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Best Survival Bows 2022 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A serious outdoorsman just claims to be a good survivalist but he always chooses the perfect bow

If you are also a hunter and have to spend years in this field then definitely you need the best takedown survival bow. Reviews Case presents 10 Best Survival Bows besides their real attributes and actual reviews.

People say buying the best survival weapon is tricky! O Really?

Increasing manufacturers are producing a massive range of products in the just blink of an eye. These creators are working with several new ideas and this is the reason there has held a big market with the great demand for archery gear.

As the range of production increases, it is bringing more complications in choosing reliable collapsible bows but don’t worry because we have shortlisted here 10 Top Survival Bows best for the players of all grades.

Top Picks For Best Survival Bow

Below are the survival bows that are rating more and also counted in the world’s reliable bows. Each pick is honestly durable and more with performance. 

If you are an accomplished person in archery’s field then you must have heard Southwest Archery before. It has launched U.S. BASED Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow, specially dedicated as the best budget survival bow under 150$.

Quality top-notch! Performance top-notch! Range top-notch! Best for archery shooters.

Samick Sage! What do you think about it? We just highlighted it as the best survival recurve bow performance vice. Southwest Archery commenced the Samick Sage as the best recurve bow kit especially for hunters.

 Here you find one crafted arrow rest beside the comfortable handle to pursuit the string grip.

Quick Comparison of Best Survival Bows

ProductsConstructionDraw WeightPrice
Samick Sage Pre-installed25-55 lbs.
Southwest SpyderPre-installed20-30 lbs.
Spectre II Recurve Foldable40-55 lbs.
SAS Courage Fixed25-35 lbs.
SAS Spirit BowPre-installed25-35 lbs.
Tigershark 62” Pre-installed20-40 lbs.
PSE Razorback Pre-installed25-35 lbs.
Buffalo Hunting Fixed25-65 lbs.
SAS Explorer Pre-installed20-35 lbs.
Bear Archery Survival Bow Fixed25-35 lbs.

1. Samick Sage – Best Takedown Survival Bow

When it comes to discussing quality and modernity in survival bows, most people just thaw Samick Sage. One more incredible thing about the bow is its B-50 trig and an arrow rest which helps in maintaining accuracy.

The entire bow is made with compact material for long-lasting consistent durability.


29 inches adjustable draw weight in the Samick Sage takedown bow is a big opportunity for the weakened muscles. It is enough for hitting the objects in 30 yards with a great impact.

The long adjustable rise includes a highly durable arrow rest and crafted handpiece for strong gripping. Hand oriented survival recurve bow is available for both left-handed and right-handed hunters.

The entire frame is 62” long and I think it is comfortable to all heights.


Samick Sage Takedown recurve bow is the complex combo of imported wood and metal. Quality fiberglass and maple used for constructing the limbs.

Single tapered knob enhances the edge’s durability and ensures the firm grip of strings. Best budget recurve bow is compatible with the most of string types and works well even after a great stretch.

Fine-crafted and finished bows can be used in all weather without any fear.


Limb is the most important part of any bow and plays an important role in maintaining accuracy, speed as well as impact of each shot.

Samick Sage used solid-state of the art material for constructing the limbs and then reinforced with the black fiberglass. Limbs include single tapered knocks on each end for the string compatibility.


Samick Sage bow is the best kind of bow for survival that includes several performance achievers beside the package free of cost.

Hunters find a cut paste center with the crowned arrow shelf. Highly quality brass pluggers for carrying the bow while going to field. B-50 recurve bow bushing is exclusively beneficial for the hunters.

Furthermore, the Samick Sage takedown bow also includes bow string 62/30 RH.


Samick Sage is the more honored brand among the hunters and archery shooters. It is expert in producing archery gear as well as quality crossbows.

Take Down Survival Bow is one of the best productions that is available at the very affordable. In other words, you also can say the Samick Sage Takedown bow is the best budget bow because it is available for under 120$.

