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Best Pickleball Balls 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the Best Pickleball Balls?

But not sure which one will best suit your needs or perfect for playing Pickleball.

No problem, I have reviewed the top 10 best pickleball balls for 2022 that will help you to boost your gaming to the next level in Pickleball.

To get the most out of this game, make sure you get the best possible equipment such as but top-rated Pickleball Paddles and the best pickleball shoes that can help you to play comfortably so that you can get the most out of your game.

There are hundreds of brands that offer Pickleball Balls. But you cannot examine all the balls or have a trial with them.

That’s why I have reviewed the top 10 high-quality balls. Each ball has its own features that the other one does not carry. 

Top Picks For Best Best Pickleball Balls

Choosing the more reliable 5 picks is really tough from the list of 10 Best Pickleball balls. ​All the choices are reliable and given after reviewing many times.  

Quick Comparison of Best Pickleball Balls

ProductsShip PackWeightPrice
Onix Pure Ball2 Pieces14 Ounces+
Jugs Pickleball Balls12 Pieces12 Ounces+
Gamma Photon Balls6 Pieces13 Ounces+
Dura Fast 40 Balls1 Piece14 Ounces
Franklin Sports X-4012 Pieces10 Ounces+
Midnight Indoor 6 Pieces14 Ounces
Top Ball 6 Pieces12 Ounces
Pickleball Now Indoor6 Pieces13 Ounces
Tourna Strike Outdoor 12 Pieces10 Ounces+
EasyTime Pickleball Balls4 Pieces12 Ounces+

1. Onix Pure 2 Ball

Pickleball Players, if you are looking for balls which may perform in all around the match frequently then Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls are highly suggested to you.


All the holes around these balls have an equivalent size and Onix specially used an in injection molded process during manufacturing of these balls for batter performance and well balancing.

Many choices are accessible but a wonderful thing, USAPA is using Onix pure 2 balls under its recent rules on October 1, 2016, to play high-level tournaments. Onix is used highly heating guns to join two halves of the balls to get durability.

The counterbalance of these balls is minor more then the others and the small holes are specially drilled for persistent performance and balancing in a windy environment.

Mostly pickleball balls from other brands have a hard and rough surface which cracks in a hot sunshine season which is the way of degrading all them but Onix pure 2 is one brand which offers neat surface and high durability so you may play with it as long as you wish.


Its heavier weight has a logic behind that it may move straightly in the extreme outdoor condition.

Many balls also replace due to the hardness and when these hit the one’s body causes some rashes some time also injuries.But the Onix pure 2 outdoor pickleball balls provides maximum flexibility and durability so that you may play safely.

Many attractive features are related to these balls. In the market, Onix balls are available in different colors but most popular is Yellow with an extremely small logo Onix. Drilled holes provide superior balance strategically aligned to the aim.

  • Most durable, have small holes.
  • Fixed with highly heating guns.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Have a smooth and soft surface.
  • Heavy-weight causes dents on paddles.

Why Should You Buy It?

Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls are very durable and well-balanced balls to play. Every pickleball player suggests playing with it.

2. Jugs Pickleball Balls

One of the most popular brands from which balls are selling fast in the market is Jugs Pickleball.

These balls are designed in the way that anyone plays both indoor and outdoor.


Jugs Pickleballs are manufactured by using soft rubber plastic which increases the durability and performs best on the hard surface of the court. Due to durability and softness, the Jugs Pickleballs balls bite and bouncing from the ground is more than other balls.

Indoor balls carry big holes which are lighter than the outdoor balls. It is sized with the diameter of “2.875” and carrying about 0.81 ounces weight.

These balls are famous among some professional groups of pickleball players due to its lite weight. My younger brother also is its big wisher due to t its durability and fantastic bouncing.

On the professional level outdoor tournaments mostly Pickleball cracks due to hot weather or UV rays of the sun.

Jugs Pickleballs balls are manufactured using high-quality plastic and rubber and smooth surface is given to these so that the chances of cracking may be reduced up to such extents.


In the market, In many attractive colors, these balls are accessible but most popular is its bright lime-green shade color. Jugs Pickleballs balls are approved by many tournaments mostly USAPA and IFP approved it.

You can play with it no matter you are experienced or beginner. Jugs balls carrying big holes which causes extra bouncing with the ground.

There are many advancements carrying the Jugs Pickleballs balls which you will be impressed and loved by them. So let us read.

  • Manufactured using high-quality plastic.
  • Flexible, durable and drilled big holes.
  • Different colors, 0.87 ounces weight.
  • Have highest bouncing height 37 inches.
  • Slightly uneven, have big holes, lite weight.

Why Should You Buy It?

