Best crossbows for Youth

Best Youth Crossbows 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best youth crossbow? Assuredly YES! 

After the substantial extent of archery shooting activities held in last year, people are getting it more and more. It is the main reason the market incorporates the big demand for Best Youth Crossbows including crossbow gear.

On the other hand, choosing a reliable kid’s crossbow is also becoming harder especially for beginners.

The reason is simple the big competition among the manufacturers compels them to work more. This is the reason that they are developing several new ideas and producing a massive range of products.

Reviews Case always presents the most and most reliable products on the basis of their high ratings and good reviews.

We have shortlisted the Best Youth Crossbows of 2022 besides their accurate reviews and actual attributes.

Barnett is the name of reliability and has been King of the crossbow field. It’s Jackal Crossbow is a highly compact and long-range weapon with the 315 FPS shooting experience.

It is the best cheaper youth crossbow for deer hunting that is too light to hold and comfortable to cock.

Whitetail Hunter II is the Barnett’s most durable Youth hunting crossbow with the 350 FPS shooting experience and next-level SPECS. 

Overall crossbow is lightweight and comes with an adjustable draw length. It also features the best kid’s sound system that makes the crossbow comfortable to use and easy to aim.

Quick Comparison of Best Youth Crossbows 

Barnett Jackal 315 FPS7.7 Pounds
Tactical Crusader 100 FPS1 Pound
CenterPoint Sniper 370 370 FPS7 Pounds
Whitetail Hunter ll 350 FPS6 Pounds
Prophecy Crossbow 150 FPS1 Pound
Whitetail Pro STR 400 FPS6.9 Pounds
PSE Viper SS 215 FPS1 Pound
BARNETT TS390 350 FPS7.6 Pounds
Daisy 4003 150 FPS1.5 Pounds
EXCALIBUR Null Matrix 350 FPS 7 Pounds

1. Barnett Jackal – Best Youth Crossbow for Deer

Barnett Jackal is the most potent crossbow for hunting with the 315 FPS high shooting velocity and exclusive military-style stock. The first thing that impressed the hunters is its smoother 3.5 lb.

Trigger pull system which works in very well-time. Quick attach and detach quiver slots are also attached to the compact frame.


Unbelievable 315 FPS shooting velocity is really deadly on deer, doe buffalos, and all other big animals. It’s 3.5 lb.

The trigger is very smooth to drag back with the military-style stock. 150 pounds draw weight has a great impact on the Skeleton with the 12 inches power stock. It is 7.7 lbs. in weight and is more convenient to carry with the crossbow sling.


The world’s compact aluminum is used for constructing the frame of Barnett Jackal crossbow. It incorporates several string synthetic and cable systems that are extraordinarily easy and comfortable to use.

AVI Foot Stirrup and bolt retainer definitely affects the performance of this boy’s crossbow and gives a silent as well as a shock-proof result.


Barnett Jackal’s best hunting crossbow incorporates the Quad pair of limbs. Engineers added ADF MIM Trigger Mechanism which is more covenant to use especially for the weakened muscles.

Limbs include high energy and smoother wheels for the frequent movement of string through. Furthermore, the state of the art construction of limbs is very tough and goes long along with the crossbow.


Barnett Jackal is a simple but compact kids’ crossbow for deer hunting. It includes a high definition camouflage and Quad Limb system that definitely boosts the performance.

Hunters get a durable crossbow quiver, some carbon arrows, and an average quality crossbow scope free of cost in the package. Furthermore, it also includes a climate-controlled storage system and a string of wax.


Barnett is considered the king of the crossbow industry that has been working in this field since 1962. Jackal crossbow is its most exclusive weapon built with compact aluminum.

It is the best crossbow for hunting and available at a very reasonable price. Barnett also provides several performance achievers beside the package that definitely means to save money.

  • The base is made with quality aluminum and comes with high energy power wheels.
  • AVI Foot Stirrup system gives a shock-proof experience, 95-foot pounds energy.
  • 12 inches power stroke, the package is very affordable, perfect size for all the heights,
  • There is no CON about the Barnett Jackal crossbow.

Why Should You Buy It?