  • Top-notch string quality.
  • String computability.
  • Compact tapered knocks on the side limbs.
  • Metal and imported wood construction.
  • Highly flexible and durable powerful limbs.
  • Available for both left-handed and right-handed hunters.
  • Limbs tend to have a sloppy fit on the riser.

Why Should You Buy It?

Samick Sage is the more durable recurve survival bow that is crafted with the imported wood. It is available at a cheaper price than the regular bows. One incredible thing is that the bow is crafted for both left-handed and right-handed hunters.

2. Southwest Spyder – Best Takedown Recurve Bow

Spyder Takedown Bow has counted the world’s #1 Survival weapon which was designed by the original developers of Samick sage. It is the pure combo of the most compact but natural wood of the forests.

Well, finishing risers incorporate a smoothly crafted arrow rest beside the comfortable gripping piece.


One incredible thing that I would like to appreciate in the Southwest Spyder bow, it gives 20-60 lbs. adjustable draw weight dependent on muscular power.

Pre-installed threading bushing included for upgrading the performance gainers such as mechanical rests/plungers. The fatal impact of an arrow is enough to cross the archery targets or vital body of animals.

Reinforced tips offer unbelievable compatibility with the fleshes strings and gives proof of best-hunting bows. Furthermore, hunters also can attach sight quivers and stabilizer/bow fishing reels on the belly of the recurve bow.


Spyder Takedown Bow is the combo of the world’s best 4 premium kinds of wood that produces more versatility and brings a flexible frame in front of eyes.

It is designed by the engineers and developers of the original Samick sage. Extraordinary quality compels to be long time consistent in performance without deviating hunter or archery shooter.


Limbs of takedown bows are made to withstand the toughest circumstances. The entire bow is designed for overcoming the hassles in the novice training.

Equal movement of limbs enhances the accuracy and produces precision in each shoot. It can be used left-handed and right-handed hunters with the compatible parts.


Southwest Spyder bow is a really powerful bow that includes one handcrafted LH and RH riser. It is exclusively usable by both handed users, and you also get one pair of matching limbs. 

14 strand Dacron string which is comparatively strong wire then the regular strings. One thing that I also want to designate here, the package of takedown bow is also including adhesive arrow rest beside the detailed step by step construction book.


Southwest Archery is one of more honored brands among the hunters which is known due to the affordability and quality of its products.

Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow is its wonderful production specially dedicated to hunters with low budgets. Furthermore, it is also available for Right-handed hunters.

  • Easy to use for both left-handed and right-handed hunters.
  • Compatible with the all fast fly string.
  • The highly durable bow frame is really long-lasting.
  • The best light-weighted bow.
  • Easy to carry while traveling.
  • There is no CON about the Spyder takedown recurve bow.

Why Should You Buy It?

The one incredible thing that I personally loved in the Spyder Recurve survival takedown bow is its versatility and pre-installed system. it can be closed in just a few seconds that is valuable for carrying the bow in travels. Performance is top-notch and quality is really outstanding.

3. Spectre II – Compact Folding Survival Bow

If you are really keen on hunting animal or archery shooting activities and looking for the best foldable survival bow then meet with the Spectre II. It is the world’s compact bow with the 500 Spin

Tip Warrior Arrows that are capable of withstanding against the hardest bone Skeleton.


Spectre II gives draw weight 35 to 55 lbs. with the adjustable scales and is considered deadly for doe and deer. 25 to 30 inches draw length enhances the shot’s impact till an unbelievable extent. The lighter weighted bow is 2.3 pounds in weight and easy to pick for the kids.


Xpectre raptor compact survival bow is made in the USA with the state-of-the-art premium material. 98% complicity of fiberglass makes the bow belly more durable and flexible.

Its texture is solid but quite flexible for the jerk-free shots. 30 inches arrows are made with the carbon steady material and are capable of penetrating hard faces.


Upper and bottom both limbs in the Spectre II bow are made with the fiberglass and responsible for the distribution of accuracy, weight, and speed equally. Limbs give maximum draw weight and if your draw is longer then there also comes variations in products.


Xpectre raptor compact survival bow comes with incredible new features such as you get 30 inches long carbon arrows beside the durable bow case. 

