Best Broadhead Sharpeners

Best Broadhead Sharpeners 2022 Reviews & Buyers Guide

Craving for the razor-honed edges? You absolutely need a Best Broadhead Sharpener.

Instead of rubbing the blades on stone, a quality broadhead sharpener is preferred that reserves the highest results. But when it comes to buying a standard sharpener, there is a huge variety available that may confuse you.

Therefore, we researched it and shortlisted 5 Best Broadhead Sharpeners 2022 here. We hope the article will be helpful in finding a reliable choice.

Top Picks For Best Broadhead Sharpeners

Check the most innovative broadhead sharpeners that are available at a really cost-effective price. You can order now!

How to Sharpen a Broadhead?

We have written a detailed article on “sharpening a broadhead” that is assuredly helpful for beginners.

Quick Comparison of Best Broadhead Sharpeners 2022

Lansky Tungsten Carbide Sharpener + Wrench
KME Precision Knife Sharpener Full Kit
Smith’s BHS Broadhead Sharpener 2 Carbide
Sportsman carbide Broadhead Sharpener Sharpener
AccuSharp Broadhead SharpenerSharpener + Wrench

1. Lansky Tungsten Carbide – Best Broadhead Sharpener for Money

Lansky Broadhead Tungsten is a durably made blade sharpener and propounded for the extremely sharp edges.

It is 0.8 ounces is overall weight and has a compact design for long-lasting use. The more impressive thing about the sharpener, it can lock the broadhead safely for replacement purposes.

We have described all the characteristics of Lansky Broadhead Tungsten sharpener below and buyers would read.

Design & Construction

Tungsten Carbide sharpener is made using quality metal, Lansky ensured its long-lasting use. It is available in orange color which is easily visible and best to find when you accidentally lose it in bushes.

The grip of the broadhead sharpener is overall molded with rubber, it adds more comfort-ability while holding and working. You can use the best mechanical broadheads as well as a fixed broadhead.

Brand & Affordability

Lansky is a well-honored brand in producing bald sharpeners and has been working from over 6 decades. Broadhead

Tungsten Carbide sharpener is one of the most demanded products that is available at a great discount. You can buy it for under 10$.

Furthermore, an extraordinary sharpening piece is made using a Low-V tungsten carbide head which is helpful in bringing a razor edge.

  • Reliable for replacing the broadhead, you can easily sharp the edges.
  • It can sharpen both fixed and mechanical broadheads, quality construction.
  • Easy grip, sharpening the blade feels easy on the hand, best for low budget.
  • There is nothing reported bad about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

Lansky tungsten is a best range broadhead sharpener for the proficient hunters. it is made using high-quality metal and available at a cost-effective price.

2. KME Precision Knife Sharpener – Best Sharpener with Diamond Hones

A broadhead sharpener is repeatedly used as a tool in hunting.

So, any sensible huntsman prefers to invest in an expensive one for quality rather than buying the cheapest sharpeners over and over. Meet the KME Precision Knife sharpening system,

it is available with the diamond hones. We hope you will love using it, and also read the given highlights.

Design & Construction

KME Broadhead sharpener is specially designed with the wooden base and includes 1×4 diamond hones. 140 extras coarse till 1500 coarse gives a fine sharpening whether you are using broadheads or knives.

The spherical bearing rod gives the best guidance to place the blades with zero angles. It is perfect with the smooth sharpening motion; you can adjust angles continuously while using from 17° to 30°.  

Brand & Affordability

KME Sharpeners is a famous company and has been working for over 6 decades.

Knife Sharpener is a best edge rubbing system with the diamond hones and base. It is a bit expensive but 100% promises for payback.

You can buy the KME sharpener with its hand carry durable bag for under 224$.

  • made using durable material, wooden durable bade setup.
  • Different diamond grain system, adjustable angle, base + mount.
  • Available with the durable hand-carry bag, easy to use on knives as well as broadheads.
  • There is nothing negative reported about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

KME Precision knife sharpening system is a durably made kit that can be used for both fixed and mechanical broadheads. 

The package includes a full sharpening set-up with the plastic hand-carry at a very reasonable price. You can buy the KME broadhead sharpener for under 230$.

3. Smith’s BHS Broadhead Sharpener – Best Sharpener with Wrench

If you are looking for an economical broadhead sharpener then the Smith’s BHS is the one perfect choice.

it can grip the broadhead for replacement purpose, you just need to have a few rubs for sharpening the edges.