Barnett Jackal is the most powerful crossbow for the Youth incorporates modernity and some unbelievable SPECS. The package is really affordable; you get average quality performance achievers that definitely affects the performance.

It is the best crossbow for kids even youngsters with the firm grip and solid construction. Carbon arrows and a standard crossbow quiver is also given in the package.

2. Tactical Crusader – Best Handheld Youth Crossbow

Tactical Crusader is the name of power and accuracy. It is the best Youth crossbow for training that is extremely lightweights and made for the boys.

Both genders can easily use the crossbow because it is available in the middle hand-held design.


Tactical Crusader is a small and lightweight youth crossbow that can hit the objects with the 100 FPS shooting velocity. It’s 50 Lb. draw weight is really adjustable and convenient for the kids. The best boy youth crossbow is 2 pound in overall weight and its size is perfect to grip for all the ages.


REX is the world’s #1 crossbow gear producing brand. Tactical Crusader is its really exclusive weapon that is made for the training. It includes fiberglass reinforced limbs that release the arrows in the accurate pasture.

Price is really beatable and you also get durable bolts for training outside. I have listed a few PROS and CONS below that you would read once.

  • Compact and durable pistol crossbow frame, easy to cock for the kids.  
  • Available at a very affordable price, adjustable draw weight, 50 LB power.
  • There is no CON about the Tactical Crusader Pistol crossbow.

Why Should You Buy It?

Tactical Crusader is an incredible crossbow made for practicing outside. If you are getting new in hunting and looking for the best youth crossbow then it is a perfect choice ever.

The frame is made with durable plastic and limbs are built with reinforced fiberglass.  Price is really affordable and you also get 3 durable arrows free of cost in the package.

3. CenterPoint Sniper 370 – Best Crossbow for Money

Die-heart keen on hunting should give attention that CenterPoint has brought a Sniper 370 Best youth crossbow in the market. It is designed with the fully adjustable stock and foregrip especially for the customized fit on the shoulders.

The unbelievable shooting impact will withstand all the objects.


Sniper 370 is the world’s quietest crossbow which comes with a full machined cam system. 370+ FPS shooting impact you surely know how deadly it is for the animals.

It can easily hit the object is 350 feet with the fatal velocity. 8-pound weight is more with stability and gives a shockproof performance in the field.


Highly compact Sniper 370 crossbow is made with aluminum. It is designed with the thoughts of world’s champions and the base is specially made with stainless steel. Engineers incorporated the integrated string suppressor for the stress-free shots.


The first thing that I will appreciate in the sniper 370 best hunting crossbow is its QUAD limb system with the full machined cams that gives a friction-less pasture to arrows.

it delivers power, accuracy that is 100% deadly to all the objects. The most exclusive thing is the safety and anti-dry fire trigger system ambidextrous for both left-handed and right-handed hunters.


CenterPoint Sniper 370 crossbow is a pure metal made weapon with the highest potential limbs and riser. The package includes an average quality crossbow scope, an arrow quiver, and a few arrows with carbon tips.

A 5-year limited warranty is also given for more reliability but doesn’t worry the product will 100% payback and you don’t find any fault to claim for. No need to buy any cocking device because you also get a rope cocker free of cost.


CenterPoint is the most famous crossbow brand and has been working in fields over 30 years. Sniper 370 is its more durable Youth Crossbow which is the combo of power, accuracy and precision.

The package is really affordable and you get several achievers free of cost. I have listed a few PROS and CONS below and if you are interested then you would go through.

  • Friction-free arrow draw and releasing system, QUAD limbs, machined Cams.
  • 370+ FPS shooting velocity is really deadly for animals, highly adjustable foregrip.
  • Available at a very affordable price, 350 feet of shooting, more accurate in performance.
  • State of the art material which is used is not best for the construction of crossbows.

Why Should You Buy It?

Sniper 370 is the CenterPoint’s best Youth Crossbow which can be utilized among the experts as well as youth. The company promises for the 100% payback through the durability and performance of the product.

The package is really affordable and also includes a highly durable crossbow cocking device, average quality scope, and an arrow quiver.

