorption.

You may able to pick a ball from a distance due to its long length.  Moreover, also have discussed a few features of this product. Let us read.

  • Power shoot, Lite weight, head guard.
  • Nomex honeycomb leads to a fast shoot.
  • Long handle, pick the ball from distance.
  • Cushion grip used to absorb moisture.
  • Weight is too much lite to handle shoots.

​Why Should You Buy It?

Enforcer Graphite Pickleball Paddle is the best choice to play pickleball paddle. If you are a beginner then solid to choose it. This pickleball peddles can be got pocket-friendly.

10. Paddletek Element

Paddletek Element is a very prominent pickleball paddle and it delivers about all the necessary things which a professional player requires.

Lite weighted for maximum fast and excellent response.


This is not new one many people are using it on professional level. it is a proper combo of power and excellent shots because there is pure polymer core is used which is totally dent free.

There are many outstanding features which are offered by the Paddletek Element pickleball paddles. If we discuss its advancements then the first which comes is its weight. In weight is just holding 7.4 to 4.8 ounces.

You may be thinking about the weight which is very lite. The logic which is behind is if a player plays with heavy pickleball peddle he will get tired within a few minutes. On the other side, you can play for a long time if you use Paddletek Element.


In the market, it is available in different attractive colors red, yellow, raspberry, etc. Pure polymer core is used which is durable and not leads paddle to best destroyed. The power of shoot all depends on the core of a paddle. Moreover, core increases the strength during shooting.

A beginner should buy this pickleball paddle because it is very strong for practice and all the features are offered by it at a reliable price. The grip is purely made by silicon and there is cushion used to absorb sweat.

The paddle is manufactured 8 by size so that the risk to miss any shot may be decreased. Moreover, USAPA is also guaranty of this paddle and approved it for many times. I also have described a few features offering the Paddletek Element pickleball paddle.

  • Weight is a very lite, excellent performance.
  • Slim handle, circumference size 4, normal size.
  • Polymer core is used, increases strength.
  • Neoprene high-quality cover is also a bonus.
  • Lite weight is not enough to handle shoots.

​Why Should You Buy It?

Paddletek Element pickleball paddle is a most used paddle in the player’s history. It is easily available in the market and no need to pay much for it. For beginners, it is the best choice to play.


So guys, I hope these detailed Pickleball racket reviews will help you to chose the best paddle for your game. All these are tested and many professional players are sponsoring. One can believe by closing eye.