Jugs Pickleballs balls are very well-known in the pickleball peddle game and most are used for practice. For the hard coat, these balls are the very best choice.

3. Gamma Photon Balls

Whenever the people talk about the high ratting pickleball ball then the Gamma’s name come first.

Gamma is a very well-known brand that earned its name in a very short period.


This brand is not just manufacturing balls but if you want to buy anything about sports in high quality then you have no need to seek more.

Gamma Sports Photon Pickleball Balls are very high-quality balls which are well known for durability, softness and excellent balance.

These balls come in packs of 3, 6 and 60 and mostly neon bright color is very popular to buy. Gamma Sports Photon Pickleballs are very enjoyable and manufactured with special rubber plastic.

Its two pieces are produced by drilling 26 precision molded holes. For the sanctioned tournaments the USAPA approved Gama balls. You can buy 60 bulk packs for schools, groups, clubs, etc very pocket-friendly.

The most popular thing about Gama, it is producing balls for both indoor and outdoor environment with different circular shapes and colors.


Unlike other balls, the Gamma Sports Photon balls are thicker and minor heavy in weight in the way that you may shoot it straight to the aim.

About 2.7 diameter and 85 ounces weight the Gama Balls are holding. 26 drilled holes allow the balls to move straightly in the windy environment.

Mostly the balls degraded due to hardness and rough surface which causes rashes if by chance hit with some one’s skin. Ultra Balanced balls and manufactured with special injection molded process.

Gama balls are holding plenty of advancements which are still not available in other pickleball balls. I have stitched a few one in the next bullets.

  • Drilled small 26 holes, well balanced.
  • Approved by USAPA, Perfect bouncing.
  • Highly visible color, have thick skin.
  • Highly- durable and Maximum flexibility.
  • Harder than other, Starts cracking.

Why Should You Buy It?

Gamma Sports Photon Pickleball Balls are very popular nowadays. These balls are approved by USAPA for many tournaments. Anyone can use Gama balls for tournaments or practice.

4. Dura Fast 40 Balls

Most popular and well-known pickleball balls are Dura pickleball balls also known as Dura Fast 40 Pickleball Balls.

These are minor hard balls and smooth plastic is used for their manufacturing.


The Dura produced these balls hard so that the life span of the ball may be increased during playing outdoor.Dura balls are produced especially injecting a single glob of hard plastic in mold.

You may be thinking about mold. Mold is a structure which is designed in such a way that it may give the shape of the ball to the plastic.

For the aerodynamic of shooting the ball, the dura drilled holes in it with different size. These are very heavy balls weigh in more about 0.92 ounces weight and its surface is too think. Logically this weight keeps the dura ball in straight position after shooting.

Dura ball is minor large in size than the other balls. This size  “2.9377” of diameter keep the ball fast then the other liter and small balls.

The dura balls traditionally used for outdoor gaming then indoor. Its smooth surface reduces the chances of cracking and durability increases the bouncing bit of balls.


Dura is supplying these balls in 4 different colors orange, neon, white and yellow. These are official balls of us and used for many high-level tournaments, like open pickleball championship and USAPA. Due to its top performance during matches, IFP regulation also recommended and approved it for the match.

Dura balls are straight, well-balanced and there drilled 40 small and big holes in the 1 piece. Many groups recommend the dura balls because it is specially designed for pickleball game.

Moreover, these are not expensive balls and many advancements offering the dura are of great help for players. I also have explained a few features of dura incoming bullets.

  • Tested by IFP and USA, high performance.
  • Drilled big holes to move straight in a shoot.
  • Different clolours available, size is bit big.
  • High-quality plastic, long life experience.
  • Size is big and it brings cracks in UV radiation.

Why Should You Buy It?

Dura Fast 40 Pickleball Balls best choice to play pickleball paddle game but indoor. Due to UV sunshine radiation Dura ball surface cracks.

5. Franklin Sports X-40

These some of the highly finest balls are manufactured by special injection modulation process and then there drilled big holes so it may perform excellently.


High-quality PE material is used for the manufacturing of these balls and surely will stand for maximum time between aggressive players. It is all thanks to the precision drilling holes machine due to which Franklin X-40 flight straight to the aim.

The well-balanced and excellent performance of these balls can get one impressed easily. Franklin X-40 holds about forty holes which gives the bile of its straight-line shoot.

Durability and maximum flexibility of these balls try the best ball bouncing from the ground. Franklin X-40 is carrying about 26 grams weight which deals with perfect new or experienced players. 7


4mm diameter is holding this ball which gives a fast performance. The surface of these pickleball balls is very smooth which provides cracking free performance. These balls are available in multiple colors but the most popular are red, green, and white.