4. Whitetail Hunter ll – Best Budget Youth Crossbow

Target shooting has become one of the popular activities and after the performance in recent years, people are getting it more and more. No doubt you need a reliable crossbow if you want to become a good archery shooter. 

Whitetail Hunter ll is the next level of precision, accuracy, and power shooting which is specially made for the hunters but you also can use for target shooting outdoor games.


Whitetail Hunter Youth Crossbow is loved due to 370 FPS unbelievable acceleration per shoot.

150 lbs. draw weight is really compatible with all the weakened muscles even kids can cock the device using the simple rope cocker. 103 lbs. kinetic energy is deadly for the big animal and hunters can hit the object in 80 yards. 

It’s all overweight is 6 pounds and has wisdom for stability. It is too light on the children’s arms and they can comfortably hold it on any height.


The World’s best state of the art material is used for constructing the Whitetail Hunter ll Youth Crossbow. You will love its frictionless release technology which creates a moveable roller between the sear and trigger.

It is too smooth unlike the other crossbows in the market. All the components attached to the durable Whitetail crossbow are made with stainless steel. 12.5 power stroke is really helpful in performing a shock-free and silent shot.


The Premium cam system is used on the limbs of the Whitetail Youth crossbow. It includes metal made but compact limbs which are extra-ordinarily solid and hold the wheel system. 3lb zero creep release gets the arrow in the fully accurate pasture.

The more exclusive thing about the crossbow, it incorporates all the safety guards including the knock sensor with the ADF eliminates dry fire restrictor. The Foregrip system gives outclass stability on all the heights.


What hunters expect from a premium crossbow? it includes all the performance achievers in the package that is really safe. Barnett is offering 4×32 scope which will clear the target even after great distance and for shooting the arrow in the right pasture.

Cocking is very easy through the given durable rope cocking device and kids also even can reload the crossbow using this rope. Extraordinary quality arrow quivers to carry 5+ arrows beside the 20 inches carbon headhunters arrows are also given in the package.


Barnett is a famous brand among the sportsmen and got fame just from the durability and affordability of products. It is also an expert in producing all the archery gear and always brings new ideas.

Whitetail Hunter ii is its famous hunting crossbow which is made with state-of-the-art durable material and finished very well. It is available at a very pocket-friendly price and also includes all the necessary crossbow gear.

  • Highly compact metal crossbow frame, easy to cock without even using crossbow cocker.
  • Premium technology used for producing the arrow pasture. It also reduces friction.
  • The package is really beatable, includes a 4×32 crossbow sop and a quality quiver, easy to carry.
  • There is no CON about the Whitetail Hunter ii crossbow.

Why Should You Buy It?

Whitetail Hunter ll crossbow is the most powerful youth crossbow for hunting big animals. It is light weighted but compact made with the state-of-the-art aluminum.

All the parts attached to the bow are made with stainless steel and much more with durability. The package is really affordable and also includes all the necessary crossbow accessories.

Whether you are a beginner or expert the Whitetail crossbow is a perfect choice ever.

5. Prophecy Crossbow – Best children’s Crossbow (Self-Cocking)

If you are getting new in the crossbow field or your teen is annoying to come in hunting then probably, he needs a small crossbow. Prophecy is the world’s best Kid’s crossbow with the unbelievable 80 lb. but adjustable draw weight.


There is no greater difference between the Prophecy kid’s crossbow and hunter’s crossbows because it can release the arrow with the 150+ FPS shooting velocity.

It definitely means that you will be able to hit the object in 150 feet diameter easily. 29 lb. draw power is really fatal and can easily cross the archery targets.


Prophecy Pistol crossbow is a simple and lightweight crossbow for the children. It gives the 6-4/5” power stroke system more convenient for the kids. 1-piece construction promises to go long along with the hunters and that can easily carry while going outside.


When it comes to discussing the limbs, a highly powerful cobra limb system is used among both left and right limb of the bow crossbow.

It is the very latest version of the pistol crossbow based on the innovative design Barnett Commando Pistols. It is capable of releasing arrows over a high distance easily.


Prophecy Pistol is a more convenient self-cocking crossbow that is available in black beside the 3 durable aluminum arrows, a crossbow case, and a cocking device.

