When Should You Carry Arrows in the Nocked Position?

Hunting has become one of the most popular outdoor activities due to which so many hunting lovers are getting into it very exclusively, day by day.

They are willing to use the best quality hunting equipment such as best quality bolts, scope, and top-rated crossbows, for enjoying the killing of their targets well.

In actuality, only the featured accessories are not much enough. There exist some basic skills and tricks to use them in excellent manners for getting the precise results.

Although today, in this article we are going to discuss when you should carry an arrow in the nocked position and also some other safety precautions to use the bow safely.

This particular topic will surely guide you in a much better direction while using the bow and arrows, even to both novice and professional hunters.

So, without making a while, let’s see all the about nocked positions as well as the safety of the bow.

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What is a Nocked Position?

Before diving into the right answer, firstly be familiar with what the nocked arrow is?

The nock is a small chunk of the arrow or bolt which is located at the back end of the shaft and usually made of aluminum and plastic material.

When hunters say this term “arrow is in the nocked position”, it truly means that the arrow has been loaded in the bow for shooting the target.

It is the position when you have targeted the actual prey just before shooting, quietly.

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How to Nock an Arrow?

The nocking mechanism of an arrow is considered comparatively tough especially by the beginners but it may be quite simple just after going through these steps, carefully.

  • Just hold the arrow between the index finger and thumb of your hand while drawing back the bow. It does not matter even if you are right-handed or left-handed, the way of holding the arrow will be similar.
  • While drawing the bow directing parallel to the ground, the string should be towards the front of your chest along with waist-height, gently.
  • Now assemble the slot in the nock of the arrow with the help of bowstring and ensure the cock feather points in the outward direction. Do this when your bow is in properly rested form, just parallel to the ground.
  • Now draw back the arrow to its string snaps from the slot and make a quick-fire on your actual target, easily.

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Carry Arrows in the Nocked Position. Why?

“When should you carry arrows in the nocked position” is another question from all of the enthusiastic hunters and the answer may be obvious.

Archery provides the golden tricks to hunt the animals cautiously.

Whenever you are going to enjoy hunting the first priority through which you should go is to find your shooting target immediately, and then go to the nocked position to make the shot.

By doing this, you will gradually approach your target conveniently.

While on the other hand, if you went into the nocked position before spotted and targeted your prey, you will absolutely waste your time as well as arrows and target.

Because your accidental movement can create much sound due to which prey will detect it and move away.

Another thing that you should ensure is that there is no one in front of you while making a target because it may hazard you and your target greatly.

However, there are some other safety tips of a bow by using which hunters can ensure the target fully lays down just after a quick shot, mentioned below.

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Bow Shooting Safety Tips

Bow safety tips can make your hunting experience joyful because of having the exact approach to your target within a few arrows. One will surely take down his target in a safer way.

So, you should go through the following aspects one by one for killing the targets in the most durable and protective way.

1.    Releasing the Arrow

Releasing the arrow in a safer way is very essential for taking down the target, immediately. You should ensure that the leading path of your target is cleared.

You need to pay much attention before shooting the target because the accident does not come into existence by giving you a warning, even if you are an experienced one.

2.    Arrows Beyond Horizon

It is a fundamental safety tip to avoid shooting the arrows beyond the horizon. Because this guide the hunters a fully secured zone to shoot the animals.

After making the target, it is very necessary to ensure that there is something to stop the arrow just after missing the target. It may give protection to your fellow hunters.

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3.    Avoid shooting in the wind

A slight chance of wind may harm your partner that is exactly behind your target. So, according to the safety precautions, you should shoot when there is no one behind your target.

4.    Do Not Shoot Straight Up

Shooting towards the sky can be a bit dangerous because an arrow comes within a double velocity towards the ground and maybe penetrates the human skulls. It happens due to much gravity force of the earth that pulls everything towards itself.

5.    Stay Relaxed before a shoot

During shooting the target it is a very important factor to be relaxed and calmed. The reason for it is that your whole shooting performance depends on your position and movement while taking down the target. A little accidental movement may lose your target due to over-movements.

6.    Avoid to Drop the Bow

Never drop your bow away just after shooting the target. Here is a need to stay with a bow just for a few seconds till your target lay down perfectly.

The Final Verdict

For becoming a unique hunter, It is very essential to learn all the archery terms such as draw weight and draw length, also involving all the safety precautions. 

Although, we have escorted the most reliable guide about staying in nocked positions, just by describing all the aspects of this particular topic. Best of luck!

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