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Best Turkey Box Call 2022 & Buyer’s Guide

Turkeys are highly vocal (1000+ HZ) by nature and calling them may be difficult for the hunters.

It is done by using the turkey box call (turkey caller) which is a simple wooden made gadget very quick and easy to use. Today good news, our hunting editor Maddi brought and reviewed the Best Turkey Box Call 2022.

Before giving a scroll, we highly recommend going through the given useful aspects of the best box call. 

There are more than 10 types of turkey calls but the box call is always preferred due to its versatility and a limitless range of sound. The range of sound depends on how you press or manipulate the paddle on the box.  

Top Picks For Best Turkey Box Call

Below is the list of most reliable picks for best turkey box calls. If you are in hurry, then instataly make an order !!!

Lynch World Champion is today’s hottest picks from 5 Best Turkey Box Calls. A unique 2-sided call box is more versatile, great for both beginners and experts. It is made in the USA and available at a very affordable price.

Mossberg is mastering how beginners can use the Turkey Box Call? He also shows tips for hunting the Yelp easily. Furthermore, if you are new in turkey hunting, and love to know the Best Turkey Shot Placements then you would go through.

Quick Comparison of Best Turkey Box Call

Primos Hunting 272 All
Primos Hook-Up Box Call
Lynch World Champion Box Call
Woodhaven Custom Calls Box Call
Cherry Classic Slate Slate Call

1. Primos Hunting 272 – Best Box & Friction Call Pack

Primos Hunting 272 is the best starter pack ever including all types of turkey calls. It is specially designed for beginners with the double-sided box call and dome slate pot.

The starter includes a great collection of turkey calls and even mouth calls with the storage case. Below I have described why you would choose Primos 272.

Sound & Design

Primos 272 pack is including all you need for calling a turkey. Sonic double-sided dome slate pot is made using quality wood and incorporates a compact box.

Slim striker dome with the bat is the exclusive setup for making turkey voices with less effort. You can try the best turkey mouth call for easy calling.

Brand & Affordability

Primos Hunting is a great archery company and expert in producing animal calls. 272 starter the most demanded turkey call collection available for under 50$.

The calls are designed in a very innovative style using compact material.

  • All in one turkey calls, very easy to use, quality box and paddle.
  • Affordable package, versatility with use, rubber bend.
  • There is nothing negative reported about the Primos 272 calls.

Why Should You Buy It?

Primos 272 is the world’s #1 starter for calling turkeys. It includes all types of turkey calls made with the state-of-the-art compact material. Price is very affordable; you can buy it for the youngsters.

2. Primos Hook-Up – Best Custom Turkey Box Call

Primos Hook-Up is a very innovative turkey box call with the super strong rare earth design. it is more versatile with use and provides a lid magnetic control to all hand sizes.

The gobble band imperatively produces realistic sound and enhances the hunting opportunities.

Sound & Design

Primos Hook-Up Turkey box call is available in patented magnetic hinge design. Premium class wood used for making the box and paddle. A removable paddle used for easy carrying.

The box call is ready to use, you just need to unbox it. The magnetic lid automatically applies the suitable pressure for making calls.

Brand & Affordability

Primos Hunting is the most well-known archery brand due to the durability and affordability of its products. Primos Hook-Up is the best box call for turkey hunting. It is made using compact wood and available for under 100$.

  • Quality wood construction, magnetic lid for realistic noise.
  • Doesn’t need any tuning or adjustment, affordable to buy,
  • Includes the gobble strap, magnetic hinge design.
  • There is nothing reported negative about the Primos Hook-Up.

Why Should You Buy It?

Primos Hook-Up turkey box call is the world’s #1 gadget for calling hens and turkeys. It is constructed with wood in a very innovative design. Furthermore, the package is very affordable, you can buy the box call for under 100$.