These performance achievers are available free of cost in the package. The entire crossbow is very easy to set without using any tool.


Prophecy is the name of reliability and well-known for constructing the crossbow gear. It has been working in this field for over 30 years and the Prophecy Pistol crossbow is it’s really incredible small weapon.

It can be used to play archery shooting in 150 feet diameter. The package is really beatable; crossbow is available for under 100$.

  • 80 lb. The draw weight is very light to cock for the kids, quality string.
  • Elastic strings can throw bolts up-to 150 FPS, high-quality limbs.
  • Cobra limb system, easy to set up, cost-effective, aluminum bolts.
  • Bolts found shattered after a few throws.

Why Should You Buy It?

Prophecy Pistol crossbow is a highly durable small hunting weapon that is made with aluminum, especially for beginners. It is lighter in weight and includes a nylon bag that can carry crossbows, arrows, and cockling devices easily. If you are looking for the best budget crossbow then I think It is a perfect choice ever.

6. Whitetail Pro STR – Best Crossbow for Money

Whitetail Pro STR is considered the king of crossbows and specially made for the hunters mad in archery shooting. It is entirely dead/zone for the doe, deer, and turkeys with the 400 FPS unbelievable acceleration.

Illuminated scope the especially performance gaining crossbow accessory using which you also can recognize the object in the dark.


187 lbs. draw weight by the STR powerful youth crossbow is really adjustable and easy to cock for the kids. a 16.37 power stroke is attached which definitely affects the kinetic energy.

Its overall weight is 6.9 lbs. and considered enough to carry at all the heights. It is axle-to-axle 17 inches and no doubt best for stability.


Whitetail Pro is the aluminum-made crossbow with the patented step-through riser. All the parts attached to the frame are made with stainless steel and there is a motivational design printed on the outside.

It includes string dampers for stealth-like shooting. Plastic and rubber foregrip are really soft on hands and shoulders.


Double side limbs of the Whitetail Pro STR crossbow are made with stainless steel and include a big cam system. The wheels are really smoother and give a soft draw while cocking.

Allover limbs are very compact and don’t compromise on the performance. It also includes an anti-dry fire system which prevents the string from being loaded without arrows.


One thing that I would like to appreciate is its illuminated crossbow scope. It helps in clearing the aim from the distance and hunters definitely improves the performance after using.

Side mount quiver is also given which helps in carrying the 5 + arrows while going to the field. Getting a rope cocker free of cost in the package makes the cocking easy.


Barnett is a highly well-known brand and has been producing crossbow gear since 1962. It is also called the king of its field due to the durability and X-performance of products.

Whitetail Pro is the cheaper Youth Crossbow that is made for hunting. It is perfect for both genders and available at a really affordable price.

  • Compact black frame, 400+ FPS shooting power, easy to cook for kids.
  • Includes an illuminated crossbow scope, cocking device, and arrows.
  • The package is very affordable, motivational printing, power stringing, machined shoot.
  • Hunters reported that they face hassles while cocking the crossbow.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are really keen on hunting and looking for the best crossbow then the Whitetail Pro STR is a really powerful choice. it can hit the objects from over 100 years easily with the 400 FPS shooting velocity. Package includes an illuminated crossbow scope for hunting even in dark. Furthermore, the full crossbow kit is available at a very affordable price.

7. PSE Viper SS – Best Handheld Crossbow for Youth

If you are looking for the lightweight, small, compact but pistol crossbow then meet with the Viper SS the most powerful youth crossbow ever.

It is a recreational handheld weapon especially made for those archery shooters who really want 150+ FPS velocity.


One incredible thing about the PSE Viper pistol crossbow is its shot velocity. It can travel with 215 FPS highly exclusive acceleration maintaining accuracy and precision. 50 lbs. draw weight and 1.5 lbs. mass weight is the best combo to compel the shoot inaccuracy.


PSE Viper Youth crossbow is made with the state-of-the-art aluminum material which gives it more compactness, reduces the weight, and an exclusive cocking and shooting system. High-end elastic string used which gives more lbs. of draw weight.  


