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How to Sharpen Broadheads?

Nowadays, everyone wants to become a professional hunter, and to do this they need too much effort as well as all the bow hunting accessories.

In these accessories, the most important thing that one must have is the best-quality broadheads having the razor-sharp edges to kill the target animals.

On the other hand, most of the hunters use the best broadheads during hunting even in their practices but the fact is that those blades may get dull or damaged over time.

For gaining the powerful killing shots, this is not good and therefore, you need to sharpen your arrowhead. That is a very easy task for getting the most meat on the table.

Now obviously, you are asking “How to Sharpen Broadheads”?

But you do not need to go anywhere because in this article we are going to discuss sharpening the broadheads and all the efficient tools to do so.

So, without making whiles, just keep on reading this guide for knowing all the helpful information on the broadheads.

The Sharpening Process

The Sharpening process is a useful skill by which you can get your arrowheads sharp even when they are older. By knowing about this skill, you can save your money by using the old seasoned blades.

As there are plenty of broadheads available in the market so that is why the sharpening process varies between the different types of broadheads.

You cannot grind the traditional broadheads in the same as you can 3-blade broadheads because they are not constructed in the same manner.

Some of the broadheads are manufactured by the solid pieces of metals while others are the most commonly used arrowheads attached together by a ferrule.

You can easily sharpen the 3-blade broadheads by laying the head of blades on the best quality stone. Here you will clean the two edges of the blade in a similar way at the same time.

While if you are using the traditional broadheads then simply you need to repeat this same process on each blade and after this, you can reassemble them.

Why do Broadheads Need Sharpening?

After buying the new broadheads, you have sharpened and perfect edges. In this way, you should be careful in handling them because they can cut your fingers, accidentally.

It doesn’t matter how expensive your broadheads are! because they will become dull or nicked up while you are hunting the target animals, over time.

There are several reasons that made the broadheads dull listed below:

  • When you are practicing the broadheads with targets and animals.
  • Due to the deep penetration of arrowheads in the animal’s bones.
  • When broadheads travel in the dirt and vegetation.

How to Go About Sharpening Broadheads?

There are multiple ways to sharpen broadheads and each one is slightly different than others. For grinding the blades, you need tools that are also varying in different packages.

If you are financially poor, then you can use file or whetstone for sharpening the broadheads in the very cheapest way. But it can be a bit harder for sharpening the 3-blade broadheads.

Now, we are going to discuss many other grinders of broadheads and the most efficient ways to use them. So, read them carefully by paying full attention.

Comfortable Position

Find your broadhead angle at which you want to grind it. Most of the hunters use 20 degrees for the sharp edges of the blades. So, you should also use 20 degrees for the super sharp blade.

When you are ready for sharpening your arrowhead then make sure that you have maintained the exact angle, throughout.

If you are the beginner and find it harder to maintain the angle then you can draw a bold line to help you out.

Initially Sharpening

When you have found the exact angle on which you want to sharpen the broadhead, the next step is to rub your blade along the file or whetstone grinder.

Push the blade lightly along the stone to make it sharpen. After some time, you will find your arrowhead quite sharp, to use it hunting the target quickly.

Polish the Rough Edges

Polish made your broadhead very smooth and shine just after a few minutes. You can use the strip of leather to polish the irregular edges along with the stone/file grinder.

Stropping the Edges

Here you need to rub off the blade by applying the pressure again and again even for some time back and forth by using the strips of soft leather.

Doing this trick more and more as you can, for acquiring the sharp edges of the broadhead and then test the performance of your arrowhead by shooting on a big deer.

Using Special Tools

There are hundreds of useful tools for grinding the broadheads, available. That is specially designed in various shapes and sizes for sharpening the blades in a very efficient and quick way.

If you want to become a professional hunter then obviously you should invest your money to the best quality equipment for taking your hunting to the peak.

Bloody buddy Sharpener

This is one of the best sharpeners for grinding the blades. Most of the hunters use this one because it offers a very fast way to install the broadhead especially in the middle of hunting.

The biggest thing about this product is that it works for all of the broadheads, even awkward mechanical broadheads also including metal broadheads.

It is designed for the particular hunters by using the two stone benches in a vice setup. It can be adjusted at the millimeter level for deep penetration of prey.

After having this, one can feel completely comfortable because it is developed in the perfect shape and size for sharpening the difficult broadheads like a 4-blade chisel point.

Broadhead Wrench

Obviously, everyone desires a handheld tool that makes him more reliable by offering full control. This broadhead sharpener provides its user all that unique features in case of grinding the blades.

One feels the problem in the middle of hunting especially when his broadheads do not perform well. So, therefore at this time, he can use this tool because it is easy to use and super compact.

You just need to simply grip and rub the blade along it by fixing the exact angle that you want. It comes within the broadhead wrench having a similar size and can be put into the bag, easily.

The Bastard File

This is also awesome tools for sharpening the broadheads ranges from 8 to 12 files depending on which target is more essential.

It gives precise and accurate results as compared to all of the others by offering the extra sharp edges blade that one cannot get.

Normally, it works straightforwardly as well as providing the hunter’s overall control over the thickness of their broadheads edges.

Sharpening Stones

Well, sharpening broadheads by using stones is considered the oldest method because it was commonly preferable in the medieval ages.

Though, sharpening stones are slightly more advanced, nowadays. If you want to grind your blade with stones then you can buy a diamond-coated stone that cuts the edges efficiently and also in your budget range.

A Bench Stone

Like sharpening stones, these stones are designed in a fixed bench setup that you can place anywhere you want and grind your broadheads, quickly.

Moreover, you can sharpen the edges of the 4-bladed broadhead by combining the two benches of stone and do your work in half.

Other Tips for Sharpening Broadheads

Firstly, you should know about the type of your broadheads and then apply the pressure strictly. After a while, eliminate the force from the blade slightly.

Both edges of your broadhead need equal force for gaining the deep penetrating results. If once you fail to do so, then you need to do it again.

If you are the newbies to the world of hunting, then you may face problems in fixing your demanding angle. To help you out, draw a marked line on the arrowhead.

Before going to every hunt, make sure that you have sharpened your broadheads. So, in this way, you can easily grind your broadheads just within 5 to 10 minutes without any headache.

The Final Verdict

Hopefully, you have learned all about sharpening the broadheads. Overall, it is not a complicated task just after following our helpful guide. You need to practice it 3 to 4 times and then surely you can sharpen your broadheads in the most efficient way.

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