What is Brace Height? (Very Simple Explanation)

Brace height is an essential factor to keep in mind when you’re in the market for a new bow.

But what is brace height, and why is it important to you as a shooter to know what it is and understand it.

What is Brace Height?

Luckily, the overall concept of brace height is not all that hard to wrap your head around. it’s just a measurement from the pivot point of the grip to the bow’s string while the bow is at rest.

An easy way to remember that is to think of how far away the bowstring will be from the back of my hand while I’m gripping the bow but not drawing back the bow.

How Does Brace Height Affect Arrow Flight?

Some bows will have a shorter brace height, and those will be considered your speed bows, and they have a brace height of around six inches or so.

And there are some pros to that they are by nature faster; on those bows, you’ll start seeing the speeds of 300 FPS+ (feet per second).

But there are some downsides to that as well, so yes, bows with a shorter brace height are faster, but they are also by nature harder to shoot.

They’re more aggressive, making it tough for newer shooters, and people who don’t use the perfect form because it’s harder to be accurate with them.

What is the Best Brace Height, Then?

The consensus seems to be that a seven-inch brace height is sort of the happy in-between for pretty well all shooters. Bows like that are still fast and easy to shoot.

Many manufacturers bring them out from the factory that way nowadays, excluding speed bows and target bows and other special circumstances like that.

Wrapping it Up

So this was basically a rundown of brace height and why it is important, so if you’re in the market for a new bow, keep that in mind and pick your bow accordingly.

If you are looking for something faster, but you’re ok with it being a little harder to shoot, go for a bow with a shorter brace height.

While if you are looking for something comfortable but maybe a little slower, go for a bow with a little more brace height.

It’s entirely up to the shooter, and hopefully, this helps you come to a decision.

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