Left and right both limbs of PSE viper crossbow are built with the highly compact fiberglass material. These limbs are more flexible than the regular crossbows and responsible to shoot arrows in the full aimed pasture. Furthermore, limbs have clips to hold the string easily.


The finger guard is the loved thing of PSE viper youth crossbow which ensures safety first. The crossbow comes with the anti-dry fire trigger system which prevents the empty shoots. Track style rail is given to shoot in the full aimed way.


PSE is the world’s #1 crossbow brand and has been working in this field for over 30 years. Viper SS Youth crossbow is its mini-crossbow hunting weapon that incorporates the big crowd of modernity and features.

The package includes several performance achievers and also affordable.

  • Integrated cocking machine beside the 2 incredible locks, adjustable draw weight.
  • Light-weighted mini crossbow easy to carry even while traveling, aluminum frame.
  • Power stroke opportunity, a very affordable choice, also comes with a finger guard.
  • Crossbows need restringing after a few shots.

Why Should You Buy It?

Viper SS crossbow is the famous cheaper youth crossbow which is illustrative of durability. It is made with the state of the art highly durable material and gives unbelievable shooting velocity. Crossbows incorporate a finger guard for hand safety.

8. BARNETT TS390 – Most Powerful Crossbow

After the performance in recent years, people are getting into archery shooting more and more. A reliable crossbow is the just best friend of a good hunter in the field.

BARNETT presents a really incredible model of the crossbow weapon Grizzly TS390 which is really smart in look and seems to be more functional.


When it comes to discussing the specifications, the BARNETT TS390 youth crossbow gives the outclass performance with the 390 FPS shooting velocity and 187 lbs. draw weight.

It is the peak where hunters can easily kill the big animal including the buffalos. 22 inches carbon arrows are used to release through the crossbow and seemed appropriate to release.


BARNETT features an adjustable ventilated stock and is made with aluminum. Barnett used fiberglass for constructing all the parts attached to the frame. It gives a CNC machined arrow flight track to release arrows in the track. Lightweight step through risers also included for the foot stirrup.


A highly compact quad limb system is used for the pair of limbs. Quad limbs are made using fiberglass and include a very smooth arrow releasing system.

Frictionless release technology provides a free-floating roller which makes the trigger softer. Safety equipped as the knock sensor which prevents the empty cocks.


The incredible thing that I personally loved in the BARNETT TS390 crossbow is its illuminated crossbow scope. After this, it also provides side-mounted quiver, carbon arrows beside the finger guard and safety.

Fully machines arrow flight system is also appreciative which increases the accuracy in each shot.


BARNETT is the most honored crossbow brand and has been working in the crossbow fields since 1962. BARNETT TS390 is a really exclusive version of Youth Boys crossbow which is specially made for hunting deer.

It is available at a really affordable price and the brand also gives several performance achievers free of cost besides the package.

  • Highly compact frame, easy to cock, adjustable draw weight, 400 FPS velocity.
  • 200 lbs. draw weight, extra draw length, best for archery shooting, and hunting both.
  • The package is a very affordable, cocking device free of cost, an illuminated crossbow scope.
  • Inferior quality string used for shooting the arrows.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are die-heart keen on hunting then definitely you need a reliable hunting crossbow. Barnett TS390 is the really exclusive version of the crossbow which is available at a very affordable price. The package incorporates all the crossbow accessories free of cost including power magnifying scope.

9. Daisy 4003 – Best Youth Crossbow

If you are a beginner in archery shooting and looking for the youth pistol crossbow then we really recommend Daisy 4003. It is the best training youth crossbow for the newbies made with the highly durable ABS plastic.


The 29 lbs. The draw weight of the Daisy 4003 youth crossbow is really adjustable for the kids and they can comfortably cock the pistol crossbow. it gives a highly customizable rear sight for the accurate training of youth hunters.


Daisy Youth Crossbow is made up of high-quality ABS plastic and gives a fully machined arrow flight system. it is available with the adjustable foregrip especially for the kids they can adjust on the shoulder.


Limbs of the Daisy 4003 youth crossbow ensures accuracy and precision with each shot. Compact fiberglass is used for constructing both wings and actually are flexible. Hunters get aluminum made 2 durable arrow bolts for training outdoors.