Franklin X-40 balls are highly durable and two half pieces of these balls are attached by heating gun. its high-grade construction provides constant play and best bouncing on the wooden or hard coat.

Franklin used lite polyethylene for the construction of these balls and about 2.9 diameter size in which it constructed.  Go ahead where I have explained some advancements of Franklin X-40 for the current version.

  • Available in 4 attractive colors.
  • Crack-free, holding up to 40 holes.
  • Maximum durable, normal size.
  • est performance, high bouncing.
  • Go short time with aggressive players.

Why Should You Buy It?

The closure, Franklin X-40 is a very best choice for playing pickleball ball no matter you are beginner or experience. You can play with it without any fear of the weather.

6. Midnight Indoor

If you are looking for highly bouncing balls to play pickleball game then your time to find ends now.

Midnight Indoor Pickleball is specially designed to give a highly bouncing response and maximum durable material is used in its construction.


its dark color gives extra contrast to different gym walls and balls. High-quality PE material is used to construct these balls so that the durability may be maximum and a ball can be bounced from the ground longly. 

In weight(.81 ounces), Midnight balls are a bit more than the other pickleball, in the way playing person man shoot on the aim straightly.

Slightly-textured and the fuggly surface of the ball give better bouncing at the of 37 inches. Many professional players are sponsoring Midnight Indoor Pickleball. These are available in many attractive colors in the market including Blue, black and pink.


Two halves pieces of Midnight pickleball are joined with highly heating guns and counterbalance gives flight shoot. Mostly balls degraded because of their rough surface. This rough surface does not allow a ball to be with a long time but cracks during matches.

On another side, these balls are manufactured by special injection molded process to give special neat surface. Specific size holes are drilled on the balls in way player may control and overcome it in a windy environment. Moreover, unlike other balls, the Midnight balls are thicker and anyone can use it for practice and tournaments.

It’s one pack carries six balls which are the best option to play with groups, schools or clubs. I have given a few advancements related to Midnight balls in bullets.

  • best bouncing.Have small holes for the indoor 
  • environment.Avaiable in different colours in market.Not 
  • Expensive, have a smooth surface.ality core used.
  • Quality is not too much good by which ball cracks.

Why Should You Buy It?

Midnight Indoor balls are the best balls for practice matches. The quality is just reliable and is the best choice to play at a small level. You can get these balls easily from the market at a pocket-friendly cost.

7. Top Ball

TOP stands for Top Outdoor Pickleball. The top is the central brand of outdoor pickleball balls and anyone can find all the reliable qualities and features in the balls from this brand.


These balls are specially designed for the outdoor windy environment but mostly players believe to play with it indoors. The orange color of Top balls is very beneficial for the player which creates a difference between court and ball. Injection molded process is used for the construction of these balls under very low pressure.

Mostly people degrade the pickleball balls due to un-balancing counterweight but the Top brand especially made the samples for so many times in the way that they may find equal counterbalance for the new manufacturing off balls.

The first step the inject the full melted high-quality plastic in holes and cool it in very low temperature. Now the second step is drilling of holes.

The Top brand used especially sharpen drill machines to drill holes on the balls. Specific holes diameter is drawn first and then drill machine works on all the balls.


The holes are necessary so that one may control and shoot ball straightly in the windy environment. About 40 holes the top balls hold and have a smooth and continuous surface.

Mostly other balls cracks in outdoor grounds because of using low quality plastic and scratches on the surface. The top brand used high-quality rubber plastic so the balls may maximum long-lasting.

Durability and the maximum bouncing result are the latest advancements of top balls. In the market, these balls are available in many attractive colors including orange, white and yellow. I also have given many new advancements in bullets.

  • Maximum durable, rotationally molded.
  • USAPA/IF approved, 40 holes to balance.
  • Different colors, highest bit bouncing.
  • crack-free surface, not too expensive.
  • Not fear for aggressive players.

Why Should You Buy It?

Top Balls are very high-quality balls and the best choice to play pickleball peddles. Maximum durability and high bouncing response that provides these balls but may times cracks due to UV radiations of the sun.

8. Pickleball Now Indoor

Mostly Pickleball players look for those balls which give the best bouncing response. If you are one from them then you are at right place.

Pickleball Now Indoor Balls are the balls that are engineered specially to get the highest bouncing. High-quality rubber plastic is used in the manufacturing of these balls.


Sometimes playing indoor the people degraded balls due to light color which irritates the right look on the ball and causes missing shots.

Pickleball now is specially designed and for indoor gaming and the dark color is involved in its construction. If you cut out the ball then you will find the continuous and plane surface with the same colors.

