Best Crossbows for Hunting Deer

Best Crossbows for Hunting Deer 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the best budget crossbows for hunting review!

I have killed 30+ deer in my life and about 5 of them using the random crossbows. Probably, the biggest mistake that I had in animal hunting was choosing the worst crossbow.

My team RC reviewed hundreds of crossbows but the fun of running a Barnett Ghost 410 CRT is of course not in any else’s. It completed the tasks on deer, elk, hogs, rabbit, and buffaloes very clearly using the best hunting arrows.  

Due to the increasing manufacturer, the number of crossbows and crossbow gear significantly increased. That’s why there are numerous options available for crossbows and obviously choosing the reliable one becomes difficult for beginners.

We have shortlisted 5 Best Crossbows for Hunting Deer that my team personally used and exclusively loved.

Top Picks For Best Crossbows For Hunting

We have listed the most and most recommended picks for the deer hunting crossbows, if you are interested then you should go through. 

Quick Comparison of Best Crossbows for Hunting Deer

Barnett Jackal – Best Compact Crossbow315 FPS7.5 Pounds
Whitetail Pro STREET – Best BARNETT Crossbow350 FPS6.9 Pounds
CenterPoint Sniper 370 – Best Rifle Crossbow377 FPS8.0 Pounds
BARNETT TS390 – Best Compound Crossbow390 FPS7.1 Pounds
Matrix Mega 405 – Best EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW450 FPS6.2 Pounds

1. Barnett Jackal – Best Compact Crossbow

After unexpected hunting in the previous year people are getting in it more and more but a good crossbow always just leads the hunters to good and clean hunting.

Barnett presents another exclusive and innovative crossbow which is specially made for hunting deer. It provides the best combo for velocity and accuracy that is deadly to all objects.

Item Specification & Benefits 

Barnett worked to maintain the weight and power of the Jackal crossbow for getting precision and it produced the best devastating weapon.

315 FPS shoot speed capable of resisting the hard Skelton and it can easily shake the vital organs of big animals. Crossbow includes a military-style stock beside with a divided foregrip.  

Jackal crossbow incorporates highly smooth 3.5 Lbs. trigger pull beside the safety reminder.

Compact bow with the compact Quad-Limb is beneficial for hunters. It’s wheel synthetic and smooth string system reduces the drag weight and makes re-cooking easier.

Barnett is a popular company in producing crossbow and crossbow gear. Jackal Point is its famous crossbow available at an affordable price.

The package includes a 4×32 mm crossbow scope, arrows, and rope crossbow cocking device.

  • Highly compact Quad Limb, Solid construction, 315 FPS shooting pressure.
  • The package is very affordable,3.5 Lbs. soft trigger relay, carbon 20” long arrows.
  • Quick attach and detachable crossbow quiver, synthetic wheel string system.
  • Jackal is the not best silent crossbow but all over good.

Why Should You Buy It?

Jackal is one of the more powerful deer hunting crossbows by Barnett. Its entire frame is made using stainless steel that ensures durability and gives a slippery compact texture. Hunters get 3 carbon 20” crossbow arrows beside the rope cocker and crossbow scope free of cost in the package.

2. Whitetail Pro STREET – Best BARNETT Crossbow

Hunting the deer is probably a problem for most hunters because it can easily run with a velocity of 80 km/h. For kicking this hassle BARNETT introduced a very exclusive crossbow whitetail Pro STR.

It provides 350= FPS shooting stress and can easily hit the target from 350 feet.

Item Specification & Benefits 

Whitetail Pro STR is a really long-range crossbow that is available with the trigger tech technology that offers 3lb and zero creeps.

Highly compact state of art material stainless steel is used for building the crossbow which gives 150 Lbs. draw weight over the slippery texture.

Barnett gives a 4×32 illuminated crossbow scope that enables him to shoot in perfect pasture. ADF knock sensor helps to activate and deactivate the trigger.

Hunters also can lock it for the safety purpose. A fair share of features incorporated with scope, arrows and crossbow cocker also given in the package free of cost.

BARNETT is a more reputed crossbow brand and has been working in this field since 1962. Whitetail Pro STR is one of the best crossbow production and specially made for deer hunters.

You also can use it for hunt doe and buffaloes with the 350 FPS easily.

  • Fastest crossbows ever built with the 350 Feet Per second velocity.
  • Highly compact state of its frame, lightweights design, affordable.
  • The package includes a scope, arrows, quiver, and a rope cocking device.
  • The damping system is a bit noisy which affects the hunting all over good.

Why Should You Buy It?

Whitetail Pro STR crossbow is the most powerful crossbow and made using stainless steel. It is a very solid choice for deer hunters but also can be used to hunt other big animals. Red dot scope enhances the accuracy and precision which is definitely beneficial for dead organs.

