Best Lighted Nocks

Best Lighted Nocks for Hunting 2022 Reviews & Buyers Guide

Modify the best carbon arrows with ultra-brightened nocks and check the difference!

If you love to hunt in the dark and looking for best-lighted nocks then you have landed on the right page. Using these vivid nocks not just gives a virtue look to arrows but also fabricates them functional in the tracing process.  

However, buying the best-lighted nocks is not an easy task especially novices have no idea about the market’s gimmicks.

We consulted our professional hunters and heeded on the 5 Best Lighted Nocks 2022 to designate here

Mostly buyers reported for the tough installation and exceeded battery consumption but our pro’s choices are 100% tested and literally out of them.  

What is the Best Lighted Nock Color?

The entire scenario pivots on true color selection but here beginners often make mistakes.

Green-lighted nocks assist as the best color on the landscape, at least in bulk as compared to other colors. These nocks work universally, whether you are using crossbow bolts or compound bow arrows.

Besides green, one of the most popular colors is red. Green-lighted nocks work well in all seasons instead of in spring, so red color will produce the most visible hue on the landscape at that time.

Top Picks For Best Lighted Nock

Here we have pinned a few lighted nocks as the appropriate choices for everyone. Take a look at and come forward with the suitable one.  

How to Install Nockout Lighted Nocks?

Baldwin goes over the contender and the set of real nocks in the practice mode. Nocks include universal bushings for the X, H S/GT sizes.  

Novices would go through their step-by-step installation. There are several facets to see such as bushings and fitments and you need to approach the exact molding to maintain precision.

Quick Comparison of Best Lighted Nocks

Check the list of most innovative Lighted nocks 2022. Our RC team researched on each product for ensuring quality before being designated here. Also, go through the detailed reviews of products.

Nockturnal-GT Green/RedUniversal
Nockturnal Fit Universal Blue/Green/Orange etcUniversal
JY-Sports Replaceable Nocks Red/Yellow/Purple etc0.297"
TenPoint Omni-Brite 2.0 Orange0.297", 0.300", 0.305"
Lumenok Signature Nock GreenUniversal

1. Nockturnal-GT Lighted Nocks – Best for Gold Tip Arrows

Worried about short nock battery-life? Instantly switch to Nockturnal-GT Nocks that are longer with brightened back and shine.

Long-lasting lithium batteries are used inside for the extra-ordinary lifespan of 20 hours, you can still find the compound bow arrows the next day.

Highly illuminated nocks are available in the universal bushing that fits the molding of all arrows.

We hope your archery adventure with these water-proof nocks, read the given characteristics before going next. 

Bushings & Fitments

Nockturnal-GT nocks are designed for the gold tip arrows with the 0.246 inside diameter.

These can go straight from the package to the shaft in no time and are helpful in operational conditions. You don’t need to add external bushing or components for the fine molding.

The Nockturnal-GT nocks are available in a wide variety of sizes and best for any size of the shaft. You can use both crossbow bolts and arrows with the fine molding and easy installation.

Illumination & Battery

Nockturnal is the leading designer of the GT lighted nocks and features highly bright LEDs.

Long-life lithium batteries are used for the illumination in dark, you will find these nocks shining even the next day.

Shoot with these nocks at dusk with the 20+ hours of battery life. GT lighted nocks are available in two colors, green and red.

Design & Construction

Nockturnal-GT Lighted nocks are designed in the press-fit patented shape and include string press activating buttons.

No use of wire, no chances of shock, you can illuminate the nock’s light by giving a little push on the piston-driven button.

GT lighted nocks are made using high-quality plastic and aluminum. These are best for the fool-proof operation in uncertain conditions.

Brand & Affordability

Nockturnal is a famous outdoor archery store that has been producing durable archery gear for years.

GT lighted nocks are specially designed for the gold tip arrows and available in two different colors. The package is extremely affordable; these illuminated nocks are available for under 10$.

  • High visibility, available with the long-lasting lithium battery.
  • Piston driven contact switch, easy to install on the gold tip arrows.Pro
  • No assembly required; it means you can use straight from the packaging.
  • Cheaper to buy, multiple color options, water, and blood proof.
  • Need a bit of force to switch off the light.

Why Should You Buy It?

Nockturnal-GT is a simple assembly-free nock that is available with the universal fitment and bushings. You can use it for any arrow or shaft size without adding any external component.

Furthermore, Package is affordable, you can buy the Nockturnal-GT lighted nocks for under 8$.

2. Nockturnal Fit Universal – Best for Micro Diameter Arrows

Fit Universal is the best universal nock designed in a patented press-fit shape.

