Types of Arrows – 4 Different Arrows for Different Tasks

Quality arrows assure the perfect trajectory towards the target.

Unfortunately, different types of arrows have created a massive competition, due to which an inexperienced archer may be confused and may make a wrong decision.

That’s why you need much research and attention before making the next purchase.

However, in this article, you’ll walk through the different types of arrows and their characteristics that hopefully guide you in picking up the right one.

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So, let’s make a read about arrows just in a couple of minutes.

Different Types of Arrows

Arrows are generally categorized into the four basic types and each one is used for shooting a specific target, such as wooden arrows especially for practices by the newbies.

Following are the variant types of arrows mention below described deeply one by one;

1. Wooden Arrows

The perfect choice for the beginners to the archery. Wooden arrows are considered the very cheapest and cost-effective models for killing some specific targets.

Nowadays they are mostly being used by the serious traditional archers as well as also manipulate the users of longbows, just to perform shooting at the middle level.

The wooden arrows are purely made of organic material due to which they could be break and splitter easily as well as don’t perform in a uniform and consistent way.

While on the other side, cedar trees also are used to manufacture the arrows, that surely makes the flight enough durable and uniform instead of other wooden models.

In the last, they don’t last long due to which highly recommend for the new archery lovers to perform a lot of practices as well as piercing the small animals, even with any bow.

2. Aluminum Arrows

Aluminum arrows are normally hollow and lighter in weight due to which is considered a great option particularly for the newbies as well as experienced archers and hunters.

There are variant models of aluminum arrows available that could be differed in quality-wise, consistency, and price ranges, just according to predator’s demand.

One thing that inspired the users is the screw-in tip that enables you to switch the required broadheads, field points as well as bullet points, just relate to your need.

Moreover, the flight pattern of aluminum arrows is much more uniform and steadier as compared to the wooden models. Plastic fletching features also keep it fully stable.

When it comes to affordability, they are cost-effective than carbon arrows but a bit more expensive than wooden arrows, and surely everyone can easily purchase them.

3. Carbon Arrows

Carbon composite arrows is an ideal option for both archers and hunters who want to make his hunting journey more joyful with speed, durability as well as efficiency.

Carbon arrows are used for hunting as they are extremely sturdier and thinner in structure due to which provides a fully smooth and comfortable flight, and deep piercing into the target animal.   

Particularly the heavier compound bow users get to use these arrows just because of thin featured-edge and stiffness, instead of aluminum models as they are much thick in size.

However, they are most expensive as well as a splinter or break just within a couple of shots so, that’s why you need to purchase some extra shafts for taking your game to the next.

4. Fiberglass Arrows

Another interesting choice for the newbies due to enough reliable, uniform, consistent, and long-lasting behavior as compared to wooden shafts.

Suitable for informal uses, target practicing, and hunting especially for the inexperienced archers having the very cheap introductory bow sets.

However, shafts made of fiberglass are comparatively bit expensive as they offer pretty trajectory towards the actual target and obviously worth the money, well.

Final Verdict

In the end, choose the right arrows that surely suitable for you as well as your required bow and actual draw lengths. Above are all types of arrows that will help you to make the perfect decision in the case of achieving your desired targets.

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