Tungsten Carbide blades ensure the razor sharpness of broadheads for hunting deer, elk, and all animals you want. We hope your hunt with the Smith’s BHS Broadhead Sharpener, also read given characteristics.

Design & Construction

Light-weighted Smith’s BHS broadhead sharpener is constructed using high-end material.

it is handy to grip and includes carbides for sharpening the blades. A durable sharpener is available in camouflage and you can use it for rubbing the knives as well as broadheads.

Furthermore, it is also featuring a built-in broadhead wrench that is helpful in replacing and unfixing the blades.

Brand & Affordability

Smith is a big outdoor store for broadhead and that is famous for the durability of its products.

BHS broadhead sharpener is an inexpensive choice and you can buy for under 15$. Furthermore, you also can use it for replacing the broadheads with the plastic molded built-in key.

  • made using high-end material, available for under 15$.
  • Best broadhead sharpening stone, a few rubs needed.
  • Light-weighted, easy to use for beginners, built-in wrench.
  • There is nothing reported bad about the product.

Why Should You Buy It?

Smith’s BHS broadhead sharpener is the best gadget for getting razor sharpened edges. It is best to use for kitchen knives and broadheads.

The package is affordable, you can buy it for under 15$.  Furthermore, it also includes a built-in broadhead wrench for replacement purposes.

4. Sportsman carbide Broadhead Sharpener – Best for Broadhead & Knife

After hunting, the slaughter-man absolutely needs sharpened knives for cutting meat.

Instantly buy the Sportsman carbide for sharpening the knives as well as broadheads. You can use it for re-sharpening the best G-5 broadheads with just a few touches. 

We hope your archery adventure with the Sportsman carbide Broadhead sharpener, also read the given characteristics.

Design & Construction

Sportsman carbide sharpener is designed in an extremely handy shape, you can use even with a single hand.

It is helpful in razor-sharpening knives and broadheads, no matter if you are using fixed or mechanical blades. Carbide inserts tend to provide a fresh sharpening with no-effort.

Sportsman broadhead sharpener is available in 9 x 5 x 1. A 2 inches dimension means you can keep it in the front pocket of your bag.

Brand & Affordability

G-5 Outdoors is a famous broadhead company and has been producing its durable products with the experience of a couple of years.

Sportsman carbide is the best Broadhead sharpener for single bevel. It is available with all components that you need to hold blades, you don’t need to attach an external one.

  • Made using durable carbide material, hand-friendly grip.
  • Easy to use on knives and broadheads, compact body.
  • Best broadhead sharpening stone. 
  • You cannot sharpen a serrated knife with it.

Why Should You Buy It?

Sportsman Carbide is a durable razor sharpener which is best for getting extremely sharp edges to your broadhead as well as a knife.

It is made using state of art carbide material that means you need just a few rubs for sharpening the blades. Furthermore, the package is affordable, you can the sportsman carbide broadhead for under 10$.

5. AccuSharp Broadhead Sharpener & Wrench – Best for Money

AccuSharp broadhead sharpener meets all demands of archers and one more highlighted thing,

it includes a built-in wrench. You can use it for fixing all broadheads besides sharpening them. Smart and manageable tools can easily be carried in Hunting backpacks.

Design & Construction

AccuSharp sharpener is designed in a best handy shape, you can use for sharpening the broadhead blades with a few rubs. It includes a built-in wrench which is helpful in replacing or fixing the bit in the arrow shaft.

The wrench is capable of working with 2,3,4 and 5 blades. You just need to run the blade from two tungsten a few seconds for it to get sharp.

Brand & Affordability

AccuSharp is a famous archery brand and considered a reliable brand for the broadheads and knives sharpeners. AccuSharp Broadhead Sharpener is one of the most demanded products and available for under 10$.

  • Made using durable plastic, molded hand grip.
  • Best single bevel broadhead sharpener, easy to use.
  • Some users reported for the low-quality construction material.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a cheaper to buy broadhead sharpener then the AccuSharp is a perfect choice. it includes a built-in wrench with the 2 carbide blades for sharpening the broadheads.


We have designated the top 5 Broadhead Sharpeners here with their reviews and actual attributes. We hope the article might be helpful in finding a reliable one. We tried our best to bring the most cost-effective products with high-end quality.  

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