Use the color coordinator fit insert and check the magic! Nockturnal its leading designer is providing these nocks in many colors.

Polycarbonate made the body ensure the durability and also makes the nock shockproof. We hope your archery adventure with the Fit universal nocks, also read the detailed review given below.

Bushings & Fitments

Using the Fit Universal nocks, you don’t need to worry about its molding, the bushes catch the perfect size whether you are using carbon or aluminum shafts.

The nocks are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, you just need to press the piston for switching the LEDs.

Illumination & battery

Highly brightened Fit Universal nocks are available with the long-life lithium batteries.

Polymeric holder allows the battery replacement whenever you need it. It offers color strobing with the multiple color scheme that is one more exclusive fact about the product.

Nonstrobing nocks are available in red, pink, green, blue, orange, and white color. it allows 400-time strobing between the color in a minute.

Design & Construction

Fit Universal nocks are made using polycarbonate material which lasts long and also ensures the blood-proof panel.

The quality metal used for constructing the bushes, these are straight from packaging to installation.

Nockturnal uses simple patented string-press switches in these nocks, there is just a need for little push for switching the LEDs.

Moreover, 20+ hours of heavy duty battery backup offers a long opportunity to be in the field.

Brand & Affordability

Nockturnal is the leading manufacturer of arrow nocks and has been doing its job with the experience of years.

Fit Universal is the best cheap lighted nocks that are available with the pack of three for under 35$. You don’t need to add assembly for the nock installation and color and size are optional.  

  • The body is crafted from high-quality material, metal bushes.
  • Pack of 3 is available for under 35$ that is reasonable.
  • secondary installation and configuration, multiple color schemes.
  • Improved LEDs, piston-driven liner switch, lithium battery.
  • High price range but these nocks ate universal.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for extremely brightened nocks with the universal fitment then the Nockturnal is the best choice. These nocks are available with the lithium long-life batteries and there is no need for assembly for the installation.

3. JY-Sports Replaceable Nocks – Best Crossbow Lighted Nocks

Looking for the best-lighted bolt nocks? Meet the JY-Replaceable one that is easy to install due to the universal fitment.

Premium technology used for maintaining the LED’s piston relay buttons that will automatically be switched after releasing.

We hope investing on these arrow nocks will be the right decision for the crossbow users.

Bushings & Fitment

Universal bushings of the JY-Replaceable nocks can be fit to all shafts and arrows with the 0.297 inside diameter.

There is no need for assembly or any other component for the installation. Furthermore, the press-fit design is straight from packaging to a shaft which is imperatively helpful for the quick operation.

Illumination & Battery

Red lighted JY-Replaceable nocks include a piston-driven liner button for switching the LED panel.

The switch can be activated with the little string push in air and its lithium battery offers 24+ hours backup that means you will find the light brightened even on the next day.

Construction & Design

JY-Replaceable nocks are made using high-quality polymeric material. its batteries are replaceable, you just need to open the polymeric holder.

Patented metal rod offers easy press-fit in all sizes of shafts and best for the fast operations.

Brand & Affordability

JY-Sports is the name of reliability and famous for its durable products. JY-Replaceable nocks are the best-lighted crossbow nocks that are available in packs of 3 for under 10$.

  • best for the low budget, five multiple colors in nocks.
  • Also include a screwdriver in package, durable construction
  • There is nothing negative reported about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

JY-Replaceable nocks are nicely designed arrow ends that are available with the universal bushings and fitment. You can use it for any size of arrow shaft in crossbow bolts.

Furthermore, the package is really affordable, you can get the pack of three nocks for under 10$.

4. TenPoint Omni-Brite 2.0 – Best Universal Crossbow Lighted Nocks

Omni-Brite 2.0 nocks perhaps the universal arrow ends with the bulk of arrows at least as compared to other nocks.

These are straight from packaging; you don’t need to add assembly for the installation. Special Omni-nock technology produced the three-pin lighted nock system for crossbow bolts and arrows.

We have described all the characteristics below and buyers would read.

Bushings & Fitment

TenPoint is the leading manufacturer of the Omni-Brite 2.0 nocks and it produced a patented press-fit design as the best communicator with all the shafts.

Omni technology grants it universal applicability for the crossbow arrows and bolts.

Build your own lighted nock arrows and it also eliminates the improper loading accidents that are common with moon and capture nocks.

Illumination & Battery

Orange Omni-Brite nocks produce orange light after switching through the liner piston button.

