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Best Bow Sling 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A blow sling is a must-have archer’s equipment used to hold the bow on your back and allow you to free your hands when your crossbow is not in use.

Bow slings are available in multiple types, designs, and materials such as bow wrist sling, finger and back sling, but you need to consider the best bow sling that is suitable to your style.

A good bow sling adds comfortability no matter, you use the crossbow or compound bows. That’s why we have shortlisted the best bow slings of 2022 that are cheaper to buy and versatile.

Top Picks For Best Bow Slings

Check the most durable bow slings. Our team designated these products after reviewing them many times and we are sure you will love these. Instantly buy if you are in a hurry!

TOPARCHERY introduced exclusive nylon made bow sling as the best carry bag shoulder strap. it is designed to maintain its consistency in uncertain conditions. Approx. 38.6*2.4 inches, suitable size for all the heights.

Quick Comparison of Best Bow Slings

Primos Neoprene Neoprene
Bow Archery Wrist Sling Paradox
Tenpoint Neoprene Neoprene
Paradox Bow Sling Paradox

1. Primos Neoprene – Best Bow Sling for Vertical Limbs

Primos Neoprene bow sling meets all the demands of hunters and archers. Its Comfortable EVA design adds versatility and keeps the sling its consistent form.

28 to 38 inches axle-to-axle lengths can be fit to the Neoprene bow sling, you can buy it for both beginners, and pros.

Material & Construction

Primo’s bow sling is constructed using soft and durable neoprene that imperatively protects the cables and cam. The molded shoulder sling offers a non-slip and hand-free experience.

The shoulder piece can easily be slipped to off or on the side of the cams. Exclusive color options available, especially women can buy the slings in their favorite colors.  

Brand & Affordability

Primos Hunting brand is a leader in manufacturing and designing archery goods. Each product is available with maximum satisfaction and also committed for its durability.

Primos Neoprene sling is the best bow strap under 40$. You can buy it for all the bows with vertical limbs.

  • Simple but sturdy, easy, and comfortable with shoulders.
  • Available in many colors, versatile with use, EVA Molded.
  • A bit more expensive than other slings but meets with comfortability and durability.

Why Should You Buy It?

Primos Neoprene is a simple neoprene made bow sling and available in many colors. it is best for all the bow with the vertical limbs. The slings fit more comfortably with the 28 to 38 inches axle-to-axle bows.

2. Bow Archery Wrist Sling – Best Bow Sling for Low Budget

If you are looking for a budget-friendly bow sling for compound bows then the Wrist Sling by Ten Point Gear is a very prominent choice.

It is made with durable leather and includes a string metal grommet for the rope movement. We hope you will love it after using recurve bows and compound bows.

Material & Construction

Wrist Sling is the best leather bow sling manufactured in a unique design. it is very quick and adjustable to use, you can lose or tight the strap with the different heights.

3 holes on each side of the grommets build an airy system through shoulders. It also allows different ways to adjust and secure the bow slings.

Another thing, you can use the paracord in survival conditions which also helps to tackle the task at hand.

Brand & Affordability

Ten Point Gear is the famous archery brand in producing archery gear. It’s Wrist one is the best light-weighted bow sling for compound bows.

Women can buy the bow strap in their favorite colors. Order now the sling because it is available for 15$ in a very unique design.

  • Many colors to the bow strap, wide pattern weave-built design.
  • Best bow wrist sling under 20$, made with durable soft leather material.
  • Fragile leather is used.

Why Should You Buy It?

Ten Point wrist sling is a smile and comfortable bow strap for the archers. It is best with consistent performance and available with multiple color options. Wide pattern weave builds a best survival bow sling. Furthermore, the package is really affordable.

3. Tenpoint Neoprene – Best Crossbow Sling Under 40$

Tenpoint HCA-004 Neoprene bow sling is the ideal archery strap for the hunters. It is made with extra-durable neoprene material and capable of bearing the uncertain conditions.

The sling is integrated with the elastic band which helps in unloading the crossbows. We hope your archery experience with the Tenpoint bow sling but before buying it, go through the given review.

Material & Construction

Tenpoint bow sling is designed for the hunters and includes 1.25 inches wider strap. The entire sling is made with the state-of-art neoprene material and stainless steel is used for making locks.

The Thumb loop is entirely padded and adds more comfortability in hanging the bow on shoulders. Furthermore, it can easily be moved to on or offside of cams.

Brand & Affordability

Tenpoint is the world’s #1 archery brand in manufacturing the archery products. Neoprene sling is its best-ever bow strap and available in multiple colors.

It is available with a non-slip design and custom swivels for adjustability. You can buy it at a very reasonable price (35$) for the compound bows and crossbows.

  • Extra strong bow strap, easy to attach with the bows.
  • Available in unique style, different sizes, and colors.
  • The package is a very affordable, sturdy neoprene construction.
  • Doesn’t include a CUB.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a light-weight sturdy bow sling then the Tenpoint neoprene is the best choice ever. it meets all the demands of archers and hunters. You can buy it for compound bows, recurve bows, and crossbows.

4. TOPARCHERY SLING – Best Carry Bag Should Strap

Toparchery sling is an ideal investment for the compound bows. It is specially designed by keeping comfort first with the sponge cloth.

Winder strap helps in hanging the bow on shoulders before and after hunting. We hope your archery journey with the Toparchery bow sling.

Buyers would read given a detailed review.

Material & Construction

Durable Toparchery sling is made with sponge cloth and has options for comfort. It is fully adjustable for the compound bows but you also can use the best recurve bows and longbows.

Approx. 38.6*2.4 inches is its dimension (L & W). A Quality Windage removal shoulder piece is added for the extra comfortability. It adds versatility and reduces the chances of slip.

Brand & Affordability

TOPARCHERY is the world’s #1 archery company and committed to providing the best quality products. Archery sling is another exclusive product that is demanded by the hunting industry.

It is the best bow sling for under 15$ and available with the plastic locks.

  • Very, very comfortable and softer
  • Easy to wear, light-weight.
  • Wider removable padded shoulder piece, affordable.
  • Poor stitching and may need re-stitching.

Why Should You Buy It?

Toparchery bow slings meet the comfortability and long-lasting durability. It is available at a really affordable price and also includes a quality lock to attach with bows. Furthermore, you can buy it for all beginners and pros.

5. Paradox Bow Sling – Best Light-Weighted Bow Wrist Sling

Paradox Products is the name of reliability and expert archery gear company and it is one of the best bow slings.

It brought an extremely light-weighted bow sling with the braided straps and leather harness. You can buy it as the best survival bow sling for the uncertain conditions.

Read the characteristics given below before buying the product.

Material & Construction

The bow sling is made with standard paradox material and includes the leather harness. The stainless steel made cone washer helps in adjusting the bow strap with the compound bows.

You can buy the bow sling in many colors including Lost At and green/black. Furthermore, the package is really affordable, you can buy it for 10$.

  • Made using leather and paradox, easy and comfortable to hand.
  • Available for under 10$, stainless steel cone washers, color options.
  • The length of the strap may be shorter for the long-bows.

Why Should You Buy It?

Paradox Bow Sling is a simple but adjustable bow strap. Hunters switched to it due to its long-lasting consistent shape. Furthermore, it is an appropriate choice for all beginners and pros.Review


We have shortlisted the 5 Best Crossbow Slings and hope your hunt with our listed one. Our RC team reviewed the product many times before bringing it to this page. We are sure you will love it after using it. 

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