Belly riser is quite drilled and is smoother that definitely affects the velocity and accuracy. Adjustable draw weight opportunities make it convenient to use for kids.  


Xpectre is one famed sports brand that has been working with the experience of years. it brought several new ideas in its field and Spectre ll is its best survival bow and arrows.

The bow is a really durable and solid choice available at a very affordable choice.

  • Limbs are built with resin and fiberglass.
  • The center handle is made of quality metal.
  • Short survival bow that may be good for beginners.
  • Less forgiving, perfect with size.
  • Multiple sizes for youngsters and elders.
  • You have to wrap the handle in a rope because it becomes too hot and cold with the weather.

Why Should You Buy It?

Spectre ll is the powerful foldable survival bow which is the best combo of metal and fiberglass. Its riser includes a well-crafted arrow rest beside the comfortable grip for the hands of all sizes. The package is really affordable and you are also getting a few carbon arrows and a bow case free of cost besides the product.

4. SAS Courage – Hunting Takedown Recurve Archery Bow

In the list of best-hunting bows, SAS Courage is always placed up. It is the best survival bow combo of imported wood and fiberglass. Whether you are a beginner or expert in hunting, one reliable bow is just your need.

SAS Courage recurve bow is a highly compact but flexible hunting bow with the pre-installed brass bushing for the stabilizer.


SAS Courage is a 60 inches long takedown bow that is capable of affecting animals till the deadly grades. It offers an adjustable scale of 40 to 55 lbs. for the draw weight which is definitely beneficial for the weakened muscles. The pre-installable frame is very easy to carry in the fields and specially made for the silent vibration-free hunting.


SAS Courage is the best kind of bow for long term survival in the hunting field. It is more stable and more comfortable to use made with the highly premium compact but natural wood.

Strength fiberglass makes the bow resistant for the weather and ensures long-lasting consistent performance. The fine-crafted and finished frame presents an incredible look.


When it comes to discussing the limbs of SAS Courage takedown bow, these are crafted in wood and then reinforced with the black compact fiberglass. 

Limbs work equally and also are responsible for the distribution of equal weight on knocks. Best survival bow works with the survival arrows in a very good way.


SAS Courage is the best bow for archery shooting which includes pre-installed bushing for the stabilizer. You find the brass plunger on the frame for carrying the bow in fields.

Quickly attach and detach with the quiver sight on the bow. it offers extra stability that is definitely effective on the accuracy of shoots.


If you are an old hunter or archery shooter then you already know the SAS brand, it is the more well-known archery gear company.

Every year the SAS brings new models for all the archery goods and drags several new ideas in this field. Courage takedown survival bow is the best hunting weapon ever.

  • Highly quality limbs end.
  • Available for both left-handed and right-handed hunters.
  • Multiple size variations.
  • wood limbs with the fiberglass face.
  • Premium class construction.
  • Solid arrow rest, more yards to hit.
  • Light-weighted bow.
  • There is no CON about the SAS Courage survival bow.

Why Should You Buy It?

The reason due to which I personally bought the SAS Courage Takedown Bow, it is a light weighted bow that gives an adjustable draw weight opportunity. This feature is really beneficial, especially for the kids and they can easily use the bows at all the heights.

5. SAS Spirit – Best Survival Bow of 2022

Every job should have a good start! If you are a beginner or want to become an archery shooter then obviously you need a standard weapon whether a good crossbow or surviving recurve bow.

SAS presents another bow “Spirt 62” with improved specs and abilities especially for the beginners of the field.


SAS Spirit recurve bow is capable of withstanding against all circumstances. It gives 18 to 34 Lbs. powerful but adjustable draw weight through the fiber made limbs.

 Survival takedown bow is fatal for the animals in 30 yards that mean it gives unbelievable shot impact. One more exclusive thing that you also can buy is the SAS Spirit bow for the kids because its length is suitable for all the generations.


5’7” SAS Spirit recurve bow is entirely made with maple lamination. Hand riser is the most solid part and natural wood is used for crafting it.

