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Where To Shoot A Turkey With A Bow

Aimpoint on Turkey with a bow! If you are a beginner in crossbow hunting and killing the turkey is your great desire then these are a few injunctions where you should give attention.

Couples of weapons are used for hunting the turkeys but the shotguns and Compound crossbows are always preferred. Numerous reasons exist behind it and one of them you also can say is the hunter’s interest.

No doubt shotgun is a more powerful weapon than the crossbow used for hunting deer or turkeys but the quiet problem comes out which is just its noisy experience and small cutting diameter.  

There is a variety of fixed and mechanical broadheads available with the wide cutting diameter which is the just reason for preceding the crossbows over shotguns.

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Best Place to Aim on a Turkey using Crossbows

An exception of this rule just occurs when you go for turkey hunting using the recurve bows or Crossbows. Heavy wing bones and thick feathers always obstruct hunting that actually creates hassle while penetrating the shots. So, these are the just places where you would always aim while hunting the turkeys.


A headshot is the vital target for getting the clean turkey kill but keeps it always in mind that you are hitting the base of the neck. It is a really tricky shot because the larynx is quite fast in movement. Make sure the stability of the crossbow and give it a firm base.

Practice a lot of time on the 3D archery targets sitting on the chair and it will improve the aimed accuracy. Just keep the target and shoot from the 360 each side many times if you want precision in shots. it is pretty good if you are using the crossbow scopes.


The frontal Shot is the just position of turkeys in which the hunters must have to hit the vital organs e.g. heart, lungs. On the frontal face just aim above the beard which is an entirely deadly dead zone for the turkeys. It will shake the heart or lungs deeply but make sure you are sitting face to face with turkey.

Broadside face is the third position for aiming at the turkeys. The surface includes a thick feather so penetration is a bit difficult. Always use the fixed broadheads if you have to hunt from the broadside.


Texas heart shot is a great opportunity for hunters when the turkey walks away from the field. It is the 100% clean hunting chance and turkeys move fewer yards after the shot. The entire zone is deadly due it is the open side of Skelton.

Hunters can use both types of broadheads for this position but make sure the stability of your weapon if you want precision.


Broadside hunting has a straightforward direction to the side wings. Hunters need to aim at the joint of wings and doing thin will shake the heart and lungs of turkeys. Broadhead directly hits the vital organs of birds and gives 100% clean hunt.

Since the entire place is feathered and also includes a solid skeleton so you need to draw the arrow as you can maximum. Fixed broadhead is just recommended if you found the broadside positions because it is comparatively strong to withstand against the bones and feather.


As practice makes the man perfect so we highly recommend the 3d archery as the best objects. It will definitely boost the performance with the factor’s accuracy and precision. I have listed a few benefits of buying the archery targets.

  • It gives opportunities to shoot from different angles.
  • Improves the accuracy and bring precision in each shot.
  • Headshots, broadside & frontal different faces to aim.


If you are really using the crossbows for turkey hunting then you definitely need a broadhead for the wider cutting diameter. The situation becomes typical when it comes to choosing the broadhead for hunting the turkeys. There are three basic types of crossbow broadheads that are given below.

Fixed Broadhead

Fixed broadheads are associated with deeper penetration and reliability. These broadheads are all over the best weather you are standing on any face. The blades are quite easy to sharp and it is also a big deal with accuracy and precision.


  • Best to face the feather surface or all faces.
  • No need to remove blades while sharpening.
  • More accurate to shoot, very easy to attach.


  • Less penetrative than the mechanical broadheads.

Mechanical Broadheads

Using the Mechanical broadheads for turkey hunting is a big deal with the penetration and cutting diameter. These broadheads are more effective but when works well. The hunting through the broadheads is entirely deadly for the turkeys and they find no more yards to move.


  • Best for the headshots, more with the performance.
  • More effective on the vital organs, deep penetration.


You need to remove the blades for sharpening the broadheads.

Frequently Aske Questions

Which position is best for hunting Turkeys?

If you are a beginner in crossbow hunting then the first thing that you would do, give a firm base to the crossbow. stability is the first rule for getting accuracy and precision in shoots. Just find a comfortable position whether you are standing or lying and start the war.

Can you use deer broadheads for Turkeys?

Although you are using the whitetail crossbow using the same broadhead for turkey and deer hunting is not fair. Wider bladed broadhead is just appropriate for turkey hunting because it will help in shaking the organs more. On the other side, it may fails on the doe or deer.

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