3. Lynch World Champion – Best Turkey Box Call Chalk

Lynch Box Call is a simple, small, and lightweight turkey caller with the double-sided construction mahogany. its plate is capable of producing 3 different types of sounds for hen and turkeys. 

Instead of using the low-quality hollow plastic, the engineers preferred wood for constructing long-lasting bow calls for turkeys. Below I have described the reason why you should buy it?

Sounds & Designs

Lynch box is capable of producing the gobbler’s calls with the little manipulating. Straight-Grain mahogany wood used for constructing the paddle and box.

It produces realistic calls for hens and turkeys just like magic. versatility with use, you can buy the Lynch World Champion turkey box call for your son or youngsters. Using this call box is effortless and easy for all generations.

Brand & Affordability

Lynch is the name of reliability and a famous sports company in the USA. World Champion box calls are specially designed for the turkeys and perfect to use for hunting.

It is the best turkey box call for under 50$. The smart and crisp paddles can be pushed easily on the box for making calls. One more exclusive thing about the box call, you can produce gobbler sounds by using the paddle on the opposite.

  • Quality construction, best for all beginners and professionals.
  • Made with mahogany and walnut material, durable box.
  • Available for under 50$, can produce sounds for hen & turkey.
  • There is nothing bad reported about the Lynch box calls.

Why Should You Buy It?

The champion turkey box call is the incredible production of the Lynch and capable of making three different types of sounds. It is very easy to use and you can buy it for youngsters. Furthermore, the performance is top-notch, the sound is top-notch, it is the perfect choice for everyone.

4. Woodhaven Custom Calls – The Real Hen Cherry Box Call

Woodhaven turkey box call maker is an incredible 1-piece built gadget for calling turkeys as well as hens. It is capable of making two different tones with its yelp and raspy paddle.

100% wooden made box produces real sounds and enhances the opportunities for hunting. We have described characteristics of Woodhaven Custom box call below and buyers would read.

Sounds & Design

Woodhaven custom turkey caller is designed in box shape using high-quality Brazilian cherry lid. The dry wood is more compact and leads to long-lasting experience.

Raspy and yelp two different tone types can be produced using the solid paddle. It is perfect for clucks cuts and cackles and considered very easy to use for all.

Brand & Affordability

Woodhaven Custom Calls a famous archery brand and known for quality animal calls. Real Hen Cherry is the most demanded wooden made turkey call box available for under 100$.

It sends out two realistic sound tones great for cluck cuts and cackles. You just need to unbox the box call; it is ready to use.

  • Available for under 100$, two different tones of sound.
  • Made using high-quality wood, easy to draw paddle.
  • There is nothing reported negative about the Woodhaven box call.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a high-quality box call for turkeys then meet with the real Hen Cherry Box call. It is really an incredible gadget to produce realistic hen and turkeys’ voices. Furthermore, the package is affordable, beginners can order now.

5. Cherry Classic Slate – Best Affordable Turkey Box Call

Classic Slate turkey call is a unique cherry caller that works with friction. It offers high-quality multiple sound tones for calling the turkeys and hens even from distance.

The Turkey pot call is made from the premium cherry wood and available in striker design. The sound depends on the force that you are spending on the strikers.

Brand & Affordability

Woodhaven is a popular archery company and expert in making the animal callers. Cherry Classic Slate is its incredible production and loved by hunters due the workmanship versatility.

It is the best turkey box call under 100$. Its realistic sound noise is really mind-blowing.

  • The high-quality cherry wood used for construction, easy to use.
  • Multiple sound tones, workmanship versatility, hard-pressed.
  • There is nothing reported negative about the turkey caller.

Why Should You Buy It?

Cherry Classic Slate is the exclusive turkey calling gadget made with state-of-the-art cherry wood. It is the best turkey pot call available at an affordable price. Furthermore, the pot call has two different striking surfaces made from slate.


We have designated the top choices for the best turkey calls of 2022. The selection is made on the basis of reliability. Our RC team tried their best to bring the most durable products after trying each one. 

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