 The riser also includes pre-drilled arrow rest for giving direction in an accurate way. Furthermore, its handle is quite slim and well-finished so that it may fit in all the hand sizes.


Limbs of the SAS Spirit recurve bow are made with the premium fiberglass for gaining compactness and durability. Both upper and bottom limbs are quite flexible and move equally for distributing accuracy and draw force.

Engineers attached the limbs with the limb screw on the riser and the hunter easily can remove them while going to the field.


SAS Spirit is the world’s compact survival bow which is available at a very reasonable price. The package incorporates a solid riser with the pre-drilled which gives an accurate direction to the arrows. Furthermore, the handle is designed very smartly so that it may easily fit in all hand sizes.


SAS is the world’s #1 Sports Brand that has been introducing the crossbows, recurve bows, long bows and all the archery goods with the several new ideas.

SAS Spirit is its best survival bow for hunting and capable of hitting objects in 30 yards. High-quality construction compels it for a long time but with consistent performance.

  • Available for both left-handed and right-handed archery shooters.
  • Best to use for kids.
  • Made with quality fiber and wood.
  • Laminated with the maple.
  • Incorporates an arrow riser.
  • More versatile for all the heights.
  • Attachable, and detachable upper bottom limbs.
  • It is a bit more with the length that is why the bow is not perfect for kids but allover best.

Why Should You Buy It?

I personally loved the SAS Spirit Survival bow due to its X-performance and durability. It is available with average specs which is enough for middle hunters or beginners. The package is really affordable under 100$. SAS also attached a quiver sight on the frame.

6. Tigershark 62” – Best Southwest Archery Bow

If you are really keen on hunting animals and have to spend months in this field then surely you need a reliable takedown bow. Tigershark is the best survival bow ever designed by the original Samick sage.

 It is a combo of 4 prominent natural kinds of wood and also reinforced with black quality fiberglass.


Tigershark recurve bow is recognized as the third-generation new model from the Samick sage. It is capable of withstanding the toughest circumstances due to the durable construction.

Adjustable draw weight is a really beneficial opportunity due to which kids also can comfortably use the bow. The shooting impact is fatal for animals even you can shoot from 30 yards.


Tigershark is the best recurve bow of south archery which is made with the premium class 4 different types of woods. It offers precision pin-locking technology and guarantees the exact limb position.

This technology also reduces the overall weight and features a pre-installed threaded bushing. Mechanical rests and pluggers for the quiver, sights can be used for upgrading the various accessories.


Removable limbs are given with the Tigershark survival bow and hunters can remove them while going to the field on traveling. It ensures the draw weight and impact and if you are a hunter then you surely know how it is important in taking down animals. Super Kodiak is built with solid material for long-lasting consistent performance.


Tigershark is a powerful survival bow that is made with the state-of-the-art durable material and available with the sight to upgrade several goods. The bow includes a quick attach and detaches system that makes it more convenient to carry.


Southwest Archery is the world’s famous brand that introduced several new models of archery gear and crossbows. Tigershark is the more demanding recurve bow that can be used for hunting as well as archery shooting.

It incorporates several new features and performance achievers including a crafted riser, sight, and a quiver hanger.

  • Best for both left-handed and right-handed hunters.
  • Optional draw weight adjustment.
  • Easy to use for kids.
  • Several performance achievers are given free of cost in the package.
  • Built with the world’s most durable 4 different types of woods.
  • There is no CON about the Tigershark recurve bow.

Why Should You Buy It?

Tigershark is a really powerful survival bow that is made with 4 different types of woods. Adjustable draw weight with the factor of lightness makes it easy and comfortable to use for kids. The package is cheaper and incorporates a smoother and pre-drilled arrow rest free of cost besides the product.

7. PSE Razorback – Best Budget Recurve Bow

Whether you are a beginner or an expert hunter, a reliable bow is your first need. PSE Razorback is the best precision shooting recurve bow with the walnut wood construction that anyone can use for hunting or archery shooting.