Daisy is a highly well-known brand among hunters that is well-known due to the durability and affordability of its products. Daisy 4003 Youth crossbow is a really solid choice that is made with compact plastic and fiberglass.

The package is really affordable and includes 2 small arrows beside the crossbow free of cost.

  • Durable pistol frame, easy to cock, adjustable draw weight, average velocity.
  • The package is really affordable, easy to carry while going to the field, 2 aluminum bolts.
  • There is no CON about the Daisy 4003 youth crossbow.

Why Should You Buy It?

Daisy 4003 is a smart, lightweight, and durable youth crossbow made with durable plastic and reinforced with fiberglass. If you are a beginner in the hunting field and looking for the best youth crossbow then Daisy 4003 is the best choice ever.

10. EXCALIBUR Null Matrix – Best Grizzly Crossbow Ever!

Crossbows are the basic need to play archery shooting games and its craze is increasing day by day.

EXCALIBUR introduced a powerful crossbow that is capable of forwarding to all the animals including doe, deer, and turkeys with incredible shooting velocity and range. 

Null Matrix is the best grizzly crossbow for youth and can cross the toughest archery targets or Skelton as an air breeze. If you are really looking for the most compact crossbow of 2022 then we think the Grizzly is the last opportunity that you will never find again.


EXCALIBUR crossbow kit offers unbelievable shooting impact and it doesn’t matter if you are using aluminum or carbon arrows forward. 6850 country bow w/dead zone for all the objects with the 200 LB draw weight.

It is about 6 pounds in weight and the perfect kit to meet the high-quality crossbow products. it can release arrows with the 350 FPS shooting velocity in the 80 yards. Dimension is very suitable to the middle heights and the youth crossbow is available with the strong foregrip system.


Null Matrix Grizzly Youth crossbow is made with the high casted aluminum and can bear the unbelievable extent of shock. EXCALIBUR used premium technologies for constructing the most durable frame and includes a fully machined arrow releasing system.

The frame is designed in the planned pasture after the thoughts of the world’s experts. Highly inspired army design is printed on the Mossy Oak Break-up country crossbow.


EXCALIBUR Grizzly is a smart and lightweight crossbow that can be utilized by both genders. Its fully adjustable draw weight opportunity and really convenient for the kid’s and it’s all credit just goes to the durable limbs. 

Metal limbs include a highly smoother cam system that is responsible to release the arrows in the accurate pasture. Top-notch accuracy and precision in each shot of the hunting crossbow really destroy the aimed part of the object.


Grizzly crossbow is available with the dry shoot safety system which prevents the empty shoots. You can cock the device once and then can switch to the safety button to use it quickly.

Bow is simple and includes a power magnifying 4×32 crossbow scope. It helps in clearing the aim in the specific range, if you are a deer hunter then you will definitely be inspired by performance after using the bow.


EXCALIBUR Crossbow is the famous crossbow brand that has been working to bring the unique models of crossbow accessories. Null Matrix Grizzly is its well-known crossbow with the exclusive specs and features.

It is the best youth crossbow available for under 500$ and also includes several performance achievers.

  • Compact aluminum made frame, easy to cock, comfortable for the middle heights.
  • Accuracy and precision in each shoot, extremely lightweight crossbow best for women.
  • The package is really affordable, machined arrow releasing system, durable left, and right limbs.
  • No noise dampeners or suppressors already installed.

Why Should You Buy It?

Grizzly crossbow is the best small crossbow that both genders can use comfortably. The package is really affordable and it includes a crossbow scope, quiver, and a few hunting head arrows free of cost. 100% payback through performance. whether you are a newbie or expert hunter it will bring incredible change in your performance.


Increasing Manufactures are producing a massive range of products alternating to each other. So, choosing one more reliable pick has become hard especially for the beginner. It similarly happens when a hunter goes to buy a crossbow.

All the choices are quite the same even in look and performance. We have shortlisted the Best Youth Crossbows of 2022 besides their actual attributes and if you are a beginner then you would go through. 

Each product is reliable and escorted after reviewing many times.

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