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Mechanical Vs. Fixed Broadheads

Broadhead is one of the essential accessories of a crossbow that a hunter must-have for becoming a professional hunter.

Mechanical and fixed broadheads are the two different types that are comparatively different in their constructed material and performing the behavior.

That is why most of the archers become confused in making a strong decision about the broadheads by comparing the accuracy, penetration, and precision shots of them.

But in spite of these, results do not go to better and they lost their targets.

However, in this article, we are going to make an honest and reliable comparison of mechanical versus fixed broadheads that will make your decision much easier.

So, without wasting time, let me write down all the facts and figures one by one.

Comparison Between Fixed and Mechanical Broadheads

You may have many other sources that can help you in your search about finding the best quality broadheads.

But in our guide, you will get some basic knowledge just according to your needs such as broadheads for turkey hunting by using which you can easily distinguish between fixed and mechanical blades.

Fixed Broadheads

A fixed broadhead without expandable blades that lies in the range of 2 to 6 blade numbers, fitted on the top of the arrow shaft for getting the deep penetration in the target animals.

These broadheads have a small cutting surface that produces the small holes in its targets and are commonly used by old-hunting schools as well as some other traditional bowhunters.


  • Fixed blades are the blades that can be replaced either into the slots of broadhead ferrule. Just you have a need to shoot a target, clean the blade, and then replace it again by sharpening quickly.
  • These have not expandable featured blades so that is why as a beginner they help to reduce the early malfunctions by providing us the easiest method to shoot at a fixed prey.
  • These are more reliable due to their accurate and precise hunting experiences for a long time.
  • As they have a smaller cutting diameter, that ensures the archers easier to shoot as well as deep piercing on the actual target. It requires lower energy to use.
  • The big advantage of these broadheads is that they are available in the market according to your pocket range while others are too expensive.
  • These broadheads are very sharp and sturdy because they are manufactured by using the metals. You can easily sharpen your fixed blades due to the lack of expandable blades.
  • Another big feature of fixed broadheads is that they are more durable due to their structural strength. They are fixed and also welded in most cases.


Fixed broadheads have some drawbacks by which you should be familiar with before making a final decision.

  • Due to its fixed blade structure, it deviates at some angles that make its flight unreliable for shooting a target.
  • Another big downside of this particular blade is that it has a small cutting diameter surface that makes small holes instead of big holes.

Mechanical Broadheads

Mechanical broadheads are the expandable blades that retract before a shot and expose at some distance near the target. One can enjoy the best hunting experience by using them.

These are designed for the particular bow weight at least 50 pounds. You can get maximum energy and momentum by using them because 50 pounds of weight is required to shoot.

These are a bit expensive and come in different shapes and sizes in the market.


  • The mechanical head provides more accuracy and precise shooting experiences. You can hit the target at your fixed angle because it travels in the air without any deviation.
  • Expandable blades are held across the arrow that stops the deviations and allows it to fly within faster speed towards the prey.
  • These are available in the market within different shapes, designs, sizes, and grains. So, you can purchase according to your wishes.
  • Another big reason for its popularity among the hunters is that it provides the supreme cutting capabilities that cause a deep cut in the target and bleeding better.
  • They are often used by the professional hunters for the deep piercing quality as well as more and more blood trials.
  • Moreover, after a long while, you can sharpen or replace your blades easily. It is also easy to Screw these Broadheads.


  • The most common fact of the mechanical head is that after using a while, some of its blades do not perform well after contacting the target. So, that is why they cause the reduction of more blood trials from the body.
  • These broadheads can be easily broken or bent just due to the presence of other moving blades having complexity in structure. They are not much stronger as a fixed blade.
  • They are very expensive and may not be in your budget range.
  • Only a high weighted bow can be used to shoot the target. So, this may be difficult for your hunting trip, especially for beginners.
  • The mechanical broadheads may not be more durable for successful hunting. So, this is not good to have in this way.

The Final Verdict

This was all about mechanical & fixed broadheads and I hope I have made a comprehensive guide for you about fixed and mechanical broadheads by including all the facts and figures. 

Now, after reading the whole comparison, you are able to make the right decision from both of them.

According to my opinion, you should be practiced by using both fixed and mechanical blades for getting too much experience in the profession of hunting.

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