PSE Razorback survival bow is providing the 30 pounds draw weight which is 100% fatal for animals in 30 yards. The frame is 2.25 pounds in weight which is too convenient to carry and balance while shooting. It is 65 inches with the height and that is why all the kids easily can use the bow.


Although PSE Razorback bow is the best budget bow it doesn’t compromise on the quality construction and performance.

 It is made with the premium class fiberglass and its riser is crafted with natural wood. You find stabilizer and sight bushing for upgrading the several accessories.


As limbs play an important role in the performance of any bow or crossbow, PSE used quality state of the art compact material for their construction. 

Upper and bottom both limbs are equal in movement and distribute accuracy and pressure with the precision on the arrows knock.


One incredible thing that really impressed me in the PSE Razorback survival bow is its the 7-inch extra long riser. It incorporates fine-crafted and finished arrow rest.

The handle is made with the way that it may fit to all hand sizes. The bow is lightweight and comes with the adjustable draw weight opportunity best for kids.


PSE is the world’s #1 brand with the factor of the durability of products. Besides the best survival bows, it also produces all crossbow and bow gear.

PSE Razorback is one more demanded to recurve bow which is available at a very affordable price.

  • 62 bow length is very comfortable to use for all heights.
  • Available for both left-handed and right-handed hunters.
  •  26 to 35 lbs. adjustable draw weight is a more convenient opportunity for the weakened muscles.
  • Low-cost package.
  • Multiple size variations.
  • Sight opportunity to upgrade the accessories.
  • Crafted arrow rest.
  • You may not find the arrow rest in many PSE Razorback risers.

Why Should You Buy It?

PSE Razorback is an incredibly strong and compact survival bow for beginners. It offers fiberglass made long limbs with great accuracy and weight. The durable survival bow is available at an affordable price.

8. Buffalo Hunting – Best Bows for Hunting

Like me, if you really believe in some traditional bows and are looking for a best handmade recurve survival bow then meet with the Buffalo Hunting best bow ever.

It is made with the high-grade fiberglass but not a folding survival bow.


Buffalo Hunting is a traditional bow with the 55 to 135cm draw length that exclusively provides more potential to arrows. 35 to 65 lbs. Draw weight is adjustable which is more convenient for the people with weakened muscles.


Cutting-edge powerful Buffalo Hunting is capable of withstanding against the toughest circumstances. It combines the revolutionary bow design with the customized styling and made with premium fiberglass. The fiber made frame boasts performance and also produces more precision in each shoot.


The 1-piece construction of the Buffalo Hunting survival bow is available with the fixed upper and bottom limbs.

Limbs properly work in time and are responsible for distributing the accuracy and velocity with great precision. highly durable edges are attached to compatibility with all the strings.


One thing that I personally loved in the Buffalo Hunting recurve bow, it is fit for the both left-handed and right-handed hunters. You don’t need to buy two different bows for the specific hand-oriented opportunity with the powerful deer hunting bow.


Buffalo is a well-known brand among the hunters and archery shooters that has been producing crossbows, bows, and all the gear about these weapons with the experience of years.

Buffalo Hunting Survival bow is an amazing handmade hunting bow that is capable of takedown the doe, deer, and turkeys. The package is really affordable and it is available in many sizes.

  • Simple and sturdy hunting bow.
  • Easy to carry while going to the field.
  • Available in many colors.
  • No need for special maintenance.
  • Adjustable draw weight.
  • The Buffalo survival bow is just best for the tail hunters.

Why Should You Buy It?

Buffalo Hunting survival bow is just best due to its lighter weight and quick cocking. It is the best hunting bow which also can be used for archery shooting and comes with a crafted arrow rest. Package is affordable and best choice for beginners and middle hunters.

9. SAS Explorer – Best Takedown Recurve Bow

With the factor of durability, the recurve bow that I personally got firm is SAS Explorer. It is entirely made using end grade metal and goes long along with consistent performance.

High strength casting aluminum wings distributes the accuracy and precision equally on the arrow nocks.


A more exclusive thing of the SAS Explorer survival bow is its adjustable draw weight opportunity for the 25 to35 lbs. It is 66 inches in length and about 12 inches wide from riser to string.

