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How to Tune Your Broadheads?

Tuning the broadhead is compulsory for getting precise shots while hunting.  

If you are a newbie to the world of archery then no doubt, you would be searching how to tune a broadhead the right way.

Broadheads are the sharp aerodynamic type of blades that the hunters attach to the projectile shaft for shooting the prey such as deer or elk.

After a few uses, broadheads need to be sharpened and tuned due to the deep piercing in the target animals that is the major cause of reducing the arrow balance.

Broadheads are categorized in two different ways but the method for tuning both is comparatively the same. Here, you will learn easy steps for tuning the broadhead.

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But before proceeding, you should also go through both types of arrowheads for gaining the whole satisfaction and clarity.

Types of Broadheads

There are two different types of broadheads known as fixed and mechanical blades.

  • Fixed broadheads are the long-established blades and poplar among the older bowhunters. These blades have large cutting surfaces and that is why they provide more steering abilities and are difficult to tune.
  • Although mechanical broadheads are capable of providing deep penetration just due to exposing the blades. But these broadheads are a bit easy to tune as compared to fixed blades. They are commonly used for getting more meat on the table.

Since both broadheads have a different cutting surface diameter. But in spite of this, you can tune your broadheads in the easiest way by following our guides.

Easy Guide for Tuning Broadheads

Tune a broadhead is a simple step by step procedure by using which you are able to use your broadhead accurately and efficiently. Besides it, your bow should be properly paper-tuned.

You must have a safe place where you can tune the blades. And after this, a target to examine your broadheads. So, without wasting time let me write down our experienced guide.

Bow Tuning

It is considered an important step to check out the performance of broadheads because a balanced bow can give you a more precise and accurate shot for hunting the target.

Your bow must be tuned well in order to acquire good accuracy. If you are using the un-tuned bow then obviously you are unable to achieve the proper results.

Broadhead Alignment

Broadhead alignment is also a necessary technique for tuning the blades.

It is not good to paste the broadhead on the arrow shaft because it may cause spinning as well as misalignment, especially in case of whirling an arrow shaft.

And that is why broadhead does not perform in an accurate and precise manner.

Broadhead should be centered on the arrow shaft because it provides you with excellent spins. For a centered tipped broadhead alignment, just follow the given methods:

  • Place the broadhead in front of the cardboard box by using the quality arrow spinners. To check the alignment, move the arrow in the clockwise rotation. After a few spins, you will see the circle that shows the misalignment of the broadhead.
  • In case of a properly aligned broadhead, you are unable to make a spin on the chipboard.
  • In order to take proper alignment, you need to rotate the arrow spinner to its uppermost point and then mark its movement with a bold pencil.
  • Take your broadhead to 180 degrees from the marked point and then simply apply the full strength on that end by placing it on the hard piece of cardboard. After doing this, your broadhead will align, conveniently.

So, in this way you can align your broadhead just in a couple of minutes. During alignment, you should spin your broadheads repeatedly instead of shooting them.


Now it is time to analyze your arrows just after tuning the bow and aligning the broadheads. If you are facing the low accuracy of the arrow after having the well-tuned bow then you need to repeat those steps again.

The progress of arrowheads is extensive depending on the rate of fletching. More the fletching size will provide more accuracy. You can use the 4-fletch instead of 3-fletch for gaining better guidance.

The Final Verdict

Finally, I have escorted all the best ways for tuning the broadhead and hopefully, you have liked our honest and reliable guide for you after having too many experiences. Best of luck!

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