High-quality lithium batteries offer extraordinary backup and you can even find the animal the next day. The package also includes translucent Omni nocks with the LED unit for the ultra-bright result.

Construction & Design

Omni-Brite 2.0 arrow nocks are made using durable polymeric material which ensures the durability and shock-proof system.

it fits most of the crossbow bolts and arrows in the market as designed in the press-fit shape. TenPoint is also giving receivers and alignment tools for quick adjustments.

Brand & Affordability

TenPoint is the world’s #1 archery store and that has been serving its durable products for over 30 years. Omni-Brite 2.0 nocks are extremely accurate nocks and its pack of 6 is available for under 35$.

Furthermore, the three-piece-structure also includes an LED unit and a lithium battery.

  • Made using high-quality material, aligns perfectly for getting robust.
  • Built-in locking clips can be fitted to all sizes of arrows and shafts.
  • Pack of 6 is available for under 35$, eliminates the improper loading accidents.
  • Comes in a complicated 3-piece system.Con

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a simple and accurate set of archery nocks at an affordable price then the Omni-Brite 2.0 nocks are a perfect choice.

Universal nocks can be fit to all the size of arrows and shafts whether you are using for a crossbow or compound bows.

5. Lumenok Signature Nock – Best for Crossbow Bolts (Pack of 3)

If you are a career hunter then you absolutely need reusable lighted nocks.

Lumenok Signature ultra-visible nocks are designed in patented press-fit shapes that are direct from packaging to the shaft.

Professional archers buy these nocks due to their long-life lithium batteries; you find them still lighted even on the next day.

We hope Lumenok Signature nocks will be perfect for your carbon or aluminum arrows.

Bushings & Fitment

Lumenok Signature nocks are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, you can buy for arrows as well as crossbow bolts.

These nocks are used for shot placement recognition and arrow retravel. Perfect facet for the shaft is 0.245” diameter, these nocks fit to the perfect molding at the standard diameter port.

Illumination & Battery

One more exclusive thing about the Lumenok Signature nocks, their batteries are replaceable.

The patented polymeric holder allows you to easily replace the battery whenever you feel it is needed. Ultra-brightened green colors help in easy scout, you can find the animal in the next 20 hours.

Design & Construction

Glory Signature nocks are water and blood-trail proof arrow ends constructed using durable plastic.

Its lights can be switched with the piston press button fitted on the aluminum shaft piece. Furthermore, the polymeric holder makes the nock shock-proof for the safe hunt.

Brand & Affordability

Lumenok is a well-honored archery brand and expert in producing arrow nocks.

Signate nocks are available with the pack of 3 at a very reasonable price. You don’t need any assembly; it can directly be installed to the shafts without adding any external component.

Furthermore, color and size are optional for buyers.

  • Made using durable plastic, easy to install on all sizes of shafts.
  • Best waterproof lighted nocks, available in green color, lasts long.
  • Replaceable battery holder, lithium battery for long-life backup.
  • The affordable package under 30$, a pack of three nocks, polymeric.
  • There is nothing reported negatively about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

Lumenok Signature is a simple and light-weighted nock available in green color. it fits all the arrows and shafts with the universal bushings.

Furthermore, the package is very reasonable, you get a pack of three green-lighted nocks at a very reasonable price under 30$.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Lighted Nocks

How Lighted Nocks Work?

The lighted nocks mechanism is quite simple; install them at the beginning of the arrow shaft, and it will light up automatically.

A lighted nock consists of a circuit that attaches a LED light with a battery and a trigger.

All you need to do is shoot the arrow; there is a switch that activates and turns the circuit ON that connects LED light with batteries making nock glow.

All good quality nocks can emit light for almost 24 hours, while some may last more depending on the nock’s quality.

While the nock illuminates, you can track and find the arrow easily, even at dark.

Pros & Cons

Lighted nocks are of great help, but different people have different opinions about them. Some give weightage to pros and recommend using them, while others don’t recommend them due to a few cons.

Let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of lighted nocks in detail.