3. CenterPoint Sniper 370 – Best Rifle Crossbow

If you are looking for the best budget crossbow to hunt deer or doe then there is a pretty good option Sniper 370 which is specially built in the state of the art design using compact material.

world’s champions’ thoughts are incorporated in this rifle crossbow and engineers added maximum performance achievers including anti or dry shoot.

Item Specification & Benefits 

Highly incredible 370 FPS velocity is definitely deadly for all big animals. Adjustable foregrip beside the compact butt keeps the crossbow stable while shooting. Engineers added a machined cam system to reduce the friction while releasing the arrows.

Sniper 370 is an ambidextrous crossbow for both left or right-handed hunters. An integrated string suppressor provides quiet and stress-free shots. hunters can easily hit the object from 370 feet.

Highly durable stainless-steel built crossbows can be used in the rain.

CenterPoint is the most reputed crossbow brand that has been producing crossbows and crossbow products with a great experience.

Sniper 370 is a powerful and more compact crossbow that is specially made for hunting deer.

  • Friction-free arrows releasing, full machined mechanism.
  • Crossbow provides 370 FPS velocity, easily adjustable foregrip.
  • Available at a low price, carbon 20” long arrows, illuminated scope.
  • There is no CON about the CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow.

Why Should You Buy It?

Sniper 370 Crossbow is a really powerful crossbow that incorporates an illuminated crossbow scope, 20” arrows, a rope cocking device and quiver beside the quiver, it is available at an affordable price.

4. BARNETT TS390 – Best Compound Crossbow

Compound crossbows are considered really impactful and fatal even for big animals. Checkout the BARNETT TS390 crossbow with the incredible 390 FPS velocity.

It is available with the buck commander extreme carbon and stainless steel frame in 7.1 pounds weight is easy to carry in fields.

Item Specification & Benefits 

The BARNETT TS390 is its 4×32 illuminated scope which gives clear vision in dark. 187 Lbs. draw weight develops more kinetic energy in BARNETT arrows. 

Clear stealth shooting with the patented step-through riser and string damper definitely beneficial in the forest.

BARNETT TS390 incorporates side mount crossbow quiver, 20” arrows, crossbow scope and cocking devices in the package that truly helps in achieving that target more closely. 

It becomes compact after cooking and that’s why that commander crossbow is easier to use either on hands or tree stands.

BARNETT company is the king of the crossbow world and has been serving durable products since 1962. TS390 commander is a highly durable crossbow that is made using stainless steel and gives a machined slippery loop for arrows.

  • Made using stainless steel, highly compact, and easy to hang on treestands.
  • Excellent built quality, quick attach and detach quiver, synthetic string system.
  • Available at a low price, anti or dry-fire features prevent the bow from reloading without arrows.
  • Hunters don’t get sling in the package.

Why Should You Buy It?

BARNETT TS390 is a durable and silent crossbow for hunting deer. It is capable of enduring over the hard bones and hunters also can use it for hunting big animals. This crossbow includes finger guard and finger safety which is an incredible feature for conservation.

5. Matrix Mega 405 – Best EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW

Recurve crossbows are considered faster and more impactful on marks and Matrix Mega 405 is also one of them.

It is the most powerful and accurate crossbow deadly for all animals with the 405+ FPS shooting pressure. The extra compact frame ensures long-lasting use and makes it lightweight and easy to carry fields.

Item Specification & Benefits 

Excalibur Matrix Mega can easily cover 405 feet even with the fatal result that can easily crossbow the hard bones.

It is a bit difficult to use but the engineers added several safeties for the healthy experience. Highly adjustable butt keeps the crossbow stable while using in fields.

Another advantage of having Matrix Mega crossbow, hunters get a power magnifying scope which helps in hitting the aim. A highly durable crossbow is built with a state of art material. You can hit the objects with 405 FPS unbelievable stress.

EXCALIBUR is a famous crossbow brand that has a great reputation among brands and hunters due to its durable products.

Matrix Mega 405 is its day and night hard work and incorporates several performance achievers. This most powerful crossbow is best for those keen on wanting to hunt deer.

  • Extremely light weighted.
  • Highly compact design, adjustable butt.
  • Machined arrow releasing pasture.
  • Slippery texture for reducing friction.
  • Easy re-cooking with red dot scope.
  • The string seems to be low quality and hunters also reported its lighter quality.

Why Should You Buy It?

Excalibur crossbow is a highly durable and powerful crossbow that incorporates several performance achievers. It is a built-in state-of-art durable design using stainless steel. Furthermore, if you are keen on hunting deer then I think it is the perfect crossbow.


We have brought Top 5 Crossbows for Hunting Deer and also are sure that you have got the purpose after reviewing. Each product is reliable and gives maximum parameters for reliability as well as performance. Which crossbow did you love more? Also, comment in the below section!

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