Mostly balls get cracked due to hard cement or wooden coat. This doing cause irritates and decreases the interest of the player. These balls are manufactured in a way to get maximum durability and bouncing results.

Pickleball Now balls are constructed with a highly specialized way and best PE material involved in construction. Slightly textured surface allows living long between aggressive players.


One can play with it outdoor as well as indoor. There are small holes which control the windy condition. Rotationally molded these balls provide long time bouncing service. If you are the beginner of pickleball game then you must use these ball. You can get a full pack with a good package for clubs, schools, and groups.

These are available on reliable price in the market. Moreover, I also have explained goods and bads by these balls which will lead your final decision to your final decision.

  • Engineered for durability.
  • Highly visible colors.
  • Too excellent performance.
  • Maximum Bouncing result.
  • Not in the list of sanctioned balls.

Why Should You Buy It?

Finally, I would say that Pickleball Now Indoor balls are very beneficial but to play at a small level. Most people buy these balls for practice. Moreover, these balls are available on the pocket-friend price in the market.

9. Tourna Strike Outdoor

Every pickleball players want much durability and bouncing result to play the game but most of the cases they face hard balls which causes different disadvantages to link dents in pickleball paddle, destroy net, etc. But you not to have face these types of ball more.


Tourna is one of the most popular brands which is producing high-quality balls for high-level pickleball tournaments. These ideal balls are approved by different regulation including IFP and USAPA for tournaments on a professional level.

If we discuss a bit about the construction of these balls,  high-quality rubber plastic is used for the main skeleton. Its mi skeleton includes two half pieces. Both of the pieces are combined with highly heating in order to get maximum durability. After this, the Touna has to drill holes. for this purposes there used highly sharpen drills to draw holes very neatly.

Its heavyweight(24.5) is of great logic for players to overcome on the shots. The combo of weight and holes allows the player to shoot straight on the aim. Moreover, its diameter(74 mm) is a bit large than the other balls.


Most visible colors yellow is used in its formation so that player may look at it in an indoor dark coat. In many cases, players face unbalancing balls which cause missing and balls move in the air in another direction.

For this purpose tuna used rotationally molded process so that missing may be decreased as possible. 12 pieces of balls come in one pack of Toruna strike balls which is the best option to use at clubs, groups or academic level.

Moreover, I am going to tell you some PROS and CONS by which you may understand the player’s experience.

  • Durable, thicker than other balls..
  • The best bouncing result,  
  • Available in highly visible color
  • 40 holes.well-balanced..
  • Not excellent performance outdoor.

Why Should You Buy It?

Touna Strike Outdoor balls performed well and a good choice to play practice matches. But for the professional level, these balls are not very well. These balls are available in the market at a reliable price.

10. Easy Time Pickleball Balls

Where the high-quality peddles are necessary to play pickleball game same the balls should be used from high-quality brand.

If you are pickleball player and watching for more durable and excellently performed then EasyTime Pickleball Balls are highly suggested to you.


These balls are formed by using especially injecting process.  The rotationally molded process used for the straight direction of shoots.

If we discuss the weight which 0.89 ounces give right and straight direction to shoot in a windy environment. Diameter(2.9 inches) is minor large than the other pickleball balls.

These balls are designed in the way that anyone can use for indoor or outdoor. Many brands got bad feedback due to cracking of balls in the sunlight. Easytime balls are prevented from cracking because much durable material is used for manufacturing.

Two pieces of half balls are attached with each other with highly temperature melt plastic so that one can get maximum bouncing bit. Especially approved by USAPA regulations for high-level tournaments. These balls are available in different colors including yellow and orange.


In EasyTime Pickleball Balls pack there comes four balls for outdoor and indoor use. I got to experience by many persons and they gave good comments to easy time balls. Colour is minor different from yellow Onix balls but most players did not notice it.

You also can check its quality by cutting up it. Its surface is continuous and slightly textured. The most impressive thing you are getting these balls with a very special package.

The company also gives a guarantee to claim or change. I am going to provide some advancements by these balls.

  • Size is very well, maximum durable.
  • Approved by regulations USAPA & IFP.
  • Colors are highly visible to players.
  • The highest bouncing result, include holes.
  • Sometimes balls got a break.

Why Should You Buy It?

easy time Pickleballs balls are very beneficial to play at the practice level and in professional tournaments. One pack of balls includes balls for both indoor and outdoor play. The best choice to play with these.


Top 10 Pickleball belonging to high-quality are clearly described in the above-given reviews. My younger brother has experienced all the Pickleball Balls. He suggests top balls for those players who started playing Pickleball recently. All the balls given differ from each other in quality and features. 

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