  • Find Arrows: During daylight, you can easily find arrows, but what about dark, here come the lighted nocks. With a little investment in these nocks, you can easily track where your arrow flew and can find it quickly.
  • Accurate Shots: Lighted nocks can help you trace the arrow path it went through, and you can see where your bolt hit the target, leading to even more accurate shots. 
  • Saves Money: It’s no wonder that both arrows and broadheads are expensive, and no one wants to lose them altogether. Having lighted nocks installed on your shaft will help you find not only arrows but also saves money as you will not lose broadheads and arrows.
  • Saves a Lot of Time: Hunters spend time on two things, finding target second finding missed shots. But with lighted nocks, you get a predefined path that leads you towards your arrows. Just follow the path and pick the arrow – that’s it.
  • Find The Prey: There are scenarios when you get your target, but you fail to hit on vital parts. So, the animal just gets wounded and runs away instead of falling. In such scenarios, you will be able to find your prey easily.
  • Reusable: Nocks are not disposed of once used; instead, you can use them again. All you need is to turn the light off after finding the nock and use it again as needed.
  • Not Legal Every Where: Ok! Let’s face it. Nocks are good, but unfortunately, they are not allowed at every place; you need to figure out whether they are allowed in your state.
  • Lighted Nocks Are Expensive: Contrary to normal nocks, lighted nocks are expensive due to the built-in circuit, LEDs, and batteries. 
  • Batteries Need to Be Replaced: As batteries are sources of energy, they will die one day or another. In such scenarios, you either need to replace the battery or change the whole nock.

What to Look for Buying Best Lighted Nocks?

Lighted nocks have more pros than cons. That’s why you should but one. But which is the best-lighted nock for hunting? That is a serious question which no can other than you can answer. That’s why here I am going to list a few important factors to consider when purchasing lighted nocks.


Batteries are probably the foremost vital factor that determines the durability of your nock. The latest nocks have lithium-ion batteries that are good in terms of life and also don’t have any problems. So consider those nocks that consist of lithium-ion batteries.


A well-balanced arrow can not only hit accurately on target but will also be easy to use with minimal effort of hunters. To maintain the balance of your arrow, always consider the nock’s weight, it shouldn’t be more than your broadhead’s weight.


You wouldn’t like to buy a lighted nock that don’t fit well on your arrow. That’s why you need to take the size very seriously. But unfortunately, there is not any standard way to measure it.

The size may be in the form of letters, millimeters, or sometimes in inches. It happens with many hunters that their nocks are labeled in letters while arrow shafts in inches.

That’s why we have put together a size conversation chart which will help you to determine the perfect nock for your perfect arrows.

LetterIn MillimetersIn Inches


4 mm



5 mm



6 mm



6.5 mm



For crossbow users, you have to buy nocks made for them; there are many best-lighted nocks for crossbows out there, which are specially made for crossbow bolts.

While on the other hand, compound bow or recurve bow also has specific nocks that are best suited for their arrows. However, most of the nocks can be installed on both arrows and bolts; look at the nock type before choosing.


The color of your nocks has nothing to do with hunting, aiming or anything like that. A red-colored nock will work the same way as blue or green.

But there are certain conditions when you can’t see any specific colors. For example, during daylight, the green color is the most visible to your eyes. That’s why hunters recommend green color when hunting during the daytime. 

However, if you are hunting in a greenfield, it may get lost in the bushes or leaves; red-colored nocks are recommended in such scenarios.

Red color nocks will also work best as our sight changes at night, and at night red is the most visible color.

Lighted nocks are also available in some other colors like blue, orange, and yellow, but red and green are the most used ones.

If you can switch between the red and green nocks, then it would be the best combination.


I always consider buying things that come from some known brands. The reason is simple; they will be durable, long-lasting, and of top quality.

That’s why I would recommend you to buy Lighted nocks from any of the below-mentioned brands.

  • Lumenok Signature
  • Nockturnal GT
  • Aokur
  • Clean-Shot
  • Carbon Express 

Local Laws

As I have described, certain states don’t permit lighted nocks as they find them unethical for hunting. That’s why you need to consider your stat’s laws before buying lighted nocks as you mind run in trouble by using them were they are not allowed.

How to Use Lighted Nocks?

Lighted nocks are pretty self-explainer and straightforward, and you probably may not need to learn it from someone to use them.

That’s why here I am going to write down a few steps that will explain everything to get started.

  • Unpack the nocks, pick up your arrows, and start by attaching the nock at the beginning of the shaft, as stated on the user manual. Once installed, you are good to go.
  • To get started, keep your arrow in nocked position and then release, nock will illuminate automatically once the arrow released (if your nock is not automatic, you may need to manually turn it ON to light it up).
  • Track the arrow trajectory to see where it falls, go and retrieve your arrow.
  • Once you have found your arrow, turn the nock OFF to save battery.


We have shortlisted 5 Best Lighted Arrow Nocks of 2022. Buying the best-lighted nock is often considered tricky especially by beginners. We have designated the 5 most appropriate choices here best with affordability and performance.

Furthermore, each product is 100% tested to work in the toughest conditions. 

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