Since the bow is made using meta so you may get intention for a heavyweight. The SAS Explorer bow is 2.2 pounds in weight and this is the reason the bow is easy to carry while going to the field.


SAS Explorer recurve bow is the combo of premium aluminum and fiberglass. Its riser is made using compact aluminum and then the limbs are reinforced with the fiberglass material.

Maple is used for overcoating which makes its texture weather resisted and enhances the durability of the bow.


If we discuss the wings or limbs of the SAS Explorer survival bow, SAS used premium class maple and fiberglass for the construction of both upper and bottom wings.

 Limbs work equally and distribute the weight on knock equally. Reinforced fiberglass makes them more flexible as well as durable.


One incredible and unique thing of the SAS Explorer best survival bow is its metal riser. The riser is carefully designed and then made with the state-of-the-art material.

it incorporates a highly smoother handle to grab bow beside the crafted arrow rest. Furthermore, it also helps in shooting the arrows in a very straight posture.


SAS is the famous archery gear producing brand and mostly known due to the durability and performance of its products.

SAS Explorer is the more powerful bow that is made using cast aluminum. It is available at a very reasonable price under 100$.

  • Aluminum casting riser.
  • Easy to use, adjustable draw weight.
  • Fiberglass reinforced wings.
  • Freedom to bend limbs.
  • Strong and flexible string.
  • More arrow draw length.
  • Many colors to choose from.
  • It is just made for the right-handed hunters.

Why Should You Buy It?

I would like to appreciate the metal riser of SAS Explorer bow; it incorporates a reasonable handle and well-crafted arrow rest. It is more convenient to use for kids and comes with adjustable draw weight opportunities.

Price is very affordable and the product is enough durable best choice for all the hunters.

10. Bear Archery Survival Bow – Super Kodiak Weapons

If you are keen on archery shooting games and looking for one 1-piece solid bow then meet with the Super Kodiak Bear Archery. It is made with 100% natural wood for long-lasting consistent performance and durability.


Bear archery recurve bow is made for high performance and also is a panicle of fit and finishing. It is capable of hitting objects in 30 yards easily with great impact.

 Adjustable draw weight is beneficial to use for the weakened muscles and they can easily cock the arrows.


When it comes to discussing the construction of bear archery survival bow, it is entirely made using high-quality wood. Reinforced fiberglass makes it more durable and elastic. Its riser is more in length and easy to grab for the hunters.


Bear Archery bow comes with fixed limbs with the riser. Since it is crafted with 100% wood, the upper and bottom limbs are fixed and more flexible than the regular wings. User-friendly design is lightweight and easy to carry in fields.


The riser of Bear Archery recurve bow is a bit more with the length and incorporates a well-crafted arrow rest.

 It is smoother in texture that gives accurate shooting. Jerk-free performance became possible just due to its smartly crafted handle which can easily fit all the hand sizes.


If you are an experienced hunter then surely you have listened to Bear Archery before. It is the highly well-known crossbow brand that has been working in its field since 1962.

Super Kodiak is its famous survival bow which is available for under 100$.

  • Highly durable wooden made base.
  • Easy to carry in fields, light-weighted.
  • Adjustable draw weight.
  • Easy to reload an arrow.
  • Slim and smooth riser.
  • No need for maintenance, best for hunters.
  • There is no CON about the Bear Archery recurve bow.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are looking for a light-weighted, durable but cheaper survival bow for archery shooting then we don’t think there is any other choice best after the Bear Archery Kodiak. It is made using wood and available at a very affordable price.


Increasing manufacturers are producing a massive range of products but the complications are also increasing day by day. Its main reason is competition among the brands each company is trying to its best to bring some new ideas in the market.

Each product is more with features from one another so choosing the one best is hard especially for similarly happens when a beginner goes to buy a survival bow. 

We have escorted the Best Survival bows of 2022 and tried maximum to bring the most and most reliable choices. If you are an archery shooter then you might need the best archery target and some durable arrows

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